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Fighting to do the most good for those who need it most. NYC should be a city for all of us. Speaker of the @NYCCouncil, repping District 3. Official account.

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We need to keep expanding outdoor dining and make it as easy as possible for restaurants to take advantage so they… York City's bike boom continues. We need to build the bike lanes and safe streets infrastructure to match deman…
#CoronavirusUpdate: @highlinenyc will reopen at reduced capacity on July 16! More details here ⬇️ NYC, phase 3 is here. That means reopening (at reduced capacity) for: 💅 nail salons 💆‍♂️ massage parlors…
Beginning in Phase 3 (starting tomorrow in NYC), limited in-person transactions will be available at the DMV. 🚙🚗 York City will enter Phase 3 of ‘New York Forward’ tomorrow. Learn more ⬇️
Happy #FourthOfJuly! Today is a day to celebrate this country, but also to reflect on how its promise has still n…
Coronavirus doesn’t take days off. This weekend, please remember to keep socially distanced (especially indoors),… @NYCCouncil is proud to have fought for and saved this important program in the FY2021 budget. addition, the Council will be holding hearings in the next several weeks on legislation to mandate a rigorous ti… just transition toward a community model and away from a punitive, enforcement-focused model must start immedia… have a commitment from the de Blasio Administration that school safety will be moved out of the NYPD budget this…
New Yorkers: our city beaches are officially open. ☀️ Mayor's initial proposed budget this year had completely zeroed out the Summer Youth Employment Program and cit… is the right decision. We have come too far to risk opening indoor dining so soon. The @NYCCouncil has led a…
I’m committed to holding the Mayor’s feet to the fire on this and continuing to work for reform.We need to make sure that the changes we did get result in real change—that the overtime cuts are enforced, and tha… Mayor and I started this process FAR apart on shrinking the NYPD’s budget and footprint and bringing transforma… budget agreement, which is balanced despite a $9 billion revenue shortfall due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was n… @NYCCouncil is about to vote on the FY2021 budget in our Stated Meeting. Tune in here->
Tune in for my pre-Stated press conference here: graduates: NYC is honoring you with a citywide virtual graduation ceremony tonight at 7pm featuring…
New York: you did this. We bent the curve and flattened it. But we can't give up just yet. As we head into July, p… Yorkers need safe ways to commute and get around during this pandemic, and that is especially true for our esse… also have growing concerns about indoor dining coming back so soon in NYC. Other states that did it have seen tro… to hear @NYCMayor is ending solitary confinement for some medical conditions & developing a working group w/… major victory for justice. It is unacceptable for individual states to whittle away at the fundamental right for…’t agree more. first #Pride started as a response to police brutality. Today, peaceful protesters were pepper sprayed on the 5…
There are so many LGBTQ leaders to whom we owe the progress we've made so far. None of it would be possible without…
Teens throughout New York City are counting on the Summer Youth Employment program, and the @NYCCouncil is fighting…🏳️‍🌈Pauli Murray wrote the argument used to overturn Plessy + the article that Justice Ginsburg used to argue that… in and day out, we are fighting for $1 billion in NYPD cuts, and to save our social safety net. We need to fund… we must do everything possible to end solitary confinement in all its forms—both here in New York City and stat… mismanagement that led to Ms. Polanco's death is unacceptable. I urge the Department of Correction and Correcti… you to the Board of Correction for issuing this report on Layleen Polanco's death and citing the appalling fa…
Our economic recovery from this pandemic demands full transparency, no question. The @NYCCouncil passed this ⬇️ ye… office is receiving reports of elevated carbon monoxide levels on W 23rd and 9th Ave. FDNY is reporting multiple… hear you and I'm fighting for a budget that cuts NYPD funding by at least $1B and invests that money in communiti… parents: you may have/will soon get $420 on an electronic benefits transfer card. Spend the money- perhaps at l…
Retweeted by NYC Council Speaker Corey JohnsonHappy five years of Obergefell v. Hodges ❤️ I'll never forget that day and the hope it brought to so many of us. He…🏳️‍🌈 Alvin Ailey remains one of the most influential choreographers the world has ever known. While he kept his sex… said LET THE PEOPLE SCOOT 🛴
Outdoor dining! You love to see it! The @NYCCouncil just legalized e-bikes and e-scooters, giving New Yorkers more ways to get around safely… know what time it is ➡️
Retweeted by NYC Council Speaker Corey JohnsonTune in for my pre-Stated press conference here:🏳️‍🌈 Audre Lorde was a self-described Black, lesbian, feminist, mother, poet, and warrior. Her influential work in… NY, NJ, and CT are issuing a joint Travel Advisory, requiring⁩ travelers from states with high…
Glad to see the City is complying with our subpoena for this report. Next we need to know what the Mayor's office k… Patriot Front and all neo-Nazis: There is absolutely no place for you here. Starting today, patients at all 11 of New York City's public hospitals can receive visits from… NYC beaches will be opening on July 1. Please still remember to keep social distance and wear face coverings.🏳️‍🌈 ABilly Jones-Hennin, a civil rights and LGBTQ activist, organized the DC-Baltimore Coalition of Black Gays (no… Grab-and-go meal hubs will continue to operate throughout the summer at 400 sites across the ci…
Let's make this clear — *no one* should be evicted during a pandemic. Whether housing courts reopen virtually or i… York: playgrounds are now open!🏳️‍🌈 Andrea Jenkins (@annapoetic) is the first Black, openly transgender woman elected to public office in the U.S.…'s be clear: We (lawmakers, non-Black New Yorkers, etc.) can't just come for the celebration and drop the ball w… NYC, today's the day! It's primary election day! If you haven't already voted by mail, make sure you get to… will be a primary like we’ve never seen before in many ways, including challenges in vote counting. But…
The statue of Thomas Jefferson inside City Hall is a statue of a slave master. It's long been time to take it down… case anyone was confused, a pandemic isn't an excuse to recklessly speed through our city streets. you go to the polls tomorrow, please remember to wear a mask/face covering, maintain distance from others, and k… reminders: 1️⃣ Tomorrow, 6/23, is election day! 2️⃣ Mail in your absentee ballot today! (You can mail it tomo…🏳️‍🌈 Bayard Rustin, the organizer behind the historic March on Washington, was a closeted gay man for much of his c… we go, NYC. Phase two. Here's what that means:
Happy #FathersDay! I’m inspired by all the wonderful fathers, step fathers and father figures that I know. I know C…🏳️‍🌈 Gladys Bentley, "Harlem's most famous lesbian" in the 1930s + one of the most famous Black entertainers nation… the beginning of #Pride Month, I talked about how crucial the voices of Black leaders have been in so many movem…
New Yorkers deserve to know the type of surveillance that the NYPD uses and its impacts on communities. The… and police brutality are public health emergencies, but we can’t truly fight those battles while the City is…
The @NYCCouncil is listening to the people and taking action. Emancipation Day! Just a few facts:The US was 3rd to last in the Americas to abolish slavery. The Emancipat…
Retweeted by NYC Council Speaker Corey JohnsonObserving Juneteenth reinforces our collective commitment to the fight for racial justice. It's a day that reminds… is celebrated as the true end to slavery in this country, though it came more than 2 years after the Em…
We must make fundamental changes in how we structure criminal justice and public safety in this city. We still have… Criminalize them. Disciplinary matrixes? Use them. Badge numbers? Show them. Surveillance tools? Disclo… The @NYCCouncil just passed legislation to criminalize chokeholds and other methods of restraint (such as… & I are calling for an investigation into false allegations by the PBA and the Detectives’ Endowmen… in for my pre-Stated press conference here: city is no stranger to police brutality, particularly against Black people. We need transparency & accountabili… day here at the @NYCCouncil. At today's Stated Meeting, we'll vote on police reform bills to 1️⃣ criminalize th… is a HUGE victory for NYC's 75,000+ DREAMers, for our immigrant communities, for our city, and for the movemen… NYC playgrounds will open on Monday, June 22. There will be social distancing ambassadors remin…! Glad NYC is moving on outdoor dining after the @NYCCouncil fought so hard for it. Our restaurants need acc… is no justice without transparency, and we certainly need more transparency from the NYPD about their use of…
We celebrate the wins and we press on in the fight for equality for ALL 🏳️‍🌈 years ago today, a brutal, white supremacist massacre took 9 precious lives—known as the #Charleston9—from the Em…'s a sad fact that many communities don’t have access to major parks and green space, which only exacerbates the… it was initially necessary to close NYC playgrounds to stop the coronavirus from spreading, with so many comm… The U.S. Open will take place, without fans, in Queens from August 31 to September 13.BREAKING: @NYGovCuomo declared #Juneteenth a State Holiday! Every day, we are taking steps to ensure Black History…
Retweeted by NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson#CoronavirusUpdate: NY hospitals will now be allowed to have visitors at their individual discretion. They must fol…'ll be on the @BrianLehrer show with @brigidbergin talking about the budget, the NYPD, and more. Tune in live at 1…
What our health care workers have experienced in the past three months is nothing short of devastating. We must ens… can rethink the ways we use our public spaces in New York City. We can reimagine the ways we use our streets. T…"25 – The number of deaths from the coronavirus in New York on June 14. The date with the highest single-day total… police reform bills we'll vote on include 1️⃣ criminalizing police use of chokeholds 2️⃣ requiring the NYPD t… this week's Stated Meeting, the @NYCCouncil will vote on the Public Oversight of Surveillance Technology (POST)…