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꒰♡꒱┊amiya @nurseboba 18 ♡ | ryan & nya

your dream girl! she/her.

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frozen grapes r a delightful snack really.
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiyaCayden's fam just lost the house and everything in it due to a fire, any help is appreciated yall god bless ❤️
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiya @BABlEUSAGI me 2 makes me wanna dance🍒📚🖍artschool dropout🖍📚🍒
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiya @BLKGALORE WHAT????? @Eizanad why ,I’m Never Eating A Edible Again I Watched A Whole Movie On Mute & Started Crying Cause I Thought I Was Deaf 😭.
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiyahe call me big purr come make that pussy purr
@ThatNiggaZeus sure bae @ThatNiggaZeus teehee @ThatNiggaZeus u r terrible @6900XT @leahdb98 that dude is fucking obsessed wththis outfit is so pretty man
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiya @ymicier #freakymouth @lovewitchcoven i love u baei want to live in a big light pink and white houseCommissions are OPEN °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° ♡ I made a new reference sheet for commissions so please look at it before sen…
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiya @pinksakura_tv yes bae @darkcosmiclux hope someone buys jin those skins @thelostactivist it is so bad i am sad @thelostactivist no @thelostactivist :( @n3komanc3r u can kick me any timethe 14th commander of the survey corps, hange zoë
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiya @ThatNiggaZeus hiii @ThatNiggaZeus this was not the reply i wanted
@AssassinTweetYT @AssassinTweetYT how many times u gonna tweet this @tamaguccie YES BAE YESa moment!
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiyai’m so irritated but at least i’m getting a full refund @thelostactivist correct @Iesbimbo BAE OMG U LOOK SO GOODFairy 🧚🏼‍♀️
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiya @leahdb98 yes but i’ve learned that looking at myself and saying that i look very beautiful in the picture helps me… @bubl3ss yes @hatedvon do u wanna do it w me baei deserve to be paid to sit here and look cute @emmyuh ur so cute baei really love how sweet and nice my energy and aura is. like people really love me from the first time we talk
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiyahelp why are people quote tweeting me this is about my own situation in the past i’m not attacking anyone @Indicamint @yumekosdismay nobeing obsessed with a person who doesn’t care about you because you like the way they distract you from your own pa… @Indicamint @yumekosdismay you need helplove how all my friends have lost their virginity but me? i’ve lost my damn mind :p
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiya @puppiecup u were so cute LOL @AreuMadLoL @AreuMadLoL wonderful
@BABlEUSAGI yummy fav milk @BABlEUSAGI yes but can i also have Milkcan i get a moo moo 🐮 ?
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiyaGuoba eating scorched rice (guoba) GET IT? I'M SO FUNNY HAHA WOW #原神 #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiyaafter literally a year and a half of not streaming i’m gonna be streaming tonight 😀 i’ll be playing valorant at aro…
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiyateehee i got ginger ale 😋いつの間にか母さんよりも重くなったな
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiya @yumekosdismay they’re just stupid asf we don’t count idiots @yumekosdismay this is common sense bae @xWhsps thanks for talking 2 me @cyberbeaner LMFAOOO HELPhello @NAGA7O ima just take the ass beating frGrandma was in the zone last weekend
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiya @blackhashira now wtf is wrong w this @fluffledale me 😋😋 @Jagan0421 sexy asf @ymicier paw paw giving fire gum on that grapefruiti am crying somebody said he wiggling his toes under the table makes me sad when pretty people can’t tell their pretty bc of social media, many people (not saying this is nece…
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiya
@thelostactivist sorry i have to walk my sticki just want some damn ginger aleAHHH VixenVanity is finally open for business !! I’m overwhelmed with the support I’ve received and I hope you guys…
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiyai can’t stand this dog @softebony bae u fine asf n i want u is so embarrassing @sugarpIay @BABlEUSAGI some oddballs dude @DenzeIIy @BABlEUSAGI next time it would be better to mind your business instead of assuming i insinuated something…
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiya @BABlEUSAGI a lot of niggas do be fucking their cousins tho im ngl they dont gaf LMAOO they just keep the shit on the dl @tranquxlityy i hate that he is smiling at me @BABlEUSAGI shes right @lnfrunami sexy ass babushka🪆
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiya @offbrandversa what kind of backhanded compliment.. @bondagefa1ry pink @hatedvon u was eating beans @Shiesty god damn @lnfrunami bae.. @lnfrunami cus u sexyid be lying if i said i didnt care about looks and that’s that
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiya
@ThatNiggaZeus i didnt play the video i only saw a baby and what i thought was piss @ThatNiggaZeus this is a baby天界ガールフレンド #イラスト #透明水彩
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiyai think we can all agree that pink is THE color
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiya @Ishlachan what is goin on in thereMy lovely desk area is finally complete! I adore it so so much and I hope you like it too hehe ♡
Retweeted by ꒰♡꒱┊amiya