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Alexandra @nycbubbles Falls Church, VA

Writer, snarker, martini-er. All debatable careers. Pragmatic Progressive. Perpetually snitty. #UniversalCareNow #SmartWomenRule 🍸

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@DoYouEvenLIf I sang happy birthday for 40 years until I saw a Gloria Gaynor washing her hands while singing I Will… @js_edit @emigre80 I will need a visual measurement of just how furrowed her brow is before I can know for sure. @DoctorNora Sending love and the most positive thoughts I can summon. Glad the telehealth option was available. You… @FlyoverCountry_ @mousdrvr @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders Ok. Thanks. 😉 @TRexDrillerson @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders Why would suspending his campaign stop that? If anything, he could gi… @chrisdameanor19 I fully laughed at this, then realized how much I agree with it.😂 @BrigSanders @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders The ACA wasn’t an end point. It was a path to universal. All of those th… @BrigSanders @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders There is not agreement even among Dems about the best path to universal… @mousdrvr @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders What on earth are you talking about? You do know that Biden did not vote fo… @crimsonmediaent Just because you spoiled, entitled brats believe that everyone hangs on your every word, bad news.… @BrigSanders @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders To start? Stop the bleeding, build the courts which currently can stop *… @mousdrvr @Brotha_Bern @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders A moral requirement? Nope. I just think the more successful (a… @BrigSanders @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders Because he has no path to win and his remaining in takes away money and… @Brotha_Bern @mousdrvr @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders Why would I shame him for it? I have been fighting for univers… @mousdrvr @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders Off the top of my head, he has been one of the best advocates for gun safet… @mehdirhasan @wooley_heidi At this point, what is the difference between you and Rogan? Other than him saying the q… @mousdrvr @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders I am old enough to have worked in the Senate when Biden served, lol, and I… @EtreEtro Pretty sure my next book will be called Flaccid Moronity.🍸 @cecmunoz @MattMurph24 Truly awful. Sending love (and additional anger).♥️ @thicker @nibnub47 @GordsUK @Alex64424072 @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders Hey! My votes for Obama counted twice becau… @JonasAlbin92 @dennisdiclaudio @shaunking Oh, God. You really believe that, don’t you? @PGarboj @mousdrvr @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders That literally has nothing to do with anything I said, lol! Good G… @mousdrvr @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders Bernie’s numbers are already much lower than last time. The shift started m… @nibnub47 @thicker @Alex64424072 @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders A press conference is not a private phone call, nor… @BribeApple @thicker @Alex64424072 @nibnub47 @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders Nah. No one is entitled to my time or at… @nibnub47 @GordsUK @Alex64424072 @thicker @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders LOL. You keep holding onto “enthusiasm” whi… @mousdrvr @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders It allows him to fully focus on the general and, aside from what a small fa… @nibnub47 @thicker @Alex64424072 @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders Oh, come on. Biden gave a speech after sweeping the… @time_progress @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders LOL! Your desperation is pretty sad. Still won’t get your candidate vo… @nibnub47 @thicker @Alex64424072 @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders By all means, show me when he disappeared for a week… @Paul_Conrad @gloomcookie0898 @FiligreeGrim Good God, is that awesome.Mood today. From a legend. ❤️❤️ @EsperDoD @DeptofDefense @POTUS If a nuclear missile falls in a city and no one is around to hear it, does it make… @OregonGovBrown Thank you. This fills me with hope. It is how it is *supposed* to be as a country working together. @LibertarianRea3 @CTrevorNelson @RebekahLSanders They sound like scalloped potatoes made with hash browns. @josecanyousee @decaro_nick Ah, the lovely Winnie. Bernie’s senior staff, keeping it classy, as always.… @neeratanden @welca Just imagine if some of these Neera-obsessed dudes used their large platforms for good rather t… @josecanyousee @SheriFlanders The only statement I want from Bernie is the suspension of his campaign.😇 @LadyMenopause @CandiceAiston Hmmm, interesting point. But, I think this is what we *should* be doing which is call… @CandiceAiston Absolutely same. I like them and literally laugh out loud, but seems like a bad idea. @Voyager19 I really dislike ham, yet I would inject bacon right into my veins, if I could.😂 @KHiveQueenB @melioda72660667 @josecanyousee I am just enjoying the effort it takes for her to try and move those goalposts.😂 @melioda72660667 @KHiveQueenB @josecanyousee This is what you said. Can’t help if it is not what you meant.😂😂 @melioda72660667 @KHiveQueenB @josecanyousee By all means, tell me about Virginia. 😂😂 @2KEENZ @MelaKatie @shaunking How would tweeting about M4A help even one person in this pandemic? Even if passed to… @JonasAlbin92 @dennisdiclaudio @shaunking Oddly, the Dems won huge at midterms with Bernie adjacent organizations f… @CandaceTX Wow. Congratulations! That is a huge accomplishment!♥️♥️ @Camille_striker @theanimatorchic Just stop. If you don’t know the history, then why bother tweeting? Wanting somet… @teTRASHi6ix9ine @pineywoozle @theanimatorchic LOL! Whereas anyone who disagrees with you is obviously brainwashed… @wendyc64 @Lesdoggg @RuPaul @RuPaulsDragRace I didn’t think Aiden was good, but I think Brita was terrible, borderi… @ProfaneFeminist Yep. What always gets me with cats is not the act of the space filling, but the outraged attitude… @Lesdoggg @RuPaul @RuPaulsDragRace She is so unpleasant. I just want her to go away.😂 @banannafanny @hoakehrler @NYPolJunkie @KHiveForAmerica Cheating on his wife issues with a few scandals here and there. @AFreshPrincess Even in a pandemic I would be packed up and moved out before I could finish this tweet.😂 @hoakehrler @NYPolJunkie @KHiveForAmerica Honestly, the new seasons have grown on me, as well. I just think of them… @hoakehrler @NYPolJunkie @KHiveForAmerica Sleazy as hell, but he can bake!😂 @Craig1Kennedy @sarahmucha @laughinatthegop @JoeBiden @BernieSanders Psssssssst... Klobuchar is not from Wisconsin. 😇 @KHiveForAmerica Maybe she can team up with Cenk and together they could break 8%! @kirbyja23 @oranicuhh So freaking good. I am not a natural swayer, God knows, but I found myself swaying right along.😂 @culteyes @AnandWrites Yes. It is in this new false theme a small faction is pushing that somehow Trump is “outflan… @culteyes @AnandWrites Except Trump isn’t offering single payer either, even in his totally bizarre just thrown out… @TheKeithiest Dirk. @BuddhaGoofy @chrislongview You have Bernie/Nina2020 in your description and you think you get to mock anyone? @EricaJong I am so damned sorry to hear this. I met her years ago at Columbia and thought she was simply amazing. W… @ThomasLinkoff @spatial_anomaly @shaunking Except he isn’t. That is simply not true. Never has been, never will be.… @culteyes @AnandWrites He is for universal care. As are most Democrats, as it has been in the platform for years. M… @KHiveForAmerica I truly felt pure glee. It was simple perfection. @spatial_anomaly @jai843811 @shaunking Nah, Trump is hoping for gullible idiots to spread the falsehoods for him. Well done! @spatial_anomaly @shaunking Wait, are you under the impression that Trump is making *all* healthcare free? Seriousl… @RenaBlueDem @Zebop @KHiveForAmerica @chrislongview @karentotten @thepoliticalcat @kozad86 @bibleasshole @RenaBlueDem @Zebop @KHiveForAmerica @chrislongview @karentotten @thepoliticalcat @kozad86 @bibleasshole @spatial_anomaly @shaunking Oh, lookie. Your desperation to be wrong is duly noted.🍸 @KHiveForAmerica @betteronpage @chrislongview @karentotten @thepoliticalcat @kozad86 @bibleasshole @BreatheAirInn @kozad86 @CMargaronis @KHiveForAmerica @chrislongview @karentotten @thepoliticalcat @bibleasshole @BreatheAirInn @ChuckWendig The dirtiest of vodka martinis. Sometimes olive juice, sometimes capers. But, always ice cold and dirty. @kozad86 @CMargaronis @KHiveForAmerica @chrislongview @karentotten @thepoliticalcat @bibleasshole @BreatheAirInn @kozad86 @KHiveForAmerica @chrislongview @karentotten @thepoliticalcat @bibleasshole @BreatheAirInn @GregHowardJr1 @theanimatorchic @pineywoozle Every Democrat wants universal care. It is in the platform and has been. Keep on with… @theanimatorchic @pineywoozle Two key points. First, that is not what he said. Second, M4A is one unproven method o…
@LegParade @Alyssa_Milano I will save you pain and just block. I have oppo research, bad quotes & votes, misstateme… @cmclymer @ThomboyD @welca How about any downballot primaries? @bubulaboo @mcrae_devin This is great to see. @justinamash How is your “independent thinking” getting relief, including additional UI funds, to millions of Ameri… @burgessev Thanks for the needed laugh. @Vangsness Not only is this glorious, did you catch the street sign? ❤️❤️ @WeWillRiseOhio Perfect. @chrislongview Oh, God. I swear I will never see a more boopable nose in my life. I love it so much.♥️ @chrislongview Boop.❤️ @LisaTalmadge @dawn_macc @jkfecke Seriously. That was my exact reaction. @noisequality @slutvonka No one really believes this. Even supporters like AOC get the realities of the policy. Dep… @RubenGallego Yep. Exactly who is a fan of who? Keeps photo of Baldwin for more than 20 years, follows his birthday. Hmmmm. @Mel_Ankoly @notcapnamerica I love her and I am excited about her future, but I tend to agree. For various reasons,… @HoarseWisperer I watched a little boy who finished his final chemo treatment ride out of the clinic on his dad’s s… @ericmorrel3 @EaleyGregory I am now moving on. Your facile rhetoric is both repetitive, false and not worth my effort. Best of luck to you. @ericmorrel3 @EaleyGregory Thankfully, you don’t get to decide who is better for POC, particularly Black voters. Th… @ericmorrel3 @EaleyGregory As a note, Bernie also said this at the time: @ericmorrel3 @EaleyGregory I truly hate the VAWA argument for Bernie. Do Berners think John Lewis was against VAWA?… @AnandWrites Wait, what?