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@grimdark1025 Yes_chad.jpg @JAVdottxt "If Mao is so great how come there isn-"Mao 2
Retweeted by π•Ήπ–žπ– γƒŒγƒ« @futcontratodos πŸ€” @uwunibomber the gang's all here @tokyo_vamp I don't hold the can, I simply clamp my teeth down on it and tilt my head back @acephallus No these are monkeys that lost their tails, you can see the stumps that didn't heal properly @poaststructural That's too many rules. Sounds repressive and oedipalizing @acephallus Trust me it's basically just as good @franananachi dammit you could have smoked that! @lycheefroot looks like we've got a major league gamer here @Kali_K_priv "the posting machine functions by breaking down" I repeat to myself as I continually fail to get any work done @ShamanicDeleuze god dammit, I've been tricked
@swarmingrats no higher order cognition head snek @swarmingrats I LOVE THEM!!!! @palladyium intentionally experiencing horrifying and uncomfortable hallucinations isn't lib smh @palladyium where do deliriants fall into this#3 and we all bully Ayn Rand @swarmingrats Nice, good 😌 @swarmingrats I want the snakes to eat meLittle bit of marine biology humor for you all in these trying times
Retweeted by π•Ήπ–žπ– γƒŒγƒ«Selling discounted tailless monkeys @skinxbones_ @Vauung Wanna come over? @coherentstates I was agoraphobic before it was cool @wolfniya Based? @acephallus It's always time for sadness 😎 @swarmingrats That's not 6ft minimum distancing @High_Lethality @tokyo_vamp @nomadserialbomb LOL @sysimmolator The world never existed, actually.The psyops about how the world really ended in 2000 or 2012 or 2020 are FAKE. It ended in 1260 and everything since…
Retweeted by π•Ήπ–žπ– γƒŒγƒ«Inside you there are two wolves. One is homicidal urges, the other is suicidal urges.Never writing again, miss me with that gay shit @tokyo_vamp Can I get a rundown on USSR Never Collapsed theory @tokyo_vamp And yet it collapsed 😏 @FinalOverdrive @robmyers Forced boomerification (65+ NSFW) @FinalOverdrive Alright I could do that @FinalOverdrive Oh but I can't quit after a year? What's even the point then. I don't even want to work for 30 years at a good job. @FinalOverdrive That's like 33k a year lmao no thanks @FinalOverdrive I mean I guess I could just retire with that πŸ€” @swarmingrats you want an alternative to Zoom: try Jitsi Meet. It's encrypted, open source, and you don't need an account.
Retweeted by π•Ήπ–žπ– γƒŒγƒ« @deleuzerapedme orang @franananachi @lycheefroot But I like wearing clothes and my basement is cold >_< @franananachi @lycheefroot Damn, can't relate @Vauung I'd be lucky to be able to afford a studio apartment in R'lyeh 😭 @Nickystrasza Oh god, not proper version control! 😰Elder Gods? Old Ones? That's right, Cthulhu is a boomer @Nickystrasza Filled with dread imagining being in such close proximity to the Old Ones @lycheefroot @franananachi Simply don't wear clothes then @neko_girl92 also because I have done it @neko_girl92 Very, which is why it's relatable @semiopath twinkhon cis women @neko_girl92 For me it's because of the unaired episode where Frasier becomes a cannibal @poaststructural Oh god nocontroversial opinion but, if you go out during the middle of a pandemic to cast a vote, and that vote is for joe b…
Retweeted by π•Ήπ–žπ– γƒŒγƒ« @vamp_mas I knew something was wrong here @lemonade1947 They couldn't afford my extremely powerful COBOL skillz that I definitely have @b1g_damage Disgusting, no thanks @robmyers It's fun at first until the majestic living fossils start rampagingImagine how much it must suck working for one of the dinosaur companies that still uses COBOL. You couldn't pay me… @swarmingrats πŸ‘€ not yet @palladyium I provoke cancellations just to feel something @swarmingrats Surprised I've never seen this before @tokyo_vamp ᡀʰᡉ αΆœα΅ƒα΅—Κ°α΅‰α΅ˆΚ³α΅ƒΛ‘ @tokyo_vamp Hey Mika @swarmingrats this is so fucking true
Retweeted by π•Ήπ–žπ– γƒŒγƒ«Designed and executed the US campaign launch of Ben Sherman US with a series of ❝Troublemaker Not Shirtmaker❞ ads w…
Retweeted by π•Ήπ–žπ– γƒŒγƒ« @Drum_Test__ @Sn0wBnnniii they hated her because she spoke the truth @gnostiquette liking this so far @subpar_noumena @QueenOfTheWilis It occurs to me that you might not know what I'm referencing dueling replace elections with dueling our president will be the one who best shoots from the hip
Retweeted by π•Ήπ–žπ– γƒŒγƒ« @subpar_noumena You take that back weak should fear the strong @tokyo_vamp @neet_telemachus The lobster should have attacked the crab's weak spot for massive damage @tokyo_vamp @neet_telemachus I lol'd ngl @tokyo_vamp @neet_telemachus Can I get a link? @ShamanicDeleuze Wait really lol @SIGSYS @lycheefroot Several times yes @lycheefroot Please I need some excitement in my life @Zogulesti I want this timeline so fucking badly @swarmingrats MeDoomer federalists: California can't secede from the union, the government would just take military action! Calexi…, #Calexit.
Retweeted by π•Ήπ–žπ– γƒŒγƒ« @lycheefroot Nothing, it's just known as kind of a normie-tier account I guessThere's so many Iranians in the replies I'm losing my mind @total_exit I still have opinions on him from the rhetttwitter/cavetwitter days @wasps_of I didn't say it was in my lungs @ballofgame @skinxbones_ It doesn't exist anymoreMy organs are clogged with dust @skinxbones_ It was an old account so it doesn't count @ToqTocTok and Obama πŸ˜” @yungkitty404 ',:^) eat shitI can't believe I used to retweet archillect long ago @orgonedonor I'm doing my part o7 @ne0agent1c Hell yeah dude @lycheefroot 😳 @TheFinalS0ng Nyx Land gets destroyed on stream repeatedly ASMR (NSFW)