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Ken Patrick @ochkenny Dunfermline

Born and educated in Scotland returned in retirement in September 14. Learning to be a Grandad, interests in tennis,energy,environment, education and governance

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@BoycottsBat @KatePotts11 and Average Joe on the street were closer to predicting the outcome of Britain's general election than aca…
Retweeted by Ken Patrick @_JamesAdams_ @scottishlabour I have sent an email. @martynpatrick Do they get a copy of ? @IsabelHardman . Or do you assume they have all read it.? @livvyjohn Except in Scotland re SNP mandate for Indy? @paulmasonnews @novaramedia @AyoCaesar @AaronBastani Paul do you not reflect that you got these last few years comp… @CllrSMcCabe A voice of sanity, can a councillor be the leader? @JamieGlackin1 " He wants a cracker up his backside" @_JamesAdams_ @scottishlabour Are you allowed to do that, i haven't even been told the result of the last SEC elect… @RichardLochhead @theSNP How do I know you will be progressive, at the moment you are not even competent ? @citizen_sane @alexgallagher2 I have taken this ship as far as it can go. If you want to go on you will need to paddle your own canoe @LysaMain11 @2351onthelist @IreneSc10551404 @HealthcareEnv @tom71266902 @bea_johanssen @JanetMcwee @Janela_X @PlanetVictoria @japster2008 First thing i did each morning this week when i was home alone.‚The world is literally a greener place than it was 20 years ago... A new study shows that the two emerging countri…
Retweeted by Ken Patrick @LesleyRiddoch Sad if that is you what you think is great. @GerryHassan and didn't put it on their election material and asked people who were not in favour of it to lend the… @AgentP22 No just have a feeling it will be a damp squib , he will squirm out of it somehow. @paul13walnut5 Mr Blackford is doing it on Monday morning. @AlynSmith @StirObserver When do you have to resign as an MEP? @thoughtland Have you any real indication that WE want Independence? Using the powers of Holyrood in a purposeful m… @AlisonEvison How many and how often? @OrionOB1 @livvyjohn @AlisonEvison Bollox. @PatFinlow @pollytoynbee Where was the simple five-point pledge card? @NicolaSturgeon @theSNP @StephenGethins He could be the MEP to replace Alyn, after all you are going to Stop Brexit, aren't you? @BBCPhilipSim Somebody has to be but you know for many people it is completely beyond them. @AngusRobertson @BorisJohnson @NicolaSturgeon What utter nonsense, if you really believe that, instead of just utte… @putey_pute @PenIrvine He should just go in on Monday and record his rant once @KeithRSteele There is indeed a gap in the market for a party to make the best use of the powers at Holyrood. Use it or lose it @JohnRentoul A liitle person from Shropshire? @Planet_Pedro They care about the issues devolved to Holyrood and wish them to be dealt with better than they are now.
@kezdugdale really enjoying yourself @SquirrelJock @MailOnline and it was at Jo's loss not specifically at Amy's gain @ChrisQ_1 Are all the placards from SWP or whatever it is nowadays? @jskinnider @MadJackMcMad1 @JamieGlackin1 @columbascave @AnasSarwar @theSNP and this party should ignore Westminste… @RKWinvisibleman @J_Bloodworth That seems to me a very important observation. @J_Bloodworth You’re exactly right. People are suggesting the broad movement could survive just with Corbyn excised…
Retweeted by Ken Patrick @BackBurgon @efrogwraig You do know he comes across as thick in most of his many media appearances. Perhaps unfairly but perceptions matter. @AnnieLennox @robfmac Fox's glacier mints might have something to say about your design. @BBCPhilipSim Thank you. @flaviblePolitic Yes BBC website @JamieGlackin1 @jskinnider @columbascave @AnasSarwar @theSNP It would be a start to work on changing that perception. @trafficscotland That happens quite a lot. @AUOBALBA @policescotland Ask Santa for a crowdcounter for Christmas @PenIrvine Any Scots in? @ianssmart If they could get the funds a completely new separate Scottish party. Only contest council and Holyrood… @BBCPhilipSim They are going to call an early Scottish election. Is it still the case that technically it is due May 2020.? @JamieGlackin1 @docsuzy No more Mr nice guy. @KateForbesMSP @JimHunter22 You have a mandate , you are a member of our parliament and minister in our govt . Get… @MargaretFerrier @theSNP You wont need to man the bridges now @thetimesscot So if they get it and lose it, then they can have another one after they win again in the next few el… @Kenny__Stewart You should be able to vote at "home" but only in one home @PeteApps young gifted northern and female @severincarrell He has to, A member of the European Parliament (MEP) may not be a member of the legislature of a member state. @Ross_Greer @natalieben She should know of course that in Scotland the Greens are a nationalist party. Apart from C… @GillianMSP What was she campaigning for? Lock Boris out and Stop Brexit? Not very successful then. @andywrbc @afneil It didn't do any harm to David Linden in Glasgow East. @luckytran @JimDensham Getting quite political as I suppose it must do. But it will mean it will get bogged down @benjaminbutter Ex miners gala. @GrayInGlasgow Well why arent we using it at Holyrood, you do know about the hospitals don't you? @lokiscottishrap But they do an awful lot of talking beforehand. @JohnRentoul Will you now announce your winner, was anyone spot on? @BerthanPete45 @yuilly12 If she does listen to us the majority we will ignore her the minority. @paulmasonnews No. @BrianSpanner1 And that it is Morningside. @Planet_Pedro @francesxx2015 @wornoutmumhack @scottishlabour Need to get a new smart group for the list in 2021, t… from @nytimes shows Nike Vaporfly shoes are 4-5% faster than average running shoes and offer significant edge…
Retweeted by Ken Patrick @wgsaraband @stu_fraser @AmyCallaghanSNP A socialist I understand? @kevverage That is what I did in May 1997 but in much happier circumstances. @Kennyf1283 Is he back in? @cliffordstott Even West Kirkby and Heswall have Labour MPs. @snpwatch They have reached 70s levels of Labour dominance in Scotland @JustOneWeeWorld @SteveSayersOne All just one big advertising campaign for Holyrood election in 2021. They will hav… @FifeCouncil A friend, not in Fife, was nearly knocked of her bike by a council salt lorry, you idiot she shouted through gritted teeth @jimwaterson We have to grin and bear this now, it is our future. @Planet_Pedro @wornoutmumhack @scottishlabour Or split completely and concentrate only on the Scottish election. Th… @holyroodmandy @BBCScotland Why was BBC Scotland on the BBC 1 Channel. But you are correct it was dire as somebody… @SMarwickYes @StephenGethins Counts for nothing it is lies and a narrative that wins it. @HumzaYousaf Lock Boris out and Stop Brexit. @peterwalker99 Very polite and with some charm but so annoying @MalcolmBrown53 @BBCJamesCook So how we do that? Nicola suggested a 2nd ref when polls were running at 60% for a period. Seems a go… @holyroodmandy @ScotTories Are SNP going to Stop Brexit as per the side of the bus? @OUBSchool @Kenny__Stewart @OUFreeLearning @OpenUniversity Enrol one Jeremy Corbyn @graeme_from_IT They won so they will Stop Brexit or is that just another piece of propaganda on the side of a bus… @Ern39182562 @kizaer @StephenGethins The ultimate irony, the best of them is shown the door while the hordes march in. @MBRoberts4004 Need him @GdnScotland @severincarrell @NicolaSturgeon @MartinBelam I hear the SNP victor in Milngavie is a socialist? @JKempEnergy Except in Scotland. @barrendero @cultfree54 @2351onthelist @BRRSC @mmjblair @AgentP22 @incongru @Ian_Burnett_ @Maureen6Johnson @UKLabour All to no avail. @AngelaHaggerty With the vote shares in these won elections why would you want a referendum? @MiriamBrett @AmyCallaghanSNP I was told that SNP are not socialist, is she an exception? @toadmeister @allisonpearson But not Nicola's SNP, they will stop Brexit. @JustOneWeeWorld @BBC @BBCPolitics @BBCScotlandNews @BBCScotPolitics @BBCNews Fife council not told officially that he was not SNP. @AlynSmith @theSNP When do you step down as MEP? Will you know stop Brexit and pass on the position to Stephen? @Maureen6Johnson My Hermes lady and we see a lot of her is very good and she even smiles sometimes. @eliz_lloyd @StephenGethins North of England wanted Brexit strange to think that they are so different to Scotland.… @AiberdeinQuine He can probably now become an MEP in place of Alyn since SNP are going to stop Brexit. @ayeshahazarika But they did give us devolution to avoid losing Labour MPs from our Scottish heartland. @MagsTaylorish Accused and found guilty on this clip. Female solidarity.