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The weight of this world will not bring us down. Where God Guides, He Provides! Disrespect in any form is not tolerated here. Nhyira Nka Nyame. 🙏🏿

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People who go for evens stand up and block people's view with phones and iPads so they can record something they wi…
Retweeted by Tutankhamun.People who go for events, order things they know they can't or will not consume but still go on ahead to order it a… IN: H. E The President of the republic, @NAkufoAddo has directed the minister of education, Hon. Dr. Mathew Op…
May Jah find favour with us and bring us peace. Jah guide! 🙏🏾Nothing pass God.Hi @beans_stew some defense. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Ogyaaaaa! You dey house ?"A country that has people sleeping on the streets" Lol. Where in the world won't you find people sleeping on the… Simmons has no shame.My friend @jackson_baah says he has special feelings for you.'s an idealistic commentator. Everything be black and white give am that's why he was confidently all over the pl… tactics sie? biribiara a medi da w'ase. Menni biribiara a medi da w'ase. Ɛka me ndwomtoɔ yi ho, da nyinaa mɛyi wo ayɛ. 🙏🏾 @KozieOzie has a message for you.
Update! He attempted holding a press conference to explain himself. He's been picked up by the @GhPoliceService a… foreign nationals, Mr Okafor Wale, a 47-year old Nigerian and Mr Yao Dieu-Donne Evoda, a 22-year old Togolese h… saaa na adeakye! with hair. RT for 10 years of Good luck. a pro-poor initiative that you mocked, argued it'll collapse our educational system and a bogus one, for which… I hear I was thinking men were not the prize. is well. better particulars via DM for proper scrutiny. Thanks. you beautiful or you're just "okay"? @Arsenal, you don't have €50m to spare on a quality midfielder ? Ei! say ebe normal for en family. Grammy, mum, cousin's etc . More of them get milk for days! Edey the genes inside. news! so! @kaywart @wonkomenko_anaa I'm acting on behalf of a client, please.Did I disappoint you? Or let you down? Should I be feeling guilty?Bosomtwe Girls' Senior high school. mma deɛ, tatahwe. @quaku_afriyie Both are not serious. Forget them. @SBawumia today paid a surprise visit to new and expectant mothers at the LEKMA Hospital where she donated a digita… be nice get serious boy edey align your walls? man still dey inside and the NDC he was trying to help couldn't even get him out. The lesson here is that when… newly appointed Justices, comprising four men and two women, are Justice George Koomson, Justice Edward Amoako… E. The President of the Republic, @NAkufoAddo, on Friday, 7th August 2020, swore into office six (6) Justices of…"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction"Kids who commit murder shouldn't be in jail cos they're kids? kid who insulted the president and used some unprintable words? He's rendered an apology. @kwesi_win Don't know about the rest but the guy who insulted the president turned 18 in May this year according to the father .We have kids in jail. said the GES is pampering them and not being tough enough. They get tough enough and now it's harsh? In life we…, the GES went in hard here. These are the kinda robust decisions we expected to instill confidence and discipli… @idartebea @tailorMARIQUE Fuck mariqueI get program moro @ 10am. Tailor say by Thursday e go finish. I go catch this afternoon dey go pick my shada ebe n… have told this reporter the numbers are in excess of 3 million. Information available indicates that the p… @Mr_Abu233 wyd? leadership of the Coalition of Schools of Hygiene students has said that its members will not write their final… no bi? @Somali_AK47 @ECGhanaOfficial as at 6th August, 2020 had registered 16,663,699 voters. That's some success there. Ghana has completely waived off charges on any amount of money transfers from Vodafone Cash to all other n… Econ Dev 101 says if the social benefit of an activity outweighs the social cost, subsidies are justified. 2. T…
Retweeted by Tutankhamun. @kaywart Mind your business and follow instruction.All hail our new CEO 👔 What are your first words for @NYA_for_Project? #WelcomeNYA #AkwaabaNanaYawAmponsah #AKSC
Retweeted by Tutankhamun.BREAKDOWN OF THE WORK OF THE RECIEVER: 1. The Receiver, Eric Nana Nipah, has disclosed that about 98% of valid de…
Retweeted by Tutankhamun. @kaywart Prɛ to me nan soɛ?Man was forced to be a day student cos family couldn't afford boarding school then. Had to learn under some of the…
Retweeted by Tutankhamun.The privileged never want to have competition. They want exclusivity to everything so the moment access is opened f… you buy into the need for "let those who can pay, pay. The those who can't, the state pays" ? If yes, lemme kn… to Amanfro - Mangoase in the Akuapem north municipality roads receiving their fair share of the… find it really interesting when people sit in the comfort of their homes and boldly speak about situations they have no knowledge about.That's his stage name. Lol there were nights my mother had to cry her eyes out cos she couldn’t afford to pay my fees and that of my broth…
Retweeted by Tutankhamun.Obi asoma wo? Nhwehwɛanimu kainkan sei! of the guys en full name be Kwabena Kwame. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣! He attempted holding a press conference to explain himself. He's been picked up by the @GhPoliceService a… is the very reason why the Military were deployed to the border regions. This registration is the exclusive r… can't can't a lot of people who reacted to the first tweet cos it's not even something to think of not to talk… @Decipher7_ @MarciaTurnah I agree cos your genes are fire. @MarciaTurnah @Decipher7_ Meet the Antoh's 🙏🏾🌹You pay your loan finish ? You see everything as attack. Known NDC people in the comment are even disagreeing with him cos free shs is a… nsesa aboa.
The Ghana Education Service has spoken! BRCs will provide a one stop shop Business Development Service to MSMEs especially the youth. These BRCs are fu… Greenhouse project ongoing at Ejisu Essienempong In the Ashanti region. E The President of the republic, @NAkufoAddo inspected the Tema - Mpakadan railway line. #Trust2DoMore release from NADMO. Wednesday 5th August 2020, His Excellency, @NAkufoAddo accompanied by the Minister of Trade and Industry, the Ho… why are you not wise ? @Somali_AK47 say e wan know ?“Our congresses never extended to the discussions of policies and programmes. It was only for elections; elections… Carbonu no small chance e go get e wan take push @OfficialNDCGh agenda. Way Dwonsokrobo analysis this? That… Area in the Asanti region is enjoying it's fair share of the #YearOfRoad agenda. #4more4Nana see dm dear. Guy Guy! in 1 Universal Modem/Router Connect to any USB power outlet(Power adapters, power banks, computers) to turn on r… you value mine you'd he sending me Gh100 for dinner unprovoked. @angelgooner @Quabena_AQ @parpkinshawarma You have time for fools.H8trs gon H8t I dey lef. But I dey so anytime we fit link . @Quincy_Lumba say here way you start your things. Smh! @karel_tweets Edey the greenworld herbal products just opposite the main school en main gate .Yeah. I come see my buy for there. voters registration exercise ends today. Have you registered? I just did mine. You should take advantage of it…
Retweeted by Tutankhamun.