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Character is defined by what you do/ how you act when nobody else is looking! Mainly Capital Markets ~NY Isles ~NY Jets ~ Pearl Jam ~ Yanks amongst other things

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@SJD10304 Was that the 80 yarder to DT? @SJD10304 I hear ya- Did take them to playoffs -2nd round 😲 @SJD10304 I’d agree with that, but Josh McDaniels would be that guy“If $SNAP only listed on the Nasdaq vs NYSE, I would have bought it...” - Said No One Ever @SJD10304 Possible #Jets HC Coaching Candidates: - Mike McCarthy - Ken Whisenhunt - Harbaughs - Tomlin - Parcells, lolIs Aikman Blind? Don’t see a penalty there? Huh? Hold left arm before ball arrived...easy. #TNFonFOX #KCvsLAC @EconomPic @JBoorman Welp, the Co. Is called ‘Robin Hood’... #Irony @SJD10304 "Cleaning the house when the children are growing, is like shoveling the snow while it's still snowing..."😲's a December thing, but it's usually not this large of outflow # Here is some Dec '17 info in mind this may be a fiscal year - year end mutual fund cap gain thing Mostly all MF's ; minimal ETF outflow ☹️Wait, What ? $45.2B Outflows (Mf's & ETF's) out of equities this past week? Wow! #Fear CC: ⁦@ukarlewitz⁩
@bullet86 Can you share (if you have data) what's considered an extreme % level? Jan 2016 levels? Ex. In SPX in Mi… Talent on @CNBC 🤓😀 @blakegriffin23 @AdamBScott1979 I grew up with Steph Curry, as a kid he played with a square basketball, it had a b… L&L = L Lehner & Leddy = poor games = no points = L #Isles @bullet86 Assume this is YTD? What's been the levels at typical bottoming areas for the 4600 stock universe? ThxSave the beat writers some time #Isles Game summary: Lehner = poor. G'night. @NYIslanders If he started there tonight, we probably have 2 points in this one. Oh well, missed opportunity, on to the next. #isles
US Investors Intelligence Poll Bulls: 45.4% (-1.3%) Bears: 20.4% (-1.1% Correction: 34.2% (+2.4%)…
@GerberKawasaki 1. Trading Floor? Isn't this an RIA 2. GroupThink is detrimental to your wealth #BizarroWorldBrian Wesbury out here throwing hipchecks to the CNBC, the Fed & Market Bears... @Cnbc @wesbury @ScottWapnerCNBC @NYIslanders Beau knows Hockey™️
Mickey Donovan being Pardoned? #Trump @SHO_RayDonovan @carlquintanilla @CNBC @SquawkStreet In January - Feb we are going to find out How many billions more he plowed in.… @ArapSheyhi Yes, that would ratchet up # of new 52 week lows, spike VIX, P\C ratios, etcS&P 500 today undercut Oct 29th intraday lows by .38 (thus far) Unfortunately, Can't rule out a 3% undercut swoosh… British House of Commons is still like the medieval times of the Bud Light Dilly Dilly commercials... #OGREs #DILLYDILLYThis this will be a memorable win over the Bills for all the wrong reasons? Yup. Raiders Won. Niners Won. "Rememb… term 'Holy Rollers' redefined? #BadHabit @TommyThornton Sorry man, tough to lose a parent no matter what you are or he was, especially around Christmas time…
#Jets Doing it wrong in December (again) #Tank #Rebuild @jfahmy Acapulco Cliff Divers? They dive when they see the rocks.... 🤔 @jfahmy "I can't tell you which way the next 10% move will be, but I can tell you which way the next 100% move will be" @PeterBotte It's a infrastructure thing. Teams need to construct another locker room just to house his baggage. May…"Poor" Robby always seems to be running into the law 😲 #Jets #Jets Coaching Staff and Management doubtful to return. Ownership still questionable but will return. Un… @DStevens8886 @KennethLFisher You should look at Ken’s old high cost, low alpha, poorly rated mutual funds and compare. #FWord @NYIslanders @roscojohnston @zeeker11 Yeah sorta. The harder you work, the luckier you get 😉 #Isles @StapeAthletic @joboych Funny, "Long Memory Big Fists" is his Indian Name. #Isles
@FusionptCapital @OptionsHawk Yup. Court Press... Scorched Earth Policy Vs. China: "SEC revives dispute over inability to inspect auditors of Ch… @MarkYusko @BuddyCarter_FL What happened to...”Don’t fight the Fed...”?😲As well as : Exactly 50% of the S&P 500 and 66.2% of the Nasdaq down >20% from 52Week High $SPX $SPY $QQQ $COMPQ
@michaelsantoli *Or stiff @michaelsantoli “Bears giving the stuff arm to the Bulls”The late Marty Zweig is well known for his breadth thrust indicator. Less well known is his high-low index measurin…
Retweeted by Interested ObserverJosh ask Mayo if Perry Farrell is his brother? @ReformedBroker #JanesAddiction @PeterBotte Bastille would be #1 Pick followed by Flo @jonnajarian @KingHenry_2 @Titans You might want to try and go low on the big fella... @eyesonislesFS What was that? It looked like Pelech was waiting on line at a 5am Black Friday Walmart opening...Gross. #Isles @AGrossNewsday Too soon, he's bringing his Winnipeg game into this one I've see Chinese fire drills go more smooth…
@CapitalObserver Live Look: 🥨 @OptionsHawk .................and 🔽-4%☹️Today (intraday) Ranks in the Top 5 New Lows Combo {NYSE + Nasdaq} Since 12-7-15 *Note, The Bottom on 2/11/16 had… @michaelsantoli Current #: 1150 1151 New Lows on Oct 24, 2018"Markets feels like it's worse than off 10% off Highs..." Here's why: - 49% of $SPX > 20% off highs - 65% of Nasd…"This too shall pass .... But it Always feels like a kidney stone." - Me $SPX $NDX $COMPQ #Retest @JeffMacke Beans Above The Frank LLC @carlquintanilla Tonight's unannounced episode should change that...😉 @pboockvar He's the head of their innovation Dept too! $AAPL #BuyBacks #Buffett#Bush41 #Patriot
@SuperMugatu @FusionptCapital But Imagine thinking, "yeah, that's a good point" 🙄 @todd_harrison No not that; I believe in the Cannabis welIness industry but would not call them asset classes.... @todd_harrison Lol. 1 or 2? @todd_harrison Asset Class? Really."Humor is the universal solvent against the abrasive elements of life..." "Hatred corrodes the container it's carr… Investors Intelligence Poll Bulls: 46.7% (+8.4%) Bears: 21.5% (+.9%) Correction: 31.8% (-9.3%) #MarketSentiment $SPY $EFA $EEM $UUPRE: President Bush 41, “was the last President to preside over 4 consecutive qtrs of 4% growth” - John Harwood (It… year reminds me a lot of ‘62 and ‘88...Nah, I’m just f*cking with ya... $SPY$KWEB @alanhahn Alan you missed the biggest puzzle piece of all...The Pelech piece, he basically cost us the game with 2… @StapeAthletic Did you ask Coach about Pelech's magical 2 goal minute? @habermetrics Imagine if Hickey had Pelech's size? Hickey plays with heart, grit and athletism. Plays big for a sma… @BComptonNHL Guess a little regression to the mean tonight for the Pelican. Weak. 24 yr old Devon Toews must be ge… @habermetrics Game summary: 3 mistakes - 2 by a Weak Pelech and Barzal Penalty (not smart) #IslesFree Devon Toews Get Pelech the Pelican to the bench STAT. #Isles @BGinCA @Grailstartrader @no_pullbacks @CNBC @CNBCFastMoney Those are actuallymost helpful. Great Contrarian Signals. 😉
@Grailstartrader @no_pullbacks @CNBC @CNBCFastMoney Not entirely true, Mike Santoli is fantastic, this morning they… @hmeisler Must admit I do admire Grasso’s rather bold downside market call... Not sure of his process, but that’s… News: @CNBC A Business channel, has changed its network name to Weather Vane TV. Big Market UP day: Paid… $TRIN was highest closing print since April 6th... NYSE Down Volume highest since Feb 5 2018... @JeffMacke Maybe they are both deaf broChina Deal Confusion? Inverted Yields? Blah Blah Blah Still in a Market Volatility window aka a Traders Market wi… wondering was Stephen Roach, fmr $MS Asia Chairman, sitting on China’s side of the #G20 dinner table? CC: @jimcramer @CNBCnow @RyanDetrick 👀
"Looks like it's just a counter trend rally to me..."- Kilduff Hate to say it, but it looks like we got a good sig… Lol, It's a tough game sometimes $SPY this 'human specimen' was drafted, the Patriots had only 8 double digit win seasons...(over 30 years) Every… likely an NFL record: Jets defense held the Titans to 1/11 on 3rd down....and lost the game! Figuring out ne… @ColinCowherd Can't wait for the Ex-Brady "error" to begin
@RichCimini Interesting, call playing to players strengths....😉 #Jets #NovelConcept @RichCimini Rich, they allow that, but you can't taunt an opponent and spin it in his face, etc Baby Steps, Robby, is a slow learner... @EGreenbergJets @nyjets Wonderlic score? Can it be negative?Dearest Mother- Terrible news. We made a tragic mistake, for we went into battle today without any gun powder, our… @ReformedBroker Let's raise the tax rate on the wealthiest among us to 90%... Betcha: 1. Social Security age will… @craigsmorgan Sheesh, looks like he got into a gun fight with Wyatt Earp... @ReformedBroker Yeah but on "low volume"... @jdharm @sternshow Classic JD. This is my "most favorite" tweet. @NickatFP Pro Dads, aka seasoned vets, discovered the shopping. C'mon man. Its Sunday. It's Football.