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Character is defined by what you do/ how you act when nobody else is looking! Mainly Capital Markets ~ NY Isles ~ NY Jets ~ Pearl Jam ~ amongst other things

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@debpage4 @IslesWhiteSUV Season changer.Perplexed. #Isles @darrenrovell 23 HR’s! But you can put that one in your bike spokes....Hey Joe, Imagine the pain of being a lifelong die-hard #Jets fan.... Only 10 stocks in S&P 500 with Short float greater than 15%, Largest Market Cap is $KSS at $10B... $509B Co. With 15% of its float sold short... What is $BABA? Pretty amazing.“Everyone is starting to come around to believing this is gonna be big...” Only up 35% YTD & 80% over last 12 mont… VINny! $TSLA CC: @TeslaCharts Curious question: Smart dude...but is @profgalloway talking his book? Is he short the names? $FB $GOOGDown the stretch they come...”Junk Bonds in the lead, followed by MREITS, & Closed End Muni’s, followed by rural te… @RyanDetrick Way too young, I feel for you... (been there)Wow that $GE Sentiment is sour real time... “Why does it have to turn around...” “It is a falling knife “ @CNBCnow @ReformedBroker Or in other words “actively passive”
Technology as a % of the S&P 500 $SPY 1989 (YE): 5.89% 1999 (YE): 29.18% 3/24/00: 34.51% 10/9/02: 12.79% 10/9/07:…
@AriFleischer Wa$hington.
Allergan’s Stock Is Headed for a Face-Lift... $AGN between the lines : If JT leaves the only time they would be able to play together would be at the All Star Ga… Grace...How sweet the taste! Irish Soda Bread makes St. Patrick’s Day! ☘️ St. Paddy’s Day to All! #Slainte! ☘️ #UpCavan
2018 Breaking News: Yolanda Vega named head of NY Islanders scouting & player personnel #HeyYouNeverKnow #NYLottoLedecky, Get God Damn Garth F-ing Snow on a plane right now to Motha Russia with an extra doctored passport to pick…*cking A! Bring in Bellows from juniors for 10 games... Call up JHS ! Call Up Wotherspoon ; Sit Pelech Play Gi… Weight at his post game presser still sucking on his Throat "Lossenger"... #Isles @ReformedBroker Slainte! ☘️
@ReformedBroker @michaelbatnick If it ever happens again, go to an #Isles vs Rangers Playoff game on the island... Nothing like it...Live. @PeterBotte “It was a pleasure playing with you this evening gentleman” #IslesAlfred Hitchcock is at the Barclays right now...6-3 drubbing #Isles“DOL rule” is “SOL”? WTF. Truth. (Plus the other 84 million other guaranteed reasons) #Jets of the sudden he’s #Idzik frugal! JETS ROSTER TE AWOL AGAIN... #Jets“For way, way too many weekend hours...” - Says Every Dad @MLPguy @ReformedBroker Shoot, Aim, Ready! Broad 🖌 Brush killing... $AMLP
@ReformedBroker Build the wall with all the unsold Zune’s... @TeslaCharts But what are George & Caroline’s votes? #PresidentialApprentice @HedgeNY @CNBC @larry_kudlow He rushed out onto 19th street looking uptown towards St. Patrick’s cathedral to see i…, @CNBC is regurgitating the same @larry_kudlow news over & over again! @librab103 Seems right....(amazing)Hearing $TSLA Having more production problems, begs the question: How much is stock up today? #DeafEars @carlquintanilla “There goes the underground economy...” @OptionsHawk He’s pulling a Don Mattingly ( sort a )Potentially Noteworthy or Potentially Useless Info: Energy as a % of S&P 500 (at somewhat random dates) YE 1989:… Investors Intelligence Poll Bulls: 54.9% ( +6.3%) Bears: 15.7% (+.2%) Correction: 29.4% (-6.5%) #MarketSentiment $SPY $EFA $EEM $BA
🤔 @habermetrics & hilariously awful...Or just Isles “Luck” @habermetrics It is pretty amazing, considering how relatively easy it could be to credited with a secondary assist… @zerohedge Then the: Purge @mark_dow I assume you’re mocking Larry Bonds here...?The Presidents “dream team” is calling in the 2nd stringers... #Trump#Jets are always like Second or Third (Kirk) Cousins anyway...once removed. #CousinEddie @RichCiminiSo if they are Correct, stock gains will slow down dramatically & underperform ( would 5.6% per; 22% cumulative gai…
“That’s code for I’ve taken more shots than a piñata!” #Isles the #Jets are going to let ASJ walk...and test the free agency market... Only TE we had since, god knows when...Mickey Shuler?
Which of those teams led the league is goals scored? Zero point Zero. Enigma. #Isles't wait for Dougie to tell me in the postgame, all the things Barzal did wrong... #IslesIsles Battle Cry: Win one for the Gibber! He’ll be first in line for Ice bath, too #IslesFlames pull goalie, realize they don't need one... #Isles @StapeAthletic Barzal would get Oleg Kvasha 25 -30 Goals...C’mon man. #Isles @ReformedBroker Plenty of time to track his steps... 🚶‍♀️
@BComptonNHL Shelter in place? Active? @IslesBlog Brock has 1 shot in last 3 games....Oleg Kvasha ! @StapeAthletic Inquiring minds want to know...Will JT slow slalom? #isles @pdmcleod @DavidSchawel He could of been on a ladder, he’s a 👷‍♂️ construction worker
@todd_harrison 😳US Investors Intelligence Poll Bull: 48.6% (+.5%) Bears: 15.5% (+1.1%) Correction: 35.9% (-1.6%) #MarketSentiment $SPY $EFA $EEM $NFLX @ananavarro He felt the job was too taxing...
@BComptonNHL I was shocked Canucks trainer let him get up and put weight on his spine & legs...did a bad job, a la Mad Dog Russo“Law postpones the tax bite of such conflict-of-interest sales by allowing newly appointed officials to reinvest th… @CapCube @zerohedge Google away....Deferred not free. believe you mean *tax deferred NOT *tax free...It’s a bit of a difference... CC: @zerohedge #Cohnpocalypse think he may have been confused with what she meant by “inclusion rider “... economic adviser Cohn quits after dispute over ______________. (It happens to be tariffs but it was going to… @TommyThornton Kudlow must be in your chat room... @ReformedBroker Imagine those gains if he actually added a few pro-growth policies...or even one for that matter!🤔This Makes me think... Should we buy a semiconductor company at All Time Highs because it’s ultra cheap? Methin… @CNBC Please don’t feel the need to commentate & analyze every 35 basis point move in the’re goi…