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🌈☎️★ ☆ Rat is my name - minor she/they (L)GBT I REALLY love Lemon Demon - layout art by @aimkidblast ☆ ★ 🎁🎊 BLM.

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#LGBTatSchool Only a select few people know and surprisingly no one else has caught on like what dude I own a Lemon Demon shirt @dokiyolki HAAAHAHAHAHA @Bill_watterzon :] @LmaoLazuli IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.OH MY GOD. I WAS TRYING TO TYPE GOOGLE AND I ACCIDENTALLY LOOKED UP BOOB. WHAT THE HELL. and awesome fact, this deer from Roblox Piggy is canonically a trans girl @707_ga1ahad OK THATS ENOUGH NO MORE RATIOING @dokiyolki HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP I SHOULD TO @flameontheroof AHAHAHAHHAOh also, the person he’s showing it to is his mom. 😁 @SamDrawstuff HE LITERALLY WAS @707_ga1ahad NOOOO NOT AGAIN// kinda NSFW You cannot tell me Cabinet Man didnt own this. @FROGAYLOVER Ok! @neilciclyrics You gotta see Yo mama @saimotaa This is so wrong. @FROGAYLOVER Yeah!!! Nice :) @c4tb1scu1t5 ;] @CABINETCATBOY Ghost in the form Of among usA mongus. @MisakiMarei NEVER WAS ONE @c4tb1scu1t5 Oh :] that’s nice thank you. I also hate hugs, that’s why I’d run awayAmongst UsI WANT A CHOCOLATE ORANGE, GIVE ME A CHOCOLATE ORANGE RIGHT NOW OR I JUST MIGHT GET UP AND ROWDY ABOUT IT, MIGHT THROW A FIT. @flameontheroof WHAT YOU CANT DO THAT THATS AGAINSG THE LAWS OF PHYSICS @flameontheroof NoWho here would try to hug me irl (You wouldn’t get away with it, I’d squeak at you, throw the nearest object and dash away on my heelies)DUDE IM NOT @c4tb1scu1t5 I’m the rat!E. Coli more like Pee Cola. Take that liberals. @bingus193 @comforttimagine ITS NOT ME. I’m not the one with E. Coli. @duckfloaty OH *SURE* YOU DID 😏 @grlsbandparty No @duckfloaty You sure @duckfloaty This is why you gotta calm down with the soap @gordoninthereal He had to go to the doctorOomf has E. Coli @Starberry__Milk THIS HAPPENED TO ME IN 5TH GRADE. The teacher brought my parents in and had a talk about how I was… @tomatomorta OOMF WHAT THE FUCKstuart really went all out for this scene. brings me to tears every time
Retweeted by Rat ☎️🕹WELCOME BACK TO WATCH MOJO @tomatomorta YOU DID NOT @b1gheart That’s really messed up. @b1gheart NO FUCKING WAY.. I cant believe the despacito spider creator follows me, I’m honored. Did Roblox notify y… why is this good it isn’t supposed to be good @b1gheart WHATT which one?? @ViewMonsterr HOW IS THAT A MEME @dweagon YEAH IM PRETTY SURE ITS BOOTLEG G0Z?G0Z???????? cannot be real. Five Reasons I’m The Bad Guy Duh @STR4NDEDLULLABY YEAH!Fun fact my grandma had a dog named Shawty. AIRPOD SHAWTY @k1moiko Please. No. @R0B0KITTY You’re radical FaunusSoldier boy, tell them.MFW ( my face when ) the imposter is SUS! @c4tb1scu1t5 They just look tasty @CheemSttar Death is merely a setback, I will overcome it And I will leave with lava lamp juices in my stomach. @puppetkisser No!! Minty you’re so coolGod what I’d do to drink a lava lamp. Take the top off, chug that shit. @ghostlysekai Viva ass @FollowBottoms OH OK 👍 @FollowBottoms WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME IM 14 >:| @cabinetmanreal I WASNT TALKING ABOUT TITS I WAS REHEARSING THE WATCH MOJO INTRO @SourGummyes THEY DONT ANYMORE I CHECKED BEFORE MAKING IR @SourGummyes THEY DONT SAY DOT COMI FUCKED IT UP @WOOZIKINX @707_ga1ahad THEY ARENT BRITISH @peppersauce_ NO. @HIPHOPCHERRYP0P You don’t wanna know. @HIPHOPCHERRYP0P Use this as a reply buttonTHATS IT making game theory the ship angst art @n3verendinghum THERES MORE THAN ONE?? WHERE ARE H TY ESE PHOTOS FROM @puppetkisser YEAH I DO! >:] @imanireo No I just don’t know how to tie a braid @puppygirlfan84 Whatever you’re comfortable with @P1NK_0 SAL FROM IMPRACTICAL JOKERS @t00aster :)Sal is tonight’s biggest loser! Which means he has to watch all three other Impractical Jokers flirt with his mom a… @t00aster You’ll seeTop Ten Times I Tried Calling This Guy On The Phone To Explain My Unified Theory To Him But He Never Picked Up! That Prick!DAMN IT ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO SAY TO THE CALZONE ITS SUPPOSED SAY THE CALZONE THATS WHAT I GET FOR TRYING TO TELL A S… @nolegosee CALVIN ZONE?? @AlexsAltAccount NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @SourGummyes THATS NOT THE JOKE THE JOKE IS THAT ITS A CALZONE UGHHHHHGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHPlease this joke took me forever to come up with please tell me it’s funnyYou have now crossed over into.. To the cal zone @saimotaa He’s very obviously cishet to me @ViewMonsterr No idea @ViewMonsterr NO ITS NOT, It was just some kid recording their tv and I think it’s funny @honeyc0rpse Lil huddie, whoever that is @honeyc0rpse Absolutely @spiritphonee AW YEAH THATS MY COPYPASTA 😈What is this who is ronald reagan (Dead)
Retweeted by Rat ☎️🕹WELCOME BACK TO WATCH MOJOIdiot bf
Retweeted by Rat ☎️🕹WELCOME BACK TO WATCH MOJO @ViewMonsterr HAHAH