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@KingFPS__ Cam distracted me from the clutch @RammellChase @OkinFPS @TroIIman_ @TSM This is so funny @aEvilcat jetblue is pretty great for its prices @kiwiramune @NotReduxx does this @RestFPS theres like no situation for us where i dont need both smokes so im just classic no armor no matter whatunlimited * @Jesusoulz unlimited * * *what about the unliminited timed deathmatch that was promised soon almost 2 yrs ago :(
@Yoshii_TTV congrats yoshiipls revert omens flash price so pistols dont suck :( @Maticussy im lookin at pouring gray rain rn @JPARKJMC @frvshie_ put 'em down early its best for everyone @trunkZnopants @FusilladeVal @WheatiesJN @LouVAL_ @nedgVAL @babuSPEAR @yinz1687 @NoGoodNutes @GhostFakeNA 🫦 @KnightsArena @winsumfps man said hold on ill do it myself
@Cryptid_13 @KovaaKs keep up the hard work!😀 @Cryptid_13 @KovaaKs 🫦 @IUC43 @TradeLikeProsGG @TSM Ggs lucas @Huston_TV @CrazymojoVAL @CrazymojoVAL @gg_frantic frantic pick this guy or your wildin he's fuckin insane @muensterGG good analogy. i just don't think the current cs system is beneficial to the growth of players. hopefull… @1flyuh gl king @currydtx @ion2x_VAL @neT_valorant @brawku @JARSOYT GOAT @ion2x_VAL @currydtx @neT_valorant @brawku @JARSOYT i hope u get ur 20 gifted 🙏 @frostyZK ggs frosty 💚 i look forward to many more acad showdowns @Stormkingfps @OXG_Esports ❤️ @Glorinsz CONGRATS MITCH! BIG MOVES @illuumee WOAH CONGRATS!!!! I DIDNT EVEN SEE THIS I FEEL SO BAD @RealStrongLegs @NotReduxx hes finally going through puberty it's why we been winning @ItsGamerDoc @harmfoo @esports @RiotK3o RUN HARMFUL RUN @venture_fps @OXG_Esports ggs you were frying. that deagle rd on icebox 🥶 @NotReduxx @TSM DEMON LFG @VernoFPS @TSM ggs verno you've been so fuckin consistently insane, proud of you @in0Xfps was a great series, i love rebo grow with that guy and ggs insane <3Another 🥇 for OXG Valorant Academy! Tonight they beat @TSM Academy to win @nerdstreetval's Summer Champs Open #6!
Retweeted by NurfedGGs 2-1 vs @TSM Academy to win @nerdstreet. 3 MICKEY MOUSE WINS IN A ROW FEELS REALLY GOOD HOW THINGS ARE CLICKIN… @slowiscool @pay3n missed virtys pop off LOL @scrollval @TradeLikeProsGG @TSM it'll come with time you just started the grind @scrollval @TradeLikeProsGG @TSM ur insane bud u were frying on ascent2-1 vs @TradeLikeProsGG red, grand finals of nsg vs @tsm acad
@GeorgeCGed @DotEsports LMAOOOOOOOOOO NO WAY HAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA @sullycasts i'd buy it @scrollval dont go so hard tmrw pls @OfficialXETA good luck xeta! @cohburg just buy a vandal lol @semphisss repetition builds habits @swishcs safe trip miss u bud @OkeanosQT @randyySAVAGEVAL as long as we dont play eachother we can be friends 😊 @cryptXVAL 🫦 @OkeanosQT @randyySAVAGEVAL okay i c u @CoachJoe__ amazing LOL @Justinovah LMAO @mac1_val squatting feels good man, lift heavy afsomeone needs to get dadstins/tommybionicles73 out of my games man has no shame @SogoVAL @plat1numOG @KillerMillerGG @hoolignVAL @domCSGO Hahaha, I'm superstitious regardless keep it up brotha @SogoVAL @plat1numOG @KillerMillerGG @hoolignVAL @domCSGO Something always happens 2-3 weeks later, just look at nearest airport @SogoVAL @plat1numOG @KillerMillerGG @hoolignVAL @domCSGO Don't do the " i love my team " curse @fakethos This is actually a s tier list @VernoFPS @RunItDownVal sacymade day 2 of nsg
Retweeted by Nurfed @NightVBN thanks man! next time 4 sure @AeroValorant ❤️ you too brotha @tytitv we runnin on a high rn from last week and lan. ggs brotha <34-0 day 2 of nsg 😀 oh and a pic from brooklan is @DerrekOW in every single picture i see from fullerton lanCongrats to our "May Valorant Local" winners, Reduxx LFG, for taking home the crown at the @Brooklan_NY May Valoran…
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@tytitv 🙏 @SogoVAL @b0ssyCS sorry this happened to you sogo, i always knew something was off with himits crazy as smokes u dont even get the defuse rws bc everyone else has better ults too (excluding brim) 🥲LFT / Parting ways with NBG Love the org & the people Hard committed to improving Schedule is free Fast learner an…
Retweeted by Nurfed @in0Xfps unfortunately i have to walk out the door in 3 mins due to unforseen circumstances :( @in0Xfps 🤣🤣🤣 @bumpaah ty for the recovery bumpaah . . . scared me 4 a min @crunchyyworld @realmocking @Virtyyyy grooming minors @realmocking @Virtyyyy DASNERTH IS A FREAK IN GAME AND A FREAK IRL WHOSE REALLY SURPRISED? @neT_valorant crazy because the best thing he ever did was you @ctrrlz he @'d reduxx he must be trolling @ethoz @NotReduxx @nosyy_tv @RealStrongLegs @BrookLAN_NY @CrazymojoVAL @Virtyyyy Love u @nosyy_tv Wasn't sure how'd that go w/ v1 content 😅If anyone out there is lf a sentinel, they needa pick this guy up. Demon grinder, dude plays 24/7 and puts up numbe… @ethoz @NotReduxx @nosyy_tv @RealStrongLegs @BrookLAN_NY @CrazymojoVAL @Virtyyyy We know you needed it @Huston_TV Ooh I gotcha 😝 @Huston_TV Ur just muscles that ain't fair for you @RoompaTV Ggs roompa and gl in the future, you played well @nosyy_tv @BrookLAN_NY @CrazymojoVAL @Virtyyyy @NotReduxx Ggs Jordan was an honor to play with the legendary v1 nosyy @threeFPS @scrollval @Dasnerth Kills represent how well you play!!! Run for ecos and toss post plants!!! @Huston_TV MeWas fun with the bois @Virtyyyy @NotReduxx @nosyy_tv @CrazymojoVAL @NotReduxx @NYXL @BrookLAN_NY You did it for her @TrickAIM @NotReduxx @TrickAIM LMAO @MelscoutVal @BrookLAN_NY Couldn't have done it without you boosting virtys carReduxx LFG (looking for girlfriend) wins @BrookLAN_NY lan ez pz ggsReduxx looking for girlfriend wins @NYXL @BrookLAN_NY Ggwp
Retweeted by Nurfed @witnessqq Dinxx actually competes and dasnerth plays 400 ranked games a act his brain cant understanda blind squirrel will find a nut once in awhile
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@Flufee02 This might be the most braindead thing I've read in Twitter in awhile @NotReduxx Ur an idiot @miniatureVAL @TeddyTran_ To be fair all duelist would queue flex and duelist and then lock duelist regardless @witnessqq twitter is the wild west of social media. if you aint stealin you aint tryin @CooperCSGO respect