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@Froste @WhosBreezyUK LMAOOOO MY GOAT @CrypticNotAlone @WhosBreezyUK IM CRYINGhow are they letting CrypticNoOne do this to them LMAOOO
Retweeted by FábioHOLYYYYYY @CrypticNotAlone GOT A 3K (somehow bro idk) THIS GAME IS INSANE TAP IN RIGHT NOW
Retweeted by Fábio
@bearbubb Sorry @notchaselyons @oFabz let it be know that on this day you have made yourself my enemy, i will not forget your crimes against me an…
Retweeted by FábioThis man already has to wake up in the UK everyday and now his Twitch is banned. Nobody should have to go through a…
Retweeted by Fábiotournament moment I'm commentating the first match TAP IN @OnTheFlyTwitch 🔥🧍 @HarryButAverage Go crazy kiddo ilyHey Twitter, my account with 90k followers got permanently suspended last night for a mistake I made 3 years ago a…
Retweeted by Fábio @Mako Wooooo have a good saturday kingBruh im crying i was at 23.6k followers earlier check how many i got after the sus wave @itsWaddles_ Chaos @sebastianjii @optiuh @IittIebesos 🙂Who allowed THIS man to get a gf. @optiuh @IittIebesos AWWWW ILY BOTH LETS GOOOOO @reallycummy MYGODINEEDTHISHarry is 15 and has raised more money for charity through charity streams than 99% of other streamers and Twitch ba…
Retweeted by Fábioactually heartbroken man, i spent 2 years and nearly 2000 hours streamed just for it to be taken away because i sig…
Retweeted by Fábio @HarryButAverage Im so sorry kiddo ily
@OnTheFlyTwitch Fuck texas @notchaselyons Still a little kitten :3Turning 22 in a month set vs sikander (on my super sayan try hard shit) @VideoGamezYo Happy birthday my king wish you the best
@100Thieves @JBLaudio @RohnJobinson @JhbTeam WAS THE FROSTE CLIP NECESSARY @bIondiewasabi I would deactivate @JoeyTheSuperJew I will literally meat reveal @silvapriv_ Lil brother tem dama damn @silvapriv_ Ongggg @optiuh Sorry? @TheWiebel I'm crying bro @HarryButAverage Bro said "dont complain later" like we all racist or something @HarryButAverage HE SAID MY NAME I WAS SHAKING @Joshtq19 He prob changed the i into a lowercase L but still even roblox has better protection @CrypticNotAlone This is not true.
@CrypticNotAlone Unfollow my gf then. @optiuh Prob someone that wont even ask if i ate @optiuh WHAT THIS MEAN @Mako 💚hi everyone, it pains me to share this but my older brother passed away yesterday. I feel so lost inside. Ive creat…
Retweeted by Fábio @Yuhuuur @Nefertidddy I didnt even do anything brogamers gaming feat. @MK_AWP @LawKorridor @The_Gxblin I will block u rn @The_Gxblin Seeing double beats cassie 🥲 @isnifffeet What this mean @FavsPriv @Yuhuuur Get his ass babe @The_Gxblin I main cassie. @TheSamsman Im literally still here? @ovatsuG404 Dude @shivisdumb Shiv cute moment @Yuhuuur @Blankzy_ Be nice? @OhHeyGaymer @Falkunn @NugiFGC @MrJackSpratt_ Im sorry :( hope he breaks a leg @optiuh Haiii @afemeje You had this marinating on the folder @babieyoda Very helpful @EndaTheIrishGuy @ConnorNelson Fr @ovatsuG404 🤓actually these arent footsies you nrs players know nothing🤓 @Daymeeein @Leo__ffs Omg 😭 @JOSSI4H LMAOOOOO @ovatsuG404 Bad @Nefertidddy Omg @optiuh STOP @optiuh Im literally still here @scobesx @optiuh @Grahamalott @IcyVert My goat @xbarkoo Ty barko moment @Nefertidddy Ihy ihy ihy ihy @af4iry Dude? @Cuhmmando 🥲 @flho_ Its 1am @flho_ I am both @Gavpai Asoingbobert the 5th
@xoupgone @Grahamalott ???? @Grahamalott !!! yall on the tl can somebody post ass @MTV @yungblud @machinegunkelly Back off @VideoGamezYo With this being said. Cassie Skarlet (Sorry for this i promise its not my choice) Cetrion. @VideoGamezYo Mine reset for some reason it says i only have 300 on cassie @Titaniumtigerzz @Kotaku HOLLYWOOD BOY @ImJustGt 🔥 @prakdip My non gf gf likes it @BakeHatesItHere @Boy1drr No i get scared when ppl simply text me my name and nothing else @prakdip I know, its hard. @CrushedGG Yes. @Boy1drr Im becoming immune to the Fabio trigger @optiuh Excuse me @optiuh Yall acting like i died or sum @xoupgone Jesus @Josh_Tries Sorry??? @22lexi_ Me @xoupgone 0 ppl laughing @i4llwayslit Thank you @Boy1drr Hai @bigdanklord420 @optiuh Why yall talking like i died @SylverRye gotta outplace sonic ninja kombat semiij dragon and hayatei for not even 1% of that money @CrypticNotAlone Small waist @JhbTeam @ItsKahnn