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in my defense i’m stupid | stream @ @ontheflytwitch

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he gotta block her
Retweeted by Fabio @oFabz Stay offline please 😘
Retweeted by Fabio @oFabz Didn’t ask
Retweeted by Fabio @Hikkishiro I LOVE HERlive fo today @RedLightning_11 @serenatei She's pretty @aladarFGC @alexmercer5672 I'm pretty sure he got banned because he sniped him? Then asked for a set? LMAO i'd be p… @alexmercer5672 I promise you the hate is really only about the characters that the community plays and nothing reg… @alexmercer5672 Is this whats causing beef? That brodyaga dude picked shang and jacqui so she just made a stereotype LOL @uMentalOW Yea @avgeI YOU come here @avgeI k. @avgeI ? @avgeI You’re so pretty hello @Yuhuuur @Blankzy_ LOOOOOL @212Ninjakilla Scrub @j0paliri @P3rvah Damn her coño ruidosa @P3rvah It’s funnier in spanish @avgeI WeirdChamp @avgeI Search bar from:avgei come over @longneckedbeck @Oreologist Mmmm @BakeHatesItHere Yum @avgeI Yea @bbyggc I know @Oreologist I wanna taste it @bigboybubba420 So oreo cake tastes like strawberry milk? Odd @Oreologist I heard it’s biglmfao
Retweeted by Fabio @Honda_Civic_EX Got owned by Honda Civic @wtfshaay @Oreologist Want to put him in the ovenWhat does Oreo cake taste like @serenatei Scared all your hoes @silvasalavisa Whoever is blowing her back out is the goat not me @MyFavsTrash It looked cute and badass until I peeped the replies... @JoeyTheSuperJew What does it taste like @CrypticNo @beatsbynav Sorry? @inclcore @albert127946 *pushes you against the wall* @BigFnDawg00 *Grabs your throat* @BasedGothlol @avgeI She made me do it @avgeI LULW @avgeI Using my vocabulary wow I’m so proud of you
@silvasalavisa @avgeI Hacked @xanful @avgeI Why @avgeI ? @xanful @avgeI My bad @Ultra15151 Lick lick @avgeI *spits* @SamjaySJ W @sophiesolit Record it and post it @meltoosilly Record it @MyFavsTrash 😭 @yvckrxy Its funny @albert127946 *Grabs your neck* @sophiesolit HolyFun fact : You can’t look up while your tongue is out! @LudiFGC Bad take @TweedyIN LOOOL I wanna rt this just to make ppl mad @gxmblr @serenatei Don’t. @sophiesolit You don’t even know his name. James @sophiesolit You said you wanted him. @robbersxsteven Ong @serenatei Omg these are the ones I picked @serenatei You sure @sophiesolit We made her kiss someone I- @shivisdumb She deserves me as her parent @sophiesolit She’s 17 on the final season we gotta replay chapter 2 asap @sophiesolit I got shy sorry @avgeI DUDE @sophiesolit You said you liked when I played wth @serenatei Can I @sophiesolit Reply with that to under mine @sophiesolit Omg really @syhrhys Wrong @BeaHomegirl Clem >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> @DylanRazh I will simply mute you @Moristiko Why the fuck did I just do this... @Nefertidddy Man my life was so much better without knowing about that movie @may_wedda @Boltslol @OnTheFlyTwitch I trust them @Boltslol @OnTheFlyTwitch FOR REAL @Ultra15151 @OnTheFlyTwitch LOLOL @100TJackiee WHAT THE HELL
Retweeted by Fabio @machinegunkelly @iamblackbear WHAT THE FUCK @itsWaddles_me and @iamblackbear droppin one tomorrow at midnight. 🤐
Retweeted by Fabio @lilaaron911 Hot @Oreologist Okay so remember when we were running and the police showed up because the kitchen was there and then t… @WhosBreezyUK Overcooking salmon do you get it @notchaselyons @OnTheFlyTwitch First rounded buddy @itsWaddles_ @OnTheFlyTwitch Seems too easy to predict right @WhosBreezyUK @OnTheFlyTwitch samman gonna get 20 aces on this tourney @serenatei ????????????? @OnTheFlyTwitch Thought about this for a while @SkreetMan @100TJackiee @OnTheFlyTwitch Hunter🚨 OTF BRACKET CHALLENGE 🚨 You could win $50 by watching our tournament 💸 TO ENTER: 🡒 RT this tweet 🡒 Follow…
Retweeted by Fabio @FGC_Theo Wish we could just play any stage with any character we want tbh I hated using V on my second playthrough @may_wedda @OnTheFlyTwitch Cocky this cocky that goddamn show your COCK @may_wedda @OnTheFlyTwitch Cocky @rustoy7000 I'm better than this