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#AskPolly: "I want to find a man who sees me — all the sparkly badass parts along with the steaming dungheap parts… the layperson might consider this apartment one big sensory overload, artist Doug Meyer finds it calming the internet went wrong, in 15 steps a witness to history, James Comey has interesting observations to share. His judgments about them are worth a lo… suicide bomber killed at least 57 people in an attack on a voter registration line in Kabul on Sunday morning understand what went wrong with the internet, we spoke to more than a dozen architects of our digital present police release preliminary findings for Avicii’s death photo from Barbara Bush's funeral just goes to show: Even fierce political adversaries can join together and s… Shaggy perform at Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, just for the confused royal family reactions Newton says Hollywood’s #TimesUp movement didn’t want Her participationé suffers human error, falls on Coachella stage @DanHarmon address that pesky @RickandMorty Szechuan Sauce debacle
Retweeted by New York MagazineWatch Martin Freeman pitch his new zombie-filled family drama Cargo to some fancy “executives”
Retweeted by New York MagazineTurns out @AnselElgort has some beef with our merch
Retweeted by New York MagazineIn just six weeks, the yearbook staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas redesigned their book to honor the Parkland-shoot… Valley, it turns out, won’t save the world. But those who built the internet have provided us with a clear… Myers has issued a statement to mourn the loss of his longtime friend and collaborator Verne Troyer course conservatives have stuck to Trump. But @jonathanchait wonders why the most moderate Republicans have's what happens to your spoken request, from the moment it leaves your lips to the instant it’s deleted from a… bartenders feel freer to experiment these days, the drinks they serve are more unexpected. Here are a dozen… untold story of Jaime Levy, Silicon Alley’s first real celebrity and a poster girl for a new generation of 20-so… Trump doesn't seem to fully understand what has been happening during negotiations between the U.S. and N… Carl D’Aquino and Francine Monaco completely gutted two neighboring apartments and created a home gallery Markle and Prince Harry wants their upcoming wedding to have the absolute “poshest portaloos” so their guest… Valley, it turns out, won’t save the world. But those who built the internet have provided us with a clear… naked gunman opened fire at a Nashville Waffle House in the early Sunday morning"When we weren’t able to go on meaningful adventures, our in-game characters acted as a proxy"“When I look at my life now,” says @IsaRossellini, “I’m glad to know that I’m in control. It wasn’t always this way… New York authors. Five New York stories. Which one will the city read together? You get to choose at… Trump’s aides believe he just might win a Nobel Peace Prize. The notion is a tad less crazy than it sounds class divide between affluent and working-class Democrats is less politically significant than the divide betwe… homes have been a wave that many have spent decades waiting to catch understand what went wrong with the internet, we spoke to more than a dozen architects of our digital present dining scene in Prospect Heights has emerged as one of the city’s most enviable, a mix of high-end and highly a… would it be like to be close personal pals with Ina Garten and Jennifer Garner? @mmaggeler imagines an afterno… Francis's embrace of change isn’t an existential threat to the church — rather, it may be key to the instituti… many Democrats have taken a misguided, knee-jerk defense of the restrictive zoning policies that have perpetuat… the internet went wrong, in 15 steps internet’s original sin was its business model, according to the people who designed our digital world "We can solve huge technical issues, but can’t pay our employees a fair wage?" internet’s original sin was its business model, according to the people who designed our digital world News doesn’t give a damn about press watchdogs and Pulitzers. It cares about money and power, and that's all Se…"There is no public internet, and we are the closest thing to it," says the Wikimedia Foundation’s executive direct… 17 celebrities who are also home to successful legal counsel artists wonder whether they can still work with the female form, while the world questions what their intentio… Patinkin and Kathryn Grody on their first kiss, fighting about communism, and so much more is just as brutal, visually pointed, and brilliantly acted as it was in season one. @chaneyj writ…"I can think of only one other industry in which the business model benefits from users not understanding what they…
“In 2016 I made the Forbes 30 under 30 list for finance & subsequently found my future husband who is incredibly ki… moving the governor to the left, Cynthia Nixon has already won. @jpressler reports the evolution of American comics by looking at 100 pages that altered the course of the field’s history conversation with actress and fashion icon @IsaRossellini about evolution, #MeToo’s moral complexity, and the goo…"Right before we left, we had to tell my son what was happening, which was rough, but I didn’t want to leave pregna…"I still have no idea how to make a relationship work, but I’m no longer worried that I’m going to tank this one ju…"Staring at the leftover steak, gagging. The idea of putting the steak into my body is less appealing than death. W… partnered with @DKNY to ask some of our favorite style-forward women for their spring styling tips #ad
Retweeted by New York MagazineThe hosts of the @whoweekly podcast present a guide to the many, many celebrities whose names make you say …”Who?” vlogger standbys like confessionals, stunts, and pranks are rapidly and shamelessly being shoved out in favor o… Bee isn’t saying that Sean Hannity is actually a serial killer, but she’s not not saying that either's Rio Viera-Newton lists her go-to "MVP sunscreens," plus the other products in her vacation skincare… fans talk about how much Tina Fey meant to them, then watch Tina Fey surprise those fans with hugs and jokes and colds can feel almost identical. Here's how to tell which kind of suffering you’re dealing with a few days in Barcelona and it’s easy to see why locals consider it one of the most livable cities on earth are all the embarrassing stories that became public despite Michael Cohen's best efforts, and what they reveal… Verne Troyer has passed away at the age of 49 White House's new Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy is "not a policy guy" many things about planning for a marriage, prenups stir up more fuss than they probably deserve. Here's what y… new book offers new details about the start of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship's plot-engine joke is nothing if not well-intentioned, but veers into cheap and easy enough times to b… Schumer on the backlash to #IFeelPretty — and the objection she actually agrees with cast of #InARelationship stopped by Vulture's studio at the Tribeca Film Festival to play a round of "It’s a Ye… Tennant reveals that he was considered for the starring role in Fox’s cult-favorite #Hannibal series Levitz and Ed Kilgore chat about the urban housing crisis and how progressives should think about it"At age 27, I was in my first-ever relationship, and I was way behind on the learning curve" Shack has finally unveiled its new veggie burger. So how is it? Meghan Markle effect is especially potent for lesser-known brands Pence reportedly likes to joke about how much poorer he is than Donald Trump, which the president loves is seriously looking at a version of what is known as an “all-payer” system Cruz wrote a tribute in Time magazine to the man who bullied him and attacked his family