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Sox fan, hater of the Twins, Indians, Tigers, and Royals. Beer Money Champ, Live tweet Seinfeld, nWo. @Mookie1119 puts up with me, contributor @OnTapSportsNet

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@coreyeldiablo you also lose people with drone strikes...
you Richard... @KenWo4LiFe Big Cutch guy, right here @JamesFox917 but did you have Crush's Demolition figure too?ICYMI: I shared my thoughts on the fit between Kris Bryant and the #WhiteSox MY COLUMN: like to get the daily news @kimcheesal I've never yearned...I've pined, I pine all the time @jmiller_3389 @SoxOnTap @TonyOnTap you'd think I would've caught after the first, second, third or even fourth occu… @jmiller_3389 @SoxOnTap @TonyOnTap was hoping nobody caught that, lol...major brain freeze
@TonyOnTap did a little pop up episode to scratch that off-season itch. we opened mouths and said words on a numbe… @KenWo4LiFe lol, yep. $125kFor the dinner crowd: I shared my thoughts on the #WhiteSox looking into a Kris Bryant acquisition a player to the Marlins for $100k...I look forward to Cleveland losing its baseball team in a few years the NFL got covered the way MLB does, this last week would have spurred a congressional investigation.
Retweeted by Southside Clown Show @SavesTuesday @SavesTuesday I dunno, I mean Bret did check his pics in that "girly magazine " @SavesTuesday so was that the reason for his sabbatical in '96? @SavesTuesday HOLY...SHIT... @JoeyBats5 the last decade happened @SavesTuesday was he auditioning to be Aladdin? @JoeyBats5 appreciate it, Joey @SavesTuesday I just thought that was the only time he wasn't vanilla as fuck @SavesTuesday that was easily his best character work @BigSexxy_75 @SouthsideZo 90% sure Commandowhats it like to have an owner who cares? asking for a friend...and myself @KenWo4LiFe @OnTapSportsNet @SoxOnTap @SoxMach_pnoles see: Reynaldo Lopez @tdjm84 this checks out @jlazowski14 appreciate it, Jordan @ClassyTom24 so, I guess it's like me and the Sox...Kris Bryant is available, should the #WhiteSox trade for him? Would he fit? Should fans want him? I tackle all thes… @cwsdjt @OnTapSportsNet fair @SouthsideZo thats outstanding @cwsdjt @OnTapSportsNet hey mang, it's a collective gripe not an individual one @soxmachine_josh I would want Katz's input before making the deal, so if he deems Cease expendable do it @cwsdjt @OnTapSportsNet its spelled "Andruw" @backtest71 Hilarious @_AlohaMrHand @Mookie1119 @facebook just marked this #Seinfeld quote as “Hate Speech.” It’s time to cancel Facebook for its stupidity.
Retweeted by Southside Clown Showplease let Minor make 5 starts against the Sox @BarbChairScott I think that's the issue. conversely, no Sox fan (at least none I know) believe they are an elite franchise @backtest71 correct @DoughBoiSvo you're not wrong on those points, however, I don't think any Sox fan believes they are an elite franch… @BarbChairScott they're rated appropriately though, not living off the glory days during the Great Depression @DoughBoiSvo Sox are rated appropriately thoughI don't know how you people cheer for these clowns...such an unbelievably overrated franchise @ksawilchik listen, my food opinions are valuable GIF usage @MySoxSummer @PointsBetUSA @wenhardy @_AlohaMrHand present company excluded @ChigerianPrince @buehrlecat I had not considered this
@buehrlecat @ThatPodGuyDuke can't turn heel if you were never a babyface @SavesTuesday @LWilz @cronebender @LWilz @cronebender I dunno, I feel like it's the new veganism where you have to publicly announce it at all times @LWilz @cronebender lol, exactly. it's almost to the point where I'm rooting for people to failI don't care about your fantasy team or sports bets...there I'll be the one to say what everyone is thinkingTA must want George Springer too
Retweeted by Southside Clown Show @SavesTuesday don't let Kenneth discourage you @ltaylor_22 @SavesTuesday working to confirm @iamshack24 Shack Hates Clean, Family Fun MY COLUMN: @SavesTuesday source? @CheerTheAnthem this is really from The Onion, right? It has to be @ChicagoBeerSnob @LiamMenus I think the crispiness of the bacon is a determining factor herethe Outsiders you say? @coreyeldiablo Corey, stop. No American player chooses to play in Toronto, especially now considering they will pr… Hahn finds Arizona asking for way too much in return for basecloggers
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@DustinEburg Dogs bro... @whitesoxfan40 I was due @_adamhess not if you read the replies, jokes on you!I'm sure everything will magically be better in January once your preferred assholes take the reigns... apologies are needed for anything that happened in the 2005 season, in my opinion. it was perfect @TonyOnTap @SoxOnTap was good to get the juices flowing again and talking a little #WhiteSox @SavesTuesday @PremierAmp @HuckWPW I stopped shortly after Wrestlemania 10, and then came back when the nWo emerged… @SavesTuesday @PremierAmp @HuckWPW this is actually a very common theme with many wrestling fans though. Bischoff… @HuckWPW @coreyeldiablo Mets signing everyoneif they lost $2B the franchise would be for sale is targeted harassment @_adamhess sir, this is a Wendy's... @Mookie1119 @TiredDad10 very good worker, but so damn vanillahe's obviously in a Canadian kitchen otherwise he'd cry about the turkey winning @ChiSox_History enjoy @jeffrey122073 @dadawg77 @KenWo4LiFe disgustinga pivotal discussion on peak level counter-culture @dadawg77 @KenWo4LiFe yea, I get that. gotta love those clowns that move to Wrigleyville from podunk towns in WI,… @KenWo4LiFe @dadawg77 woof @dadawg77 @KenWo4LiFe personal experience aside, it is rather uncommon to find Sox fans in those areas @KenWo4LiFe like in Better Call Saul when I guy who grew up in Cicero is a Cubs fan...FOH with that shit @SavesTuesday @buehrlecat @90sWWE @BretHart @TheSimpsons who's got more actions figures of Bret? @SavesTuesday or...Bret? @buehrlecat @90sWWE @BretHart @TheSimpsons @HuckWPW @Mookie1119 ummm, it's amazing
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