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Pseudo-goth entitled little bitch // PhD student @roehamptonuni (homonormativity & futurity in YA) // he/him

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This fucking country manages to get worse every single day @FancyEliza InsomniaHashtag overwhelmed by all the positive reactions to #12daysireland! Sign up and donate €12 to four charities and g…
Retweeted by Young hot book fagI'm working on this project again. Current feeling: this of sourdough was venerated - even made a Lord - for his hostility to Corbyn. Here he is mocking a human rights lawyer mur…
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did you guys know that SSENSE is pronounced "essence" and not just "Ssense" like a snake saying "sense"
Retweeted by Young hot book fagThis is a really beautiful project created by @jeannedesutun, featuring wonderful writers and creatives, to raise f…
Retweeted by Young hot book fagalso if you sign up I will do an EXCLUSIVE dramatic reading of my contribution on insta stories, where hopefully my… involvement is 100% down to nepotism (shoutout to @fayoonao) but the other people involved are actual amazing wr… am somehow part of this amazing charity project (endorsed by Marian Keyes!). Sign up now to receive festive email… Home Office have now agreed to remove anyone who came to UK under the age of 12 from the charter flight but we…
Retweeted by Young hot book fagYou would think that would stop me tweeting it and yetrude that several other people had the extremely stupid idea of singing The Body Keeps the Score to the tune of ‘Le… remit is extremely broad! We will help you to publish your research! All of the editors are cool and queer and… big sigh: I've had to re-open submissions for the postgraduate and early-career English & Creative writin… full of dread at the thought of another awful week. I wish my giant can of olives were here to comfort me
2020 eliminating my functioning brain cells
Retweeted by Young hot book fagI just spent £35 (???) on a giant can of olives, all of which have to be eaten within seven days of opening. Anothe… creating outdoor dining spaces in the winter
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@buzz_fightyear Honestly it’s so disconcerting @phoebelambdon I mean, I had fun and Aubrey is great, so I would say yes (but also my bf paid lol) @buzz_fightyear @missalicebmbds Yeah I’m perplexedAnyway Martha’s take is perfect confusing that Happiest Season isn’t about KStew running away with Aubrey Plaza @buzz_fightyear Omg I love'you remember too much, my mother said to me recently. why hold onto all that? and i said, where can i put it down?' - anne carson
Retweeted by Young hot book fag🔺 2020 Makina Books family portrait 💚 🔺Thankful for books in weird times 🔺 We are having a Sale this weekend to…
Retweeted by Young hot book fagI’M CRYING?!?$%;&(@/&
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I think I need to be a lot drunkerIt is already CURSED and I’m ecstaticMusic and lyrics by Dolly, directed and choreographed by Debbie Allen, starring Dolly and Christine Baranski. there… is cool // let’s honour this legacy by resisting police attempts to rebrand themselves as friends of the queer… found this bottle of mulled cider in the cupboard and I fucked in a load of other shit too (ginger wine, crabappl… brain is extremely smooth after many hours of zoomListening to Cotton Eye Joe on repeat aka another rocking Friday eveningThis is so inspiring. A student movement in Manchester won a 30% rent reduction for @OfficialUoM's fraught handling…
Retweeted by Young hot book fag @ofclaws Lol, waist up only (the first pic is from before times)i be writing this research paper w no research just vibes
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I managed a team of copywriters at END. They worked a 42.5h week (unpaid half an hour lunch break!) for £18.5k. Whe…
Retweeted by Young hot book fagAnother absolutely withering and deeply unproductive day is absolutely vile all Charter Flight Mass Deportations to Jamaica & other Commonwealth Countries #Jamaica50 - Sign the Petition!… @cryborgg @RetchinBtchFace Ultimately it’s your project and you don’t have to take everything on board, especially… I wearing this blouse yet again? I couldn’t possibly say calls Kim Kardashian ‘Kim Cardassian’ every single time and doesn’t seem to realise he’s doing it @fayoonao @sarahdrinkwater Hahahahahaha @sarahdrinkwater @fayoonao The more I look at it, the less I think I like the pocket, but thanks for offering! @evxod Yessss go off! @evxod Lmaoooooo @pangolin666 Lmaooo I also feel this way about heuristic. Who knows, and frankly who caresI have looked them both up so many times but my brain simply refuses to retain their meaningMe smugly using words like ‘hermeneutics’ and ‘epistemology’ with only the vaguest sense of what they mean @sleeful @drdommoran OMG ELLIE!!!!!!!! Amazing work @sleeful Ooooh FUN @cryborgg One of my potential supervisors gave me LOADS of feedback on my first draft. imo it shows they are invest… @fayoonao The disrespect @amymarkscouk I rly like this one! 🖤 @fayoonao I love this but think it might be a little small on me. Stupid ‘one size’ 😒This is huge. Vancouver, one of the hardest-hit cities in the world by the drug poisoning epidemic, takes a huge le…
Retweeted by Young hot book fag @holocenehoney Thank you!Essentially I want more blouses like this so that I don’t have to continue wearing this one three times a week I were in the market for voluminous blouses that were ~sassy but still ~chic, where should I look (other than Monki)?
@jellycrone Amazing @2cliona @eoghangriffin Oh Christ @postmenon unparalleled levels of power @criticalprvrsn I was taught it as part of my MA at Queen Mary in 2017/18this stupid ass mf the reason im at work rn
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@jo_bazz Lmaoooooo I think you’re doing great but unfortunately I am also in a prolonged flop era so cannot be trustedSame energy friend from home got hacked on fb and my mother’s response is sending me (cc @eoghangriffin) @buzz_fightyear Covid crockpot 😭‘This is as close to a draw as I’ve ever seen’ is not impressive when they’re both equally crap #GBBOFinal @NilamAtodaria Lmao yes literally this!idc this is somehow the perfect #gbbo showstopper we all deserved in 2020
Retweeted by Young hot book fagI’m still backing my Fiat 500 queen Laura. Bringing this level of messy chaos is a big 2020 moodDave looks like he’s going to murder everyone if he doesn’t winyeah i read theory
Retweeted by Young hot book fagThis show is so fucking annoying. Pay for a/c you pricks @bethchevron @craftyglassldn I got a gherkin last Christmas! Praying for you @FancyEliza 👼🏻💁🏻‍♀️ @bethanyrutter J’agree but also I need to calm downI also just bought this expensive bauble because I have FULLY lost the run of myself @littlehux @jo_bazz @craftyglassldn :(omg yes I just managed to buy a @craftyglassldn sprout – this year's must-have Christmas itemOh god I forgot about the bake off final. WITHERING @jo_bazz As per usual, I have worked myself into a consumer frenzy but don’t actually have any idea what I wantWould love to hear if anyone has made this and had it not look like vomit because maybe it’s just me lmaoHad my fave MSS (Meera Sodha slop) for dinner – a veganised version of the cauliflower korma. Picture redacted beca… @torahwilcox A @torahwilcox Yes it slaps! @BroadwayZbornak I will keep you in the loop! (I am once again trying to make someone else figure out what books I want for Christmas lol) @missalicebmbds @Tighe_er SameHave any particularly interesting ‘best books of 2020’ lists been published yet?We can’t control coronavirus until everyone can afford to self-isolate. #SickPayForAll
Retweeted by Young hot book fagSolidarity with the #Stansted15 who are in court today to appeal their charges. Of the people whose deportations t…
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