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Ken Patrick @ochkenny Dunfermline

Born and educated in Scotland returned in retirement in September 14. Learning to be a Grandad, interests in tennis,energy,environment, education and governance

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@robfmac Will you be allowed in staff rooms? @Planet_Pedro It means one controlled by EU Bathing water directive where water quality has to be monitored and reported on. @ReidEileen1 @robfmac They could draft in @LesleyRiddoch for the dirty camping if that was allowed , she has a PhD in wild hutting @Planet_Pedro @ScotParl @scotgov I don't really want to think that happens but we keep getting provided with evidence. @Planet_Pedro @ScotParl @scotgov My MSP said the same, must have been told to.Here’s some really good news: the likelihood of someone dying after being admitted to intensive care with #COVID19
Retweeted by Ken Patrick @FifeCouncil Are community groups being allowed back into halls? @S_A_Somerville He doesn't have to be in charge of these other things. If you had more talent in your ranks then he… reminder to ignore the bogus & discredited PHE death figures. They report 91 for England today. We know fro…
Retweeted by Ken Patrick @M4rtyman @shab1975 @STVSport Because we did not know about these rules. Thanks for pointing them out. @Innealadair @IanGrant_edwest so not a resignation matter then?Have the rules just changed on number of households that can gather together inside? I am hearing stories of indoor… important thread on schools.
Retweeted by Ken Patrick @BBCHughPym Aberdeen or are you England & Wales only? @BrianWilson1967 Is it perhaps because I agree with but to me it is very well written. @PaulJSweeney @scottishlabour They could have issued these "results " in early June @KeithRSteele @dhothersall Hubble bubble boil and trouble? @dhothersall Wonder why they didn't do all this work back in May and publish results early. @AsEasyAsRiding I got shouted at yesterday by a car going in the opposite direction on a wide road becuase I wasn't… @robfmac Agree with this thanks for sharing, "while COVID-19 spreads easily among speakers and sneezers in close en… @tennisscotland Is anybody seeing instances of indoor facilities being opened other than churches and hospitality? @get_headway @NicolaSturgeon @robfmac What do you mean by airborne? Also children don't go out to pubs and clubs and have been to very few indoo… stories of these contact lists not being used in Aberdeen @BBCJamesCook @NicolaSturgeon What rules? Was this after these pubs had been named on a lockdown list? @GlennBBC @NicolaSturgeon Even though in Aberdeen apparently the pub contact lists were not used? @robfmac To protect the children from the adults? @DrRJSimpson @gladdis49 @UKChange Recall parliament and vote on it. @AngusRobertson You do know that many of us do not like being governed by an incompetent SNP administration and are… @JamesDelingpole No the article in the Telegraph seems to be a factual account. @Fyrishsunset Contract tracing is talking to a person who is +ve and finding out who they have spent more than 15 minutes within 2 metres.Belgium taken off the FCO 'safe' list, so requires 14-day quarantine on return to UK, even if all you're doing is c…
Retweeted by Ken PatrickMore litter at the primary school seating areas again this morning after it had been all tidied and cleaned yesterd…
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@LesleyRiddoch Has the power to sort many things before that but incompetence and wrong priorities get in the way.… @barrydouglas81 @EastAyrshire @scotgov @sqanews How did exam results compare with estimates last eyar?Wow, now many tonnes of ammonium nitrate is this.?"not one of them has sought to pretend that government policy is made in cabinet" @amateuradam @JamieGlackin1 @cumbernauldkev @DJohnsonMSP You have misunderstood how it works, he is from Wishaw therefore he had misspent youth… @camerongreer21 @Alliance4Unity Does not finish until this is sorted🔴 New data suggests that the easing of lockdown restrictions did not lead to an increase in infection rates in Engl…
Retweeted by Ken Patrick @rufusjones1 Except maybe in Aberdeen, Portobello and the Meadows Edinburgh @justjanis @HalOsler Never mind the small children @RJW_esq @KeithRSteele Learned a lesson? @CllrSMcCabe @ChrisMcEleny @inverclyde @theSNP @NicolaSturgeon Has the SNP not left him yet? @Cat_Headley Quite a few that i have spoken to, reckon it was early on @GeorgeFoulkes @NicolaSturgeon @JohnSwinney Please Sir, the Labour party? @alexgallagher2 @2351onthelist @MrMcEnaney @AgentP22 @theSNP @JennyGilruth must be carefully considering her response. @ka8895 @GlaswegianTory We will need to downgrade their O level physics. @DouglasRob0 It can't be said too often. The exam diet was cancelled. Why didn't they generate their proposed resul…
Retweeted by Ken Patrick @SPimpernel1 @doctorp1984 @evapeterannax @SeafarerMichael Ballsed this up? I must have missed that English lesson.Paddling and getting some grounding energy at Ballycastle Beach this morning @marinehotelni @Ballycastle_NI
Retweeted by Ken Patrick @annlizkelly @marinehotelni @Ballycastle_NI @newslineweather @antonirish @ScenesOfUlster @LoveBallycastle @FraserWhyte81 @aidanskinner Including the one that was first mentioned I hearm @JamesKellyLab @jayniebax Get him into parliament to explain, a vote of no confidence parhaps. @mgshanks But I thought measures were being taken in recent years to narrow that gap. @Richmond932 @lokiscottishrap Tradimus Lampada. @AnasSarwar So education and health social care need to be at the forefront of the 2021 election. We should be able… @JeaneF1MSP Test and Protect we were told was a system to find the 100s of contacts of the +ve cases and ask them t… @graemepwallace @PaulJSweeney Did you have to give the predicted grades before you knew that exams would be cancelled? @snapperup And the dirty camping. @AndrewBowie_MP @SecretOil @P_H_S_Official @NHSGrampian @scotgov Not even had any contact with Test&Protect I hear… @elrick1 @gladdis49 Test&Protect must have been working then but is not up to it now. @MrMcEnaney What about pupil equity fund, should its effects not have kicked in by now? @severincarrell I have heard from locals that the pub at the centre of this has not been contacted by Test&Protect officials. @Dyinfly @KeithRSteele He has just got his cycling proficiency. @FraserWhyte81 One test would be How similar is the legislation. @GdnScotland @severincarrell Locking down 100s of thousands because Test&Protect could not find and isolate the 100… Scottish exam results a good example of government forgetting life not lived in the aggregate. In aggregate,…
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The same individual vs population thinking applies to social distancing – we can't be confident every single person…
Retweeted by Ken Patrick @rfhaviland @ChildOfAlba To be fair, Labour took months and months and ended up in much the same place. One with a…
Retweeted by Ken Patrick @ReidEileen1 @mcnalu This seems to be full and accurate account. @AngusRobertson He won your old seat and @RuthDavidsonMSP won Edinburgh Central where I believe you are next trying your luck @LesleyRiddoch Were you not sobered up by the SQA fiasco yesterday? @annlizkelly @marinehotelni @Ballycastle_NI @newslineweather @antonirish @ScenesOfUlster @LoveBallycastle @Boab10s @MarrsioFootball @Kennyf1283 Oh, they are breaking up Scotland as well as UK.Ballycastle beach @ExploreKintyre @marinehotelni @Ballycastle_NI @newslineweather @antonirish @ScenesOfUlster
Retweeted by Ken Patrick @Cat_Headley Agree but he should put together his strongest team and let the most apprioriate people lead on the t… @JonMarcStanley Was it on the high seas or docked in port in a built up area for too long? Such storage would not b… @Cat_Headley Opposing is better than hating. @Planet_Pedro My Uncle Packy helped build that road and then went on to the construction of Windscale. @JamieGlackin1 @UofGVC Well they let my girl into medicine iin 2002 and we were living at the time in a "disadvantaged" post code. @JamieGlackin1 Hopefully the Unis will see through this and give these pupils places based on their prelims. I woul… @paulhutcheon Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence: we have some seriously stupid people running Scottish…
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@sinabooeshaghi @allisonpearson 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate in a ship in the harbour. @ReidEileen1 @mcnalu Lebanon's security chief has just said there was 2,700 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate in the harbo… @mcnalu @ReidEileen1 She would know it well since it was a major factor in the SEVESO II revision. @ReidEileen1 @mcnalu No and we might not. I remember the Toulouse incident because it was top tier hazard site as m… @LabourRichard @jayniebax @IainGrayMSP @JohnSwinney And you are going to be relentless about this. You can't rest until he sorts it @mcnalu Toulouse was Ammonium Nitrate factory and I read an "expert" on here say that it was nitrate in this case. @murdo_fraser All the opposition education spokespersons should be making representation on her behalf and others l… @mcnalu Almost exactly the same figures as for the AZF Toulouse nitrate factory explosion in 2001.Not this again. I asked a few weeks ago and got nothing but will try again. I've searched j…
Retweeted by Ken Patrick @DanKaszeta, similar? @ChrisPalmerNBA Chris with all your followers a quick check on mushroom cloud explosions would have been in order.This is a good news peat story, not a bad one. Peatland extracted from Castlehill is allowed by SNH so that sensi…
Retweeted by Ken Patrick @JenWilliamsMEN @LabourHame @gladdis49 @dhothersall Well said Duncan.
@AngusMacNeilSNP @GoldishCJ @ChrisMcEleny Give the comedians a break Angus and stop with the jokes.