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Leading on #DigitalNursingNetwork @NHSX Previous Macmillan GPN Manager. GPN of the Year 18 🌟 Queens Nurse #RosalindFranklinGPN

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Could you be our Director of Mission 1? Leading this critical work to reduce the burden on staff across the NHS & s…
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TODAY! Live from LONDON - Don't miss this #DigitalNurseNetwork webinar Wed, 4 Dec, 13:00 – 14:00 Find out more & re…
Eve of the last #DigitalNurseNetwork webinar of 2019. Can’t believe it’ll be our eighth! Still time to join us tomo…
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherExciting to see innovative approaches to supporting GP retention underway in Lancashire and South Cumbria using vid…
Retweeted by Helen Crowther#teamCNO Don't miss this #DigitalNurseNetwork webinar Wed, 4 Dec, 13:00 – 14:00 Find out more & register here…
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Heading off to #London tomorrow, ready to do our final Webinar of 2019 - Please join us !
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⭐️JOIN THE 8th WEBEX NEXT WEEK #DigitalNurseNetwork members don’t forget to sign up to listen in. #NHSBlueprinting?… @NHSLewishamCCG AGM 2019 with @BrownNhsdeb @nursehelenc @PaulaSpooner2 @TheQNI @kstorey63
Retweeted by Helen Crowther @Kiml71 @nursehelenc @JulieRoye1 @GPN @RCNGPNForum That’s great Kim! It’s been the best decision I’ve made for my career. 😁 @kstorey63
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherFabulous news! I’m excited and slightly envious of you starting, more than half way through.. I would love it to go…
Celebrating #GPNs & our leadership journeys @NHSLewishamCCG with @JulieRoye1 & @nursehelenc #RosalindFranklinGPN
Retweeted by Helen Crowther @JulieRoye1 #RosalindFranklinGPN #DigitalNurseNetwork to be here with @PaulaSpooner2 and @JulieRoye1 at #LewishamCCG @GPN Celebrating our #RosalindFranklinGPN kind! @nursemicheller It was a wonderful evening! 😀
🚨 ATTENTION #Nurses or #NursingAssociates 🚨 ➡️ Want to become an effective Nurse leader? ➡️ Working in the…
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherThis time last year .. I was heading down to London, enjoying the experience.. knowing I would not win.... HOWEVER.… is it! One sleep to go before the big night! After 12 months of planning, our team are ready to put on a fanta…
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherIt will be our 8th Webinar next week! All you #DigitalNurseNetwork members don’t forget to sign up to listen in. Wa…
Retweeted by Helen Crowther @Justfortoday27 @teamCNO_ @Nitchola Hi, our focus is primary Care, but we need a nursing voice from all settings in… Nurse Network Webinar Eight Are you a Nurse working in Primary Care and interested…
We are just the #Digital A team! can’t describe how proud I am to be the Chief Executive and Registrar of @nmcnews at this important moment in our…
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherOur Chief Executive @Crouchendtiger7 takes to the stage to welcome attendees and tell us how proud she is to repres…
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Always Caring Always Nursing 100 years of professional pride. #PrideInNursing ⁦@teamCNO_⁩ ⁦@CNOEngland⁩ Christie Wa…
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherA room full of inspirational nurses- Always Caring Always Nursing 100 years of professional pride. #PrideInNursing
@RForbister I love to get involve as much I can . Last week I did 2 video consultations and it was good . I think w…
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That’s me officially signed off everyone!!!!!!! 😭🥂😍 3 beautiful, perfect years at @BCUHELS @BCUNursingteam has all…
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#nescha super excited! It’s NESCHA day in Durham.
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@ScottyANP35 @AnnGregoryRN I’ll be in touch! 😀Empowered GPN voices transforming the primary care system @teamCNO_ @kstorey63
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherHappy to share! We could do a webinar on this if you would like? @ScottyANP35 #DigitalNurseNetwork @AnnGregoryRN @Gpnsnn @andreamann7 @HilaryGarratt @kstorey63 @sarah_searz @WeGPNs @zar_head @doncasterccg Or maybe I need…
Retweeted by Helen Crowther#RosalindFranklinGPN #DigitalNurseNetwork fellow North East Nurse! 😀 @CNOEngland
Thank you so much for the mention @welshlisa! Keep it going! So many amazing and inspiring women #womeninIT
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Do it! ⭐️ - many thanks for your support @russellhoward. Next year is the year of the nurse & midwife…
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherHighly recommend! Described as life changing.. if I can support #GPN to apply or life as part of…
Thank you! - Sounds fabulous- defo up for a good brew! #LancahireLanguage #CuppaNotBrew ☕️#DigitalNurseNetwork is coming 🎄 so treat yourself and sign up for our next free webinar we have the I…
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#RosalindFranklinGPN ladies & @jamieripman do Blackpool! @kstorey63 @nursehelenc @TrishUrwin @Annette293Clark
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherInspiring to hear from @NUHInstitute about their 7 year journey with shared governance & decision-making, how this…
Retweeted by Helen Crowther🚨Future Nurse Leaders Head to Blackpool! 🚨Impact Day 3 #RosalindFranklinGPN you also may catch us on #strictly2019't miss this at 4.50 TODAY! @TheQNI @WeNurses @WeGPNs @Gpnsnn @RCNGPNForum @kstorey63 @louisebrady17 @gaznlou
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Two women die every day from #CervicalCancer in England. But #CervicalScreening can stop cancer before it starts,…
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My votes for 10 fabulous inspiring women on twitter are; @SuzieCoo1 @sabinamelb @DebbieNewton_ @SophJohnson__
Retweeted by Helen Crowther @sisterwelton @AndreaParkin2 @zar_head @AnnGregoryRN @PaulaSpooner2 @gilly901_gill @SarahMacG45 @MartineTune was struck by the variation in how much #primarycarenetworks are engaging with #GPNs We must remember what an ama…
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherTo thank 10 Fabulous women of twitter for being there and being amazing @zar_head @AnnGregoryRN @sisterwelton
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When you call in for an appointment the receptionist will take your query to the Roaming GP who will then advise th…
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherEmail me Sheena! 😀 @AnnGregoryRN @MinalBakhai Hi Ann totally agree with you. We are soon launching our LTC templates for annual review…
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherHave you got the NHS App? You should have! Download it NOW! #nhsapp Use it to book and cancel appointments at yo…
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherThe fabulous @DrAmirKhanGP entertaining us all after dinner @PCIssuesAnswers he is just as wonderful in real life !
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherThe #OnlineConsultations toolkit from @NHS_England will support practices, clinicians, commissioners and…
Retweeted by Helen Crowther @PaulaSpooner2 @NHSWakefieldCCG @ConexusHealthUK @nursehelenc @SophJohnson__ @kstorey63 Sounds brilliant!! Thank you!!
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Fabulous day! Great to hear Doncaster wanting to become more #Digital #DigitalNurseNetwork supporting the…! I am so excited about this and the contribution @NHSWakefieldCCG & @ConexusHealthUK can make to Nursing Leader…
Retweeted by Helen Crowther @nursehelenc @shinymindcoach @kstorey63 @teamCNO_ @TheQNI @PaulaSpooner2 @JanePatrickson @donnaloose40
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherOutstanding leadership @kstorey63 & @HilaryGarratt Thank you for supporting #GPN
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherKeep the list running please.. !*always @kstorey63 @HilaryGarratt @RobanaOliver @rhianlast @louisescott65 @hattierocket all of the #RosalindFranklinGPN the… fabulous to meet up with @sashince1979 ANP in Oldham - an 18 year friendship from our District Nurse days in T… you once again to the Lead Nurse #NHSE who is has our #GPN back! #InspirationalWomen #InspirationalLeader to be supported in GM by @DrAliLea
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherOne of the most incredible people I’ve met this year @ScottyANP35 Loving the # #BenICE 🥰😍
Retweeted by Helen Crowther @ScottyANP35 it real! #Benice #BenICE PCN Clinical Director @ScottyANP35 ⭐️@marshall_johnny @DrAliLea @HilaryGarratt @teamCNO_ #DigitalNurseNetwork #RosalindFranklinGPN @JanePatrickson discussions of influences in health and improving the health and wellbeing of our patients @marshall_johnny to hear the support of @DrAliLea speaking about how nurses CAN be the driving force in Primary care including…⭐️@HilaryGarratt and @kstorey63 kicking off #TeamCNO_ #GPN10PP day in Manchester. So glad we made it! #NurseForce @HilaryGarratt and @kstorey63 kicking off #TeamCNO_ #GPN10PP day in Manchester. So glad we made it! #NurseForce a… @kstorey63 we are on our way! up with @JanePatrickson .. we are moving! See you soon Manchester! @kstorey63 @HilaryGarratt #PCN #teamCNO_ @nursehelenc @NHSEngland @HilaryGarratt Safe travels
Retweeted by Helen Crowther @nursehelenc @NHSEngland @HilaryGarratt Dedication - can’t wait to catch up
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherSetting off to the #PCN #GPN @NHSEngland @kstorey63 @HilaryGarratt event. Great time to network and develop togethe…
Had an excellent morning @sunderlanduni with @nursehelenc Sheena and Adam delivering a lecture on the digital NHS t…
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherGreat morning @nursehelenc thank you for sharing such an inspirational presentation. Great to work with you.
Retweeted by Helen Crowther @RForbister @sunderlanduni @nursehelenc Thanks Rachael for giving me an opportunity. Loved every minute of it . Ni…
Retweeted by Helen Crowther @PhilipsSheena #GPN ⭐️demonstrating the amazing work done in #GeneralPratice with #Digital a Digital Nurse… to be speaking to student nurses at #Sunderlanduniversity introductions to the #DigitalNurseNetwork #NHSX
Absolutely us #GPN need to be the driving force behind the digital agenda! Why don’t you suggest it? #NurseForce ⭐️… yer you will struggle with cervical screening! But ..we have great examples of asthma reviews being done… @thelittlenurse_ That’s why it’s good to put those appointments on! Early morning or late clinics work really well,… the #DigitalNurseNetwork #NHSX we can support you on this #digital journey! Online #cervicalscreening appointm… @JennieSmiith @nursehelenc @AnnGregoryRN @LouiseCroney @MinalBakhai Hope to catch up on it later
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherSee you Friday Helen 😊
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherIt’s going to be a great session! even have our sides we stand on! #DigitalNurseNetwork Our #NHSX team is just fabulous! @AnnGregoryRN @PaulaSpooner2 @ScottyANP35 @AnnGregoryRN @nursehelenc @MinalBakhai @JennieSmiith Love it!!!
Retweeted by Helen Crowther @zar_head @ScottyANP35 @AnnGregoryRN @nursehelenc @MinalBakhai @JennieSmiith Don’t forget @AnnGregoryRN’s sidekick…
Retweeted by Helen Crowther @PaulaSpooner2 @zar_head @AnnGregoryRN @nursehelenc @MinalBakhai @JennieSmiith 😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Helen CrowtherCount down for a trip to Manchester from the North East! #PrimaryCareNetworks #Nurses A day of Networking, inspirin… @AnnGregoryRN @nursehelenc @MinalBakhai @JennieSmiith @zar_head have we tapped into this as a CCG - imagine the opp…
Retweeted by Helen Crowther @nursehelenc @OfficialUoM was obviously the best place to study Nursing! Absolutely the best 3 years there and some amazing memories.
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