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Caster Streamer guy @ontheflytwitch (he/him) 🇦🇴🇵🇹

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@exJackiee Go crazy son @notchaselyons Looking good chase looking good @silvasalavisa @Layymooon Why he tag u @buffcore Typed without my glasses sorry, gn mountaindew fella @buffcore Goodm orbing @lordsithpost Happy birthday son @FavsPriv Nothing to do with it @may_wedda @dagostlno You work for the government? @Freshballer69 @dagostlno Happy birthday brady’s dad moment @silvasalavisa Real shit @buffcore All? @dagostlno Happy birthday gino mom moment @_gamblr @NXOnNetflix Dude ive been waiting for so long i need to see that chick naked againwe're back. #Castlevania
Retweeted by Fábio @dagostlno @tidest4r @CrypticNoHoes @tamapooch Aint that what u call oranges and shit @_gamblr @NXOnNetflix OH MY GOS @mothercain Letsgooooooooooo @mothercain Omg @_gamblr Wgats funny @nternetgirl 🧢 @IHATEVIRGlNS @xoxo_vict0ria Little poop goblin @KFC_ES Crying what is this @xodivorable Its fun 👤 @luvharabella A little @xodivorable Hop on apex @IHATEVIRGlNS @xoxo_vict0ria U do this on the regular anyways @xoxo_vict0ria @IHATEVIRGlNS omg @Ultra15151 @FavsPriv Dyingrn @oDittle_ My goat @svmniac Uhm @Retals Even fighting games doing it sheesh @svmniac Has good damage and good oki too bc low fan ender guarantees a mileena sai 👤 @kittyjuless @loojt6gf I apologize for his behavior @jayadotnet Yall really running the boob olympics @_gamblr Rude for no reason @goodbeanaltalt Does this apply to likes too @sebastianjii 👄🐐 @YourEmbracee Whats ur priv @The8ayley LMAOOO how do you decide @Daymeeein @dev0rama_ @exJackiee BroWho quoted on priv 👤 @haleyscalm I treat both of mine equally @haleyscalm This is unfair @Ali71651155 Nope @Josh_Tries LOL omg (link my tiktok fabiomoment) @jayadotnet How do you decideIs it true that girls have a favorite boob @THump @PlayApex Top 5 apex clip @keeksoffline Thankyou<3 @keeksoffline Im not bad 👤 @keeksoffline Mmmm ngl recently i just built my audience around fighting games or random content i dont think i’d e… @ovatsuG404 Imma stream soon i miss this 🥲 @TheTopViking Fr imagine twerking @Oreologist Myb im sad @ovatsuG404 I used to get top 8s every week on stream i fell off @keeksoffline I been playing it lately @ovatsuG404 I miss streaming idc ab tweets.Dudes b under tweets talking ab “i miss ur bangers” like ur a retired athlete @Gavpai If u were in australia yea @iPurrple @dracubina @moonsuedo @Gavpai Thought they were in eu @AlmightyRednose LMAOOOOOO @LisaaRadish That name is so random i laugh everytime i see u in a chat @ethoz Fighting game pro @buffcore No
@crystalmeowthz Imma let them @CrypticNoHoes @Oreologist @jacksondahl Whaaaaat @CrypticNoHoes @Oreologist @jacksondahl Nothing new @svmniac Yeah @craig_stewart11 Yeah i’ll just stay silent i guess @Arrvw Ty bröther @KaleiRenay Gl gl gl @TristanGHill @wydstepbrOoke Tears @X_AZEEZ3 They gotta start doing b3 leap now LOL @vsqoof Warner Bros moment @tayk4te @silvapriv_ LOL some sort of seafood it looks ugly as hell im never eating it @silvapriv_ LMAOOOO @22lexi_ I could ship one to you when is your birthday @Oreologist @_NotTeryn Im joining vc in 8 minutes @Oreologist @_NotTeryn WAIT @Yuhuuur Meant to use this at first but @_NotTeryn 7:41pm listening to the rain wbu @22lexi_ Hes the alternative one @TheSamsman Real shit @22lexi_ Where omg @_NotTeryn Henlo @nternetgirl Shut up @silvapriv_ Cbm @_NotTeryn LMAOOO @neekolul Whosbreezyuk got it like that? Damn @Oreologist Crying @Grahamalott Ikr my bumass getting invited to things now @daveisabum LMAOOOOO @exJackiee Bro i just read his name im crying @exJackiee I got a wife and kids now @itsWaddles_ @ThatEdgyTwat @Oreologist BANGER game me and oreo got it yesterday shit is so fun im crying we stayed at this boss for like 1hr @Yuhuuur @sebastianjii @FavsPriv Always found it weird since he replied with “Okkkay” that one time @Yuhuuur @FavsPriv @sebastianjii Whaaaaat @TwitchSupport Omg lets goooo @ThatEdgyTwat @Oreologist WYM BY THIS im asking him to play remnant with me @FavsPriv @sebastianjii