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Your right-wing pals burned the indigenous flag and started cracking skulls right after your coup succeeded. Keep…
Retweeted by ASH GLACIER @Corrupted4ta Oh my god thank you so much!!! That’s so sweet 😩❤️If you're looking to read up and get informed, you can grab the ebooks of The End Of Policing by Alex S. Vitale and…
Retweeted by ASH GLACIERBLM movement is for everyone right? RIGHT????? Don’t forget Tony McDade a trans man. His life mattered.
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@morebeoursthanu Sit down and have a coffee with your basscan you even begin to imagine the lack of self-respect you'd need to voluntarily clean graffiti off a bank
Retweeted by ASH GLACIERWhat is up with white Americans obsession with the word sir? The police will have a gun in your face kicking your a… HIS NAME DAVID MCATEE ! The police killed another unarmed Black man, one who was a community leader and busines…
Retweeted by ASH GLACIERThis man is a popular chef and bbq store owner who used to FEED POLICE FOR FREE AND GOT KILLED BY THE SAME PEOPLE H…
Retweeted by ASH GLACIER“There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.” Lenin
Retweeted by ASH GLACIERThis is the end result of the US global military empire. Aiming to control the world, it has been long decaying fro…
Retweeted by ASH GLACIER @LeoVaradkar Are you going to tip-toe around the police brutality aspectStatement from Tchornobog:
Retweeted by ASH GLACIERIt's @petercurtin until 🕚 Words and new music with both @DeniseChaila & @zaskamusic Plus new 🇮🇪 music from…
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I think it’s more important to just show what anti-fascism is and does and has done throughout the 20th and 21st ce… don’t think solely citing the direct definition of anti-fascism is gonna do much good in a world where ‘pro-democ… @SwimmersJackson Ah that’s lovely @RadiiChina Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the gamers @space_ho96 Well we’ll see how long it lasts, I can’t imagine it’s gonna be easy with the youngest classesThe term ‘free speech’, like the term ‘democracy’, is irreparably poisoned. It does not exist, it is used solely as…“ STINGY “
Retweeted by ASH GLACIERFor the entirety of this week all money we receive via our bandcamp Super Kitchen will match and donate to funds th…
Retweeted by ASH GLACIER @ashawoodhouse 15 would be minimum I’d say @Brown_Sauceee How far would you stretch? 20 min difference? 30 min difference? Provided you’re not in an insane rush @AppleCoreThing Starting 1to1 lessons now that I live in town tho @AppleCoreThing Nah there was no tutors out where I was. I can speak Chinese well enough but I can literally never… @Alana773Alana AbsolutelyI prefer taking the subway even if it takes longer than the bus because inching along in traffic makes my eye twitc…’s better, getting to your destination in 40 mins but you’re just inching along in traffic the whole time Or Go… @punchedmonet_ ‘America is bad’ ‘You try telling that to an Appalachian coal worker from the good ok’ town of Chesakipper, VA! Go Foxes!’ @punchedmonet_ ‘Britain is bad’ ‘Oi oi don’t lump us CORNISH in with a the rest of em’Update: in da van
Now I’m running after the van cos he’s gone the wrong wayDon’t be late moving van. Please don’t be late.My landlord is waiting with me for the moving van to move my stuff to help me bring the boxes onto the van, but we… @ashawoodhouse @capricorndj1 I’ll never ever forget a certain party trying to sell newspapers at a BLM solidarity event a few years back.If I see a single political party rocking up to a BLM solidarity protest in Ireland with party signs on posters I’l…
Retweeted by ASH GLACIER @pitbullstan69 Should the end not be Martin Luther King? @imgrandsure cowboys @commie_spice It’s like when Justin Trudeau joined the climate protestors lolwoah, dude
Retweeted by ASH GLACIERFirst professional hat trick 🙏🏼. A bittersweet moment personally as there are more important things going on in the…
Retweeted by ASH GLACIER @billybragg Stupid prick @kaffando @chadloder @AnneRafferty2 They didn’t need to infiltrate anything. It’s always been that way.NYPD officer in Union Square throws down a “White Power” sign and his fellow officer cheers him on. #NYCPROTEST
Retweeted by ASH GLACIER @PLDroneOperator He was also most likely a paedo @commie_spice Class but so many faces will be recognisable from that video and could get tracked down 😥"protests turn violent" says the chyron underneath this footage of cops in full space marine armor shield-bashing a…
Retweeted by ASH GLACIER @DailyMirror ClassLike the racism and their overall attitude is disgusting... but also, this is just horrible to listen to. It just s… symbolism of a billionaire-owned, for-profit space company launching astronauts high above the heads of thousan…
Retweeted by ASH GLACIERIf you’re looking for instigators of violence, always start with the agents of the state who show up to every protest dressed for war.
Retweeted by ASH GLACIERTo people in the Asian American community especially if you are Chinese, you must know about the history we share w…
Retweeted by ASH GLACIER @willuminare First: drum Now: labour
@Reservoirfrogs_ Like why still do it in the middle of the stadium when there’s no people lol @molach95 @jankarlow Go hiontach ar fad @jankarlow Can understand this perfectly, are Irish and gaidhlig almost fully mutually intelligible?What’s your favourite MLM?We as DJs and producers owe everything to black people for the music we make, play and make money from. #BlackLivesMatter @crumlingothic_ It’s definitely made up, that pic is a meme pic for Karens @objectblue_ @AppleCoreThing Here! Just north of Dajiaoting! @AppleCoreThing Thank you! My new job seem v chill so far am excited. Haha yeah it’s already like 30+ here it got so hot so fast @AppleCoreThing Chaoyang. 百子湾 by 大郊亭 subway @nunhammer V nice write upNice one RA’m moving apartment tomorrow and my new place is in an estate called Postmodern City. @KaMenLi ☹️The best EPs, albums and comps released this week, all in one place 🚨 Featuring @numbertheory666, @MarlonHoffstadt
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hourly reminder fuck the boys in blue
Retweeted by ASH GLACIER @dunemovie it’s not too late to get this man to score the film for you!
Retweeted by ASH GLACIERMy own boyfriend on DJ mag, I’m so proud of him and the beautiful music he created during a hard time 💛
Retweeted by ASH GLACIER @limmy_lam @dunemovie Thank you ❤️Shoutout to @DJmag for including Cave of Echoes in their picks of the week
Retweeted by ASH GLACIER @limmy_lam @dunemovie ❤️ @m_gearoid Thanks Gary! 🥰Nice one DJ Mag!🥰 best EPs, albums and comps released this week, all in one place 🚨 Featuring @numbertheory666, @MarlonHoffstadt
Retweeted by ASH GLACIERAn American comrade visited us last year, here she is in Minneapolis, with our @irelandcp flag, protesting against…
Retweeted by ASH GLACIERListen, buy whatever the fuck x @ghoulcabin Happy bday biyo @therockisdead_ 🥰The most important music release of the day
Retweeted by ASH GLACIERThe Communist Party of Ireland flag in Minneapolis. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd
Retweeted by ASH GLACIER😩 EU flag thing to say @someshtank Is there much crossoverThis is my first release to make it all the way to Chinese streaming sites too so run it up on Netease 🇨🇳 @Amylouioc Was mad when I saw they sell drink in public parks hereOur debut release CAVE OF ECHOES by ASH GLACIER is out NOW on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple, TikTok and all other platfo…
Retweeted by ASH GLACIERMy new EP Cave of Echoes is out now on all platforms! This EP is a deep dive into dark ambient, dungeon synth and m… @badbadhuman is an open threat of state violence against protesters. Yet again, the US does exactly what it accuses other…
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Retweeted by ASH GLACIERChina's same-sex couples heartened by property protection rights in new civil code @Reuters
Retweeted by ASH GLACIERlooting target is unamerican. the real american thing to do is loot iraq iran kuwait pakistan yemen somalia syria a…
Retweeted by ASH GLACIERProtestors burning the American flag in Downtown LA #GeorgeFloyd @ABC7
Retweeted by ASH GLACIER @paulihick I’ll have to do a bit of digging but I promise you I am not lame enough to make this up
Word to Kwame Ture.
Retweeted by ASH GLACIER @therockisdead_ Hahahahaha madness @Brown_Sauceee I did since Tesco started using it