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@priyankasacheti That's life. @ssusansad @easyrecognition Exactly. Easiest solution. Since locking women up hasn't worked, may as well try thst @BurpingI You asked a question, I answered it. If you know better than I do, why bother to ask, unless the intention was to offend? @shembi84 @deepsealioness What you say makes sense too @BurpingI Certainly not. She's happy with offerings of sandesh and hibiscus. @AvtarGill53 @easyrecognition What upset me most was the causal way in which he accused me of Islamophobia and back… @Wonderw92320712 @DarkKnightCares @nchaostheory As a woman and as a person who's worked on gender issues for over 1… @shembi84 @deepsealioness Maybe you should bring it up. Half knowledge of doesn't help @sarasumi @Twitter You can leave it blank and press RT @MonkofMaude If he had any sense of values he'd not have accused me of Islamophobia and backtracked when confronted… @AvtarGill53 @easyrecognition I'm beginning to feel sorry for the guy. He's way out of his league. @sg4devpt I'd rather wish you Happy Navratri. A time to remember the Devi in all of us. And from her get the energy to fight on. @mickeymalik @easyrecognition @That_Ugly_Dude_ Badi baaton se. @OManojKumar He doesn't realise that blocking me won't stop the attack. @flyingchappal3 @mrgnk Kali? I bet she's flexible- she's got the body of a gymnast. And when she wants to, she can… @Indojv Sometimes we have to do it @just1doctorwala I don't know who is more annoyed at being compared to him- the dog or the tiger @AvtarGill53 @easyrecognition Well, he got the message. @Indojv Because they keep coming at me. Because they think I'm easily bullied @flyingchappal3 @mrgnk Sensual and kick-ass are the words I'll pick @flyingchappal3 Absolutely @KhalidFaridi199 @AustenJane023 I'm not sure I agree. I ignore them and they think I'm soft target and keep coming.… @mrgnk Isn't it lovely? @HafizShazHyd True. The place I let go my father. And where maybe someday I will go @Indojv The reverse is also true. If you ignore, which is what I normally do, they keep coming at you. Wanted to ma… @shembi84 @deepsealioness The nine days before Dussehra are called Navratri and are spent worshiping the Goddess.… @amarllyis Chilling to read it, isn't it? @ravish_singla Exactly. That's the part left unsaid @HafizShazHyd Tipu Sultan of Mysore @JavedAKhan True. Happy Dussehra @Dr_VMirza I was thinking of you when I posted. I bet you will @SahilGirdhars Apne aap ko Tipu Sultan samajhta haiAfter coming unsolicited into my TL, making generalisations, asking me to DM him with my personal problems so he ca… @ScandlousGrace @easyrecognition We put too much value on the vagina. Treat it not like a person, but like a treasure to be owned @praveenpedapudi Thank you. And to you too @subiism We should party @ScandlousGrace @easyrecognition Well said.Powerful way to remind ourselves that those who are meant to protect, often, don't @LawyerInBaking @RantingDosa Savage#WearAMask @Canonslake Absolutely @shenoy_vishal Is trash stolen? @RantingDosa 😂😂 @ranjona You look like a rare bird @sangramsatpath9 @RahulMukherji5 😂😂😂 @atlas47 I realised I should share. Not hoard @Sydusm @easyrecognition I admire the confidence of the guy. Thinking I will spill my deepest secrets to him, a str… @atlas47 I always had them. Sharing them now @RahulMukherji5 That's how it would actually go @rajinikanthgupt Even if five are dangerous, you don't know which @rajinikanthgupt She was from a different time. Today, she will carry a gun but people will be too scared to let her use it @Vijaythedataguy @AustenJane023 That's traditional iconography. If I draw her, she's more sensual @soumyasoman Thank you. That's a compliment @DilliChora Not that talented @purrsiflager @arafarfaa @easyrecognition No answers really for this. @Nadiakh25543672 It's changing. In the communities where we work, it is @SakiRouf @easyrecognition @That_Ugly_Dude_ He will say he does @MrsYNV 🙏🏽 @785Covid @easyrecognition I doubt he knows what he's saying @soumyasoman 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 @DilliChora Not at all. It's at Dilli Haat @naseehuddin I don't judge on looks. But on thought process and arrogance, certainly @flyingchappal3 😂😂😂 @DeepakVerg If every woman is allowed to carry a gun and use it, will anyone dare come near her? @shrutinair1 @easyrecognition @That_Ugly_Dude_ Yes, you did. @rajinikanthgupt No. @rajinikanthgupt Kali is sexy. She makes no bones about it. She is a woman. She has the desires of a woman. But on… @AYDIAVV @AustenJane023 Making an example of him. @VJ290481 Exactly. But I wonder why these men don't want to try that. @drmanishranchi Wasn't that rich. A lecture not directed at me. But given to me. And that blatant invitation
@Vijaythedataguy That is exactly how they are @Hardeep18052638 @HarrisD63432503 @MrsYNV @iraniShenaz1958 @Sateeshkumarsk9 @SamHarris2429 @Painteroflies @Nadiakh25543672 When I meet ladies from SHGs, I listen to their dreams for their daughters. And ask just one quest… @AustenJane023 I do too. I relate to her so much. @Nadiakh25543672 I call women like those gatekeepers of Patriarchy @Ghazala2402 Gandhiji!!! I'm amaxed you could draw him @faxtors I loved yours. @DarkKnightCares @nchaostheory Tell me about it. @VimalINC Very very relavant. I first posted this on FB in 2016 @trp_sydney Scary. I saw a video of a car literally floating down @nchaostheory @easyrecognition @AkramQuady I meant literal🤦🏻‍♀️Ladies, how did we never think of this. This is the solution to our problem👇🏽 @faxtors Humble attempt. Thank you @faxtors That's enough for me. Not a poet @DarkKnightCares @nchaostheory And if, god forbid, you block them. How happy they are to take screenshots @faxtors My pathetic attempt. Needed one more word @SerialSingleMum 🙏🏽 @nchaostheory @easyrecognition @AkramQuady Problem with interpretations that are too legal @easyrecognition Then why give ME that lecture? You implied it.शक्ति Power of a Woman Encased in her Smile #8wordspoet @DarkKnightCares @nchaostheory I call then bad faith arguments @nchaostheory @easyrecognition @AkramQuady Thank you. That's the answer I was looking for. But tii difficult for anyone to grasp @flyingchappal3 They've been at it for days. That one solution, they don't come up with @priyashmita @WisemonkIvan @gauravpramanik @DerajBoutique 🤗 @akki182 I'm not too sanguine @OddieBirdie @ShefVaidya Proves how little she knows. A 'good' Brahmin will check the almanac. So what is her USP again? @faxtors Wow. How do you say so much in eight words. @WisemonkIvan @priyashmita @gauravpramanik @DerajBoutique Me? Hardly. But thank you (if you meant me) @nchaostheory @DarkKnightCares It took me many months to learn and I still struggle. It's okay