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Voice actor, Video editor, Twitch partner. Also I helped make 50% OFF on YouTube. Business inquiries:

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@staffire238 🙇‍♂️🔘🙇‍♂️A shadowy Twitter cabal accepting payment in blood for trending contractsSometimes I think Twitter allows people to pay them to SAY that they are trending when they actually aren't, that w… @Vevion Hmm Interesting @ericalindbeck Who is she.......... @ElspethEastman Not even mentioning Oracle of Ages/Seasons ;n; @KaiserNeko @SenileSnake The more things change, the more they stay the same @maplethistles Thank you, my friend, I knew I could count on you for backup! @2xC The ones who do this are @maplethistles A surprisingly large amount of peopleLook just because you were an impossibly annoying Homestuck fan in 2012 and thinking about that phase in your life… (makes a twitter video because I had a funny idea and wanted to do something creative) People who have literal…
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@CristinaVee This tweet resonated with me in a way I wasn't ready for @ZotBuster @TrueBlueA101 That's a the Garo coat from gold saucer!Also @ZotBuster is preemptively banned from replying to this tweetI can't believe I set a joke subathon goal to Fantasia to a Hrothgar and now I kinda like how I look 👀💦 @goldentot Too late @maplethistles I was JUST thinking about this game on stream the other day 🤔 @bobdunga92 Definitely old testamentI had to call stream early today cause I wasn't feeling well, but everyone was super cool and understanding about.… think one thing I still struggle with for streaming is knowing when to call a stream early because I'm not feelin… wondered what would happen if you ripped all the original Japanese text from Final Fantasy IV, ran it through…
@CryWasTaken Yo GunZ the Duel!!!!!!!!!Tune in tomorrow at 9PM EST for another episode of Tension Pulse! @EroticaPepsi takes on @Netplay_Abuse in a big bo…
Retweeted by IT'S HAPPENING!! @kaynimatic Not at all it's........ an experience.Before and After watching 10 hours of Revenge. Thanks for coming out, everyone. @Octopimp Looking forward to hour 10 when the change fully takes hold @pumpk1ndead
Retweeted by IT'S HAPPENING!!I can't explain what @Octopimp is doing you kinda just have to see it
I watched five minutes of Octo’s stream and Creeper aw man is already stuck in my head fuck this
Retweeted by IT'S HAPPENING!!10 Hour Endurance test Link in bio @Shnikkles That show surprised the hell outta me. Binged it SUPER hard and loved every episode. @tenpai_miko Gundam Wing: endless duel has a character with a jump cancelable DP @katlikestacos Base goals. Stretch goal was not reached. @FF_XIV_EN I REALLY would love it to become a full class, but I seriously appreciate that it's at least getting som… IS BLUE MAGE SHIT HAPPENING, IM IN A LYFT @banavalope 🤔 @LytheroNice we hit all the base goals during my subathon which means it's time to start knocking out the (idiotic) things I… @woops I think about this a lot 👀
Hangry is when you're so hungry you become angry. Sangry is when you're so hungry, you become sad :'c @bronyofthefence @XanozIchimonji @Isorropia_fgc I promise I will only take a second plate after everyone has had their first @AMurderOfBears @MiniMatt_ I spent 10,000,000 World Dollars and didn't get a single AC Potemkin roll wtf ASW
Bit of a late start but I'm gonna be pulls another 16-hour stream today! Link in bio @Voguekun @BeautifuldudeGG @MechaShinOni Fuck this button and fuck youGonna be doing part 2 of my subathon today! We hit all the goals except the Homestuck one last time so this is jus… about the gg trailer then maybe playin some matches! Link in bio @ZotBuster This is the most Zot tweet I've ever read
Retweeted by IT'S HAPPENING!! @munchyjr_ Honorable mention: B^U Axl
I saw a man walking on all fours by himself in the middle of a basketball court at 5 AM and I'm more than a little freaked out 👀 @woops When it rains it pours :cIdiot Machinist tries not to die in savage raids. Does not succeed. Link in bio
@faultydefense Ratio'd @Vevion "I don't have a meterless reversal 😢" YOU PLAY!!!!!!! ELPHELT!!!!! @Vevion Shut thef uck upI just got an opportunity I'm so excited about, I literally jumped up and down. So look forward to that. @goldentot 🔫 @goldentot Hey Tate guess whatPerhaps man was the true monster all along Link in bio @zenzen_eva I'll split some of my clout with you @banavalope "HEY THANKS FOR THE 100 BITS 'FuCkCoPs69'! BIG UPS!" @Grizzalbee Oh shit very interesting thank you for this
@gcyoshi13 Time to put my theatre degree to good useFull-time streamers: have you ever been called in for jury duty? Is it possible to explain to them that missing day… Mage is SUFFERING @dot_Nova Honestly.🔴 THE FRIENDSHIP POLICE ROLL OUT! Playing more Knights and Bikes with the lovely @Octopimp
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Yeah lemme just out-footsie Sin real quick @PepperySplash >block i-no Ah ha, here's da problem"hey dudes welcome to your next challenge! the final days of amaurot!"
Retweeted by IT'S HAPPENING!! @oneofmoo @dexbonus This game is so so so so SO adorable!! I'm loving it so far and definitely want to see how it ends :D @Lythero Monster Hunter 6 timesMy tweets do not reflect the views of my employer (also me)
@tsb_blaze @mynus_jp These are all album covers and I love it @ZotBuster Wait are you at the fair???I thought of an absolutely terrible meme video idea at 5:11 in the morningSaw IT Chapter 2 and it was pretty good, but there is a scene near the end that I 100% guarantee will be used in a… I'll be able to raid as Blue Mage :c @Ezekieru 2323 I think was the final count!
That being said, I have ANOTHER 16-hour stream to do this coming week. We hit ALL the goals (except the Homestuck o…'ve swapped from comic dubs, to abridged series, and now to streaming, and I'm monumentally grateful to everyone w… now that I've rested up, I want to say thank you so much to everyone who swung by the subathon yesterday! I'm so… stream* Not 16 hour, we DID 16 hours x.xWrapped up first half of the 16 hour stream and my brain is fried for a lot of reasons, will post more about it aft…
Time to die Link in bio energy does ";(" project?🔴 Playing Knights and Bikes with the lovely @Octopimp! Heard only good things about this game…
Retweeted by IT'S HAPPENING!!Gonna be pretty much relearning Monster Hunter because I've forgotten everything. But what's the point, they aren'…
T O M M O R O W @FFBE_EN ❤️ @goldentot OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!! YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Clatchet & Rank Bink in Lio