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@LibertyBlitz There will be a Salt Bae booth at all WeWork locationsEl Alto, Bolivia: Funeral held for those killed in yesterday’s confrontations between residents and pro-coup police…
Retweeted by Hijo del Cuervo ✪ @EsOnMiami @CityofMiami One minute I'm waiting for walk sign, next minute I'm balancing along the edge of a cliff in the SerengetiThis is CNN @samhusseini I believe this is coup #192 in Bolivian historyWell this changes everything @GetAroundSafely @FixMetroMDT or not... as it wereLOL
Juana Guaido usual, the Cuban contingent of slobbering spooks spring into action like starving Springer Spaniels when their m… @betosanc @CityofMiami he can pronounce "Huitzilopotxli" once correctly, we'll let him use the accent"not a coup", look... "bunching" caused by "traffic", 24/7 @mrpink13 @IRideMDT Typical @wolfiecomedy can I get a collab salad @cosmicsoul477 Must be the same criteria they used to give Kissinger the Nobel Peace prize🤔
Retweeted by Hijo del Cuervo ✪ @MarcACaputo Did Sean Penn green-light this"not a coup" week I took an important step to bring #InspiredGround closer to reality. Follow @deepcityig to keep up with developmentsWalgreens’ untrimmed hedges hogging half of the sidewalk coral way and 37th @CityofMiami @RancidSassy I pulled an Evo and went back to Mexico 🇲🇽 for a few years @RancidSassy *drove me* ....I hate it when autocorrect makes me sound like I speak Miami EnglishThe most apt MAGA metaphor possible @RancidSassy It was those miniature flags that drive me out of the US in October 2001. I couldn’t take itPerhaps another reason why US pwogwessives declined to call for Evo's reinstatment: the plan was to assassinate him.
Retweeted by Hijo del Cuervo ✪ @LLadett @birth_marxist @ThatLakotaGuy No, this is my way: @cosmicsoul477 @MiamiHerald Next time I read a story in the @miamiherald that involves a homicide, I want to read "the gun killed him" @ThatLakotaGuy Anybody who carries a rifle on behalf of corporate interestsWell, it is right there in the name @BethLynch2020 Nothing like hitching your wagon to the millionaire as underdog cause. Muricans sure are a breed apart.Oh, you're having trouble adjusting to "civilian" life after touring the world killing other people? Well, gosh golly @betosanc You're gonna die on this hill, huhGoogle doesn't have to buy Fitbit just to get your health data. It's been running an under-the-radar project with A…
Retweeted by Hijo del Cuervo ✪Always a Miami connection. Although, I'd wager there are many more than just one in the case of Bolivia's coup @aliluna33 jesus christ... I hope there's a large settlement in your future. Wish you a speedy recovery. @aliluna33 omg what happenedU.S. and Bolivia's long history and what happened the last time it made the slightest turn left
US security coop the gift that keeps on giving.
Retweeted by Hijo del Cuervo ✪ @mrpink13 Have you been getting too much baking soda in your snow?La gente salió a la calle en El Alto para oponerse al golpe de Estado. La situación no está estable como quiere hac…
Retweeted by Hijo del Cuervo ✪ @stacyherbert SoftBank, major Uber investor that ousted Kalanik, has $45b of Saudi money in its "Vision Fund". @OmartheWonder @CFagan1987 Boludo*Bolivian "protestors" occupying Venezuelan embassy. Seems legit.'m ok with this @OLAASM Puta, que bueno que el sabio @loupero nos aclara los hechos con su profundo análisis de su propio ortoUna televisora del Estado denuncia que “hordas fascistas” están obligándolos a cerrar la transmisión en vivo. Otra…
Retweeted by Hijo del Cuervo ✪#Koch was Evo Morales overthrown? He was nationalizing the highly profitable lithium industry and planning to deal di…
Retweeted by Hijo del Cuervo ✪With an estimated 9,000,000 t, #Bolivia holds about 43% of the world's known lithium reserves. #ClimateImperialism
Retweeted by Hijo del Cuervo ✪No thank you for your service
Policía Boliviana de manera ilegal pretende detener a @evoespueblo. Denunciamos al mundo esta locura.
Retweeted by Hijo del Cuervo ✪Does the op in #Bolivia run through Miami? Probably just knew this moment would come. Evo's "friend" and the guy behind SoftBank's takeover of Miami via cronies in… @betosanc Right. Those respectable proxy Atlanticist organizations. Very legit.#Ahora Evo Morales renuncia a la presidencia de Bolivia: "Estoy renunciando para que mis compañeros no sean amedren…
Retweeted by Hijo del Cuervo ✪ @betosanc I suggest you learn more about Bolivia's history before condemning Evo's government. I'm quite sure you w… @betosanc Do you know who wrote Bolivia's constitution?FUN FACT: The raw material (coca plants) for the cocaine that flooded the U.S. in 80's was cultivated in Bolivia by… @FixMetroMDT @VirginTrainsMIA @twp_mr @MayorGimenez @RebecaSosaMiami @CommishDiaz @CommBovo @barbarajordan1 @VirginTrainsMIA I hear you. Only reason I learned the little programming I know was out of necessity. And yet, the… @VirginTrainsMIA Unless you're planning on graduating in 1976, you will be dealing with computers for all and any d… are cursed with two-bit celeb dime-store philosophers"Construcción de la nación": El arma económica desarrollada por los estados unidos en #Bolivia
Retweeted by Hijo del Cuervo ✪Looks like the Bolivian agro-industrial elites have resorted to yet another coup to put themselves where nobody wants them @BethLynch2020 How many gallons of oil-based enamel paint are they using?
He's not wrong of internet space is a real phenomenon, and it has nothing to do with "civility' but with the caste…
Retweeted by Hijo del Cuervo ✪Well, I’m back and it’s still summer @NoLore To me it’s just a book I read. Great book, btw
@joshpitdcmia So sorry, man. @joshpitdcmia Did you know him?Too shocked for words. Please share until an arrest has been made
Retweeted by Hijo del Cuervo ✪ @Nat333Lopez Glue @ivosan11 @VirginTrainsMIA It is? Primera noticia @omanitsomar As luck would have it, I’m currently in a room with 200 commercial bank reps and Fed bank officials. L… @omanitsomar It’s that kind of century @VirginTrainsMIA They keep it in the basement, too... sort of an inside joke, I guess. I remember trying to change… @VirginTrainsMIA Wells FargoTower of pennies in a bank. Art or vile expression of contempt? #Pennypacker
@ibizasunrise1 AdvertisingLanded at 9:40 in Newark. Wiping the chocolate croissant off my face on E 41st Street at 11:40 @cosmicsoul477 @VirginTrainsMIA I just got off a plane in New Jersey and within 10 minutes I was on a bus to Manhat… of American network TV is SO SO bad. The stories are bad. The writing is bad. The acting is bad. Thank god for Seinfeld reruns. @MarcACaputo NY is complex. Multi-generational immigrant communities; a distinction that can only be claimed by one… it really that complex? You got a status quo that votes the same and the cash poor masses who, of course, look f… me of the creeps my born-again christian middle school used to bring in to speak to us during "chapel". Dis…
They opted, instead, to fund a weekly book burning to save bookshelf space #BecauseFlorida @GetAroundSafely @VirginTrainsMIA It is oddly out of the way... but then again, not much point to it, either.Remember, remember Off canonization of Walter Mercado is the most Miami thing ever @wolfiecomedy That's just LA tho @cosmicsoul477 Just one of my many misanthropic eccentricitiesAnyone got the skinny on rumors that Deutsche Bank has filed for bankruptcy?Trump swaps #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth with American History and Founders Month