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My computer is built, just waiting for them to ship it to me. SO FKIN EXCITED.V1 is winning iceland.
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@shionxy @gamelandersgg LFG SHION!!!!!!!! @heatfps @gamelandersgg LETS GO HEAT!!!!!! @RealStrongLegs @Glorinsz realtor be like "check out this VINTAGE masterpiece" @RealStrongLegs that's a steal in ny @zekkenVAL when i wake up tmrw say goodbye to these scores @Tsuyaval @zander_fps please noDuo w/ boss man @b0ssyCS
Retweeted by SoaR Nurfed @CasperrFPS ❤️ @Vora_val was never in a game with or reported him @1fiziq i'll come over with the buzzer myself rnIf you care so much about ranked that you're being an asshole, understand you're probably a large contributing fact… @Argi12pk never played him, but the guy "Truemelmel" he was queued with when playing w/ babybay I reported last ni… WHO GOT BANNED LET ME KNOW....☹️ @notsupAA was he q'd with truemelmel @b0ssyCS @safemoon how much are they paying you
@herooine i love this @krZQQ Helps too because they all have mages which can powerlevel the pally @krZQQ Witmer/kaboose/ welshy/dev/winsum and a few others were all on the server but quit in phase 1. I had a top l… @krZQQ Horde Fairbanks Gonna level my warlock, leave my warrior behind (maybe later for arenas) and level a belf pally @Cryocells_ somethings wrong with you bro... @teddyfps1 @gtnfps nt :( come back in lowers teddy<3hey guys lol @_Bewd @Tsuyaval jett 1 trick
@root7K that's valorant not kovaaksand @b0ssyCS clutches the semi-final series leading us into map 3 🔥
Retweeted by SoaR Nurfed @poisedFPS @DerrekOW gg's poised, always fun playing you @InshaneTM @nerdstgamers the stresssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss man the stress @tetchraFN @b0ssyCS we need a fuckin Harvard scientist to figure out how to do it2/18 on pistols today, gotta work on our pistol rounds 😂😂
Retweeted by SoaR Nurfed @DerrekOW @SoaRGaming you break my heart in to many ways man @c4Lypso_ @nerdstgamers and gg's man<3 congrats on the W squads lookin clean @c4Lypso_ @nerdstgamers lmao the round you were behind greenbox i literally said he's gonna be so pissed if hes here @aEvilcat @nerdstgamers thanks for the cast <31-2 to Rise in @nerdstgamers. Finished 2nd. Not the finish we wanted but things are getting better. Think in 7 of t… @theKingFPS_ @Vanityxz delete jett pls @Justinovah actually so messed up :( @thatmankevin you're insane kingston <3 @1contii @zander_fps @Resonate_VAL @TheRiseNation you're nuts contii ggit took 6 maps but we finally won a pistol rd today! @tobylewiss there is a reason why Ethos left SoaR- simply becuz SoaR is made up of toxic teens that are only gold. @NotLuckieVAL @LeviathanAG He was on a salary
@in0X_fps what's your fov why is it so smallsova is kind of fun @BxbyJ_ i call it the gulagSoaR Nurfed - RANKED w/ @denyaof @b0ssyCS @DENYAof @zander_fps @Cryocells_ poor zander didn't get to watch it live @goosebreeder @LogitechG such a classicthe feels when @b0ssyCS goes wild in my ear 🥶 also s/o to @zander_fps @Cryocells_ and @nurfed25
Retweeted by SoaR Nurfed @ExaltVAL when @Glorinsz thanks dawg @b0ssyCS @VirtuosoVAL ^ ^ ^ @Glorinsz ookers and virtuoso are both really good teams that i have lots of respect for @currydtx the d2 mid of valorant @SoaRDusa 💪Made quarter-finals and went undefeated today 4-0. We play again tomorrow at 5 EST. #SoaRWithUs
@bearkun get fit
@sfX_x1 shes gonna be one of those candidates that support banning video games now @Glorinsz @tweissCS Dw I roasted them when I saw that on stream... @WedidOfficial LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @tweissCS @Glorinsz i teach ? @Glorinsz @tweissCS yea somehow glorinsz is radiant... @tetchraFN I loved the mouse but the finish, not matter how much I sanded it, made my hand sweat to much and I couldn't use it @phoFPS When your marketing is better than your actual product and IT... @menace_val Brim at A LUL @tweissCS Don't wide swing
@ExaltVAL What mouseranked w/ @zander_fps
Retweeted by SoaR Nurfedranked w/ @b0ssyCS
Retweeted by SoaR Nurfed @Droidcsgo you're fucked,. @agmFPS To late just got outColor or black and white sleeve 😕 @agmFPS Looks like a good workout @poisedFPS Man wants an early grave... @MuensterGG That's why it stiffens up when you pull him out @teddyfps1 @paiNGamingBR GO FURIA @aebrESP He deserved that for pulling guard @frostyZK FalseFor some reason the YouTube video wasn't 1080p60 so I had to reupload it. Full Video:
Retweeted by SoaR Nurfed @MatthewCElmore @PapaSmurf_Val he's actually a impressive viper @MatthewCElmore @PapaSmurf_Val ? @dazzLeGO @Vanityxz you're gonna give me nightmares @Vanityxz nerf sova before astra
@ethoz @leaf_cs you jinxed it dude.... @Keith_LaFortune Worst takes from twitch chat @Cp2fps @mariss I'm the one doing the succing dw @valyngod 🤐 @iKoniKx OK then don't get mad if I suck u @_skellycs Taking notes @mariss It's satisfying but that's also how you get astra succ'd every round 😁PSA: you don't have to be touching the blue barrier at the start of every round @teddyfps1 I'm excited for that one. I know sharks is a pretty good team, looking forward to see aspas performing @teddyfps1 Havan Liberity, Slick and Furia ofc. Gotta pick the boys. @teddyfps1 LETS GO TEDDY @zander_fps So you're saying you lost a game with matt? @Maticussy Why can't they just make it do 5 more damage... pls riot @issfanfan @SammayTV played perfectly tbh @itsGnoc the guns broken ....