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Photo: Ania Shrimpton50% of businesses involved in the supply of services to the live music industry only have liquidity for 4 months. W… of these people are integral to the running of a show and are just as important, if not more so, than the artis… every show you've ever been to, there's a team of people working behind the scenes to make it happen. The pr… is a photo of Kiran and Francis (our TM and sound engineer) that was taken right at the end of a European tour… stellar album!
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@thegarygraham 👊👊 @Gailporter (Nice to hear you chatting with Loui theroux recently btw!) @Gailporter Yeah very strange times! X @Gailporter All good here, hope you are too! X @Gailporter Keep meaning to watch. Will try and get round to it this week! ☺️ @Gailporter This looks so good. @simonemarie4 That’s awesome!Vocals
@PaulGregory_ Innit. @PaulGregory_ Yeah I get ya! But I do like the way that if you play it’s game you get music pushed out to heaps of… @connorpwillis This is amazing! @WoundedSpirit1 @PaulGregory_ Yeah it’s such a tough one knowing how many to release, because according to our Spot… @CAA_Official 3am Robbie Williams Angels covers are essential. @CKGoldiing Haha yeah same! @PaulGregory_ ... like if you spread it out, and then in between releases put different versions of the tracks on t… @PaulGregory_ Do you think though that it’s more about how you can release that music to make the most of the strea… @CKGoldiing Hahaha that’s great! @bigchef30 Was a cracker ✌️ @steviebooth77 @del246 Thanks guys ✌️
@bigchef30 Full on!Have it. @ChrisHawkinsUK He’s mostly right tho isn’t he?Thought Down To Earth was awesome on Netflix. spin of this cracker from @octoberdrift . Sounds great👌🏼😎
Retweeted by October Drift @steviebooth77 🤙🤙 @steviebooth77 Thanks mate! Hope you enjoy it ✌️✌️
@mattdowning5 @foals Agreed. See you when we can ✌️
@boomshakr @foals I see what you did there. Nice!!Mega drum sound this. @foals @BirdPen 🖤 @WhiteTailFalls @BSTHydePark Nice shot ✌️ @shirleyt222 🖤Just one thing @octoberdrift are to die for. Love them soooo much ♥️♥️♥️♥️
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@polarisfilms It’s amazing isn’t it. Saw it at the cinema when it came out
@Pursehouse Also... classic tune. @Pursehouse No way!Good boys is honestly one of my favourite films
@MusicTSF @amazingradio @WhiteTailFalls We would indeed. ☺️
@StiltsFoster ✌️✌️Hey gang, the latest edition of Sheer Isolation Podcast (courteously of Jon Ponting) is out NOW! Follow this link…
Retweeted by October Drift @Sheer_Music @SpiltMilkMag_ ✌️✌️✌️ @DeerShed This is so coolAn awesome start to help the grassroots venues stay afloat! (Headline could be taken out of context, this is just t… @D51423 Thank you so much ✌️🖤 @octoberdrift A genuinely outstanding album, if you haven't heard it, go hunt it out.
Retweeted by October Driftwhat an album ! Outstanding !
Retweeted by October Drift @octoberdrift the world very quickly went down the pan after this was released (happy birthday lads)
Retweeted by October Drift10/10 debut album, check it out and come hear it live at Bootleg. 🎟️👉🏻
Retweeted by October Drift @glamgigpics @psycho_comedy Thank you ✊ @MartinPugh73 Thanks Martin✌️
@rocklandstv 🚌 🎸 @OllieShip Now we come to think of it. 🤔 @steviebooth77 @del246 Thanks so much guys ✌️ @rockaway_fest ❤️❤️🎳 'Forever Whatever' was released 6 months ago today! We shall celebrate by playing it in its entirety at full volu…
Retweeted by October Drift @thatlldopigthat Thanks mate ✌️ @fish01551 🖤✊ @octoberdrift absolutely incredible debut - massive love for this !
Retweeted by October Drift @jonnygarcon Thanks so much Jonny ✌️ @octoberdrift are one of the best and most energetic live bands i've ever seen. Hopefully the October tour will go…
Retweeted by October Drift @del246 @Ingsdewhurst @F3Lollipops 🖤 @jvictor7 Cheers Jamie ✌️Album Of The Year. Don't @ me, I will not be taking any questions on this subject.
Retweeted by October Drift @F3Lollipops Haha! Thanks Andrea! @_BenHartley_ 🤘🤘🤘🤘 @boomshakr Hahaha. Cheers mate! @BrianDWoolrich Thanks Brian! @thecraftyjoiner Thanks mate! @jvictor7 @nickcave For sure! @BigAlTweeting 😂💪💪 thanks man'Forever Whatever' is 6 months old today! Although we haven't yet got to tour it anywhere near as much as we planne…
This was so good @nickcave #idiotprayer @PaulGregory_ 🙌🙌🙌
@katk3101 We post pretty much everything on here too :) @BigAlTweeting @BBC6Music @BBCSounds I’ll be gobsmacked if it does 😂 @boomshakr ❤️❤️ @BrianDWoolrich Thanks Brian!Really enjoyed listening to this podcast featuring Kiran & Dan from @octoberdrift Especially with the numerous airc…
Retweeted by October DriftKiran and Dan spent some time chatting to Rebel Rowe about everything from releasing our debut album, to making ska… @Silverginger666 Cheers mate! We had fun. Will take a listen and get sharing!I have nothing but gratitude that Kiran and Dan from the brilliant @octoberdrift agreed to a conversation for my po…
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@the145radio @NovaradioNE @protomartyrband @NovaTwinsMusic @thelemontwigs @marthahillmusic @afestaparade ✌️ @duncoafc New stuff on its way✌️Sad to see the downfall of mainstream music journalism. @QMagazine gave us some of our earliest features and for th… @TomlinsChris Watch this space Chris ✌️ @SarahWeatheril1 🖤 @Silverginger666 Legend, thanks so much! @dave_sheridan Cheers Dave ✌️ @BrianDWoolrich No! Open to suggestions.... @F3Lollipops ❤️ @fish01551 Cheers Andy! 😊
Album 2 demos done! One benefit that has come from lockdown 🤘 @EmmaCClare @BBC6Music @MercuryPrize 🖤