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Nick Quah @nwquah Boise, ID

Writes Hot Pod. Podcast critic for Vulture. Hosts Servant of Pod, for LAist Studios. Malaysian in America. 🎧🍜🐈🏀🇲🇾👨‍🌾🦑🌪☄️

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Spotify reallllly wants me to listen to its in-network podcasts and only its in-network podcasts
Retweeted by Nick Quah @robinsloan Iiiiinteresting causality in culture = somewhat hard to objectively prove/measure unless it’s the que… @robinsloan ooo interesting — so, like, it’s likely that the algorithm was a response to the label, not the other way around?YESSSS fuckin show, man oh man
@MrPaulBae dammit dudeeeeeee
!!! spending a vacation morning trying to get back onto facebookon this week’s Servant of Pod: the wonderful @CiaoSamin and @HrishiHirway talking Home Cooking boy oh boy i love… @annehelen will report back @annehelen I think I saw a version of this for dogs outside AlbertsonsIVAN MVPThe root of everything wrong with... everything right now is that many people can't empathize unless they can also relate
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@ACVTweets fuuuuuuuuuck thatwow @_ChloeAJ maaan it’s helpful to know that the payoff is good maybe i’ll save this for the xmas holiday period when… is death stranding worth picking up on sale or what @adith1801 this............... is news I can use @ACVTweets let me have my immigrant aspirations @beejoli Ahhh yeahhhhhhh @BookishDesign as long as you stand outside in the cold it’s fineshout-out to @hooliwho for her new gig @BKGlueGuys speaking of which, good luck with hardenwhat’s the downside of flavoring the turkey with sriracha @ACVTweets you have my number budohhh hell yeahhhh NPR spinoff podcast about the Treasury Department called "Janet Money"
Retweeted by Nick Quahtiki torches, eh? pronounced side effect of watching city so real is missing the feeling of crowds tremendouslyBy next offseason the Pope is either going to believe in Markelle Fultz’s shot or argue that he still thinks Aaron…
Retweeted by Nick Quahthese fuckin bundiesMy statement on tonight's planned protest outside my family home.
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@jodyavirgan YOOOOoUhhhhhh
Retweeted by Nick QuahWhen people ask why you don't just delete social media
Retweeted by Nick QuahThis @hunterwalk post about ‘multi-SKU creators’ is running about 1,000 miles ahead of the current dumb Substack di…
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hot damn this is good would like to introduce you all to one of the funniest tik toks of all time
Retweeted by Nick QuahImagine waiting this long for a C+ burger
Retweeted by Nick Quahwrote about the "latino vote" and the "asian-american vote" and the need to dismantle monolithic identities, but al…
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ALL ROADS TO THE TIMES (opinion pages) @rameswaram Keep going I believe in you
Employers at The Ringer fear they are expendable as Bill Simmons massively ramps up hiring of high-profile contract…
Retweeted by Nick Quahfuck these fuckos for wasting our fucking timehad the best time talking to @nwquah about anything and everything, from stuff I talk about all the time (Sondheim)…
Retweeted by Nick QuahWHUH
Retweeted by Nick Quah @karenkho True adult luxury @ttsgpod drop an emergency pod
Retweeted by Nick QuahLast week, I spent hours inside a small hospital in rural Idaho that was not built for COVID, but is battling it no…
Retweeted by Nick Quahthe OKC Thunder is actually an investment bankLET’S GOOOOOOOOO @osulop don’t censor my speechactually, Christmas Muzak is GoodThere have been times when I thought the argument that "the GOP is a death cult" has been slightly dramatic but you…
Retweeted by Nick Quah @willapaskin Pen15, Ted Lasso, maybe Normal People? @EarbudsPodCol AVASTah yes, the newsletter boomfor this week’s Servant of Pod, t’was my great, great pleasure to chat with @laurenshippen very excited to see wh… haven’t been doing much of anything lately but I did string together a bunch of clips where Bernie Sanders thanks…
Retweeted by Nick QuahI feel like the outside world doesn't sufficiently understand that these local health boards are THE people managin…
Retweeted by Nick QuahIvan a lil freak
Retweeted by Nick Quah @chaykak @TaylorLorenz @Curbed it’s all brutalist shit with big windows in scandinavia @TaylorLorenz @Curbed omg that glass box @chaykak what music spill the beans @Alice_Wilder They have yet to earn names in our eyes, maybe? @Alice_Wilder Yes @MaryRohlfing ❤️
Underachieving 31-Year-Old Now Talking About Following Dreams In Brooklyn
Retweeted by Nick Quah @titonka Closein my inbox today: the hot take replies to right wing pods and ricky rubio are basically balancing each other outrot rod is a doctor speaking to the Southwest District Health Board. As @davlinnews reports in a later tweet, Dr. Vick…
Retweeted by Nick Quahbig death cult energy in Idaho today @brchastain @exvangelicalpod yeah… thought about grouping it in, but i hesitated, though maybe i shouldn’t haveturns out that shame is an unequally distributed assetvery strong @jbouie run on the podcast circuit in recent weeksespn daily is an asian podcast, and it rules @J_Farrell He the giving tree @RignamW just want Steven Adams to be happy @PaoloUggetti My heartFuck yeah gravel by me —> So what did the 2020 election really *mean*, anyway? Here a first draft of media history, from 100-p…
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WHUHHHHHHHHHHHH of my best friends are substacksVery excited about vaccines. Also very excited about outrageous stories of connected people jumping ahead in the vaccine line.
Retweeted by Nick Quah"Inslee also said he was 'stunned' to hear that Kootenai County, home to Coeur d’Alene, planned to send COVID-19 pa…
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@arsachs ISO NETS @delia_cai ooo — thank you! i’ll check it outdoes anybody have a good sun lamp recommendation i need a new god to worship this winterThe Mercers are the primary financial backers of Parler. w/ @JeffHorwitz via @WSJ
Retweeted by Nick QuahSometimes I feel overwhelmed by the number of podcasts out there. And then I remember there are also so many book…
Retweeted by Nick Quah @ChrisBerube Two drinks for Michael Raymond Clayton
@annehelen Interview with a Vampire ... and aalllmost ford vs Ferrari apparentlyhuh, turns out, Brad Pitt and Tom cruise only shared a movie once @mattRAZ Thank you!is there a website that helps you figure out if two actors ever shared a movie?