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Character is defined by what you do/ how you act when nobody else is looking! Mainly Capital Markets ~NY Isles ~NY Jets ~ Pearl Jam ~ Yanks amongst other things

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I assume #Jets tried to trade for the talented but troubled Josh Gordon? I mean after Pryors drops and route gaff… @marketmodel 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😀🙏 @danorlovsky7 @HomeoftheJets1 @MMehtaNYDN Herndon and Pryor failed him miserably; @MMehtaNYDN Actually the most important play was Herndon not going out of bounds at the 14 yardine with time windin… Strong Returns One Year After Mid terms... $SPY #Trump 500 and Mid Term Election Years... Mkt +8.25% thus far is acting like an "All other years" vs a Mid Term Electi… @Connor_J_Hughes Um, brah, TE/WR's are #1 on the sh* a landslide.#NYJets
Less talk, more action @TheAdamsEra Results (actions) speak more than words and blown assignments #Jets Pryor Sr (played like Jr.) rounding out the 3rd Goat of the game... #Jets #NYJetsBuster Skrine challenging Herndon... Skrine picking up where he left off to start last season... #JetsGame Goat Summary (thus far): Chris Herndon Absolutely killing his team #Jets @SJD10304 1000% @SJD10304 Pretty frustrating game overall thus far... @SJD10304 The Ol “Rookie” mistakes @SJD10304 Prior play was the key play, he caught it and should (and could have ) stepped out of bounds to stop cloc… 1st Half of Game Two, thus far. Brutal All three phases; Antithesis of Last week. Hey Todd Bowles: What wil…
@marketmodel Whoa. God Bless! Prayers up for your boy and family...🙏 @hmeisler Aug 2007 first Market ripple...Ahhh, so there is emerging Market Decoupling... $KWEB @GerberKawasaki That’s Some analysis. My kids loved Toys R us too. In the end they realized they had too much debt,…
@Wolfmetric $STZ ‘s Chart agreesTepper's worried about tariffs. Tepper has cash he can put to work. Tepper is a billionaire. Tepper could car…
Retweeted by Interested Observer @MarkNewtonCMT He’s not the best speaker...a bit of a mumbled mouth...speaks in code, I guess. I don't know... @charliebilello Wow. Mkt cap got high!
A sign of the bull market times...Even Bobby DeNiro is a stock market consultant... Forgetttabouttit! $AAPL $SPY… @Connor_J_Hughes Never lost faith? It was 20 Seconds into the 1st game of his career on his first pass. Hysterically fantastic. #Jets @JeffMacke Batteries extra?Am I the only one that didn’t know Kelly Evans and Eric Chemi were married? Cool couple. Welcome to the hood, Parenthood. @CNBCnowUS Investors Intelligence Poll Bulls: 57.7% (-2.3%) Bears: 18.3% (+.2%) Correction: 24% (+2.1%) #MarketSentiment $SPY $EFA $EEM $UUPThe 9/11 story that I cannot forget is of Rick Rescorla - the quintessential story of quiet competence and bravery…
Retweeted by Interested Observer @todd_harrison Yeah but, um, the, the 5 P/E...🤔
@ReformedBroker Metro 🤓 @RickyRoma0 @bclund It’s actually Art Cashin #MarinatingIceCubesSammy, as cool as the other side of the pillow... (Great Catch by Robby) #Jets
BIG PROBLEM 👇🏻 A mother smashed her kid's iPads because they 'played Fortnite too much'$MS John Mack was the nurse who delivered the poison (2005 risk ramp) (somewhat unknowingly), then frantically r… $BABA symbol: 🍼 Position: Fetal 🙄Market Role Play: The Dog playing the role of the Bull market, well, the bear playing the bear market or noise.… @marketmodel @aptnelson Mike, He has to take off his political glasses...Nelson, Put on your American glasses... @ReformedBroker The best thing about these are that he actually types them up himself, has to...right?
@TezzlaCFO @TeslaCharts Don't forget also defacto defending fellow pot smoking CEO's... allegedly.Courageous move by @Nike. NOT! Here's the math. It's all business. $NKE @AdamBScott1979 Nike's spin Dr marketing team hard at work this morning coming up with the next controversial campaign @JeffMacke Don't worry @Nike will create an opportunistic ad campaign & narrative to exploit & run with... @MattsIdeaShop @marketmodel "An anti-american atheist and a Canadian walk into a bar...."
If you feel really good and exciting when you are investing in something, it's probably a really bad investment.
Retweeted by Interested Observer @OptionsHawk For a non durable good? @JeffMacke Man @Nike is licking it's chops, next marketing angle to leverage and "exploit"... @benshapiro It was actually Seth Meyers & Obama... @QTRResearch Seems like something is Babering you...Beautiful. the 40 theives ? $BABA 😲
@QTRResearch @markbspiegel vs Manic Jim & Elon $TSLA ⁦@CNBCnow⁩ day this may matter... $EEM vs $SPY Price to Cash Flow and Price Sale discounts widened🙄Easily Top 25.... $Isles @darrenrovell Men II Older Men#USOpen 😉
☹️ @CapitalObserver Chart said to sell at that level too... $WYNNING if you $STUDYDid You know ? The $XLK ETF has Verizon & At&t as Top 10 holdings...but doesn't even own $NFLX or $AMZN 🤔 $VZ $TBreaking News: Even #Nike releases Colin Kaepernick 😉... What a PR Hype train, the out of work backup QB was just t… may be late to this revelation but man does this Novak Djokovic look like Perry Farrell or what? #JanesAddiction #USOpen @CliffordAsness “They went to Jared” @jaredjewelelrs
@FusionptCapital$IYZ $XLC$XLY$XLK S&P Sector Composition (Effective Close of Business on Sept 28) $SPY $XYZ $XLY $XLK $XLC Investors Intelligence Poll Bulls: 60% (+.4%) Bears: 18.1% (-.2%) Correction: 21.9% (-.2%) Bulls 3.3x Bears Sp… @greggutfeld He was just “Guufing” around...
@ReformedBroker Message: Ok Fine Messenger: Not Ok Then market the Messenger: Disgusting $NKE @NikeMillman! What's wrong with these people, gotta root for the #Upset & #Underdog #USOpenI guess @Nike was looking for hot PR vs doing it's due diligence...Sad! #hypocrisy Everything? Really @Nike ? Pathetic. #JustDontDoIt $NKE #NYPD @mark_dow Easy: #dummy
Pats picked up #NYJets Chad Hansen, always worrisome when Pats scoop up a young receiver.... #Jets @darrenrovell @Nike should read thru his Twitter feed over the last 5 years... #Sterotypes @TeslaCharts What would Bill Griffeth say? 🙄 @BillGriffeth
Wait, You can’t eat in church...😉🤦‍♂️
Kenny Rogers John Kerry Leslie Visser Mickey Rourke WTF! Come on, Man!$BABA $TCEHY $KWEB @DavidSchawel @BluegrassCap Thx. Nice chart. But when comparing to the most extreme skew (unrepeatable) market envi… @jimiuorio If it’s backward it probably burning the shit out of your lawn....🔥
@MikeFrancesa @ReformedBroker C’mon Mike , open a freakin account already...part with some of that communion money... @GS_CapSF Jimmy Buffet? Parrothead Capital LLCQuestion: Would you buy this stock based on this chart? (3 lower chart panes are Volume, Short % and RSI), in fact, Trees do grow to the sky... $1T$AMZN Stock Chart over last 2 1/2 years
$IVW $IVW $LOL this ladder analogous to growth vs. value investing, right now? $IVE $IVW $SPY @GerberKawasaki @elonmusk Gerber with the 'ol CYA blame game tactic... Cute.Yup. ⁦@ReformedBroker⁩ $CSCO VS $XLK Weekly Ratio Agrees Investors Intelligence Poll Bulls: 59.6% (+1.9%) Bears: 18.3% (-) Correction: 22.1% (-1.9%) Bears are 💤 asleep… @AdamBScott1979 Grunting? It's out right yelling...
@eyesonislesFS I believe, Worst to First ensued... Hubie & Baumgartner the catalysts #Isles @todd_harrison @CB1Cap 🤓 @todd_harrison @CB1Cap Sharpest rallies in bears....No? @NicSherrod @venmo Smaht. Pretty sneaky sis. Same goes for dog sitters...😉
@alanhahn Not really if you think about it; NFL: $14B Revenue, 53 man active roster NBA: $7.5B Revenue, 13 Man…