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Oatly @oatly Sweden

We are the company that made the first oat drink. Our goal is always to deliver products that have maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental impact.

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@gsalks Unfortunately that view is unavailable at the moment, but let us know if you find a way to find it @suvituulihaukka @ValioFi Lisäksi aihetta sivutaan kestävyysraportissamme ( Kivoja lukuhetkiä! (2/2) @suvituulihaukka @ValioFi Moikka! Hienoa, että aihe kiinnostaa! Tämän linkin ( takaa avautu…
@CotswoldLadyB Some is Countess, as well you know. We discard our residues in the most sustainable ways possible. S… @OonaAndrejeff Juurikin piristystä tuomaan oltiin sinne tultu, joten mahtava kuulla, että toimi! @FrauE_petedaete Wow, eine richtig oatsome Idee, und nachhaltig noch dazu! Viel Spaß damit. Love, Oatly @Aster_PNW Eating like a Swedish royalty. It's the way to do it. @dvbotet Det har hänt att tonen ändras i översättningarna i våra kampanjer och det har blivit fel några gånger. Men… @dvbotet Det är egentligen inte krångligare än att vi kör engelska över nästan hela världen i våra reklamer och sed… @MABarracuda1 a grandes, rasgos: ¡Todo el mundo ama la bebida de avena! @dvbotet Just nu så var det allt, eller hade du hoppats på en mer förklarande respons? I så fall kan vi göra ett försök. @BosanoC Hi there! We don't have a web shop in Sweden so the only option currently available is to make an online o… @YatMysterio Hi there! If you want to contact us concerning anything related to sponsorships and collaborations, th…
@CotswoldLadyB Countess! Where have you been? We've missed our interactions. Welcome back to Oat-land. Yes our prod… @dvbotet Hej, tack för infon som tas vidare. Vi får helt enkelt trösta oss med att vi nådde fram till dig och att… @gsalks Hey hey hey! Enjoying the view? @Kwabs_thg We love you too!
@dillonmansour1 Glad you're a fan of our Full Fat Oatmilk, Dillon! Hope this oatmilk has been helpful in your holiday cooking. @chingonsote666 We're so glad that you think our Original Oatmilk is the best, chingonsote666! Thanks for supporting plant-based. @mick_cloudy Hi Mickie! As sustainability company, we’ve chosen to focus on reducing the climate impact of our pack… @ssbfinal Not the cartons that anyone asked for, but the cartons that the world needs right now. Glad you found this funny too, ssbfinal! @robert_notrob Dear Robert, we're so glad that you like our frozen desserts. If you have feedback for our Oatgurt,… @dinfontay Appreciate the offer to collaborate, Dave! We're not looking to start anything new right now, but feel f… @Shirlszzz That's so great to hear, that your daughter loves our oatmilk! We'd love to send a nice gift your way, a… @brandonjrael Thanks for the support, Brandon! We're grateful that the plant-based movement has continued to grow and flourish. @ay_ohkaay Hi K! We make 11oz cartons. You can find them on our Amazon page ( and Barista U…
@beetagolsh Beeta, we won't get into this too much since this is a very divisive topic among our community team (no… @fifimcfae Hi dr. daddykhakis, it puts a smile on our faces to hear this! We're not looking to start sponsorships r… @sdaswani Absolutely, Susheel — here's to more companies driving innovation and growing the plant-based movement! @Shirlszzz Thanks for the tag (and amazing support), Shirlszzz! What products do you tend to buy from us? @kevinharty31 Hi Kevin, we really appreciate this offer to help! No official CTA right now, but we will say it's a… @pablodevillota operamos de la misma manera en todos los países en los que lanzamos campañas. Usamos el inglés para… @i_Flori That's the vibe - stay oatsome! /Oatly @admadlad @craigfraserwood @OatlyUS That’s the long-term plan obviously, but we’re starting with walls first, then… @cesca_michel Hi! Unfortunately, we don't have control over prices, retailers do. This and the difference in plant-… @i_Flori Hi nochmal, danke für diese 5/5-Sterne-Rezension (zumindest interpretieren wir deinen Kommentar mal ganz s… @theheartmurmurs Our mission is to create healthy plant-based alternatives that don't cost the earth. We're working… @theheartmurmurs Heya Richard, we're getting from your messages that you're really passionate about conserving the… @Jackcantsleep1 Everyone has their do you, friend! @kidnapped_teddy wow (no cow), that's gonna set you up for the day! @i_Flori Hallöchen du Fan von fruchtigem Hafergenuss! Hast du dir diese Köstlichkeit denn selbst auch schon gegönnt…
@JustinDiamondHQ Justin, we're truly not quite sure what we did to deserve an oat fan like you. P.S. Congrats on the law school acceptance! @SharpAaron Thanks for the glowing endorsement, Henry. We're nothing without you. @lexxbrvh Our chocolate oatmilk is very flattered! @forresto You really think carbonated oat drink would be a winner? @Jackcantsleep1 Who needs a gold top when the Oatly goodness is golden to its core? @ItsKellyDonegan With Oatly in our veins, we can do anything! Thanks so much for the love! @mikeonthehills @louisearable @Farmer_Tom_UK @thetimes Hey Mike, wrong brand, no factory building in New Zealand fo… @daantjedesiree Hey there! Not sure what statement you were looking for, but here if you have any questions! @suvituulihaukka @ValioFi Tällä hetkellä mäskiä menee esimerkiksi biokaasuksi, lannoitteiksi ja eläinten rehuksi, m… @suvituulihaukka @ValioFi Tervehdys! Kestävyysyrityksenä pyrimme aina hyödyntämään tuotantomme sivuvirran mahdollis… @o__noor Love to see it! @ThomasMiskin We're afraid any response that we come up with here will also fill up your brain space with a lot of…
@RileyWryly The more the merrier, Riley! We honored to have the three of you as part of the oat cult. @retrohousewife5 Not to worry, Lisa! We work hard to keep this listing restocked. Hopefully you'll be able to get y… @ShannnonDMurphy Sorry for the late reply! As a food company focusing on health and sustainability we rely on scien… @Slug_95 We handle our residue in the most sustainable way available around our production facilities. In the US an… @Slug_95 Moving towards a plant-based diet doesn't mean eliminating animals from our understanding of biodiversity.… @GlosGreen Mic drop. Love, Oatly @theheartmurmurs As we said above, we don't believe monoculture is the answer. Yes, we only do oats, but we want to… @realmaiia We love you too! And cats, always love cats @ThePrintedImage Oh why thank you!
@kevinharty31 Kevin, we're grateful for all that you're doing to support the plant-based movement! Was your questio… @madadwomantweet @OatlyUK @goodmylk @Amul_Coop @Social_Samosa @SDissect Or maybe someone said "how can we continue… @Ikima Hi und danke für dein Feedback. Es tut uns sehr leid, dass du diese negative Erfahrung machen musstest. Wärs… @kelly_gunnell This has made our oat-shaped hearts do a little dance, thank you so much Kelly. We agree - how can w… @Slug_95 (3/3) This does not mean we shouldn’t eat carrots or potatoes, it means we need to get more people to eat… @Slug_95 (2/3) So all Oatly products are 100% vegan and meet the criteria for vegan labelling. This is in the same… @Slug_95 (1/3)We are 100% vegan. Our oat suppliers are fully compliant with organic farming rules, which aims for a… @robag990 Thank you for sharing your thoughts, we always appreciate knowing what our community thinks. All the best, Oatly @theheartmurmurs The world needs to eat, and food production as the world knows it is destroying our planet. That's… @Raitziger 2/2 Lehmänmaidossa taas on enemmän tyydyttyneitä rasvoja, ja myös proteiinia, jota monet suomalaiset saa… @Raitziger 1/2 Hei! Kiinnostava ajatus, avaatko hieman, mihin tutkimukseen se perustuu? Mitä maidon ja kaurajuoman… @Ruttemuf @LovesKoffie Ouch! Mocht je het daar ooit nog over willen hebben, dan zijn we meer dan bereid om dat gesprek weer op te pakken.
@retrohousewife5 Hi Lisa, if you're still looking for our 11 oz Barista Edition Oatmilk cartons, feel free to get t… @ronaldcoyle Thanks Ronald! We're glad you enjoyed this one. @sailor_vegan Hi Sailor Vegan, sorry for the delayed reply! For investment related questions, please feel free to c… @_krystalmegan Thanks Krystal! We're so glad that you get our sense of humor. @jensabrahamsson Nejdå, vi hänger på samma gamla goda ställen. Vi postade faktiskt senast för några dagar sedan på vår Facebook-sida @sharayray Hi Shana! Just to clarify, we have a few investors but none of them own the company entirely. Let us kno… @Fruggiee Noted! @changstravels Genius pairing. @JayCayo You have some pretty great luck! @EzmeraIda Glad to be your fave! No need to worry about the erucic acid nowadays (we use low erucic oil meaning les… @delaf44 Hi there Anne! We're not working towards monocultures, we're working on finding ways on how we can use our… @shockingfillers Heya. Yea it's true we've left some people behind with that decision. But we still feel it was the… @nahum El consumo de productos de origen vegetal está creciendo por encima de nuestra capacidad de producción y est… @nahum Hola, lamentamos los inconvenientes que los problemas de abastecimiento están causando, pero incluso cuando… @Morchickit גם אם לא המשקה שלנו, אנו ממש מקווים שתמצאי משקה צמחי אחר ליהנות ממנו @Morchickit שוב שלום, מור! יש לנו מספר ספקים בשווקים השונים ברחבי העולם. את צודקת, משקאות מן הצומח בד"כ מתומחרים גב… is over but the climate emergency is not. Plant-based alliances have signed a Call for Action in which natio… @dranthonygustin Hey Anthony, oats are real. Plus, choosing Oatly oatmilk over conventional cow's milk results in a… @CristinaVanko Hey Cristina! You can send your info over to for us to keep in mind for future projects. @inababi Cool! Our best contact is @Tyler1629 We hope this tweet ages well. Fingers and toes crossed. @justinjdean Sounds like it's back to the drawing board. @KahaariKenyatta All the stars aligned in your favor on that sacred Sunday, Kahaari. Truly a beautiful moment.
@DiveAndLieRekt Ah interesting. We wonder if all the internet trolls took a day off insulting strangers and instead… @MeIsGut Thanks for being a valuable and loyal member of the Post Milk Generation! Keep the good vibes up and let u… @YukfooCity Hi there! We won't even try to pretend like we're cool enough to know what bbl stands for. Will you please tell? Love, Oatly