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I make music 💕 Mexicana 🇲🇽 she/her ✨ video game enthusiast 🎮 @rawlife__ @brunch_collect @birdhousetapes

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@clydecyrus_ Also smuggling ≠ trafficking @clydecyrus_ I get that but OP was specifically stating that Biden prioritizing legal status for immigrants was goi… @clydecyrus_ OP’s explanation is xenophobic af
No fucking shit Sherlock “New research shows that we’re able to pack flights again” The research: “These assumptions are hypotheti…
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Me: “What’s 54 divided by 2?” My sister: “So you put the 2 over 5 minus 4 is a 1 bring down the many times… @kittaveli sign meif this isn’t an indication of my current mental state idk what isfirst beat of the year as you can tell i haven't been able to make anything decent LMAO
Who is this absolute cutie and how is she my friend 🥺👉👈💕 @kittaveli We stan Pippa 💕
Imagine wearing a face mask that says "Censored" while having the microphone in the literal US Capitol....
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙BREAKING: President Donald Trump has been impeached by the U.S. House for incitement of insurrection at the Capitol…
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙Spoiled myself with new Demonias 💕’all tried to cancel a whole election shut the fuck up @motivatedoku @researchyasufe @kittaveli @RPCFPOkumura Seconding @RPCFPOkumura! 💕 @kittaveli @IMISSBIGANG 💕
I guess I’m desensitized to taxidermy stuff so Azealia cooking her dead cat’s skin off to preserve its bones doesn’… is not the positive test result I wanted this year. 11 days in, right? ELEVEN DAYS IN. Can I get a refund?Officially an asymptomatic ass bitch 😬 @imbenbeal On behalf of Arizona, we don’t know him @linearwave @jamie_henwood Thank you!!! @saltysou1 @jamie_henwood Thank you!!! 💕Apologies for this being late, life has been driving me bonkers lately, but me and @jamie_henwood made an amazing t…
Me every time a new #MAGATerrorist #NoFlyList video comes out
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Retweeted by Nydia 🌙uwu @williamlegate It was his antifa doppleganger 🥴Today celebrates 5 years of becoming a mom. 5 years of giggles, kisses, tantrums, and everything in between. Happy… people: hey, can you like...hold him accountable? congress: IF YOU WANT IT SO BAD, GET YOUR REPRESENTATIVES TO…
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@UberFacts Gotta go fast @williamlegate I *hope* they’re doing it tomorrow... 😬 @williamlegate I think they’re doing it tomorrow @TheLofiVibe @KingiDivine @NimzoBeats @elanbrio7 @Grievesmusic @Cloudchord @Remulakbeats @paulgilmore1981“Guess who can still tweet motherfuc-”
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙Impeachment does not "divide our country." Unpunished white power coup attempts divide our country.
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America does need to heal. That means accountability and justice. It starts with acknowledging what happened and…
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙Republicans are saying that wanting Trump impeached is “cancel culture” like it’s totally normal for a US president… @Jim_Jordan A true bootlicker until the very endBREAKING: Donald trump has been banned from Jurassic Park
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙TikTok has preemptively banned Trump from the platform: “no one wants to see that shit” a rep said, in regards to a…
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙You know this isn’t Trump’s only way of communicating to the people. There’s this cool thing called a podium that y…
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙 @williamlegate He did look really sad lmao @eIijahwho ELIJAH : I'll just go to Myspace Myspace: #RIPBOZO
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙“I never signed up for the pasta pass” bro it was a joke, just like you 😭 fact that this man is actually trying to use burner accounts is more funny than the burner account jokes 🤣🤣
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙 @iamsheffdan Yup just change your name and add a few face tats and you can get away with anything in here!65 of you @iamsheffdan Not surprised he’s trying to do the whole Lil Peep look now @artemisiaII1111 Thank you! I hope so too! @Elaquent @choi_clint 🥴 @Elaquent @choi_clint The profile doesn’t look active but @choi_clint I mean I wouldn’t actually know because he blocked me for calling him out before his victim said what h… yea, why are a good handful of you still following Burbank??? @darealdibiase @dimneon @eeryglo Oh Nohidea. Yea I got blocked calling him out before the proof got posted 😂 fuck that guy @darealdibiase @dimneon @eeryglo Oh I know who you’re talking about now. Most of us put him on blast and unfollowed… @darealdibiase @dimneon @eeryglo I just haven’t seen anything and usually the community is pretty quick to respond… @darealdibiase @dimneon @eeryglo Who’s a rapist???You can go too, Rudy Giuliani and Don Jr. may be charged over Capitol siege, DC AG says
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙JUST IN: Google suspending Parler from the Google Play store
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just got s worded :( RT to find mutuals <3
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER is officially canon
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙IT IS A FINE DAY FOR TWITTERAfter close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them we have permanent…
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙 @DownLowOnLoFi I’ve been actively trying to losing weight and have lost 31 pounds since the date I bought this dres… dress didn’t fit up until now and I’m so happy 💕 my husband woke up with no sense of smell. We are getting tested tomorrow morning. Me and my son are feeling…’m so proud of you @imbenbeal 💕 feel like they gave her the position out of pure irony because of how much of an absolute dimwit she is surprises me on this app anymore. Auschwitz didn’t give out merch... 😬 We really got jumped into 2021.
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙🥺💕 - you’re accusing me of lying? Isn’t this you? Your campaign sent out this fundraising message as people were s…
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙 @imbenbeal OMG CONGRATS!!!
LOL told Pence to pack Trump’s bags or she’ll do it for himThat shit was wild I’m glad I stayed up for this"A woman died out here tonight," says Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb to his Republican colleagues, "and you're making t…
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙 @williamlegate Bro @eisubeats @TeannaTrump've killed us for less!
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙I see the vote has been taken back but fuck you stillWHOEVER THAT ONE DEM WHO JUST VOTED YEA IS, YOURE A WHOLE BITCHTHANK YOU FOR RESPECTING ARIZONA’S VOTESTed Cruz better shut the fuck up @MFTGTre Nvm that was Pence and his wife 🥴Twitter said Trump’s account would remain locked for 12 hours and the ban could be extended if several of his tweet…
Retweeted by Nydia 🌙 @MFTGTre I honestly do not ever click on his or Trump’s profile so I don’t rememberSTOPPPPP LMAOOOOOOO