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Voice actor, Video editor, Twitch partner. Also I helped make 50% OFF on YouTube. Business inquiries: l ❤️ @midnaash

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And just for @Octopimp gotta go fast
Retweeted by Shitpostradamus @CirnoTV 😏 @KaiserNeko S T O PShattered Crowns S2 Ep. 6 ft. @MOONMOON_OW @JoeZieja @Octopimp @SterLovesFood @AdmiralBahroo at
Retweeted by Shitpostradamus @Radosity potemkin bundt-sterWHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO STAB ME(looks at my hands) I cake? @KawaiiFaceMiles How much did you say "rawr xD"?
@ambitiousBard @drunkenfix I know what their shirt is supposed to reference but all I can think of is @Moshminki Mew All my homies hate mew @OctoberSpirit THAT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM @SkeleHarpy Retired :c @shinminase Hi this rulesMy new sleep paralysis demon is Ky from Xrd with no cell shading @spepporadio Thank you for putting that thought in my brain, bud"hey how you doin these days?" Me: @AshNicholsArt This was the perfect summer blockbuster, popcorn munching drama. A simpler time....As someone make an enamel pin of the ballpit that just says "2014-2014"It was the definition of "don't want to watch but can't look away"DashCon was 6 years ago and I still (VIVIDLY) remember seeing updates in real-time on my Tumblr dashboard about wha…
Hope things get better for ya and that you get that mew, @Octopimp ! Wanted to try and draw a little thing for ya i…
Retweeted by Shitpostradamus @GeeFrodo @geoffkeighley Is Gabe just turning into old Howard Hughes?
I'm over todayI've been dreaming in voxels @meatgirI yes actually, it's really fuckin weird.This was a great idea until I had to get through the third waffle....It's a "waffles for dinner" kind of day @PuccaNoodles Tater tot hotdish
I want to do this DLC with my community but most people have it on PC, leaving the community split. CROSS SAVES, PLEASE!!!!!! @CapcomUSA_Time to smack Alatreon around a bit (then more Pixelmon) @spepporadio (picture of danny devito) SO ANYWAY, I STARTED SIMPING
Handmade artisanal Fortnite cardsSo my mom was walking the other day and sent me photos of this kid's sidewalk business and he's selling Fortnite...… video game has managed to convey a characters emotional state as well as this single image from Yakuza Kiwami 2…
Retweeted by ShitpostradamusMore Pixelmon because I guess this is what I do now @KaijiTang My girlfriend has been training to beat me at guilty gear for a while. She says she's gonna beat me once…
2020 @dexbonus @breebunn I met the dude who wrote those books and his life is NUTS. He did the iditarod solo and shit. It's crazy.I am currently watching someone execute the worst idea in the history of bad ideas."-NOW- YOU'RE PLAYING GODHAND!" -@Octopimp
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It's time I played the game I never got to love God Hand This game got one of the most controversial reviews from…
Retweeted by Shitpostradamus @munchyjr_ I dont play Millia and this makes me irrationally afraid @tatoooba Well then what am I gonna do with all these boxes of chokers?! @tatoooba Did this ever leave?? @allanycal @GloriousArcadum @SterLovesFood @MOONMOON_OW Huck is just trying to make sure he's SAFE, ok??? @clown_depot Behold: The Post-A-Tweet-InatorSome fanart from @GloriousArcadum Shattered Crowns last night :) I love this series, I'm always laughing the whole…
Retweeted by Shitpostradamus @SynTheSequel @pspellos That rules! What a cool dude.i don't think i've ever drawn a mustache man before but i like him a lot @Octopimp @GloriousArcadum
Retweeted by Shitpostradamus @Zephyris101 Big agree @carlos_cisco dude some people just left burnt out fireworks on our sidewalk. im done with this shit.I can't wait to unpin this tweet and make a new one when everything's updated. Tomorrow's gonna be a fun guest str…
Retweeted by ShitpostradamusShattered Crowns S2 Ep. 2 ft. @MOONMOON_OW @AdmiralBahroo @SterLovesFood @Octopimp @JoeZieja at
Retweeted by ShitpostradamusActually this whole dub is great. Watch Outlaw Star, y'allNot to say the original JP actor was bad. He was fine, but they put too much "robot effect" on him.This character is, in my opinion, UNQUESTIONABLY better in the dub than original JP @goldentot Tate I gotta say that with all the stuff going on these days, your Twitter is the only thing consistent on here and I love it
@EricBaudour @CringeMp4've joked about covering this song for a while, so I just went ahead and did it. Music by @arthurxmedic Vocal mi…
Retweeted by Shitpostradamus @cherrizard A lot of good musicals unfortunately are never filmed :( it's a shame, really @ambitiousBard @starpyrate Hehe heavy arms go brrrrr @ambitiousBard Isn't this the motivation of like every MGS bad guy? @ambitiousBard Isn't he a cop too? Eugh. @ambitiousBard Whos the worst Gundam Wing boy?Man tries to return arm that isn't his @Dongo_The_King Thank you! I'm glad you liked it c: @mugendaiyo Experience points? Experience points at what?
@kaynimatic @arthurxmedic @petersrin @ProZD @DustyOldRoses Thanks dude I appreciate that c: I was torn between doin… @petersrin @arthurxmedic @ProZD @DustyOldRoses Please, you're BOTH amazingThanks to everyone who helped me out with this weird idea. Now it's out in the world and you all have to deal with it.I've joked about covering this song for a while, so I just went ahead and did it. Music by @arthurxmedic Vocal mi… @Aggronize You mean made it better
@AdmiralBahroo DON'T "NO" ME YOU ALREADY DID IT!!I need to do some catch up in Pixelmon, so here we fuckin GOOOOOOO @AdmiralBahroo @quoteEliunquote @SavedYouAClickV oh they already knowAlso we got a new highlight video from my Super Mario 64 But Everything Is Daisy stream is the only good fanart I've ever made in my life MPU
@mugendaiyo ILL DRINK TO THAT up and checking my timeline
Uploading something on Saturday that I'm really excited about.Pokemon Sucks (this post made by the Skeleton Warrios Gang)
Pokemon Sucks (this post made by the Monster Rancher Gang) @BrockBaker his name's like my name 😭 @RazorSaw95 @_Unexpectables_ I love this a lot! I miss playing this guy 😭We're back, pardners
What's even going on anymore? @AdmiralBahroo Apocalypse Chic
Pokemon Sucks (This post made by the Digimon Gang) finding a game that I love playing and really enjoy and just having people....not be into it is the most defeating feeling. Damn.Feels like nobody is into this game except me. Just gonna shelf this playthrough. Sorry everyone.More Nioh 2
I'll never forget when I incapacitated @Lythero with laughter from this impressionIt's this included.I feel like a lot of voice actors I know have a "party trick" impression. @bigbossboze Holy shit what?????