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Sosar or Dog丨Make Akali Great Again丨I'm afraid to fight because what if they choke me and I cum 丨PFP by @BonniieA and banner by @k3nzoteruya

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@FuckCeIine @FuckCeIine IM KIDDING, WHY DELETE. Now I feel bad @FuckCeIine @FuckCeIine @FuckCeIine You're loved and appreciated @FuckCeIine
@twulytenzin slay queen slay @lauriedere I'm just cringe @bunbaoie @h0ttentacles @twulytenzin @IamManBadger @Sk4pticWho @KawaiiCatori @twulytenzin @KawaiiCatori Get these 2 flavors, they're my favorite @Justin4799 @lauriedere Talk to me like that again and I'll kiss you on the lips @lauriedere @lauriedere doggy woggymy boi @ODTSDog is so down bad he streamed a hentai game in discord vc someone help him pls
Retweeted by Dog @FuckCeline I like the parts where he goes "HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE" @FuckCeline @FuckCeIine headpats time @lauriedere @ItszzRose Keep your head up queen, your crown is falling @COUNTERMAGlC @ItszzRose You are under arrest for a stolen meme @LONGSLEEVES Yellow @SupportWhopper @FuckCeline
@ShiftedReality0 @pokimanelol Might have been me? @pokimanelol @lauriedere @StealfyDoge HA, what a loser @lilpoogi @FuckCeIine @FuckCeline @FuckCeline delete this queen @namo_namonamoo @sleepyeris @sleepyeris Am I finally getting a girlfriend? @h0ttentacles gimme @nobunni @lauriedere
@crybabybitch @h0ttentacles @KawaiiCatori I will switch to Alliance and camp him for you @Aryessa_ @ShiftedReality0 Happy Birthday! @anikauwu @xXxMEME1ORDxXx Do you need any youtube mods? 👉👈 @RiftAwaken @SupportWhopper You somehow unintentionally ratioed whopper @RiftAwaken @SupportWhopper virgin @SupportWhopper vs The Chad @ODTSDog @FuckCeIine How can I serve you today, queen @FuckCeline @yourprixcess @FuckCeline @bunbaoie I'm always scared I'm gonna burn my house down when I do this.
@anikauwu @FuckCelinee I'm gonna print this tweet out and hang it on my wall @lilpoogi Fruit punch like but it's not fruit punch @Setun1993 @lilpoogi yessir, tell her @lilpoogi try it, you'll love it. I took one sip and had to stop cause I thought I was going to fall in love with P… @lilpoogi oh, I found my new favorite flavor, BEHOLD @FuckCelinee me please @FuckCelinee Spicy chicken popcorn @FuckCelinee @anikauwu Future POV of you, when you're Radiant, stomping on silvers @anikauwu Making it to Radiant @anikauwu Can you pretend this says queen, thanks @syionaa My bad @FuckCelinee @FuckCelinee Buying it on day one so I can get all the egirls @FuckCelinee YESSIR @FuckCelinee @FuckCelinee @FuckCelinee @FuckCelinee No
@syionaa Goals @FuckCeIine I thought it was funny @FuckCelinee K nice talk @FuckCelinee Hello @FuckCelinee Real, I'm just like Now what @TheBestBoy121 @caracakezz Thanks for carrying me in my league promos, the other day, I'm now gold thanks to you @pokimanelol @LilyPichu @Setun1993 @KawaiiCatori who are you? @KawaiiCatori Goals
2021 @lauriedere @syionaa slay queen slay @FuckCeIine I DO NOT @FuckCeIine But none of them are cool like you @FuckCeIine @FuckCeIine MA'AM YES YOU DO, who else am I going to send all these cute and wholesome memes too. @princess_onyx @paigelol Him after being called Darius @SupportWhopper no u @hearteaterxo Keep slaying queen, slay queen slay @Timo_S04 It's a great anime @strawbunnylol @ShiftedReality0 the time has come for me to kick you from the spotify family plan so I can simp @FuckCelinee