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Programmer/Designer @DevHourGames. Dad. Gamer. Personal Trainer. Cat Lover. Quit college to start learning. #GameDev #IndieDev #IndieWorldOrder

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@CakeOrDeath1979 I’d eat all that! @CakeOrDeath1979 Same here. The vibe was so creepy and adult. @CakeOrDeath1979 Looks damn good @DUSKdev Agreed. Getting tired of open worlds! @geoffkeene For real. @skullpixl 🤣👌🏼 @miss__slaughter Oh damn! Nice. I’m playing that rn @CakeOrDeath1979 same
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omg via @brockwilbur
Retweeted by Nick Jones @ErikRobson You bet! 😉🤙🏼 @ErikRobson It shouldn’t. Although, there is a big difference in aftermarket overclocking and simply enabling XMP t… to program was hard. Cute pictures help. #programming #developer #panda With XMP profiles turned OFF (the default setting!), the memory kits will run at the base speed of the memory… tip for PC gamers: Check your Memory speed in Task Manager > Performance. If it seems low, you probably need… @DevHourGames @BaracudaDoom We just realized it should be “Greyscale Mode” without the space. Whoops! @BaracudaDoom God damnit. I bought this game, but I’m not ready to play it yet 😕This entire factory's sole function is to produce one stupid freaking item. Good god, I'm dreading to see what Spac…
Retweeted by Nick Jones @BaracudaDoom Hell yes. I’m gonna be playing more Doom 64 today
Retweeted by Nick Jones @LabsSkull @Ris_Aos @art_chris @hit_girl18 @GamemakerV @Buddakhiin @Darren3685 @Tearfury76 @_SombreroCat #FF 😎👍 @Ris_Aos @art_chris @hit_girl18 @GamemakerV @Buddakhiin @Darren3685 @Tearfury76 @_SombreroCat
Retweeted by Nick JonesWe're making room in the #Depixtion options panel for a couple of cool new features arriving in the 1.5 update!
Retweeted by Nick Jones @FireskiesStudio @DevHourGames @LabsSkull Hmm. Close, but I think it might be a little ambiguous, though? @farrelltheferal They just need to nail the science fantasy dark, but kinda wacky, vibe. Not easy to do, but fingers crossed. @farrelltheferal Damn. That is a great idea @miss__slaughter As a parent, I’ll say: not everyone needs kids.
YEEEEESSSS DOOOO ITTTTTT I love indies so much, they are so good and fun and inspiring and good - just call if you…
Retweeted by Nick JonesSome more WIP screenshots of the untitled dino game by myself and @cyrusposting. Also, runs on our custom render pi…
Retweeted by Nick Jones @geoffkeene @NewBlood @trinest @DevHourGames @BaracudaDoom My personal vote has been Grey Scale (or Greyscale), but “High Contrast” seems to be the industry standard. 🤷‍♂️Hey #gamedev friends! Our newest mode for #Depixtion changes the Dark & Light Colors to a Monochromatic Black & Wh…
Retweeted by Nick JonesAnyways please look at Chisel. It's the successor to essentially all the good CSG options for Unity - they all join…
Retweeted by Nick JonesI am working on a port of my Source Map Importer for the new #ChiselEditor CSG Editor for Unity. Now with displacem…
Retweeted by Nick JonesIt's been an amazing #SteamSummerSale. Go get this. $15. #IonFury is trending so I might as well post the best scene in the trilogy
Retweeted by Nick Jones @TafferKing451 @DUSKdev I'm down for that one, if you need some dev support.Gloomwood Demo is available NOW Explore. Scavenge. Survive. Watch the trailer: Play the d…
Retweeted by Nick Jones @BaracudaDoom Damn. Y'all have a lot going on there! 🤨#Satisfactory is so damn satisfying. I wonder if there's a subreddit for Satisfactory Porn...
Retweeted by Nick Jones @CakeOrDeath1979 He’s too old to put himself at risk for COVID @BaracudaDoom That game has been really fun to follow
@Drexl_Raz They’re all amazing, but the PSP was the best. Vita the most stylish and useable.Delete TikTok now; if you know someone that is using it explain to them it is essentially malware operated by the C…
Retweeted by Nick Jones @BaracudaDoom #PitchYaGame event is live! Build your #indiegame pitch & make a tweet. Leave the tweet link below & apply to…
Retweeted by Nick JonesThat's right everyone! It's time for the #SteamSummerSale. As such, the Depixtion Collection is a whopping 83% off!…
Retweeted by Nick Jones @CakeOrDeath1979 @3wojis Money is made to to be spent on qualityINDIE SUMMER SALE ! ! ! 😎 Feel free to share the LINK to your game. Let's support each other. Thank you !…
Retweeted by Nick Jones @geoffkeene @ThatPhobos Grappling hooks never get old IMO @ThatPhobos @geoffkeene Agreed!Kinda glad? Feels like every FPS has the same 3 mechanics now.
Retweeted by Nick Jones @3wojis It’s the best time to buy TVs IMO. Such great quality nowadays @Brine_A Yea. Somehow people think I’m lazy despite owning a game dev business AND working a full time developer jo… @CakeOrDeath1979 A sting operation lolJuly 1st always feels like the official start of Summer.☀️ The second half of 2020 better be good... #SummerHeat @Batista_dmbtmn @NightdiveStudio @bethesda @NullifidianNick @NightdiveStudio @bethesda the colored lighting in doom 64 is just
Retweeted by Nick Jones @BaracudaDoom @DevHourGames @RealtimeCSG It must improve a little bit, but I'm actually not sure.Here's a sneak peak at what I've been working on for the last few days. It's built entirely in #Unity using ONLY…
Retweeted by Nick JonesJames "Quasar" Haley is #InTheKeep talking about his career w/ @NightdiveStudio, his early work in the #DOOM moddin…
Retweeted by Nick Jonesto the mf that bought Blood during the sale
Retweeted by Nick JonesPraise the sun! @BaracudaDoom @RealtimeCSG The roof still stands at least, level design just be like that... #leveldesign #fps #unity @RealtimeCSG #gamedev
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@BBblazkowicz @NightdiveStudio @bethesda It holds up so damn well today! @BaracudaDoom Ew @ShooterQ64 Yes, I do. It’s only ~$3.50 on #SteamSummerSale and, like I said above, it’s super unique. It’s short (… and played #Paratopic tonight. Very interesting. Kinda confusing, but it has a very unique atmosphere. It fe… I seeing a demon's butthole, here? #DOOM64 @RikOclon @BaracudaDoom @CobTheCreator Same here. I freaking loved the egg shooting mechanic!
The lighting system is very simple, but the designers used it perfectly in these early levels to create memorable l… some #DOOM64 today for the first time ever. Best chainsaw! #FPS @Zatcharyah Oh, the winds of change! Clown #lowpoly #gamedev #blender3d
Retweeted by Nick Jones @Zatcharyah Damn dude. That’s a cool idea!So, Talif's Journey is getting it's battle system rewritten, and as part of it, the angle is moving to help support…
Retweeted by Nick Joneswell I missed #screenshotsaturday but I figured I'd upload some Greaseland progress anyway. next week I'll be buckl…
Retweeted by Nick Jones @BaracudaDoom It really is! I couldn’t resist buying it for the kidsThe thing about caterpillars is...what the actual fuck?
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Looks like the BFG is taking a trip' bout necromorphs
Retweeted by Nick Jones @BaracudaDoom @DUSKdev Oh, man! I love that game! Made by two brothers over the course of like 4-5 years. They wrot…, Depixtion & Depixtion: Halloween are both 80% for the #SteamSummerSale!
Retweeted by Nick JonesFor #screenshotsaturday, we'd like to share one of the new features in the upcoming update for #Depixtion! Introdu…
Retweeted by Nick Jones @SazdxHikari Wow. Really? That’s not cool at all @skullpixl 2 @BaracudaDoom People suck at having fun @skullpixl @CakeOrDeath1979 @RizingStormGG I usually take one of the buns out lolHere’s a fun game: Type “Florida man [your birthday]” into Google, and post the top story. I got this! 😂🤣 @_fakedev What game? @TafferKing451 People like this exist?😒Every time someone complains about the game looking too much like Thief I add an additional Thief-looking texture. 😏
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@BaracudaDoom Thank god!My boy is safe again
Retweeted by Nick Jones @Diaelffin @Do_Worrk @OpenWorldAddict @ArrowsofCara @amanda_brown200 @dizdezSky @usmcsky @RetroGamer_91 @j570ne4d
After much discussion, we have decided that Depixtion: Halloween will no longer be a standalone game on Steam. In…
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