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Mel Sykes @nuddypants Holmfirth, UK

Triathlon. 🏔 30/214. Podiatrist. Cafe stop queen 👸🏽 Outdoors. #Yorkshire

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@MarkChamberlain That’s the one!! It’s awful isn’t it? 😂 @_martyn_fisher Oh wow! Looks ace. We have a backup as it’s kinda weather (and light) dependant but sounds like a good one. @CromptonHoward Yeah! We have the app, it’s just more fun plotting routes this way.
Sunday night; pub and route planning 👌🏼🏔 @mizunomojo @Tomlovesjam There’s a little cafe just past them as well! Take the road up out of Thurstonland. @FL600 @Melthamac You’re always prepared! Good effort, Falky 👍🏼 @Tomlovesjam Thanks, Tom. It’s one of my favourite routes up to there. I know some folk don’t like them but when it… @paddyarp Ha! Muddy face pack. Keeps you looking young. 💁🏼‍♀️ @FL600 @Melthamac How was the wind up Holt Head? 😳 @Nipper100 Ha. Yes. She’s nothing to worry about there. Unless I start selling them as gravy cake 🤔 @paddyarp Looks great!! Neat bits of kit aren’t they? Can you fit a mudguard to the front wheel so you don’t get covered in muck?! 😂 @skye20122012 Oh nice! How many days are you heading up for? @skye20122012 Just out of Holmfirth. That’s Holme Moss climb in the distance up to the mast. Wasn’t a day for it today in that wind though 😫 @RWKerry Better get my plunger out! @paddyarp I’m in Holmfirth. It was forecast to rain from 10am so I went out at 8 for a couple of hours. Chucking i… lanes, brutal little climbs, and a lovely ‘brisk’ wind. Sums up riding in Yorkshire 🏔 @JonW_NewRunner That’s always the case isn’t it? Feel like you’re getting somewhere then something happens. Doesn’t… mornings 😍
@CB_cycles Needed a bread knife! @jamierreeve Haha!! That’s a great judge of gravyness, or if you have to turn the jug upside down and whack it out. @stuskl It’s a sad day, Stu! @TimJones15 Ha!! Strava activity “slicing the gravy” 😳 @nigel_harte A slice went on top of my potatoes and I poked the rest down the plug hole! That’s my sink blocked tomorrow then 😂 @10ssergioo You’re onto something there, Dan. @RunBikeBen Ha! That is a wonderful idea.Didn’t think it was possible but I’ve just made gravy that was TOO thick!! Almost had to slice it. Seems there IS a limit. Who knew. @GregHib Done!! 😂 @carrowpt Happy to take one for the population. Not sure whether finding the 2% makes me lucky or unlucky 🤔 @skye20122012 Ha! You get 2% chance of dry. @AYEARFORHOPE I should have known not to trust the weather app!! Rookie mistake. @Chopperb There’s a permanent layer of grim that hangs over the moors. If I’d have stayed lower down I’d have been… @PICollard @JHeadspeath Tell them next time! @AnniePats Ha! That’s my face most days lately. @JHeadspeath @PICollard If it’s not B plus, ‘then pretend to casually ride away as it levelled off whilst secretly… @Tomlovesjam I’ll consult my Wainwright book and see which fells I can get to from there. Thanks @Nipper100 @rehook_bike He asks about my cycling every time I see him! So cute that he remembers and thought about getting something. @JonW_NewRunner No running yet. I’m seeing the surgeon on Tuesday about my knee, hoping he can fix me up soon 😊Forecast: “2% chance of rain and clear sky” Found that 2% didn’t I? @hangingwithmr Have a good one, Coops
@danjmoss133 We’ll pick a few routes and decide the day before! When are you next up there? @danjmoss133 Oh wow! Look at the sky in that first one. Going Fri-Sun end of Feb. B&B is in Keswick so will be hea… @mizunomojo I was trying to message you earlier. If you’ve not got it already I’d recommend a book called Walking t… @hangingwithmr Ahh did they? Just hit it lucky then? You just never know. I’m pretty sure we saw the sun once up t… @RWKerry He’s already got me sussed! Something cycling related ✔️ If he brings cake next time then I’m in!! @hangingwithmr Well, trip is booked for end of Feb. It’s going to be a weather roulette then isn’t it? We’ll have… @gatsy69 @MilltownRaces Easy as that!!It’s almost the end of January and I’ve not been to the Lakes to tick off mountains. 😫 Next trip booked. Time to p… @AnniePats @rehook_bike Saves the fancy bar tape too, Annie. Win win. @steve_hammond @rehook_bike Yeah! I was wondering about that. I bet it’s better for the turbo cos that’s a right faff isn’t it?! Good plan. @ChrisBradley45 @R08BO That’ll be us after a few hours in the mountains, bar hopping. @RWKerry Ha!! Is this his way of saying he’s interested?! @FJ_Berry @joannasbarlow @rehook_bike Of course you can put it back on with your hands! Just means you then have to… @kkir @joannasbarlow @rehook_bike Yep!! Helps it back on. Saves messing about with gloves and getting oil over ever… @fitcip @rehook_bike Ha!! It’s making a return tomorrow! The weather is looking better #soft @R08BO Time to practice more cafe stops!! @joannasbarlow @rehook_bike Ahh really? I wonder if that’s where he’d seen it. Looks a neat bit of kit and if it sa… @EEkevwil @rehook_bike Spot on! It’s cute that he’s actually thought about something like that as well. @GraemePatfield @rehook_bike Haha! It looks good but bloody hell its a faff to keep clean isn’t it? What colour do you have now? @paddyarp @rehook_bike Haha! Yes. Most people talk about thier families, I obviously just talk about my bike. @GraemePatfield @rehook_bike He said “I thought this would save you getting oil all over your yellow bar tape” 😂One of my lovely patients brought me a little present this morning! 😊 He’s obviously not sick of me boring him wit…
@SMillbery Maybe a little bit, yes!! @ultradhc All of them!! Thanks for asking. Track 6 if you’re planning something
@kharamills Ha! Is it a northern thing? I hear it almost every day!! @aboutwild Arms Ben. No legs.Cheery gym playlist 💪🏽 @IntrepidSarah She’s gorgeous! When does she arrive? @IntrepidSarah Look at her 😍
@conwild @RunnARGHHH Better?!? What make was it? That’s a bold statement. @RunnARGHHH @conwild Dyson’s?
@Paultaylor66 It’s great up there. Such great views on a day like yesterday as well. @mizunomojo Oooo no I haven’t! I’ll get it ordered though. Cheers @danjmoss133 It wasn’t too bad when we arrived but by the time we left there were cars all the way up the road. Pe…
@Earnie85 @SonsoftheNorth Well no, but this isn’t beans on toast! 🤷🏼‍♀️ @gatsy69 So clear! Did you get out today? @FL600 Such a great afternoon! 🍷 @danjmoss133 Wow! I was just saying today that we missed a trick not going to the lakes this weekend. @FL600 Perfect day for it today! How’s the head and legs after yesterday? @Earnie85 @SonsoftheNorth They don’t make your toast soggy this way though! @MarcTurner4 Do you get up there much? It’s so great!Walked up the river to The Trinnacle at Dovestones this morning 😍🏔 @BrianDrought @SMillbery @katthekat75 Me... @mazymixer @katthekat75 I did still enjoy it!! I had a great day 👍🏼 @darrenehuggins @mazymixer You too, Darren! Hope the legs aren’t too achy today.Sorting out his post Hebden hunger at our favourite Yorkshire cafe @SonsoftheNorth 👌🏼
@rakmasterg @MartinBown @SMillbery @R08BO @RunnARGHHH @the_running_pug @mazymixer @conwild @windsorAndy @10ssergioo @R08BO He’s a long way to go yet, Dan!! @nabboyle I did!!!Top day out with these ace Twitter folk 🏔👌🏼#TheHebden @JohnBaker1975 Sounds like a plan! No riding for me this weekend unfortunately. You? @JohnBaker1975 Ahhh! So close. Having a dip?Sowerby Bridge train station is ace 🚂 @ravbillan I couldn’t run today! 😕 I’ve been poorly the last few weeks!! Supporting is just as much fun though. @2267Silver @RunnARGHHH I think he’s onto a winner with Jaffa Cakes and custard 😍 @patty1981JN @ColemanCoaching One of the best bits of it was that you get to see ALL of the London landmarks for £7… @jdcnorden @R08BO @RunnARGHHH @conwild Great to see you, JD 👌🏼 @waynebago1 Must have been a late night for him! @patty1981JN You need to contact @ColemanCoaching via his email address. I’d highly recommend itPost race fruit pie, custard and a Jaffa cake for @RunnARGHHH 🍒🍇 squad retreated to the cafe to keep warm 🥶 @conwild ☕️