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Check out DJ @objectblue_'s First on SoundCloud story and have a listen to her latest here. ➡️…
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I always tell everyone to watch this, because it's always relevant, but tonight it feels especially so. @MissBlack01 I don't know how to say this with more nuance, but the community has lived with a spectre of death sin…
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'Hmm' out now -
Retweeted by acabject acablueIt's @Bandcamp fee waiver day again today so here's a selection of personal faves from my last big haul on Juneteen…
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I truly believe I'm not biased when I say she's a genius, I don't adore her art cos she's my wife, on the contrary… watched it with Natalia's visuals and omg it's so good she is so fucking good 😭 can't wait to show you all!! @1CP_Official ingredients, faux pas to avoid, info on regional cooking etc. and her sassiness! @1CP_Official just did that one today, her other tomato sauce recipe with garlic is also wonderful (and based on oi…'s so good I played the whole thing on my last Rinse lol would let Marcella Hazan step on meAlright so first NTS show is next Thursday. Inbox is open (link in bio)
Retweeted by acabject acablue💪🏾 @EqualFlatbush #defundthefuckingpolice #allblacklivesmatter #technoisblack #physicallysick3
Retweeted by acabject acablue @lighghtmusic <3shoutout to hildegard von bingen, baroque music, tyshawn soreyshoutout to Max4Live Buffer Shufferrecorded a live set of new material -- less dancey, more fluttering -- for an online festival happening this month.… happy my management is launching a support scheme for black artists!! the industry is sending an open letter to the govt with these key asks @objectblue_ man's about to get oedipus WRECKED
Retweeted by acabject acablue @weavegotknives LOOOOOOL STOPPPPPhave u heard our b2b2b2b? live at Klunk party, Studio 9294 Feb 2020 @96Back1 @HalfAPersian @weavegotknives SCREAM I LOVE U
@bubumo Heiki!!! Arigatou💗💗💗It is so bleak that doctors and healthcare workers can only plead this sentiment. You'd think the law would have to… you @emmahopeallPls appreciate this tweet @weavegotknives[leans towards him] I, too, love absurd theatre [shows my Edward Bond tattoo]Thanks everyone I'm ok! No one stood up to him but honestly I don't blame them, he was very loud, aggressive and no… was screaming about something else before, but after he saw me he started explicitly saying he hates "Asian cunt… @ehgillett We'll go down together!a stranger just screamed to the whole bus that he wants to r*pe an asian girl till she bleeds, thanks for letting us know dude
terrifying, i have no words back now to my Rinse FM show for @objectblue_ Fast and hard lockdown trax from the likes of…
Retweeted by acabject acablueWho remembers Physically Sick 1 + 2? Physically Sick 3 lands July 3 for @Bandcamp day 👽
Retweeted by acabject acablueBig up @objectblue_ for giving 'VHS Flex' a spin on her @RinseFM show. Listen back 👇👇👇
Retweeted by acabject acablue @BenUFO You're a perfect blend of a lesbian and a moomin
@xXPradaPrinceXx @IsHeOughtTo
Retweeted by acabject acabluei LOVE this @ANDNOTHINGHEART At this fidelity it's so retro! @bethanyclemency If u ever need to let out any compulsive or depressive thoughts u can DM me xx @bethanyclemency yuh feel u. suicide takes too much energy though. I've made commitments to people I love so that's…
tracklist in the comments now :) @asngfnearyou LOLOL
@violetakaviolet I love you too bebita!!!! My 2020 peaked with our b2b 🥺Oh my god this is the best thank you so much!!!!!!! 🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛 to find out I share a birthday with this wonderful artist. Happy birthday Mr Carle!! 🍎🐛 next is resident @96Back1 - Who has enlisted the likes of @objectblue_, Jabes + Happa (@HalfAPersian) in for a h…
Retweeted by acabject acablueIt's @objectblue_ with @lima_traqs live until 11PM on & 106.8FM #RinseFM
Retweeted by acabject acablue♢♢♢ TONIGHT @lima_traqs on @objectblue_'s @RinseFM show ♢♢♢
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@Medulasa 🤝also this track gives me more dopamine than m*sturbating does I talk to my Depression like a person living rent free in my headme: depression is a colossal waste of time depression: so's going on twitter me:とても有名なベストアンサー 久しぶりに読み返してみる。 え~っと、、、よくある勘違いなんですが、自然界は「弱肉強食」ではありません 虎は兎より掛け値なしに強いですが、兎は世界中で繁栄し、虎は絶滅の危機に瀕しています #知恵袋_
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Omfg. Look at this chess meme @objectblue_ sent me. I... I... Lmao
Retweeted by acabject acablueOops this is the correct link: for @Ma3azef archived here, recorded with lots of love, anger and hope: @ANDNOTHINGHEART OMG
Amazing news....!!! And a wonderful strong statement!!! Thank you for fighting ✊🏼 is in session
Retweeted by acabject acablueEternal shout out to whoever made the spreadsheet of Black labels/artists in to a website. Would have been cool if…
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@iamsherelle thank YOU 💙 for the mix and for writing that... in 2019 I had an anonymous dude on IG write an essay a… you do one thing today... listen to Sherelle's Dekmantel mix, holy fuckFind a crowd-sourced list of of Black artists, labels, and producers on Bandcamp (searchable by name, location, and…
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Retweeted by acabject acablueFirst new music out in almost 2 years; hope you like it 🍻 Such an honour to be part of anything @boomkatonline - M…
Retweeted by acabject acablueLondon friends, do you have any spare devices knocking about the house? I’m helping @LambethTechAid to get old (wor…
Retweeted by acabject acablueSolidarity from our Afro-Palestinian community in فلسطين with the Black struggle in the US ✊🏿
Retweeted by acabject acablue @iamsherelle so much love and respect to you!It’s not enough to be making promises, we actually need action. We better be seeing more black djs like myself and…
Retweeted by acabject acablueAs a black queer woman, there is barely any visibility on major festivals inc. Dekmantel which is one of the reason…
Retweeted by acabject acablueHere is my mix for @dkmntl... The set I was planning this year was going to serve as a massive fuck you to the peo…
Retweeted by acabject acabluethis is what millionaires do with their big brains is a short list, thought it's better to publish a short list each month than one long list! so you can really…
@komodomymanor Last Thursday every month, I choose my guests quite early in advance though so next one is June 25th… @pandastepping So many amazing new artists on that spreadsheet, will be a pleasureyes ofc! will share in a day or two when I'm out of my insomnia spell. currently reaching out to some of them to do… @yunganz_ thank you, I needed to hear this, I've been stuck for 7 months now. this is inspiring!okay so! I see some puzzlement on the number of new tracks I’ve made in the last few months (understandably - I kno…
Retweeted by acabject acablueand to be even clearer: the majority of black people in electronic music are denied access to this ladder in the fi…
Retweeted by acabject acabluesorry typo while they *steal* your music
Retweeted by acabject acabluewhy can’t black ppl in electronic music just be happy with creating groundbreaking art then scurrying a few rungs u…
Retweeted by acabject acabluebook black people involve black people pay black people fairly stop pretending u don’t see colour don’t ignore…
Retweeted by acabject acablueHer remarks are so... Sophomoric, this is like what a 14yo would smugly say in a class debate. Worst of all she's d… @olintechno Russian comments are the bestMy first Self-Release!! an ambient EP of hip hop edits, I hope it brings you some calm, if you can, pay as you feel…
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I know many places have opened today, and who could blame them given this govt's lack of clear info and support for… politics are a fucking disgrace set out to raise £2.5k for our community campaign. We never expected to raise £20,000 to fund the fightback agai…
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Beautiful, huge crowd at the Black Trans Lives Matter rally at the Brooklyn Museum. #BlackTransLivesMatter
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