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at this point just take 2 people from each team and throw them into a dm and send the winners to champions
Retweeted by Nurfed @Crit_VAL @ethoz @WedidOfficial holy SHIT you're toxic
@Matt_IGL That's when you look up their vlr statswhy is lcq stream having a seizure @sfX_x1 HAPPY BDAY JASPERcalled it @MacMate_ it's not your job to be responsible for what other peoples children see/watch/learn. Slamming a beer isn'…
@nosyy_tv congrats nosy W well deserved @heyFL1X reyna spiced it up here and there, i never heard the other twothis was the only gun rd we won none of my teammates had mics, if any of them see this pls reply me i can buy you a… @b0ssyCS logan want's to know when he's ready to start scrimmingSoaR's winning this nsg @nosyy_tv bbg
@Axeddddd man i thought everyone was tight on money thou ...the price im not surprised went up b/c he's really good and it was a steal to begin with, but man TWO YEARS? @Ban_Val is it saturday at 4pm est already? jk GRATS-300 @Zellsis taps orb i swing and he's crouched grabbing it he jumps in panic and headshots me at the apex of it my bad bro have ur orb lolSo many power outtages the last week for me the heck... @AdrenalineCS_ thats the key to winning vcs having no strings attached @Gucc107 drain like ?
@OfficialAproto bro not wasteland pls anything elsei tell my dog "i know" whenever he's barking but i'm gonna be honest, i have no fucking idea @JosiahCSGO mouse3 ! @Scrounge_ plz wat @Unholykid3 🍆 @KingFPS__ wait you're immortal? lol @NotReduxx youre adoptedif you type shit while you're getting grouped in VCS you're a special type of person lol @pl1xxval happy bday pl1xx @Hori_VAL no @rickyeffps @Hori_VAL sooooooooo goooooood @T1BcJ me too @xcudigee they changed the algothrim or smth bc im getting nonstop ppl i never seenall good... 🥲 @b0ssyCS @bangzerra @miracledrake CONGRATS B0SSY! SO HAPPY FOR Uwho is balancing these ranked games recently? tf im getting 3-4 people rank 2k+ vs 4 people top 100?
@Glorinsz @gee_noodle assist @902Creed @Ban_Val @willardVAL_ no way me too @Yazzyxz @JonjiJlc that doesn't make any sense.
@Bonesllb @Renegades kid is so good @realmocking who dat thou @diaamondTV 😢
TWITCH RIVALS NEW WORLD TOURNAMENT! boys @ethoz and @Nurfed are playing in the New World Twitch Rivals event today! 👉 mea…
Retweeted by Nurfedthe history channel needs to hire some of these youtubers because i'm absolutely captivated by my recommended
@PlayVALORANT aww man that really sucks i feel so bad for jett mains right now, that's just tragic. it's okay, don'…
Retweeted by Nurfed @shoukrrrr GET FUCKED @minaweeb @HarmonVAL1 i think this is true. i had my worst game in like a month playing with him...Hey my first Christmas wish came true in one day!!! @KingFPS__ @Yazzyxz @witnessqq @FLICKBAITERS @480wrap @andbox_official @ethoz is this true @HarmonVAL1 it shouldn't be showing as generic pnp monitor, go to device settings and see if you can trouble shoot there @480wrap this one is mine . @480wrap Viper in Matches 😀 / /--/ \-- \ \ 👇 ( . ) 👇 l 🍤 l 👞 👞 In R… to Sage players: stop using your heal immediately after you / teammate takes damage. The heal won't heal for 2… @FrostyValorant @akrewhq ur a demon frosty , get outta your head @480wrap rank checkstarting to think you can get sick thru the internet, second time i've had my team getting chain sick.@mel_anji how do i stop crouching. @pl1xxval @andbox_official @mummAy wow. LMAO some reason I thought you were skye, probably having flashbacks from a…
lost a close series in a rematch vs @andbox_official, 11-13 icebox and 13-8 bind - they started super strong and to… @witnessqq Fatal1ty 😝 @KillerMillerGG @dazzLeGO takes her longer to shoot after dashing @dazzLeGO please keep this riot 🙏 @GeorgeCGed LOL💀 @GeorgeCGed cmon george... @Bankroft well this video didn't say they were intentionally doing anything bad, just outlined how they would profi… @Bankroft bruh TIL that russia + china would gain TRILLIONS of dollars of profit / yr with global warming hence why… dont know why but youtube is recommending a channel to me called "RealLifeLore" and I can't stop watching it @hyunFPS stop you're getting me erectI miss how Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network only aired commercials aimed at kids. I wish there was that option on hu… well well if it isn't the bridge i said I'd cross when i came to it @RustunL the sweet sweet assist @Frosty2200 @GEXEsports @agmFPS bro why, i'm so sad :( @nosyy_tv AYY NOSYYY @rikugoat @480wrap @PlayVALORANT new raze ability - holograms 😛 @480wrap @PlayVALORANT fuckin @rikugoat u noclipping dawg?raze is on the right when my team comes out, then 1 second later he's dish. explain @PlayVALORANT LOL @ethoz VACATION BUFFFFFFFFFFFFFMade day 2. I did mean to do this. i swear.
Retweeted by NurfedReally close match between us and our friends over at @KnightsGG Academy, but we take the series 2-1 and continue o…
Retweeted by Nurfed @flexinja thank you <3WHAT A WILD CATCH
Retweeted by Nurfedmediocre clip for likes. 3-0 groups.
Retweeted by Nurfed @Governor_Val jett can do lots of crazy tricks to get kills with knives, updraft, etc. big brained sovas have nut… @Governor_Val hear me out, astra gives incredible support to teammate but doesn't have the same self setup ability of jett + sova @Governor_Val astra a tiermatching pfp buff with @ethoz @SyykoNT what the hell.. ill change it right now
1-0 @EvilGeniuses GG WP
Retweeted by NurfedI'm putting three thing on my Christmas list. -Dash nerf -Colorado servers -Unlimited deathmatch13-11 vs @EvilGeniuses no more texas servers pls
Retweeted by NurfedIt's been more than two weeks since you've seen the full roster play, and they didn't disappoint 😈 We win versus…
Retweeted by Nurfed13-11 vs @EvilGeniuses 😛 Alan has the vaca buff @Mason_Legge theres no way u like this @makz hold up twitter...chipotle smoked brisket is NOT IT