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object blue @objectblue_ London, England

producer ☭ @TT_label @lgs_rec @rinsefm | EU/🌐: sarah@onehouseartists | NA: alex@discwoman | MGMT: emily@triplethreatmgmt | trax: thebluestobject@gmail

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@telefontelaviv @Nalepa @jacksondgreen @trent_reznor that Physical cover! Suck! @telefontelaviv @Nalepa @jacksondgreen @trent_reznor agree with all of this but personally I'll pop champagne for Broken turning 30
Retweeted by object blueOMG! Just catching up rn... such a huuuge show from @objectblue_ as always inho! and thx so much for spinning Cord…
Retweeted by object bluethis mix is essential listening, everything about it is me:
Retweeted by object blue @dirtydirtdirty 無事届いて良かったです🥰ありがとうございます!!届きもの!object blueのUSBと冊子!冊子はNatalia Podgórskaの写真とobject blueによる文章。
Retweeted by object blue @JONPHONICS why?? was he desperate??In the booth with @xAirMax97x now live for the next hour on
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I'm wasted in the Vaticanlast night's @RinseFM is up on SC now! with @dogheadsurigeri 💙 is out now
Retweeted by object blue2day is the day !!! MELTS INTO LOVE is out now via @subtextrecords
Retweeted by object blueWith our workshop at New Suns: A Feminist Literary Festival on Saturday 5 October fast approaching, we provide some…
Retweeted by object blue @emmahopeall @j2martinez hot
@RinseFM @dogheadsurigeri it says Unknown to Unknown on the player?Up next at 9PM it's @objectblue_ with @dogheadsurigeri on & 106.8FM #RinseFM
Retweeted by object blueLive now until 11PM it's @objectblue_ with @dogheadsurigeri on & 106.8FM #RinseFM
Retweeted by object blue💗
Give the @HesskaCITS mix on the @DISCWOMANNYC site a listen. Ace stuff including trax by @objectblue_ & @moormother
Retweeted by object blueHere's a mix @vtss_pl has made for Unsound, taking inspirations from industrial music and Polish folklore, she comb…
Retweeted by object blue @1999corsa deleted!
critics love it! @legithenryfry i love ufuck the stasis is a good tune damn @lighghtmusic a text I got once ⚰️🚨 new @indiajordan8 bangers 🚨 mastered by me 🚨
Retweeted by object blue @ANDNOTHINGHEART remember I thought that too 🧜‍♀️I did a thing for @objectblue_. Thx for letting me remix your beautiful tune. Also featuring voice by @yvm3_ .
Retweeted by object blue @alecpace_ @objectblue_ @NTSlive amazing remix! :)
Retweeted by object blueOMG! 😍🙏😭so gassed to find out @itsFAUZIA spinned my remix for @objectblue_ "Cordelia's call to arms" on her latest…
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@wellbelow0 disturbingly unfunny diaspora content @wellbelow0 this is her entire brand if you stop her she will cease to existStream our @Whities_ cover show with a lot of new music from @DjPlead @objectblue_ @Tsvisions @Wallworkuk
Retweeted by object blueICYMI Recording of our second @NTSlive show of September is up w favs from @badsista011 @xxxiiinnn_ @objectblue_
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Loss [AT​-​011] by Thegn is OUT today on @absurdTRAX! ༞ Full stream: Order Digital:…
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@0_90189 WELL DONE MY ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!Hello.
Retweeted by object blue @maryannehobbs @jacquesgreene @BBC6Music thank you so much for opening the mix with my new baby @jacquesgreene <3 <3 <3married for a month, here to report that I'm still obsessed with my wife, thank you (photo by AmzyObr at the FIGURE… @jacquesgreene Friday Mix @BBC6Music Object Blue - Ecstasy of Saint Teresa Jacques Greene - Do it Wi…
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@objectblue_ @kelelam @Oli_XL @lighghtmusic @bjork this is where I first saw and became curious.
Retweeted by object blue @MattpondPond @kelelam @Oli_XL @lighghtmusic @bjork changed me profoundly 😢💙fuck the Stasis 💜💜💜💜💜💜 my @DISCWOMANNYC mix is here 😤😤😤 So honoured 🥰 Please check the tracklist on the website and SUPPORT THE ARTISTS…
Retweeted by object blueinc. @kelelam / @Oli_XL / @lighghtmusic / @bjork / Alex Zhang Hungtai / Nina Simone / Seiko Ozawa / Dokakab/ Lesley…
2019 :) lots of new music in this one feat. nyege nyege tapes, rey sapienz, pseudopolis, joe, k…
Retweeted by object blueThank you @soundonsoundmag for this interview I did a while back which spans from my teenage years live engineering…
Retweeted by object bluehorrified at myself for liking an Alexa Chung designdjs will be like “i hope everyone who plays over 140+ gets brutally murdered” and then another dj who they talked t…
Retweeted by object bluetis the most infuriating , impassioned season of my wardrobe: finding THE winter coat (my wife calling "honey, you… good read. I know people don't need to be reminded that influencers are devastatingly hollow and hungry, but
"McMindfulness" nail on the head’s the best upcoming Dj in London who’d be perfect for supporting DJ Python ? Oh yeh, we booked python 🐍 !! More info on that soon
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Retweeted by object blueIt's pretty hard to pick favourites from this year's @simplethingsuk lineup, but we gave it a go... Our preview o…
Retweeted by object blue @wellbelow0 cuuuuuteher talking about "Take Me Apart" (the track) made me cry just now
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Me and @wallwork are covering the @whities show on @NTSlive tonight! 10 - 12 Will be playing all our upco…
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Stems for Passion Peace, old link went down... this will be up for another few days
Retweeted by object blue.@objectblue_ made her Dimensions debut this year, and her standout set on @residentadvisor's Void takeover is now…
Retweeted by object blueWe've spruced up our Best Electronic Music playlist with all the latest songs you need to hear—including The Knife…
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how I spent my youth did u kno!! who's ever wanted me in the uk, im heading over in late october, would be nice to get some north dates, leed…
Retweeted by object blueR A L i v e D i m e n s i o n s F e s t i v a l If you didn't make it the final year at the fort, look no further…
Retweeted by object blue @Oli_XL looool me every year!!! and no lie I was listening to your album for the 10000xth time this morning <3you can listen to my set on Dimensions Festival's Void stage here: have a lovely weekend all x
@mobilegirlll 💜I am absolutely over the moon to announce that I am going to be one of the new residents on @bbcr1 for the next 6 m…
Retweeted by object blueHEY! You can listen our new single ‘55 Year Old Daughter’ over at @theQuietus now! Album out November 8th. Listen…
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Im excited to share ‘Dolos: Flashbacks’ - a new series of reinterpretations of my album, by some of my favourite ar…
Retweeted by object blue @Xavier_McDaniel Ciaran Birch 😊dear everyone who ordered the USB + booklet of FIGURE BESIDE ME — I'm sincerely sorry for the manufacturing delay,… @1999corsa Gaia!
@itspeach_ @aquarian thought you were eclair fifi!This week's VF HQ Spotify playlist: With tunes from Kano, Object Blue, Floating Points, and AFRODEUTSCHE and more…
Retweeted by object blue.@hollyherndon talks to @pitchfork about the one song she wishes she wrote. See her at Unsound on October 12th
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honeymoon !!!!!!!!🧸send voice dms saying "hi this is x, and you're listening to Oli XL" to or +46705475566 on whatsapp
Retweeted by object blueFrom @BerlinAtonal
Retweeted by object blue.@vtss_pl talks to @DJmag about her influences, being a part of @DISCWOMANNYC , and how attending Unsound has gotte…
Retweeted by object blue @rozaterenzi eat a pinch of salt and down a 3/4 full glass of water in one go! you'll be all set 📿a chubby worm DJing up with radio archives... Aug 18 ft. @objectblue_, @wiltedwoman + @LaurelHalo, @djdocsleep, Gene Tellem,…
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Tune in Sunday midnight Nu-Metal, grime, post-rock and rap feature in this playlist
Retweeted by object blue @wellbelow0 this is so cute and cosy!!! I will sit on it in NovemberHow to avoid a self-fulfilling prophecy that is still a goddamn thing (Clip source:…
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The Void stage 0000-0130 tonight! adore this!! @1999corsa omg U did it🎉🏳️‍🌈🎉 Since the pre-orderof Total Solidarity started we've managed to raise €4,032 (which equals around 17,586 PLN…
Retweeted by object blue @LoJamMusic @Hyperdub the world is yours, go get it !!!!!Review: object blue - FIGURE BESIDE ME
Retweeted by object bluegot asked if I was Peggy gou lol
🥰🥰🥰 they're actually all stems for Figure Beside Me! some of them didn't make the cut for the final version of the… @frankiefatgold omg just saw it was Josey rebelle!!!spotted a Discwoman bag on this flight <3very lovely to read this esp as my flight is about to take off. let's make it special Dimensions 💗 (ps pretty sure… next London *I Love Acid* party - with Luke Vibert, @objectblue_ Jay b2b Sybil, @Placid303 at…
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