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Oatly @oatly Sweden

We are the company that made the first oat drink. Our goal is always to deliver products that have maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental impact.

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@daisyifama Not just yet I'm afraid although stay tuned as we certainly have plans to launch into NZ in the near fu…
@Steph_Cawthorne Hi Stephanie, regular breaks make for successful dissertations, right? Especially if you're readin… @RamonWroteThis That’s great! And so, it really is us who should be thanking you. Us and the planet, but the planet… @infreddysign @OatlyUS @OatlyUK Oatsome composition! Love, Oatly @theflemface @OatlyUK @natures_store Hi there, wow you really have upgraded a classic, this really does look tasty… @Keks_Hannah Hi Hannah, thank you for reaching out to us, your feedback really lightens our mood today and means a lot to us! Love, Oatly @andreawaves Thanks for your support Andrea! Stay oatsome! Love, Oatly @mandydreams_ Nice. Hang in there mandy! Love, Oatly @noacflil We're all connected so in a way; a love of oats is a love of you. /Oatly @hugallurfriendz Hello friend, we love you and your creation! Stay oatsome. Love, Oatly @withurname It's all love, love is all! /Oatly @hawtcheetogirl Greatest profile picture ever! Love you too, Oatly @RamonWroteThis Haha, thanks Ramon! Stay oatsome. /Oatly
@GraceHarrr Grace, we enjoyed this tweet so much! Our oatmilk also works well for overnight oats. Give it a try sometime. @JackieSirni Hi Jackie, thank you so much for the shoutout! We're so happy that you love our Frozen. Which flavor h… @krisbbacon Hi Mrs. Woodz! We call our ingredient rapeseed oil because that's what our suppliers call it, and that'… @withurname Hi Nikita, we love you too, sending the oat love right back at you. All the best, Oatly @RyanHarris1992 Hi Ryan, this is excellent news, we hope you're a big fan of our liquid oats. Love, Oatly
@krisbbacon We understand that added oil isn’t for everyone. That’s why we made our Low-Fat Chilled Oatmilk. Made w… @cheeriosav We appreciate you saying so. Have a great week. Take care out there. @ChrissiSc (2/2) Maybe the solution for you could be to mix both spreads together in order to enjoy a very indivicu… @ChrissiSc (1/2) Hi Christian, I don't have exact sales figures, but I started a survey and asked some of the best…
@Balldefender Hi there! Thanks a lot for your support. So happy to hear you enjoy our Barista Edition. Stay oatsome! Love, Oatly @ErynKrivansky (2 of 2) Once opened, our oatmilks must be consumed with 7 days to prevent spoiling. That language i… @ErynKrivansky (1 of 2) Hey Eryn. That's not good. Can you please send these pictures to so we ca… @iliwysnik Hi Nik, thank you for your kind words of oat appreciation, we're pretty attached to you too. Love, Oatly @aracelyvanessa0 Where we're going, we don't need cow's milk. @_cremily The post milk generation gains another oatpunk. It is a good day. @mattdall6 Shoot us a message to and we'll go from there. Cheers! @BinaryDigit You are very welcome. Thanks for giving our oatmilks a try. Also, welcome to the post milk generation.… @krisbbacon (2 of 2) We believe it is the plant-based oil that best enables us to deliver on those values. You migh… @krisbbacon (1 of 2) Hi. The non-GMO, expeller pressed canola oil in our oatmilk helps us achieve the desired nutri… @BierPressure Hi. That's terrible! We're so sorry about that. Can you please send these pictures to… @eimeartf That was nicely put. Thank you. @BBBBec Welcome to your new reality: The Post Milk Generation. @SkylerMuldaur It's more of a matrix, tbh. But people wouldn't know that because the program was designed to make i… @whatsupsutr Hi. We thought you'd like to know it's simply a joke on corporate communication. All jokes aren’t funn… @favebutterfly Shout out to your job, for realz. And to you. Have a really good week. Cheers. @jpwic Hi there. We are absolutely working on it and hope to be able to get our products up to Canada ASAP. Sorry f… @WickedEls We don't have an exact date to share with you regarding the release of said products. What we do have is… @lacabronaroxie That is a heavy Oatly HQ favorite. It's like you are one of us or something. Wait, you ARE one of us. @cheeriosav Toni, our CEO, is going to be so happy when we show him this tweet. @cheeriosav That is oatmilk consumption at its finest. We are impressed, but unfortunately, we don't have any free… @NiclasPersson Tack för ditt engagemang Niclas! Kärlek, Oatly @hom3rjfong Hi, thanks for loving us! Right back at ya, fellow oat punk! Love, Oatly @BBBBec Hi, thanks for the love! We're so glad you've jumped on our Original oatwagon! Love, Oatly @Snips39644726 Beautiful! A dragon often represents prosperity and good luck and we’re already lucky to be the body… @DianeKang Thanks for your support! We are trying to expand the distribution points in Korea. Stay tuned! Love, Oatly @miIasrem Oh no, we're sorry to hear that. Where are you located? Love, Oatly
@bleuscleux WHAT? WE CAN'T HEAR YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE SCREAMING BUT WE THINK YOU SAID THAT OUR CHOCOLATE OATMILK TASTES GOOD. THANK YOU! @chenaidavid Hi David! We're not able to officially retail in Canada yet but we're working on making things better.… @MariaCampuzanoP Hi Maria! Sorry that we have not been able to official expand to Colombia yet. Hang in there — we… @leonkarssen This one is our favourite! Love, Oatly @leonkarssen This one is our favourite! Love, Oatly @leonkarssen This one is our favourite! Love, Oatly @leonkarssen This one is our favourite! Love, Oatly @leonkarssen This one is our favourite! Love, Oatly @leonkarssen This one is our favourite! Love, Oatly @leonkarssen This one is our favourite! Love, Oatly @leonkarssen This one is our favourite! Love, Oatly @leonkarssen This one is our favourite! Love, Oatly @leonkarssen This one is our favourite! Love, Oatly @FloorKik hi there! for our EU range, we still predominantly source our oats from Sweden (where our prime factory i… @toriacraig2 Hi there, so nice to hear you're a mega oat punk! Love, Oatly @saminalrights Hi Sam, you can find our ice creams in Tescos and Ocado online, you can search for your nearest stor… @iriswyl Hi there, we just checked RedMart for example, and seems all are available. Thanks Love, Oatly @anthpezz Hi @anthpezz ; if you email our main Aussie distributor on they'll be able to poi…
@mollymorganrd Agreed! Glad that we're able to help make your mornings a little better, Molly. Hope you have a great day. @Kristine87 Hi Kristine! We don't have that kind of shipping service to offer, unfortunately. Wish we could help out! Stay safe. Love, Oatly @cdelsinger Correction: Employee of the year. Every year. For at least the last five years! It both raises and, per… @thisdudeisvegan Hey! How did you get into our managements videoconference? Love, Oatly @cloleaf Hi there, it's so nice to hear you're a real fan of our liquid oats. We hope you're able to get your Oatly… @KellyTreacyy Hi Kelly, fingers crossed they will reach you in the future too. We're really working hard on expandi… @_ayrtonnn Hi there, thanks so much for your kind words and oat appreciation. Enjoy and stay oatsome. Love, Oatly @iriswyl Hi there, thanks for your love. You may try to get Oatly products at Cold Storage, Tangs and RedMart. Love, Oatly
@toriansell_ Hi, we 100% hear you! Unfortunately we don't currently have the space in our manufacturing facilities… @SamSnopkowski That's it. @jennalarson_ Hi there. Let us know at! Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers. @jomegadance You're welcome! Take care. @WhiskurMew You are not wrong. In fact, you're very right. All of our products are certified gluten-free. @ZaranisRealm We're sorry to say though we are all out of our tees right now but we'd love to send you some sticker… @ZaranisRealm Hi Zaranis, it's so wonderful to hear you've been vegan for 4 years and we'd love to seeing you rocki… @amelia_sterling @Amelia_sterling sounds delicious - we like your taste. Enjoy 👌🏻! Love Oatly.
@honeyyberryy Hi! We don't have any sponsorship opportunities at this time, unfortunately. We appreciate your love… @eleanor_dw @OatlyUK Hi Eleanor, it's so great you're pleased to see our climate footprint on our cartons and that… @bigchow84 fingers and crossed. For the time being we would love to send you some stickers. If you'd like some plea… @bigchow84 Hi there, we're sorry to say we are all out of t-shirts for the time being, we know so many of our oatso… @sueythesnake Hi Suey, thanks so much for the oat love, it's oatsome to hear you think our Barista edition is elite. Love, Oatly @ToriWood32 Great! Could you please DM us your address so we can get those vouchers sent over to you soon? Love, Oatly
@xSilverdroid Hi again, thank you for coming back to us so fast! Love, Oatly @xSilverdroid Besides, we recommend you to smell the oat drink or even taste a little sip, to find out if it's stil… @GreenPearEco (3/3) and also enables a more easy shake before use (which is a requirement for our oat drink). Happy… @GreenPearEco (2/3) We choose packages with screw caps because it’s important for our product to be resealable. The… @GreenPearEco Hi! We’re not likely to change our packaging design – however, absolutely see your concern and it is… @brianne_christo Oof. That's tough. Fortunately, you're in control of what happens in real life and we bet you'd ma… @Pettybynature__ We don't have any sponsorship or collaboration opportunities at this time, unfortunately. Sorry ab… @Youaregonnapay You can go to our website at and click on the "products" tab at the top of… @juliadixonevans Interestingly enough, yes. @WalterPhuego You're very welcome. Enjoy your cereal and take care. @sfdmn_ Thank you for saying so. We'll tell Toni, our CEO, you said so. Cheers!