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Fabio @oFabz Lisbon

in my defense i’m stupid @ontheflytwitch ~ 21

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@girlfriendsxo Album cover is a 10/10 too @silvasalavisa Priv Twitter changed me @TommyThroatEm @silvasalavisa Im sorry king you got this get better ASAP @silvasalavisa I was in high 60s close to 70 before quarantine bro... I feel so disgusting ab myself rn its not even funny @silvapriv_ @FabioMoment Me and my non gf gf + you and your gf gf @silvasalavisa I feel you bro I’m having a mental breakdown rn @TommyThroatEm Feel better chief tommy @albert12798 Woke up togood @Class @HarryButAverage @Froste Youre breaking him @af4iry Click click @af4iry K8 feeding the animals folder @SamjaySJ Make then do a human tower or something @af4iry Hope she has a good day idc about that squish fella though @af4iry Say hi to squash for me @alvarovsdaworld @itsWaddles_ thoughts @silvasalavisa Im crying cus the picture is a vvv player dribling like we ain’t know what happened @alvarovsdaworld 13 goals away LMAO that’s crazy @alvarovsdaworld Their players can get awards @SamjaySJ Bro just stack 10 mfs next to the goalkeeper no way the ball going in right @tomqio Got me confused @fucksherwin “Get me off this team”LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @imtoesaka Drop it on main @fucksherwin Omg NOOOO @crystalmeowthz Muscle memory @LawKorridor @TeamPantherGG Its still an EU team tho don’t be rude @Boy1drr Omg this is great <3 @WaddlesPrivate Weird ain’t even powerful enough to describe it @FGC_BITCxH I will soon ly j @FGC_BITCxH Follow me big fan woah @Gavpai @dracubina Need them to last so I can peep their tiktoks they give me hope fr @Gavpai @dracubina I’m saying YOU @Gavpai @dracubina Look at you being all hot and shit (happy birthday Lina) @gxmblr Gonna grind the artifact domain 15 times today I better get something good @bearbubb Why you flexing on us bro @gxmblr Tried to do a domain on ar 40 and got bodied so hard... @Mako Had like 4 waffles and choccy milk @HarryButAverage Gonna sleep after eating breakfast @magicspell Peep last 2 tweets @JDawesome23 We won’t talk ab that @Mako Eating breakfast @gxmblr We were beefing with that dnp3 fella so he pulled up to our stream and dropped 40k bits @gxmblr I deserve it @HarryButAverage @realJBA @DNPthree @itsWaddles_ @CyraxGG @MrBeastYT @Grahamalott @JoeyTheSuperJew @100TJackiee YeahLMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO're at 28k rn... @DNPthree @itsWaddles_ @CyraxGG @MrBeastYT Unblocked to talk shit then blocked again? @itsWaddles_ @OnTheFlyTwitch Sorry @EvaMariaXO LMAOO no its this @silvasalavisa On stream and off stream @silvasalavisa I'm clapping waddles ass frGonna be staring at a wall for hours on stream tonight i dont think this will be fun
@sttarena Shut up @MrBeastYT Tomorrow I’m going to give whoever ratios me the hardest on this tweet $10,000 @OnTheFlyTwitch @itsWaddles_ is it too late to back out of thiswake up babe. new elsa pics
Retweeted by Fabio @deathbyromy Elite duet @Mako @TheMob Yall in 100 thieves and live like this? @deathbyromy 2am is a masterpiece hope you have a good dayAlbum is out. Holy sh$! 😛
Retweeted by Fabio @CrypticNoOnee @JhbTeam NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @JhbTeam @itsWaddles_ @JoeyTheSuperJew I HAVE TEARS @silvasalavisa My bad @Grahamalott Wooooooooooo lets gooooo @virtualouija Shoutout ao Luís @guxieoven Ascended my weapon and char to next phase and turned the game off see y’all in 1.1 fr @reaIlyfunny Steal her cat @gxmblr Keeping us safe @reaIlyfunny Show the results @gxmblr Thank you jack @_NotTeryn 3 days after? @Xouped Me too @Xouped What you gonna do for it @mrpotatohaed @SamjaySJ @katiejuliannaa IM JK @SamjaySJ @katiejuliannaa Bouta find out if she’s bluffing @travismills thank you for coming back this album is perfect @nefflixnchill Damn @nefflixnchill What are you allergic to @buffcore @lilyyypads Still got crust in my eyes @FGCShauna HAHAHAHAH IT IS 100% REALThis can’t be real 🤣🤣🤣 @oFabz Goodluck 🤣🤣
Retweeted by FabioI'm fucking terrified to do this, we might actually die on stream like what the fuck are we doing
Retweeted by Fabio @Class Have a goodnight classy stay safe we ly @FakeySensei @buffcore How am I supposed to know the taste @liImorg I always get that shit wrong @Desiluted You’re my enemy @buffcore You been drinking wine lately @Desiluted I been 5'8 for so long and you telling me you passed me in a few months i will end it all right now @reaIlyfunny @visionofviii @Desiluted She's not going to reply @reaIlyfunny @visionofviii @Desiluted Who you beefing with bro @Desiluted You're 5'8 @babieyoda Looks yummy @gxmblr @SakimiChanArt DUDE @babieyoda Fuck @SakimiChanArt @gxmblr Frank you gotta have a radar for this shit @TristanGHill @albert12798 @justseekheIp My bad fr must be a new dude @albert12798 @justseekheIp Is it the grandpa fella @scobesx IS THIS REAL