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Australian GM, Narrator, and Storyteller running Pathfinder and making content. Twitch: Youtube:…

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@Nonat1s @DragonPunchPod It's why in some cases I defend secret rolling and fobbing dice. The game should be fun and in a si… @Nonat1s I agree but something needs to be said about people who make bad faith arguments about other systems then…
Also.... Gender/sex change is no longer considered a Curse (looking at you cursed belt of gender change) The charac… @Dante_Ezio_C @Majora_ @DragonPunchPod Honestly? Social rolls. Like I get it but at the same time if the player throws it all out there an… @F8NTY @loganbonner @Majora_ got to go fast @Hope_Corrigan Damn it now I want to play it again. I know what I'm doing tonight.... @Nonat1s @paizo Hey doesn't that mean I can do a fortitude save to go back to stage 4?
With another session done our players edge ever closer to solving the mystery of the missing people around the Radi… @NerdyPeopleDnD Muppets Treasure IslandSignal boost
@anthea_wright Sorry to hear that, I hope the little one feels better soon 😞This actually looks really cool and something I'd love to see at the table. I would like to see a generic version a… this why I'm going to hell? Is this the tipping point that damn's my soul forever? #Pathfinder2e #homebrew always I have work but the Rebels is a fun game if a bit tense at times. Give it a watch if you can the game is… @loganbonner Know them feels, just spent thirty minutes searching for "types of turtles" @Nonat1s No no that is terrible and should never be done but before I launch into a rant... RAID SHADOW LEGENDS @thesamwisest Two words, vocal fry
@ohadelaide Ah so a He-Man TTRPG
@DragonPunchPod @OregonRolledA20 @paizo And PF1e had the Rougarou, I actually hope they bring back these fuzzy boys… @Hope_Corrigan I mean it would be like a press pass or getting access to a review copy. It makes sense.
I'm still new to the game but I'm definitely going to give this method a try
Thanks for the kind words! ★★★★★ "These are great, look even better in person that in the photos! And the little st…
Retweeted by Tabletop Obscura @olbuddycreates Planet Coaster, I find building theme park rides cathartic. Also building coasters with the right r… @olbuddycreates Crazed man builds theme park, swears next roller coaster will be safe
@catmintcantrip @adventurersrole For the longest time I home brewed my worl and campaigns and I still do. I have fo… @WEvindale Damn it, sucks I have to miss it. Have fun peeps @daddyjurin @LammaticHama If you are wanting to take a look at it I'd suggest the #KnightsofEverflame on… them if you can Waffles and co are good people and Extinction Curse is one hell of an adventure path
@MIPlayable Thank you so much VOD's are on the way just parsing out time for everything. Also sound quality isn't g… @daddyjurin @LammaticHama If you want something similar in style to DnD then there's Pathfinder but it depends on t… @MIPlayable I'm an Australian GM and Gamer running #pathfinder2e on Sundays at 1930 AEST. I'm working towards affil… this especially if you want to get into game design and homebrewing. It's like in real life when you can get o… @CompiledGabriel Honestly? It depends on what's being played. Different genres and styles work better with differen… information gained the Players make their way to the House of Planes to investigate Jeremin Hoff. Unfortunatel… @LuckyBonez know next to nothing about #Vtuber you could absolutely do this with Anima Beyond Fantasy for a short campaign. I… @ZipperonDisney @adventurersrole @Mary_Louke Keep your actual details vague and let them evolve out as your charact… cause by good people, get hyped! her out if you can, her streams are a blast and I can't help but think it'll be better with #Phasmaphobia @Nonat1s @paizo @FantasyGrounds2 I just wish the program itself was easier to use and more intuitive. The content m… @WafflesMaple Tonight I'll be running my #pathfinder2e #AgentsOfEdgewatch game tonight on twitch with some fantasti…
Love to see something like this start to come together, it takes times and it takes effort to do it independently b… @JasonBulmahn Agents of Edgewatch tomorrow night but otherwise probably building a hedge maze in minecraft 🙂
@svartemaya That's the plan, I think I'm going to write up a couple of one shots and see how we go. @TrashMobMinis I'm honestly waiting for players to ask, that said if I have an alchemist in the party brewing potio… @paizo Preordered from my local gaming store, can't wait to have it in my hands :DHere it is everyone, v0.1 of the Obscura Guide to Familiar's. This is a homebrew supplement for #pathfinder2e of op…
@JabberwockyTtv @UnfoldGames Honestly it did look like a lot of fun and I love it when they go all out on the sound design for horror games. @WafflesMaple Will do :)
I've done this and I am not ashamed @WafflesMaple Super duper busy with everything. Hopefully launch the podcast by the end of the month though and I'm… was on stream when they made this thing. It's pretty cool but also goes to show that home brew in #pathfinder2e i…
With natural 20s from the players and way too many 1s from myself the players managed to free as many hostages as t… @anthea_wright That's adorable
I haven't started following on Patreon but check out their art it's amazing. are going live now, feel free to stop by if you can going to be a fun time. #actualplay
@symatt Hell yeah! #savageworlds and #True20 on my shelf and SW is my go to for running Superhero GamesHey so I know I've been pretty quiet of late but that's because I've been working on a thing. These are all WIP as…'s Tuesday, which means Chronicles of The Five happens LIVE at 8PM EST, played by Improv'd Initiative! Pursued by…
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Gatekeeping in the TTRPG space is ridiculous. Our hobby is far to small to exclude anyone, no matter their experien…
Retweeted by Tabletop ObscuraLast night one of my players had an intense dream sequence and got the plant based fizzgig we didn't know we wanted… @loganbonner @charmedneedle Damn, time to break out the Lost Omens world guide and figure this out then @natashaence Not sure if it's exactly what you're after but it is OGL @loganbonner @charmedneedle Big ask but is there some sought of masterlist for this? I only ask because I have a fo… @thesamwisest As a general rule I never swing more than 10% in either direction and only usually when I have a play… @DiceProphet Sentient dungeon workers unionizing to prevent their jobs from being taken by unpaid undead
You sir have piqued my curiosity
@CambionBlack @paizo I don't know, it kind of depends on the play style you're after really. I like a Curses Witch… @roll20app Pathfinder 2's Agents of Edgewatch, running it with a fantastic group of players Sunday Night @CambionBlack Too many: Turn actions, "this is a move action, this is a standard action, oh but you can do that as… @JasonBulmahn @roll20app Looking forward to seeing it :)Going live in 15mins, check it out if you can Evindale is a great stream with great players and a great GM. Further…
@WafflesMaple @Nonat1s Likewise, I tend to home-brew alot especially regarding #pathfinder2e
@Nonat1s Magus sells out party for wish skull of dubious origins. @LuckyBonez But... have you considered a game that's not DnD? Maybe something with giant robots and a short run cam… @randomaffection @adventurersrole Aww man those are so cool and dynamic! @Natural1Podcast @DMzack007 Oh I like that @Natural1Podcast Jazz GMing? @paganeagle2001 @paizo *laughs in Australian* But no seriously I'm glad you got the books, the APG is truly something special. Enjoy 😃 @therooktheraven Any chance of seeing other systems supported? Such as #pathfinder2e
@roll20app @iniciativamas4 @Chaosium_Inc @elwarius @ArcaneKronicles And followed, thank you 😃 @JasonBulmahn It is a lot of fun😃This is great advice for any system, in times of mass combat their are those who will hesitate, or simply not want,… @roll20app @Roll4It @saltysweetgames @go_jg @PlotHunters @Lionhead_Gaming @iniciativamas4 @Chaosium_Inc @paizo are getting creepier in the world of Evindale as outside forces make their moves and the pressures of the ta… @DiceProphet The Axe, versatile weapon that can be used in times of war and times of peace. I try my hardest to be… you're keen throw your hat in the ring, Paizo is determined to be a progressive company developing games for eve… @your_dm_speaks I have a set of cards I use from @paizo that they call a Harrow deck. Each one has a different pict… @Natural1Podcast Always an amazing feeling :) @Natural1Podcast When I have left enough room for the players to tell their own stories among what I have written.… @paizo @RollTheRole1 7:30pm on Sundays (AEST) join us at Tabletop Obscura for Agents of Edgewatch using…
@mustangsart What about adapting the rules you've written for other systems? So not just DnD but like Pathfinder or Anima as well? @GrimMBoneZ That I could deal with, any darker and I think it'll be an eyeroll @GrimMBoneZ The Good: Seeing the early career of Batman without the immense amounts of gadgets and support will be…
Retweeting so I can check this later @loganbonner @NoInitiativeTV @thesamwisest Lancer, Anima, Tephra, the list goes on.This is a great idea for any system with combat. Give your players a bit of breathing room between waves and it mak…