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Fact check: Masks don’t suffocate you..@NYGovCuomo & @AsaHutchinson: "We appreciate the @POTUS proposals to provide additional solutions to address econo…
Retweeted by Andrew CuomoTrump’s Executive Order on unemployment is a nonstarter. States can't afford it. It will be challenged in court. N… is not a red or blue state challenge. It is a 50-state challenge. Without federal assistance the states are… Yorkers don't pay for sunny-day service — they pay for everyday service. ConEd & PSE&G did a lousy job prepari…'s update on the numbers: Of the 54,002 tests reported yesterday, 476 were positive (0.88% of total). Total… they could do it in 1918, we can surely do it in 2020. Wear a mask.
Retweeted by Andrew CuomoIf they could do it in 1918, we can surely do it in 2020. Wear a mask.
Happy 50th birthday @ChrisCuomo. You had a #NewYorkTough year but came out stronger. Love you little brother. If you get a call from NYS Contact Tracing — Pick up the phone! NY's Contact Tracers are working every d… Orders can’t replace legislative actions. States can’t pay 25% of unemployment costs. It’s simply impossible.We need to protect the extraordinary progress New Yorkers have made. Today’s infection rate of 0.78% is the lowest…'s update on the numbers: Of the 65,812 tests reported yesterday, 515 were positive (0.78% of total). Total…
Congratulations to New York–bred Tiz the Law on today’s win at the Travers Stakes in Saratoga Springs. He does Ne… as we fight COVID, we can't forget about the other global emergency we are facing. In New York State, we beli…'s update on the numbers: Of the 74,857 tests reported yesterday, 703 were positive (0.93% of total). Total… It's Saturday. And it's a great day to respond to the Census.
It’s Friday night. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Friends also don’t let friends go to crowded indoor pa… has lent money to corporations & helped Wall Street. Now they must support state & local governments that… schools as elsewhere, masks are required when social distancing is impossible. Every student should plan to hav… schools reopen NYS is requiring all school districts to: 1) Post their remote learning plans & their testing/tr… region is well below our COVID infection limit, therefore all school districts are authorized to open. If t…'s update on the numbers: Of the 70,170 tests reported yesterday, 714 were positive (1.0% of total). Total h…
Reminder: You don’t need to feel sick to spread this virus. So mask up, stay distanced and keep washing your hand… NRA has a long history of thwarting New York’s not-for-profit rules. Today the @NewYorkStateAG took action to…'s update on the numbers: Of the 72,370 tests reported yesterday, 703 were positive (0.97% of total). There… York State has over 750 testing sites. Any New Yorker can get a test There’s no excuse. Get a test. Find a t… are not immune to Covid. They can catch the virus, they can spread the virus and they can become very ill…
Wear a mask. The pandemic isn't over. Wash your hands often. The pandemic isn't over. Be smart. The pandemic isn't over.The reckless disregard by utility companies to adequately plan for Tropical Storm #Isaias was unacceptable. I have… Tropical Storm Isaias, we have declared a state of emergency in Bronx, Dutchess, Kings, Nassau, New York,…'m honored today to become Chair of the bipartisan @NatlGovsAssoc. There has never been a moment where state gove… must resolve this virus together. Unless we defeat Covid everywhere, we won’t defeat Covid anywhere.NGA Chair @NYGovCuomo giving remarks now. Our agenda is America's Recovery and Revival. Watch live:
Retweeted by Andrew CuomoI'm outraged by reports that a black trans man was assaulted in Rochester. Anti-transgender violence is an epidemi… was a giant of journalism. A quintessential New Yorker and a personal friend to my father and myself. I learne…'s update on the numbers: Of the 72,668 tests reported yesterday, 636 were positive (0.87% of total). Total… saddened to hear that Pete Hamill passed away. Pete was not just an unsurpassed journalist, editor and writer —… Update: -870,000 power outages experienced in NY -Approx. 80,000 customers have had power restored Emergenc… Line service has resumed with limited outbound service from Grand Central Terminal for the remainder of the…
Retweeted by Andrew Cuomo
The Tornado Watch for the portions of eastern New York #nywx and western New England #ctwx #mawx #vtwx has been cancelled.
Retweeted by Andrew CuomoBridge updates: The Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge has reopened with delays. All lanes are open except upper level eas…
Retweeted by Andrew CuomoThis is a power grab and a threat to democracy. Help us ensure that New York is NOT undercounted. Tell your frien… Update: -A Tornado Watch is in effect in Albany, Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenecta… service is suspended systemwide due to high winds and hazardous conditions caused by Tropical Storm Isaias, in…
Retweeted by Andrew CuomoThe Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge is closed to all traffic in both directions because of high wind speeds. Trucks are b…
Retweeted by Andrew CuomoFlash Flood Warning including Monticello NY, Liberty NY, South Fallsburg NY until 8:15 PM EDT
Retweeted by Andrew CuomoService on the Hudson, Harlem and New Haven lines is now suspended due to high winds and hazardous conditions cause…
Retweeted by Andrew CuomoTornado Warning including Hampton Bays NY, Southold NY, North Sea NY until 2:30 PM EDT
Retweeted by Andrew CuomoA tornado watch has been issued for parts of CT, MA, NH, NY, RI, VT until 9 PM EDT
Retweeted by Andrew CuomoTropical Storm #Isaias has started moving through New York, bringing strong winds, rain & the potential for flash f…'s update on the numbers: Of the 70,993 tests reported yesterday, 746 were positive (1.05% of total). Total… Yorkers went through hell and some people are acting like it never happened. Wear a mask!
The president has to tell the American people the truth. It was a mistake to downplay COVID. It was a mistake to… national COVID response was a historic and colossal blunder by the federal government. Six months and this vir… are smart. They know the truth when they hear it. The national situation is getting worse. That’s a fac… isn’t a political issue and it should never have been politicized. Masks should never have been turned into… parties whether on land or boat are: Illegal Disrespectful Violate common decency Rude Aren’t those enough reasons not to be stupid?Today's update on the numbers: Of the 51,839 tests reported yesterday, 545 were positive (1.05% of total). Total… New York City holding a briefing. Watch Live: will be holding a briefing and making an announcement at 1:00pm ET. Watch here: St. Nicholas National Shrine in Lower Manhattan making an announcement. Watch live: cannot let this pandemic rob survivors of their day in court. I just signed legislation extending the window to… will be making an announcement at 11:30am ET at the St. Nicholas National Shrine in New York City. Watch here:
Show respect. Show you give a damn. Wear a mask. #MaskUpAmerica something is working — you don’t change it. Wearing masks and social distancing is working. No indoor crowds…'s update on the numbers: Of the 58,961 tests reported yesterday, 531 were positive (0.9% of total). Total h…
It’s Saturday night. Party like it’s Monday. Or like you have a big exam tomorrow. Or like you have a 6am wake u…’s been 5 months since NY’s first confirmed COVID case. Since then, we have brought the infection rate way down…,737 tests — the highest number of tests ever conducted in a single day in the state.'s update on the numbers: Of the 82,737 tests conducted yesterday, 753 were positive (0.91% of total). Total… It’s Saturday. Don’t go to a crowded party. news! @NYSDEC and our partners successfully freed an entangled humpack whale today off the NYC coast. DEC was…
Retweeted by Andrew CuomoThe #NewYorkTough poster is still available. Order here:
Let’s end the wait for test results. Here’s how. the start of the pandemic, @CSiriano was the first fashion designer to answer the call to manufacture masks. NY…'s update on the numbers: Of the 68,869 tests reported yesterday, 644 were positive (0.93% of total). Total…
This evening, Muslim New Yorkers gather with loved ones to celebrate Eid al-Adha. On behalf of all New Yorkers, I… a time when Americans are dying at a rate of approximately one per minute: Wear A Mask. Stop the Spread. Save L… we continue to fight COVID, we also must prepare for the upcoming fall flu season. NY will provide funding to c…'s #CensusWeek & we need to get the word out. Pease take a moment to text or call 10 people & urge them to compl…'s update on the numbers: Of the 73,546 tests reported yesterday, 777 were positive (1.06% of total). Total… economy will never fully recover until our nation gets the virus under control. It was never a choice between…“Though I may not be here with you, I urge you to answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what yo… essential workers can wear masks for 12-hour shifts, you can wear one while running an errand. #MaskUpAmerica
The men’s U.S. Open Championship will be held without fans from Sep. 14-20 at Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck.… NY's time of need, Americans came to our aid. We promised to pay it forward. Today NY set up a new testing site…'s update on the numbers: Of the 62,276 tests reported yesterday, 715 were positive (1.14% of total). Total… NY business is permitted by law to refuse entrance to customers who are not wearing masks. No one has the ri…
Americans should never again rely on foreign supplies during a pandemic. The fed gov took a smart step today in us… remarks by video at the Kodak Center in Rochester. Watch: York's travel advisory has been extended to Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. Ind… the federal government does this week will determine your property taxes, your school's budget, your subway fa…'s update on the numbers: Of the 57,397 tests reported yesterday, 534 were positive (0.93% of total). Total… & doctors are still working long shifts to treat COVID patients. Bus drivers are driving with the windows o… from a concert held in Southampton on Saturday show egregious social distancing violations. I am appalled.…
Farewell to a fearless leader who inspired us with every act of his well-lived life. We will continue your fight an… the vast majority of restaurants and bars are in compliance, a few bad actors are not. Last night 27 additi…'s update on the numbers: Of the 57,270 tests reported yesterday, 608 were positive (1.06% of total). Total… urge New Yorkers to exercise caution as a wave of extreme heat impacts the state. I encourage you to limit outdo…