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October Drift @octoberdrift South West, England

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@TomlinsChris Fingers crossed!!Hugely excited to be featured on @Leadmill 40th anniversary limited edition vinyl! Lucky enough to be alongside som…
@PaulSpe97546379 @slowreadersclub Would be great!! @thatlldopigthat @slowreadersclub News on this soon! @MrCranks @slowreadersclub *European dates @TomlinsChris Hi mate! Yep we sure will ✌️Due to the ongoing situation, our EU dates supporting @slowreadersclub have been moved to October. This probably ha…
@mattdowning5 @Leadmill @DowningTilly @waterfrontUEA Pleased you did ✌️ @Iamjonners Thank you Johnny that means a lot!! @octoberdrift the last band I saw before lockdown #1 and this album was such a release for me during those initial…
Retweeted by October Drift @ONLYFHANS 😂 sorry!! (And leaving your lunch 😬)Also, I couldn’t fit these in the tweets but all the black and white photos were taken by the awesome… @TimperleyMan Was a special gig that! Ha that’d be great bookends to rough time @Leadmill ❤️❤️❤️Our mates @octoberdrift released their huge debut album a year ago today! If you haven’t heard it have a listen he…
Retweeted by October Drift @boomshakr 100%. I hear it’s your birthday soon? @octoberdrift Can’t wait to see you guys play again & watch Kiran climbing all over the venue
Retweeted by October Drift @GraceBandPics 💜💜 @fish01551 You too mate. @BigJeffJohns Great work mate! Hope you’re well. X @SteveJessop101 @slowreadersclub 🤞🤞 @octoberdrift Now time to play these.....🎶🎶🍷
Retweeted by October Drift @octoberdrift 💙🤟
Retweeted by October Drift @EmmaCClare Great photo. @matcroxford We will! @inremotepart Loved that venue. Was awesome. @EmmaCClare Us too. See you soon Emma!! @thekouks Hahaha! Those 7inches! I’m surprised our gear survived peakeneder 😂😂 @F3Lollipops Thanks Andrea. Fingers crossed it’s not too long before we can all have a chat in person again! @Ingsdewhurst Thanks! @Neillyons16 🙌🙌 @JonOfBarnsley That would be awesome. See you there. @pebro63 Definitely. @plsimps @Tim_Burgess We’d love to do one. Hopefully one day! @VC30475 Fingers crossed. We’ll never turn down a pint haha! @Nadine_SeaSky ☺️ loved that show. Thanks for sticking with us too! @OneTimLangley Thank you too! Was really fun. @boomshakr Thanks mate!! @StevyK1973 Thank you! @octoberdrift Thanks for doing this folks. Stay safe and good luck with Album no 2. 👍🎶💚
Retweeted by October Drift @mozi78 Tunnnneee!! @PaulSpe97546379 Thanks for listening in mate! Hope you’re both well. X @StevyK1973 Haha awesome!Although we had plans to gig through the last year we consider ourselves very lucky we were able to get this album… @thekouks He hammers it eh! @pebro63 Thanks mate! @EmmaCClare Hahaha! @StevyK1973 If all things go to plan hopefully! @OllieShip 💜💜 @tariklaher @inremotepart Just realised that was to Stu haha!!! @tariklaher @inremotepart Thanks!The Past Influenced by the opening lines of L.P Hartleys novel “The Go-Between” - ‘The past is a foreign country,… I missed it!!!Forever Whatever We filmed a video for this in the run down old art college in Doncaster. It had been used as a la… @pebro63 Awww! @PaulSpe97546379 Briony I can’t quite remember the surname to hand. On the back of the record. @PaulSpe97546379 Chris did. Layered up in about 10 takes haha @inremotepart Haha!! @F3Lollipops @BanquetRecords ☺️☺️ @tariklaher @slowreadersclub @aaronstarkie The band have helped us out so much! @VC30475 👌👌 @bradfurniss19 ✌️✌️ @TimperleyMan Thanks mate. @garypUK HHaha! @EmmaCClare 😬😬😬 @inremotepart Justin wanted the guitars to be another 2db louder haha @plsimps Such a fun few gigs!Naked We didn’t expect this song to be as well received as it was. In fact it went down so well we put out the Nake… @StevyK1973 Hahah! @Neillyons16 🎸🎸Pretty sure my guitar is slightly out of tune at the beginning 🥴🥴 @VC30475 Thanks Victor! Hopefully many more to come. @OneTimLangley Haha innit! @mozi78 🤘🤘 @OllieShip Soon hopefully!Cinnamon Girl Written after falling in and out of sleep while a Neil Young record skipped endlessly in the backgro… @OneTimLangley Haha yes. @StevyK1973 Deffo!I also love when you listen on vinyl, the drums seem to feel fresh when Turing to side b. Something we’d never thou… Blue Briony came and put the cellos on the album, a great job and is a far better musicians than any of us!… @F3Lollipops Me too! @EmmaCClare @LouisianaBris 💜💜 @garypUK Haha not quite yet. @VC30475 I think we just felt that that and come and find me had stood up on their own as singles and thought we’d leave them off. @Nadine_SeaSky ✌️✌️ @Neillyons16 Hahahaha! @StevyK1973 😂 @OneTimLangley Yeah this one really came to life in the studio. @PaulSpe97546379 Thanks mate.'Just Got Caught' Debut albums shouldn't have songs this good! This record is up there with the best debut albums..…
Retweeted by October Drift @JonOfBarnsley Deffo an influence! @inremotepart Thanks mate! @Nadine_SeaSky @Ingsdewhurst @yesMCR A whole year ago nearly!! @F3Lollipops Haha you did some crazy journeys!! @pebro63 It hasn’t actually got boring to play which is nice! Haha!Just Got Caught Written just after Kiwi had catapulted over the handlebars on his bike and cracked his head. Chris… @ggoodo_ What a band! @tariklaher 👌👌 @TheWeeman7 Awesome!'Don't Give Me Hope' Beautiful song, perfect placement on the album as it shows how much of a range the band have..…
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