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Sheesh, @mookiebetts.
Retweeted by 🌫 @LazasBautista happy birthday bro 💙MOOKIE BANGnah i just looked this up and apparently you gotta get tickets for this... this literally defeats the purpose of th…
Retweeted by 🌫$4 Battle Styles $6 Vivid Voltage Gathering CGC Submissions Personals - !shop Rt's Appreciated
Retweeted by 🌫 @ntihero @thatgirlgatto ight bro i get it i'm lonely
Retweeted by 🌫 @MuscleBearCx @hudsonwisler I have no words but u know what I’d say pear 🥺“You can’t have friends?”
@jrxsv_ I would simply appreciate some xo’s @PaulTweetz2Much I love and respect both ways and hope they never change @jrxsv_ I hide in the closet when I have those, or text Joey hugs n kisses
2021 @RiskcontroI think long and hard, make sure it’s with a good artist and pay what you think is worth the work 🙏 @TheGioRoyals just joking 😂 @NOT_K4 ima go wif the double 🤝 @NOT_K4 what u order? ima replicate it when I'm in the state again @MuscleBearCx ˢʰᵉᵉEEEEEᵉˢʰY’all haven’t defiled your skin with a tattoo yet? grow up lol @SenpaiKoala @SenpaiKoala ima crack one open for a quick cyber cheers @iPurrple @Icy_Rapture o shit i gotta cop 3 bet @Icy_Rapture @Renegade_Joey update is going great btw!! @Methodz motivational speech intro? @Icy_Rapture no coincidence.... @Icy_Rapture LMAO bro ima update my halo and have it all ready for sometime this week rn
Retweeted by 🌫 @DaDSHoT some OG @Icy_Rapture it’ll probably be like a 50k waiting room either way fuck it LMAO @jrxsv_ wait but I made the url heycomehereoftenlol wtf did Twitter do to my TWEET @TheGioRoyals Digital basketball “cards” released in waves of limited packs with rarity tiers that also determine t… @jrxsv_ @Icy_Rapture :) @silly702 @silly702 since u put it that way lemme just sell this kidney rqsad gengar hours
Retweeted by 🌫 @NOT_K4 Happy birthday big k4, have a great one bro 🤝👑
@andisaiyajin banger stream bro, glad to have been there 🖤 @Renegade_Joey you with the 2 packs @LeonhartYT I’m wondering why there’s an untouched booster with 3.99 stamps on the top packs still 😂 @LeonhartYT IS THIS FOR THE POP UP???he just like me.. @thatgirlgatto “I’m so toxic n quirky ahaahaa 🥰😈🤪”Nah bro I can’t wrap my mind around so many people watching me for 6.5 whole ass hours of headassery and shiny card… @LynaCardinal @jrxsv_ who shit in your cereal today?another holo evo zard in the zard hunt bundle 🔥🔦, ilysm my eyes are heavy af, 70 packs of Hidden Fates and not ONE full art shiny though??? reprint tins are su… fighter box battle and then marbles for the forehead kiss @MJCheen ily kingwe still going strong, out of HF, SSV, Hoops, Don Russ NBA, Contendors football, lots of SF @ $8 <3 i never tweeted but we are LIVE HIDDEN FATES RN AND THEN SOME EVO SF!SHOP HIDDEN FATES, PERSONAL MATCHLESS HERE WE GO
Retweeted by 🌫 @MxjdTV phone not connecting i gotta reset pc :(Giveaway details: One entry per $10 spent in the shop. 2 Marbles 3 race Grand Prix, top 3 get entries, 1st place 3,… STOCK LIVEEE
@sarrackobama who's Ariel? this is TMZ Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson arrested this morning in Downtown Hollywood for urinating on a homeless… live with some BIRTHDAY BREAKS!!! opening some for my personal !shop come snag a few packs and hang…
Retweeted by 🌫 @jrxsv_ @Renegade_Joey’m aiming for around 8:30-9 PST, joined by my cousin and later in the night my dads pulling up too, should be fun,… Holo Charizard giveaway tomorrow nights stream, consider it a forehead kiss in the mail @Renegade_Joey @CBearFN_ @ClixHimself say lessOPENING SHINING FATES PACKS !! CAN WE SECURE ANOTHER CHARIZARD?! 🤩🔥🔥
Retweeted by 🌫 @jrxsv_ @thatgirlgatto @CityCaela hey guys check out this awesome clip
People that are unhappy with themselves are mean to others.
Retweeted by 🌫Just received word from King Kai. DMX has passed through the Other World Check-In Station.
Retweeted by 🌫Life won’t always go your way. You win and you lose. You fall and you rise. The one constant is you and what you ch…
Retweeted by 🌫Toxic Thursday stream is live! Opening this package from Wes of legend of Zelda cards before the orders! Tons of va…
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Toxic Thursday stream at 8:30pm central! Pull a koffing and have a chance to win of these completely free at the en…
Retweeted by 🌫if my girl pulls up in these anything goes
Retweeted by 🌫 @FuckMarky 💙 @thisaintke what da hell kinda race is dis? he only got 1 leg and somebody flew by in what looks like da wheelchair…
Retweeted by 🌫 @Envy Still the other’s. Each perceiving their thoughts of the others @CrypticNoHoes u sayin that now til she in the DM with the classic gang of emojis “🥺👉👈” asking @Victoryoftheppl I’m borderline, I just realized I was 12 the year after YT released lmfaooo
@RinaWildflowerr I feel you. I had to try my hardest to learn to appreciate and acknowledge my own growth(with the… @ummthekid I was slandered by genetics, and an expensive ass size to deal with too LOL @JKap415 I may have zero clue who’s on the team but common LA W @RinaWildflowerr very, it creates a mental prison :/ @RinaWildflowerr very very important for younger generations to acknowledge shit like that and break the cycles, my… @okheavenly 🤝🙂 @TristanGHill Florida, no if ands or buts @jrxsv_ A backhand you say? sneaky behind a genuine person’s back will ALWAYS catch up to you
Retweeted by 🌫 @shaygado i felt this @PaulTweetz2Much He’s just standing there, menacingly @mikewazelskiee thinking it’s a good idea to listen to the cranberries like @mikewazelskiee ima have to throw this on now @jrxsv_ i think she looks nicefor whom the baja blasts
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I appreciate kindness ... I’m stunned by how many underestimate it and see it as “soft” .. when it’s the reverse
Retweeted by 🌫 @MxjdTV Gl on the pulls bro 🤝 @Renegade_Joey ima finish up tournament by the time you’re at it, to rewatch it again 💀