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'We pick your food': migrant workers speak out from Spain's 'Plastic Sea' to expect at a socially distanced night at the theatre Hancock’s Covid cavalry is not yet on the horizon. We need a global approach now investors hope to get a buzz from Tesla’s 'battery day' Boris Johnson is constantly surprised when his government fails‘I’m terrified of causing trouble’: Sasha Swire, a diarist creating a Tory storm arias: how opera blazed the trail for the return of live entertainment as Britain faces up to prospect of new coronavirus lockdown v gown tensions rise over threat of Covid infection rate as new terms starts Academy's cruel dilemma: sell a Michelangelo or lose 150 jobs Hume was a complex man. Erasing his name is too simplistic a gesture | Kenan Malik by Paul, flowers by Prue: how Great British Bake Off built its Covid bubble yourself: why Madonna wants to tell her own life story £35,000 in-school Covid testing machine? Only in the private sector the Labour conference were on now, would I be knocked over by a rush of ideas? | Will Hutton and state schools bid to kill off GCSEs a demon of JK Rowling is a wretched sport, born of misogyny and resentment | Catherine Bennett accused of blocking plans to ban burning of UK peatlands QAnon conspiracy Swire’s indiscretions show how Britain became so dysfunctional and the Rohingya people are the losers in Asia's new cold war preparation: how different countries planned for the second wave of Covid-19 grow to protect renters as ban on lockdown evictions expires long, Southsea: last sultan of Zanzibar quits UK after 56 years in exile new road rage: bitter rows break out over UK’s low-traffic neighbourhoods search for life – from Venus to the outer solar system'They see us as heavy-drinking nuisances': students face Covid marshals’s state aid is scarcely a substitute for EU trade monopolies can leave you all at sea to try out some luxury PPE, now that Covid face masks are so last spring row as leading London church axes musicians, 'using Covid as a cover' up: Britons urged to embrace an alfresco Covid winter Bader Ginsburg's legacy will survive the bitter battle over her successor | Kenan Malik miss you, Jimi Hendrix. You were greater than 'God' fathers: harsh truths amid the Mayflower myths of nationhood I have a word about… the rebranding of Thomas Cook | Jonathan Bouquet Observer view on Sasha Swire’s insider diary of the past Tory decade | Editorial slash rents by up to 20% as tenants quit city centres in pandemic Braverman – blindly in thrall to Cummings and co | Letters the record Observer view on Boris Johnson's environmentalism
Bernardine Evaristo: living as a lesbian made me stronger£10,000 fines warning for failing to self-isolate as Covid infections soar’s front page meritocracy has had its day. How else to explain the rise of Dido Harding? | Nick Cohen court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – a life in pictures, face, space? Johnson's Covid message has got priorities wrong, scientists warn Donald Trump shrug off Amy Dorris's allegations of sexual assault too? Barbara Ellen Johnson and his world-class test-and-trace system – cartoon donor who quit over antisemitism is ready to rejoin'It's a lifesaver': Glasgow drug users and MP hail safe-injecting space The Home Edit shouldn’t judge a book by its cover John Lewis stands at a crossroads on the high street BP must do more than talk tough on the climate crisis to FaceTime … Jamie Oliver’s pukka portrait takes art to the future‘Vigilantes’ on a mission to reunite owners with their stolen bikes Bader Ginsburg: death of liberal justice gives Trump chance to reshape the US for generations warnings ring out as Latin America bids to return to normality Bader Ginsburg changed America long before she joined the supreme court | Moira Donegan
Competition time from our friends at @anthonyburgess. The Observer / Burgess Prize for Arts Journalism is an annual…
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Biden aims to make election about Covid-19 as Trump steers focus elsewhere
Outdoor worship, short services: ways to mark Yom Kippur during Covid the art that vanished from Soho's Colony Room right to spend time with loved ones is being cruelly violated by the government | Nicci Gerrard escalating delinquency of Boris Johnson and his gang of blue anarchists | Andrew Rawnsley years on, will thousands of women burned as witches finally get justice? students return to Bristol University: ‘For the sake of my studies I need to’ the boy on the anti-female website, and watch him grow into an adult misogynist | Sonia Sodha’s only success has been to turn inhumanity into policy | Kenan Malik fraud is on the rise. How can you stop it happening to you? and right? That’ll be me then you shouldn’t get salty if your child ‘speaks YouTube’’s battle with the American military is a fight he’s likely to lose kicks, coughs or slip-ups as party conferences go online a poet’s son is reclaiming Genoa from Italy’s tainted elite‘We’ve learned how we need to act’: Spain braces for second wave of Covid call on Jenrick to explain opposition to smoke-free zones know I'm not one to gossip but have you heard about the pope... | Catherine Bennett do writers gain – and lose – when they eschew social media? | Stephanie Merritt, duvets, chicken bricks: how Terence Conran restyled Britain whales launch ‘orchestrated’ attacks on sailing boats was infected with coronavirus in March, six months on I’m still unwell‘It's not sensible in a pandemic’: cancel Halloween, officials advise May, Michael Howard, Norman Lamont: the new Tory awkward squad confusion and Brexit betrayals: is this any way to run Britain? Barnett: the firebrand taking on the challenge of Woman's Hour on, spat at: UK shop workers fear asking customers to wear masks Obama stirs up a Tinder storm | Nosheen Iqbal disputes thwart Angela Merkel’s hopes of an orderly succession, ELO, Queen ... why hits from happier times top Covid lockdown playlists's the government's job to erase racial wage gaps Torsten Bell Japan trade deal is little consolation if Britain is locked out of the EU more shaggy dog stories: visit puppies before buying, say charities dog is for life, not just lockdown: how to buy a healthy puppy in a pandemic’s young musicians rally to save dying art of shamisen music Toots Hibbert – a reggae pioneer to rival Bob Marley | Kenan Malik understands my creative ambition, says British star of Away'Let me in – let me in!' Wuthering Heights house for sale at £1m signings for English clubs herald a power shift in women’s football this the start of a second wave and is the UK prepared?