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Michael Lovett 🔈 writer/producer/playa/player 🎹 - Pronounced 'naz-ca lines' - new album ‘Pure Luxury’ out July 10th on @memphisind. New video out now ⬇️

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I made a playlist for @M_magazinePRS with my summer jams du jour ft. @ggm @ozunapr @JessieWare @MydSound and more stuff from @NZCALINES on #Vinyl This video doesn’t do it justice. One of my albums of 2020. #nzcalines
Retweeted by NZCA LINESInfinite Remixes a collection of remixes of @Nzcalines album Infinite Summer featuring the likes of @metronomy,…
Retweeted by NZCA LINESFollowing the release of his album Pure Luxury, we asked @NZCALINES to make us a playlist for the heatwave weekend.…
Retweeted by NZCA LINES @terryoverall @murkagedave @mikeskinnerltd @fontainesdublin Phew. Thought was going to go in the other direction 🙃Gear chat alert! I spoke with @MusicTechMag about my roaming sampler-based studio setup for making Pure Luxury. the release of Pure Luxury, UK indie disco artist @NZCALINES invites us into his studio and shows us what gear…
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@NZCALINES the only thing bringing joy at the moment 🥰
Retweeted by NZCA LINESLast weeks @LSUltrasounds now available on Mixcloud featuring music from @klaramcdonnell @roisinelcherif
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Obrigado pela revisão @Monkeybuzz_, e olá Brasil! te convida para a pista
Retweeted by NZCA LINESNow Playing NZCA LINES - Prisoner Of Love @NZCALINES
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@FountainReview Thanks guys!Review: NZCA LINES – Pure Luxury
Retweeted by NZCA LINES @kittyempire666 Sounds healthy! 👆🏼✨🎹 @NZCALINES Sorry for the delay in replying - been taking a Twitter break. Classy stuff, more power to your keyboard finger👏👏👏
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@NZCALINES @laurenlaverne @BBC6Music And it was GOOOOOOD!
Retweeted by NZCA LINESCheers @laurenlaverne for giving Real Good Time a spin for her @BBC6Music Recommends playlist today .. ICYMI, I mad…
I miss these guys!
Retweeted by NZCA LINESIt’s quite strange listening to this album I have to say. We should still be touring it really, playing at Blue Dot…
Retweeted by NZCA LINESOne of few live show I could attend this year, Jan 2020. I fell in love Prisoner of Love instantly. Been listening…
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@SimonJCLeBON @Spotify @SunniColon @Still_Woozy @GerryCinnamon @thedjangos @thisiszuzu @gelatowilliams ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️A new WHOOOSH! ready for your ear. On @Spotify! This week’s artists include:  @SunniColon @Still_Woozy
Retweeted by NZCA LINES @terryoverall Thanks Terry!Another album of the year contender. I’m a child of 80’s electro & soul music. It’s a rare thing when an album co…
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I shared a photo diary with @LondonInStereo of my July 4th in a Brooklyn easing itself out of lockdown. Some very a… 'Pure Luxury' @NZCALINES takes his flair for irresistible grooves to even greater, disco-fuelled heights ✨ with…
Retweeted by NZCA LINESCheers @jackxsaunders for giving Prisoner of Love another spin on @BBCR1 this week. Made the journey back home to t… @TruckMusicStore Remember to stretch before and after, don’t want you guys to pull a hamstring or anythingThe latest LP from @NZCALINES has led to some serious moves being busted in-store of late! Check it out and don't m…
Retweeted by NZCA LINES"If the bass line of this thing is anything to go by, you’re going to get addicted very very quickly" Wonderful to…
Retweeted by NZCA LINESNice morning for getting caught up on the new @NZCALINES album. Pump "Opening Night" directly into my veins!
Retweeted by NZCA LINESOoft, there’s some sexy synths on the latest @NZCALINES album. Sublime.
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@AskTSA Efficient and effective, great. I think you could just be a bit nicer about it. We’re not training to be in… @TSA additionally, the fact that they screamed at a Spanish lady taking some time to repack her bags for not ‘socia… @TSA (2/2) this behaviour is utterly inappropriate, especially during the current climate where flying is stressful… @TSA, I was just subjected to some extremely aggressive, rude and totally unnecessary behaviour at JFK Terminal… TRADE EDIT - US @NZCALINES - 'Pure Luxury' Producer & multi-instrumentalist Michael Lovett releases his new…
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Pure Luxury by @NZCALINES is so addictive I've not been able to listen to anything else since introducing it to my ears.
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Been a big old week at Memphis towers We had the new @NZCALINES album Pure Luxury going down a storm
Retweeted by NZCA LINESHappy to report that Pure Luxury is now IN STOCK at @RoughTradeNYC - some COVID related shipping delays, but they ready to rumble nowROUGH TRADE EDIT - US New additions 7/17/20 Dehd Jarv Is... @NZCALINES @silverbacksFOUR @sjcrain @kraeji
Retweeted by NZCA LINESGreat to see Pure Luxury in @Dazed magazine’s 7 albums to hear this week ✌🏼 Desert Island Disco by @NZCALINES this morning. Foot tapping, and two songs added to my ‘pardy’ playlist. Nice one
Retweeted by NZCA LINESNooooooo!’m awake at 4.45am EDT because I’m chatting with @laurenlaverne on @BBC6Music in around... 10mins?.. about the Des… @laurenlaverne I’m awake! @NZCALINES's music making me want to dance all day.
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Love this @NZCALINES song ! catch me on it 💎💎💎
Retweeted by NZCA LINES @TheTalesOfRyan @Tim_Burgess Thanks for tuning in! @Carolin06925103 @Tim_Burgess Welcome @Phleeper @BBC6Music @metronomy Excellent move, thank you! @AdcockIvy Getting there slowly 🙋🏻‍♂️How can you apparently come outta nowhere and have production like this? What have I missed? #TimsTwitterListeningParty
Retweeted by NZCA LINES @AdcockIvy Devon @AdcockIvy Yes @laetitia_mavrel @QueensChristine Ooh thanks for this! And yes, I wanna be back in Paris and play as NZCA too! @brian_mccaul @Tim_Burgess I went there @AdcockIvy 😉 @NZCALINES writes killer choruses for sure #TimsTwitterListeningParty @Tim_Burgess @NZCALINES
Retweeted by NZCA LINES @RogerMaybank There we go! @Con_75 That’s definitely a good thing 😉 @Phleeper @BBC6Music @metronomy Hi 👋🏼 @soozworld This pretty much sums it up. What a gif!#TimsTwitterListeningParty 🎶 @NZCALINES
Retweeted by NZCA LINES @Official_SWBCC Ah yeah! @Tim_Burgess Cheers Tim!Biiiig thanks to @NZCALINES 🤘🤘#TimsTwitterListeningParty
Retweeted by NZCA LINESThis album gets a huge thumbs up from me! Thank you👍😀 @NZCALINES #TimsTwitterListeningParty
Retweeted by NZCA LINES @gilbertshilling Looks beautiful. I hope so too ✊🏼 @Con_75 Excellent, nice to meet you!I tuned in tonight having never heard of NZCA Lines - what a brilliant album! Another great listening party discov…
Retweeted by NZCA LINES @brian_mccaul @Tim_Burgess Thanks Brian!Bloody marvellous pic @NZCALINES I feel like doing it while screaming TOOOOOONIGHT TOOOOOOONIIIIIIGHT
Retweeted by NZCA LINESThat’s it! We just listened to the whole of my new record Pure Luxury. I hope you enjoyed the experience and rememb… @EnqlishRiviera Thanks so much!! @NZCALINES I love all of your music! You're one of the most unique artists out there, Michael! The sound and lyrics…
Retweeted by NZCA LINESI actually finished off this track in @metronomy ‘s home studio. He gave me a decent rate. I think that’s his vocod…!!! #TimsTwitterListeningPartyHad to try and go for the arms in the air moment here. Forgive me 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 #tonight #TimsTwitterListeningPartyThose bloopy sounds are a Yamaha TX7 processed through a load of filters and odd things #TimsTwitterListeningPartyTonight.. was originally written in sequence of demos where I tried to write 1 tune a day, with the idea of collabo… track, we’ve nearly done it! Tonight Is All That Really Matters. After the intensity of the record, it felt li… & Shine - I think it took Kristofer Harris about three days to mix this track. He’s a legend. #TimsTwitterListeningParty @imcountingufoz Well I’m afraid I have no idea either 🤗We are now in deep space #primp&shine #TimsTwitterListeningPartyI love that @VIAAmia sings these last lines to the women the song is directed towards - “you could do anything, any… BVs (and later LVs) on this track are by the awesome @VIAAmia - check out her music #primp&shine #TimsTwitterListeningPartyShout out to anyone who loves a cash register sample! 💰 #TimsTwitterListeningPartyPrimp & Shine is a song for all the ladies that feel they need to subscribe to modern consumerist society’s ideal o… & Shine - originally two songs, pt 1 & 2, because I love songs that are divided into two parts. Thankfully un… I am vibing to an earlier version of Larsen in the studio #TimsTwitterListeningParty don’t know what that time signature change is! #larsen #TimsTwitterListeningPartyThe lyrics of Larsen are the most directing angry I’ve been when writing music - directed prettt much at populist l… don't trust anyone who doesn't like a disgusting synth solo #TimsTwitterListeningParty
Retweeted by NZCA LINESOnto Larsen - initially made as a demo using a Drumtraks drum machine, my Moog Source (again) and a gold les Paul g… guess Opening Night is about pure #aspiration #TimsTwitterListeningParty @NZCALINES @LlSTENlNG_PARTY @QueensChristine It is a work of Art, which I am throughly enjoying here in London :-)
Retweeted by NZCA LINESOpening Night - hands up if you love a disgusting synth solo 🙌🏼 #TimsTwitterListeningParty