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Ashley Reese @offbeatorbit Brooklyn via Los Angeles

Staff writer at @jezebel. Hates mint chocolate. Wrote a column about her vag once. 💌

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I’m disgusted by the idea that Michael Bloomberg or any billionaire thinks they can circumvent the political proces…
Retweeted by Ashley ReeseAdults in Teenagers in the UK America
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I can bet this dog was 5 secs away from losing it 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Ashley Reese @mariahbuns it's a dummy i think lolI’m gonna tell my kids that this was friends
Retweeted by Ashley Reese @mermaidswamp99 holy shit @geeequinn he big @etherealbunny @minousucre they do not lolbefore you go enjoy your weekend... here I am doing my civic duty: shitting on joe biden'm a 6 tbh, but I have my 7 days... @deathvaIIey69 A good dress 🤘🏾Guys take one L and murder someone
Retweeted by Ashley Reese"Is that a blunt?" Here's Elizabeth Warren completing an escape room with Desus & Mero
Retweeted by Ashley ReeseEveryone: I'm gonna tell my kids Global warming:
Retweeted by Ashley Reeseteacher in this park just yelled “JAYDEN!” and three different target ad looking mixed kids froze in their tracks
Retweeted by Ashley Reese @offbeatorbit don't let nicole kidman see this
Retweeted by Ashley Reeseimma tell my kids this was kim possible
Retweeted by Ashley ReeseASAP. I will give him some tomorrow.'ve seen worse wigs! @sylvianorths right like, i love hp and would prob still cry if i ever meet jkr but listen......she WILL be dragged… this tell my kids this is Gordon Ramsay
Retweeted by Ashley Reesei got that harry potter game that’s supposed to be like pokemon go and tried to make my user name Luna Fuccgood but…
Retweeted by Ashley Reesew-what? shit @GNCordova Delete this!!!!!!Woke up thinking it was going to be like 4:30 am. How the fuck is it not even 1? How do you ppl do this every day???????? @annetdonahue Iconic!!! Peak 2007 @lppny Literally yesare they dumb or actually starting to panic?I like how THIS is supposed to be discrediting. @annetdonahue No one is above itWatching this masterpiece in theaters was by far the best movie experience of my life.
Retweeted by Ashley Reese @KrangTNelson @wahweepop pls......he’s tryingnot how knock knock jokes work
Retweeted by Ashley Reeselooked up how to make traveling with a cat easier and as usual wikihow did not disappoint
Retweeted by Ashley Reesecities are being more and more flattened by chain businesses but in New York there is still a company called Sofa G…
Retweeted by Ashley Reese @VtheEsquire @TheCosby Oh my god...I’m so fucking exhausted that I, someone who thinks it’s a personal failing to sleep before midnight, am about to f… forgot how good it feels to sleep in my own bed and actually wash my face.ROB IS HOME FROM HOSPITAL 💖i’m telling my kids this is Jay Versace
Retweeted by Ashley ReeseTimothee Chalamet is a barb
Retweeted by Ashley Reese @witchyhellbroth Ya lolNo one ever told Amanda Palmer that the reason writers ignore her music en masse is that there's very few things le…
Retweeted by Ashley ReeseICYMI, here’s a video of me talking about Kelly Osbourne’s greatest era. alone doesn’t translate into clear feminist policies, as evidenced by Klobuchar, despite her strenuo…
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@aaaisela I really want a leopard print hat tbh. Leopard print is always a look.I don't think I've ever been more proud of a piece of journalism
Retweeted by Ashley Reesemy parents: what are your plans after undergrad me: Hey! Im so glad you reached out. I'm actually at capacity/help…
Retweeted by Ashley ReeseNever forget when fashion host Kelly Osbourne used to dress like a Hot Topic employee
Retweeted by Ashley ReeseThe Bends did nOTHING to deserve this!!!!!! kween :') @tstwig OH MY GOD AHIOEFHEWAOIFHWOAIFHA @laurasnapes jesus christ, I'm so sorry about thisNew Rina Sawayama is kicking my ass there’s a @netflix glitch or @MarieKondo’s methods have escalated.
Retweeted by Ashley Reese @thursdaysgirI what did she do now? i thought we've all known for nearly a decade now!.@pattonoswalt made a tweet that showed Trump’s handwritten notes and the caption was simply “Morrissey voice:”.…
Retweeted by Ashley ReeseIT ABSOLUTELY IS AND SHE SHOULD HAVE STUCK WITH THE SYNTH. MY GOD about Kelly Osbourne back in the aughts, when she looked like she crawled out of Hot Topic and into every w… says Bernie doesn’t reach out to the black community
Retweeted by Ashley Reeseobviously i still think Bernie and Warren had some of the best answers. Kamala did a good job during the bit about… Booker had a lot of time to talk during the debates tonight and even though I hated his Black Businesses™ rhet… is really fucken wild that biden tried to claim he comes out of the black community, in atlanta georgia, on the…
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Retweeted by Ashley Reeseit's incredibly hard to get an abortion in most of the South--it's not about Roe!
Retweeted by Ashley Reese“Please someone respond to me. … I’m sorry I ripped the paper. I overreacted. Please just let me out. Is anyone o…
Retweeted by Ashley ReeseTom Steyer got a full beatTwo minutes away from a question like "Say something nice about nuclear war."
Retweeted by Ashley Reese @yungammmz She invented the color whiteI know there are a lot of black ppl in this audience. You can tell by the "OOOOOOHS" and I'm LIVING. #demdebateThis Tulsi/Buttigieg throwdown is..............great lol #demdebateThe war is literally still ongoing.
Retweeted by Ashley ReeseJoe Biden, basically."I came out of the black community." -Joe Biden #demdebateIt was absurdly weak. WITH THE SMOKE LOL #demdebateDomestic Violence: We're Beating the Shit Out of It
Retweeted by Ashley ReesePete tryna get The Blacks™Nunes is way too close to this investigation, he was taking meetings arranged by one of the guys who were in Ukrain…
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Retweeted by Ashley Reeseholy shit, I know we’re all watching the debate but the Daily Beast just blew a hole in impeachment.
Retweeted by Ashley ReeseThe audience cheered when @BernieSanders spoke about Palestinian rights because ordinary Democrats believe in Pales…
Retweeted by Ashley ReeseGlad Bernie spoke up for Palestinian rights
Retweeted by Ashley ReeseThis is one of those tweets that's gonna mean something way funnier as it ages.
Retweeted by Ashley Reese"Should more people be in the military?" WHAT IS THIS QUESTION? @thebitchet something about this format is driving me nuts, honestly!cable news tomorrow:
Retweeted by Ashley ReeseI really don't like this question format. There is such little back and forth with the candidates. What the hell is this? #demdebateWhy does it feel like Tom Steyer has gotten more time to speak than Elizabeth Warren? #demdebateBernie's foreign policy answer was good but these questions are terrible #demdebateGonna tell my kids these were the City Girls
Retweeted by Ashley ReeseThe difference is I would vote for Nathan :(
Retweeted by Ashley Reeseright? lemme just say that i hate this stupid rhetoric about "free college for the children of millionaires and billio… my rage here never want to hear "build on Obamacare" ever again. Obamacare did plenty of good shit, but PLEASE.😪 #demdebate