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Yes!! I spoke of this earlier too. Ban twitter too!!! top plays on MSG right now. he was really a beast @jim_username @Hey_its_Don_ please save Colin Kaepernick from all this oppression!😭
Retweeted by DNick in Babylon right now: @MidnightBashem @1Neko425 @D_Cackovic @NYGovCuomo I duh, I pick things up and put them down. Going to watch the Met…
Retweeted by Dlmao @SBNYMNYJ No i meant what are thoughts on the low win total
@SBNYMNYJ thoughts? @NYNYSprtsSprts @NYMQnz @ByLeslieMontei1 GO FUCK YOURSELF who are you a friend of the Gambino crime family Fuck some things keep to yourself
Retweeted by D @nyjnyrnymnyk Wouldnt be surprised at all. That's a tough schedule @NYMQnz 25-35
Retweeted by DMets will 31-29. That's my prediction. Very fair IMO the games are really being played in the home stadiums now? I thought they'd be played in Florida @jim_username For the Bears @schott_john @ByLeslieMontei1 If I may ask what did he die of? @schott_john @ByLeslieMontei1 RIP Leslie Monteiro @schott_john @ByLeslieMontei1 Wow. That's so sad @NYMQnz @ByLeslieMontei1 He passed away if you didn't know
Retweeted by DWhat happened now? @schott_john @ByLeslieMontei1 No. Tell me a little about Les @MrBobFisher @kanamore @AttorneyCrump Of course. Always 2 sides to a story. The sheep believe what they wanna belie… @schott_john Only @ByLeslieMontei1 can @NYMQnz you retweeted that you cant see Graham needs help fuck man can you help him
Retweeted by D @schott_john @jodymacman Take your fingers wipe your balls and smell them and let me know how it is
Retweeted by D @MitzyS3 @bjesse520 @nypost Yes and the video shows zero evidence of a lynching and zero noose @mjohnso27 @kanamore @AttorneyCrump No evidence of a lynching or a noose eitherI’ve listened to this video over and over and I couldn’t hear anyone say anything about lynching. It’s just a lot o…
Retweeted by D @kanamore @MrBobFisher @AttorneyCrump Because its 100% BS. @MyTeamsAreAvg @Hey_its_Don_ not gonna lie I'm pretty addicted so quitting would be very hard, i follow a lot of fu… @MyTeamsAreAvg @Hey_its_Don_ I don't watch the news and come on social media for sports cuz w/o its pretty hard to… example: not saying it isnt true but where in this video does it show a noose or them trying to tie him up… @Hey_its_Don_ Quitting doesnt change shit. It needs to be shut down. U.S. needs to go the China route.LMAO. I guarantee this white guy had zero issue with the Yankees hair policy before today.'ve been thinking the same shit for the past 2 weeks. Social media, especially Twitter, has caused too many proble… @NJD107_ I wear mine under my nose when nobody is around me. I get close to someone i put it upLmao. Crazy are a bunch of outcasts who grew up indoors and always wanted to get a taste of what the gang/street life was… @knickanator I had it. its not anywhere near as bad as it looks @ChrisBiv @rickmontero4 @jim_username That's what I'm trying to find out.@PressSec abruptly ends press briefing: "I'm a little dismayed that I didn't receive one question on the deaths th…
Retweeted by D @rickmontero4 @jim_username Damn. I wish I can watch a replay @jim_username @rickmontero4 Me too. @rickmontero4 @jim_username
Retweeted by D @KingJames CowardHappy 4th of July!!
Retweeted by DHappy 4th of July everyone!!
Retweeted by DGood morning, Happy 4th of July!!! Eat good, spend time with your folks and most of all be safe #Fireworks #Cookouts #KidMemoriesComingBack
Retweeted by DWill @KingJames tweet about this?? of my favorite Richism's. -I fell down the stairs and fractured my ribs, i can't box for 6 weeks -2 weeks lat…
Retweeted by D @jim_username @HuntsGabriel shut up @cupcakemichimu @VicHarris16 My point is that rich NYers arent the only ones who can afford it @RexChapman Did you give @jaahmiiin credit for posting her video? @nicholasrob23 @VicHarris16 Having $49 doesnt make you rich#MeToo what this game is but I'd love to play it
Streaming killed movie theaters.
Retweeted by D @VicHarris16 You tweeted me little man i didn't start the convo, gtfoh @VicHarris16 She said Rich New Yorkers u fool. Meaning that only rich NYers can afford to attend a Broadway musical… @VicHarris16 Maybe we should ask him @DCobbers. Btw I live in NYC, and I've seen plenty of affordable tickets on sa… @VicHarris16 Well you responded to a tweet of mine about her $49 tweet so that's the point of this exchange we're h… @metsonmymind Oh. Alot of the ppl u follow are Trump supporters. Ur talking to one right now lol. With all due resp… @metsonmymind Who is Midnight? @jim_username @DBYankees1 @MetsGM All those things happening and them only winning 92 games is the best part of that tweet @jim_username @DBYankees1 @MetsGM @metsonmymind It won't go away. its nonstop everyday @VicHarris16 If u cant afford an extra $49 to spend on enjoyment once in a while, maybe NYC isn't the place where you should live @metsonmymind You haven't been here for a while. It all started when Trump got elected. Ur better off not even using it @VicHarris16 No moron. But there's plenty of affordable seats for Broadway shows. She just complained to someone a… @NYMQnz @MetsGM
Retweeted by D @jim_username @jim_username @MetsGM 😂😂🤣🤣😂. Brodie never responded to his bum ass. I hate being blocked. But i do remember that @NYMQnz @MetsGM
Retweeted by D @jim_username @MetsGM Lol still waiting for his prediction this season. Im blocked but maybe you can ask him @kateefeldman Now talk about NFL and NBA gamesHow on Earth did this tweet get 16K RTs? @Hey_its_Don_ Jets fans used to get so mad at that. What a time @jim_username @MetsGM Oh yeah Brodie loves the camera. Funny when the Mets went 10 games under. 500 he went MIA an… @kateefeldman @DCobbers @_camel_case_ Just take the L lady. Do you have an issue with baseball teams charging $500… I've been to a few Broadway plays and I'm not rich you mutant @jim_username @MetsGM Look at the first response too. HilariousIt's funny. before the draft in 2017 when the rumor was going around (KP for D Book and the #4 pick), Knicks fans w… @jim_username @MetsGM lmaooooooo. Clown behavior @jim_username I actually like the moves that Brodie made at the time. If Edwin Diaz pitched like himself they were… @jim_username Who said that? Lmao
Retweeted by D @jim_username Cub douche.. @SBNYMNYJ @ING He would have to give that person permission first @SBNYMNYJ @ING That's my point dude. He blocks people who dont even @ him. Searches his name every day. Epitome of… @SBNYMNYJ If random fans on social media who don't even @ you bother you, imagine how affected he gets when home fa… @SBNYMNYJ Just remember never to say anything negative about him or else he'll block youBut @coutinho9 said the Yankees lost to the Astros because they didn't have him Britney looks better than ever 🍆🍆. btw what the fuck is that creature on the left supposed to be? @Hey_its_Don_ Yo. What the fuck is that? lmaooooooo @jim_username I can't understand how a multi millionaire athlete sits home in his mansion searching his name on twi… @Mets @STR0 He's softLMAO. You're an idiot