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Mel Sykes @nuddypants Holmfirth, UK

Triathlon. Currently climbing Wainwright’s 64/214. Podiatrist. Cafe stop queen 👸🏽 Outdoor life. #Yorkshire

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@Customdiver I know. I’ve never been higher without a seatbelt. It was ace. @conwild Nope. The only reason I went up there was for a super skinny, extra hot, caramel latte with extra foam and… @liamd_82 I was on a mission. Had to get back for my transfer bus back to Glasgow 😂 @tallpaul01 I wonder if it just calculates it on pace? So it think that it’s like running a 20 min mile but doesn’t… @mutley6969uk It’s been absolutely ace!! @adam_williams83 If you get the weather the views are absolutely amazing. Where are you heading to? @mutley6969uk It was never ending on the way up wasn’t it? @Earl_of_Twirl Thanks, Dave. @taffomarik I didn’t think there was any as they didn’t bother me at all. When I bumped into @mutley6969uk he said… @cherylsp_ @hangingwithmr Especially with iPhones. They just drain like mad. The OS app is a battery killer for defo. @hangingwithmr @cherylsp_ It’s great. It’s charged my watch and my phone all week and I’ve maybe left it out for an… @cherylsp_ @hangingwithmr Erm. @R08BO. Where did you get the solar charger from? 😂 @girlonabrompton Absolutely sod all 😂 @danjmoss133 It’s been brill, Dan. Are you going to the Lakes tomorrow did I see? What’s the forecast for there? Ha… @mrdanmiddleton It’s a fair old slog up there. Especially when you then can’t see anything from the top 😂 @tallpaul01 Yeah! I don’t really get the calories thing with Strava. It sees to be way out for my bike rides as wel… @ridgeley Ha. It was on and off the reception. I just wrote the tweets and then they posted when the signal came back 😂 @pjm333 Hmmm! Depends how far you want to walk each day to make it enjoyable. I think maybe a week would give a dec… @FitBits_ Ha. I had to crack on. I had a transfer bus to catch 😂 @SFTMmedia Thank you. I’ve so many in my camera roll but didn’t want to bombard folk TOO much 😂 @danjmoss133 Not that I saw. Luckily. @cherylsp_ I’ve got a solar charger! Leave it out in the sun for a bit, that charges the power pack, then after tha… @DrMatthew83 Thanks, Matt. Hopefully mountain photos have broken up peoples timelines a little bit. @allykcunningham I bet!! It was rough on the feet even in my walking boots. @BuckoSnr It’s been ace, John. @danjmoss133 It was SO cold at the top. There was people heading up in shorts and t-shirts as well. They’ll have ha… @jayegan Thanks. Already planning where I can go next. @jammymcfc No! I’m using one of the baggage transfer buses. £25 seemed a bargain. @lennym That’s my plan!! ‘DO NOT VISIT’ Too steep and a long way. @maryemmett03 Good boots, well worn in, and some decent socks and you’re good to go. I’ve not had one blister or rub mark all week. @TimJones15 I made a poor, poor decision today, Tim. They didn’t have burty so I went with Tesco’s own. 🤮 @Jackcabnory I know. He looks so happy @thfcwally He showed no emotion. I thought it was a bit rude 😂 @Whiffenpuff I don’t! I was thinking that yesterday actually while I was walking. If I sold my house how long could… @beeranbooks Oh I’d definitely recommend it! It’s been a wonderful route. @dave68therunner I was hoping to take the CMD, but my guide book said 8/9 hours and I’ve got a transfer back to Gla… @Ian_Cassidy6 It was the same today!! Looked so promising on the way up as well. @JerryLGentry A long old slog! @rogersmall666 @WalksBritain The top part, coming back down, was brutal. The shale stuff is so slippery. @FitBits_ I don’t think there are many clear days up there 😂 @danjmoss133 It was trying!! I wondering whether to hang about but had to get back for my transfer to Glasgow. @FranWarne @Stoccstein Poor views. No butty van. No Costa coffee at the summit. No escalator back down. 1/10. @Rach_2_Oh It was brilliant, Rach. @David_Major It was tempting!! Very tempting. @bigd0307 I had loads of kit. Luckily. @ianmaullin I know!! All that effort I’ve put in and he hails on me?! Poor, one star trip advisor review coming up 😂 @james_run_james For a tiny moment. I was tempted. @sheffieldlamby I can’t complain with the week I’ve had can I? @chris280dw Thanks, Chris. You certainly live in a great part of the world. @eeemonkey Typical. Although, the amount of people heading up as I was coming back down it would have been like an illegal rave up there 😂 @BrianDrought Do you know what Bri, for a split second I contemplated it. 😂 @jammymcfc I know! I can’t complain at all. I’ve had a brilliant week.It was grim at the top, but what a way to end a brilliant solo adventure in Scotland 😍 #lump 2 miles back down the track, look up, the mist has cleared and the summit is clear 🙄’s hailing and my pole has frozen 😂 Nevis summit 🏔 miles up. Still clear so far 🏔 @Pageylcfc It was @ams_scotland 👌🏽Will it be a clear summit? #Nevis @Pageylcfc I’d absolutely recommend it, Chris! What a route 👌🏽 @robinmac1 I’ll be back for some Munro bagging at some point definitely. I’m currently working my way through the W… @MyFaveBench Damn it. I should have counted them for you. Next time 😂 @F10naMcIntyre Wonderful yesterday in that weather though. The views made it seem less harsh. @ravbillan I love an adventure, Rav. Thanks. @DrRoseM Oh definitely doable with a carrier. I saw 2 different couples that had babies with them. One of them was… @LHoneythunder Thank you, Luke 😊 @BuckoSnr Thank you, John! It’s been really great.
@_becklaar9194 I put it together myself just based on how far I thought I could walk each day. If you get the Trail… @maddyedg @mazymixer You don’t have to camp! You can B&B. That might tempt him. @Toshmund It was wonderful, Martin. I’ve had the best time. Already looking at what I can do next. @ReidaxxReid I’m sure it tastes better than it looks! @mazymixer Thanks, Si. Would it be one that you and @maddyedg would fancy doing? It’s been really great. @jdcnorden @gemisinlondon @JulieDuchess @santababy100 Noted! @Pam66420993 It’s from @RathboneKeswick! They don’t have a website but if you message them they will post you one.… @jdcnorden @gemisinlondon @JulieDuchess @santababy100 I’ve read that it’s a long slog up the usual way. Just to get… @SMillbery Randy is the dude in your GIF!!! @Stacey_Jeffries Yep!! A bit of lone time pottering around in the mountains was wonderful. @jdcnorden @gemisinlondon @JulieDuchess @santababy100 That’s the way I’m going up!! You know me, JD. If you’re gonna do something... @martyb1974 Ha. I didn’t realise it was that until I added all the days totals up later. I’ve walked to the chippy… @SMillbery Oh man!! I love Randy. @willpoole Haha. I heard you. I was just thinking “look at those crazy folk”!! I bet it’s great to ride up that way… @mikew30 I honestly don’t know how folk run that route! It’s brutal. Although walking it is pretty zapping as well.… @ollismark Thanks, Mark. @Pam66420993 Ha! It’s great isn’t it? I slept in it as well because it was so cold at night. Next time I’m in the L… @SamKWhitaker Thanks, Sam. One to do if you ever get round it it. @Lee1Justin It has! I’ve timed it perfectly for the weather. Couldn’t have asked for a better week. @Liliaicha Thank you, Leila. It’s been a great experience to do it alone. All those hours with yourself for company is pretty special. @gemisinlondon @JulieDuchess @santababy100 I’ve done so well with the weather. Nevis tomorrow looks like a clear su… @paulb323 You just can’t get the scale of them in the photos can you? @Toshmund I just put it on twice at night. That’s it. I didn’t get bothered by the midges at all. I must not be what they’re looking for 😂 @TerenceHudson Oh ace! The weather for the next few days looks great up there. @OlldAny I KNEW I’d seen that face before!!! @richie_turner Mountain pictures make everything better! @rachepearce Thank you, Rach. It’s been a brilliant few days. @hangingwithmr @TimJones15 Drumstick chewies 😍 @Jamie_Allatt Yes!! Give it a try and report back. He said he’s used it for years. @gavtheterrier When he held it out I was like “what the hell is that 🤢” @jordanmansfield The weather absolutely made it! @willpoole I do, and yes. We passed as I was heading down into Kinlochleven. I spoke to you on the corner when I sa… @karakum0926 Yes!! Get a trip planned.