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@ChloeAngyal Congrats! wrote this book for 15-year-olds who want so badly to feel at home in ballet, and 25-year-olds who still have sca…
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@NicTheEditor That therapy homework be RUFF! @metroadlib @dopegirlfresh Please keep us posted. @Phil_Lewis_ Quite. @DwayneDavidPaul Save yourself! @navyboy4545 Roman & Gerri would have been all in the private chat. @bevtgooden 😶 @MarkLeuchter Thanks for sharing. @WFKARS WYLD WORLD#BlkSamson Virtual Book Talk @bostonathenaeum Register!
Retweeted by Nyasha Junior @dstarwriter59 @SteeleCat717 I would love to take a lit class with @triciamatthew.When was the first time you realized that your family was not like other families?
Retweeted by Nyasha Junior👋🏾 If you've learned anything from me, appreciate my curation, or laughed at my running my big ass mouth, consider…
Retweeted by Nyasha Junior @ItsOnly1Lisa Yes ma’am. Thanks for checking up on me! @AditiJuneja3 @Unkle_K Bought a steamer. @mikefreemanNFL 🖖🏿I wrote this @nytopinion piece to explain the mardomi (popular)/political power of the work of Iran’s most revered…
Retweeted by Nyasha Junior @TrulyTafakari (At Harpo's) Mister: Where yo chirren? Sophia: At home. Where yourn? @Naimaism I mute, block, and keep it moving. @dvdpeters @sassycrass Short article on Bible translation @solomonmissouri Giving the address...💯
When was the first time you realized that your family was not like other families? than $600 left!!! Can we get J. free tonight??!
Retweeted by Nyasha Junior @yumcoconutmilk I wouldn't because TED doesn't pay. @tinykinseyscale 🖤 @elissawashuta I wish publishers would stop telling academics to "get on Twitter." I would say start with a simple website & nice headshots. @prof_gabriele @Lollardfish are opening up the keynote of our #CSCW2020 workshop to the wider community! @kishonnagray will be presenting he…
Retweeted by Nyasha Junior @AnnaDushime Dire Straits @EveDunbar I'll just starve. @AnummaBrooke 🙌🏿 @jeanuh_ We are worldwide."The other one writes about Black American issues from England." **Jaden broke cackles**
@NaniCoolJ WHERE IS THE KICKSTARTER?! @DwayneDavidPaul All. Of. It. @jbrous41 CLICKA fascinating #AmRel piece by @alex_g_griffin from her work on Black Catholic history. via @faithfullymag
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@dopegirlfresh my first for @americamag: "People of faith must examine the moral legitimacy of policing itself. There has nev…
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Retweeted by Nyasha JuniorIt's #BlackHistoryMonth in the UK, so we want to amplify the voices of Black scholars (across the world) in…
Retweeted by Nyasha Junior @Diddy far as I’m concerned, Mi’kmaw and Acadians aren’t allies anymore. They forfeited that title the other night.…
Retweeted by Nyasha JuniorFellow educators, here are some great documentaries on treaty rights and the fisheries in Mi'kma'ki. 1. Is the Cr…
Retweeted by Nyasha JuniorFried chicken & quilts... @ljoywilliams @SundayCivics CW: sexual assault How is HU keeping students safe? @RantingOwl I have a similar reaction with some student evals. "This professor really expected us to read the mater… @XavierDLeau How did we get here? @themelaniedione Sometimes, I would hold my breath. 🙃 @KieseLaymon It was beautiful. Thank you! @themelaniedione My mother is an RN. She checked my breathing every night.#StarTrekDiscovery @OmarjSakr Okra! @OmarjSakr That talk was soooo good! @JarelRB Thank you! @drewjakeprof 🖤 @CarlyASilver 🙌🏿 @SarahEBond Thanks for coming, Dr. Bond! @tvrasche A3 Not without action & resources behind them. #SlateSpeak6yo: What are you doing? Me: Just some editing. 6yo: What's that? Me: It's like writing, but instead of making w…
Retweeted by Nyasha Junior @tvrasche A2 Just listened to Nikki Giovanni. Yes, our words matter. #SlateSpeak @tvrasche A1 #SlateSpeak @tvrasche Nyasha she/her #SlateSpeak Current jam:
Join me & @emuehlbe! Th Oct 15th 4:30pm EDT Register:
Retweeted by Nyasha Junior @dmcconeghy @RantingOwl said keep that shit from round me & MY peers. We good over here.
Retweeted by Nyasha Junior @soledadobrien I was on a Forbes 30 under 30 list. Here are the hidden privileges that made me a “success.”… Kwanzaa stamp I illustrated is finally available for purchase!
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@malenga @mackenzian ☔️ @IAmTiffanyGill 🙌🏿Dr. @emuehlbe is Professor of History and Middle East Studies at @UMich @BlkLibraryGirl TELL IT! @solomonmissouri are psyched to host @maiakotro! Note that our event starts at 3:00; the classics event with @NyashaJunior and…
Retweeted by Nyasha Junior @KingstonJancro Keep doing it.Join me & @emuehlbe! Th Oct 15th 4:30pm EDT Register:'s your body? your chicken? your mentals? Nina feel the djembe drumming in her soul & body 🖤
Retweeted by Nyasha Junior @AyyAmbs "What's wrong with your hands?" @SarahEBond Stylin'! @chrisalexander_ A Black Academic Woman's Self-Care Manifesto @EricaLWilliams7 @ChelsIsRight That part.I don't have a SoundCloud, but here's my latest collab with @SarahEBond
Retweeted by Nyasha Junior @annehelen @AltThesis @Ethnography911 😶 @Ryan_Ken_Acts We need everyone to play their position. @MF_Greatest We outchea!