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Samuel 💻✨ Messner @obskyr Stockholm again!? ❄️

Hacker, programmer, translator – 3 for the price of 1! Recently: Azusa 999 (PC-98!), Game Boy cartridge immortalization mod, Telefang fan translation. 永遠の楽天家。

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@regiseal It's that same leak! “dmg_sgb/DMG/KENSA/DMGHRCE0.2”!
Was I just linked somewhere, or did a crowd of unacquainted strangers just find my Twitter in the same moment, poss… @Phantazap It's not officially up yet, but PM me if you're interested! Once I've put it up for real, I wouldn't be… @moon__hotel I have a deep-seated aversion to games that stylistically mimic card or board games, hahah, so maybe t… @moon__hotel I always thought they were silly growing up, but… is this what *mind maps* are for? @moon__hotel Neither – I haven't actually played any Guild yet; don't have a JP 3DS – but I've been suuuper interes… @moon__hotel I'm startin' to get you! I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I get the impression that this tickles… @moon__hotel IT'S BY THE SEA MAN HIMSELF??? Now THAT is an unexpected connection, hahhahahah. I think I might secre… @moon__hotel Ohhhhh, this was part of the Guild set? I somehow glossed over this one; possibly due to its unassumin… @gosokkyu So lemme get this straight: he's 1) a big enough Medabots fan to want to make a fangame, but 2) a big eno… @Bestest86357909 Hmm, I dunno! Don't really need that when you have RGB, after all. My PS2 is connected to my TV vi… @Bestest86357909 You're gonna have to be more specific – RGB *is* a type of component video. As is S-Video, and YPb… @Bestest86357909 No, it's a case of European ones being better, for sure – by virtue of having SCART! That's an att… @regiseal It's “dmg_sgb/DMG/KENSA/DMGARTJ0.1” in the September 2020 lot check leak!Nintendo Sixty-Fooooooooouurrrrrrr!!!!!!!! (but said on my knees with a distraught fist raised skyward) @Bestest86357909 I'm sure it does! I'm under the impression that that isn't rare for SCART at all – but rather, tha… @chainswordcs Yeah, S-Video is mostly a North American thing! It was added to the SCART standard at one point, but… @moon__hotel I'm pretty proud of it myself :'^)My European HD TV doesn't support composite, but it supports (the eminently un-European standard – I ain't ever see…
@moon__hotel Baaahahahah, I was literally thinking about this – it seems that just the suggestion of the word "thie… @moon__hotel In Japanese, when you drive a hard bargain and win, a shopkeeper will tell you "TAKE IT AND GO, YA THI… @LunaPiuma Yeah… Pre-anime Hamtaro is the best. This cover is the absolute peak. Ritsuko Kawai was a being of pure power.Holy ravioli. New CCD scanners are usually around 2700 kr (270€ / $320) – but I got one second-hand for all of 75 k…   Hif-hif Tack-Q  Digdig @mondieurobbit I ain't never heard "shashlyk" – commonly "kebab", yeah! Oh man, I am so excited about both a new ty… @mondieurobbit Gonna enter every Middle Eastern joint I see over the next month or so and demand they show me their lavash @mondieurobbit WHOA. I GOTTA TRY THIS. Gyros / shawarma in a regular ol' pita is great; I don't think I've ever tried it in one of these!!! @mondieurobbit Watawat!!! I want to eat!!! What do you put on it!?!?!? @mondieurobbit What is!? @lavendersheeps Googled "Plok is pissed"; arrived at this tweet. Thank you. @_NeroGB @moon__hotel What!!! Finally! Anything executable?
@yabukidust Bahahahahah, you and I! The first Hamtaro linguists!!! Now I want to find the Japanese version of The O… @yabukidust You know your Hamtaro! "Kushikushi" is from the opening, so that one's founded. "Diggy-duggy" was turne… @DavidTeraoka Sing it, brotha 😤🙏 @LemonY2K Never heard of this! Thanks for the info! They're probably simple. Not too long ago, I looked into the DS… @LemonY2K I tried playing Rainbow Rescue and Ham-Ham Games, but… the AlphaDream games just don't compare to Pax Sof… @FifthDream These may have coordinated with the anime somehow, yeah – it started airing in English in 2002. I haven… @KaihatsuYT Wonderful – thank you! I've definitely seen this font a lot, but never knew what it was. Now I'll be eq… @LemonY2K Those two Hamtaro games – Ham-Hams Unite and Ham-Ham Heartbreak – are still magical today. Nothin' like 'em. :')So in 2002, an “Official Hamtaro Handbook” was published. In it, the translator seems to have just up and made up s… @fastram_ A joke isn't less of a joke 'cause you don't get it, ya know! @moon__hotel @_NeroGB Hopefully he'd be happy being rewarded solely with the satisfaction of having done society a favor. @moon__hotel @_NeroGB All my wettest dreams revolve around finding an old Japanese man with a flip phone and a kind… @moon__hotel @_NeroGB Fun/sad fact: as far as I know, this game is *still possible to purchase*, and will be so unt… @fastram_ It's joke! @tim_pkmn89 IKEA… Spreading number ticket culture all over the world… How beautiful… @sanquii Same in Sweden! The pharmacy is the stereotypical location for 'em here. In Japan, they're – among other places – in every bank. @taoreru13 What! That second image has a slip with German on it, so I was SURE it'd be common there! 😵 @taoreru13 Where's that? @the_nomi Gotcha! I'm a big fan of (the first three seasons of) Community – I feel like that's adjacent to The Offi… @the_nomi What part of it wasn't your cuppa?It has come to my attention that queue tickets – something obvious to me – might not be used in the US (or North Am…
@LoveAndDynamite I'm afraid not: an annualized and comfortably unambitious series such as this – especially in the… @Beartruck1 I had a feeling Miis would take over if they were real…HERE'S a fact and a half: the story mode in nigh-all the Power Pros games is heavily inspired by… Tokimeki Memorial… @GaijinWota I might get a Vita one! Or maybe a GBA one! @GaijinWota That's promising! "Barely sports" is my favorite kind of sports. @moon__hotel @Deeplyincog I'm hoping this'll be the title to finally make me appreciate a sports game (well, Inazum… only MLB: The Show had storylines like "you're the spirit of a baseball star banished to a rookie player's body"… @afraidxmonsters HOT CAT @NEC_PC98 I'm with ya there! I loved Inazuma Eleven, and being a fellow football RPG, I wouldn't be surprised if th…'m not a sports game kind of guy, but I gotta play a Power Pros game or two: not only because it's ubiquitous and… @Mulboyne 「『ロイが言うなら、じゃあ、行こうじゃないか』ということになりまして」 is quite the confident and assured utterance as well, hahhaahh!
@liji32 @endrift @rgl__ 1 ice cream point to you!!! 🍦 @endrift @rgl__ Hahhahah, nice! Not pictured in Seven's rendition of me is the strawberry swirl embedded in my forehead. @endrift @rgl__ That's what it was all along, yeah! 😁 I've had people guess it's a monkey or a slice of pizza – what'd you think it was? @rgl__ I drew this ice cream in space (internal name: cheam.png) in Inkscape back in 2014, and have used it as my a… GAME BOY SAVE FILE IMMORTALIZATION MOD I DESIGNED WORKS RELIABLY ON NTSC N64s AS WELL OHHHH PRAISE ARCEUS @SuperFromND Nowadays when I have zenzai I gotta add a drop or two of dish soap to even feel anything anymore.ぜんざい (zenzai): Sweet red bean soup せんざい (senzai): Laundry detergent Don't make this mistake. Please. I made this m… @ft_org This is actually the result of slapping the composite video RCA cable into the Y port of the YPbPr connecto… @Neizaru @rgl__ She's a legend. Her art is so darn good, and she draws comics about pretty darn obscure games – it'…
It hurt to say goodbye to Seven (@rgl__), my incredible Tokyo dōjin artist friend, for the last time, but… just as… @LemonY2K Hopefully I can get color working, hahah – I mostly need the N64 to test some things, so this is technica… @SuperFromND I can't believe you went to the trouble of making *3D sketches* of this, hahhhahahah! Wonderful! I see… @taoreru13 Thanks for comin' out! Your presence and your chattin' were super appreciated! 😊Still streamin'! Time to explore what it means to be a mutantWe're going strong, and we're about to investigate the INCIDENT. This is where the real Germs Souls begins. Join the stream, why don'tcha!
We're live NOW! Come on in! Germs is weird and good and you wanna see it! @sacaitlin It's one of my favorite games of all time! Come on down if ya want a chance at seeing something extremel… this tweet's 1 hour old, come watch the LIVE TRANSLATION STREAM of the bizarre, surreal, before-its-time but s… @hiinhiihii Sounds like someone who wants an oscilloscope but does not know what an oscilloscope is would do, hahhahaahh @SuperFromND I'm having trouble visualizing this… How d'you mean? @SWIMMlN I'm only making contact with the left channel! The right channel goes through the red cable! 😁I can't get my NTSC N64 to work with my TV, so I figured I need to confirm that the console actually *works*… but h… @mondieurobbit Maybe it's 'cause you stay up so late and thus wreck your schedule? That seems like it'd be a thing! @mondieurobbit I'm pretty sure this is a thing, especially in wintertime… When it's dark all the freakin' time, and… @the_nomi Pretty sure that's it! The poor guy just has formidable thighs, Twitter… 😢Oh no, bahahahah, Twitter flagged the schween mutant as "sensitive content"! How do you think he feels about that,… @Dalabutt @BryceBucher I hope y'all manage!!! I tried my best to go for a time that works across time zones. The st… @GriffithVIII Hahah, nah, that's not particularly interesting to watch! This'll be interpreter-style! 😁(These weren't the “news” hinted at in the previous tweet – more on that futurewards!)Excited to see Germs is getting a bit of attention! I'll be doing a LIVE TRANSLATION STREAM of the first hour or tw… may have some news to share on this exact topic in not too long – watch this space! @BryceBucher @TranslateDoggie Here's some more screenshots and some translation! The bulk of Germs's charm and surr… @BryceBucher @OtherworldTV Someone (me) may or may not already be working on it, but shhhhh!
@SpooderW The low resolution definitely does your aesthetic a major favor!!! @hiinhiihii @SpooderW It doesn't have photorealistic textures, but I'm reminded of this one. @SpooderW I love it. Low-poly; quantized photorealistic textures… It's like an uncanny valley modern version of a PS1 aesthetic.