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New video :) @harmfoo Dayum @mooseloff @_Vkay47_ @kyedae @JonjiJlc @alexismarieNY Have mercy @nachewy @alexismarieNY @kyedae @JonjiJlc You're the one who said it. Not meπŸ‘€ @alexismarieNY @kyedae @JonjiJlc I'll stand my ground here. Munchkins till the day I die @JonjiJlc @alexismarieNY @kyedae Only scum of the earth think they arent munchkins @kyedae Munchkins or bust @alexismarieNY @kyedae 100%Sometimes in Valorant there is legit nothing you could have done better. You just get no chance to play 😩Val feels way more stressful than cs what the fuck2-1 and 2-1 on the day. Still sloppy but we getting there again. Play again tomorrow :)
@melanie_mhs Sorry you had to go through something like this. You have no reason to apologize at all because it is by no means your fault. @christinecocoab RoarDay 2 of the qualifiers. 😈😈😈😈 @mooseloff @YaBoiDre @st9llar @thi9f @mac1_val @trainer_tv @Luminosity 😈whats it feel like to win a ranked game?short stream :) @nachewy As you should 😎2-0 both games today. Again tomorrow.
@krnnguyen_ @christinecocoab @thi9f @st9llar @YaBoiDre @mooseloff damn thats what the sound was when i opened my window @YaBoiDre @st9llar noti +L First match streamed here @mooseloff @st9llar @thi9f @YaBoiDre @mac1_val @trainer_tv @Luminosity 😚Open qualifier begins today. 2nd chance to do what we should have done last time. @st9llar @Luminosity Stealing my job bro10 mans now :)short stream
@brenmonet @christinecocoab Theres no way you attack my tweets and post this @s0mcs I gotchu with a carry whenever you need @Ajuukun YessirI plan on doing a 24 hour charity stream soon. Working out the logistics on what day would be best. I'd like to he… getting back into the streaming routine again. Thank you guys for watching :) @TenZOfficial Would be a nice change of pace from ranked. @phinxfx Super sick man, thank you :)live :)very short stream in 10?
Great now I gotta wear sunblock in valorant too @_BrianCS @001laura_ @tariannkan @LapaFan πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ˜ @christinecocoab @PlayVALORANT They hate me because they know I'm right @001laura_ @tariannkan @LapaFan Who's taking the L to stop be from tweetingI see I got some chipotle purists coming at meChipotle should give me a discount if all I'm ordering is white rice, double meat, and cheese fr fr. @bruh_getgood @WARDELL416 @Subroza @hazedCS @Dronecsgo @Average_Jonas @ScreaM_ @plooful @kyedae @TenZOfficial… @aimlab πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ @aimlab HeadshotsAmazing stream tonight 😊 Thank you for the raids @KOLER1337 @brenmonet @twobooo :)HRTF on or off and why @KOLER1337 😩Live for a bit :) @McBawseRK9 100%
@christinecocoab Honestly, blasphemy is a better word @christinecocoab This is wrong and you know it. @mythicaaaa @st9llar Only time will tell @mythicaaaa @st9llar Moment if weakness. I'm stronger than I was back then. @st9llar @mythicaaaa Come on guys. That's the old me. The yesterday me. I only tweet going live notifications now @leaf_cs @st9llar I'm reformed πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
@christinecocoab Does it count if I love sleep but still wait till 8am everyday to do it?live for a bit @CharlieYang RIP @CharlieYang Is this an unofficial warning from LG?Fuck it 4am stream @nitr0 1,1,6,3 @WedidOfficial Theres no way bro... I have the logsI'm back to only tweeting when I go live after this or else I'll lose my twitter privilegesDoes anybody else open the pirates booty bag from the bottom to make sure you're really getting the booty? @WedidOfficial The tweet I have in my head right now I wanna post badI need a social media manager or something because my urge to shitpost is getting too much.For all of you saying I need to stream more for that to happen. @christinecocoab One day 🀞 @kayavlr @alexismarieNY Some people missed prime content. Not me though. @Alanye7Yee Sleep tonight my friend @Justinovah refuse to put a delay on my stream so If you stream snipe me please at least sub first.✌
@Optiffyy Dayum @Diablo Please πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ @twobooo Grats. Just the beginning πŸ‘ @WedidOfficial rooting* @Pagudelo01 @WedidOfficial i type faster than i think @WedidOfficial I'd say this is cringe but this is something I'd post so routing for you
New video is out :) up and remembered this was a thing the realization that the question was about Peds, as in Performance enhancing drugs....LMAOWhen you misread a question from chat and go the complete wrong direction with it in 15? @Lagbro1 thank you πŸ‘
Nice stream back tonight. Thank you guys for watching :) @kayavlr If a hater is speaking the truth then sure 😎 @kayavlr You're crosshair is subpar stream? @WedidOfficial Fuck Wedid. He cares about the overall state of the game more than his agent πŸ‘ΊπŸ‘Ί
@LethilaFPS Ns Nslet you guys decidewaiting for my teammates L's @HaleighRaeanna I never saw a flaw in a mouse with holes until now live for a bit before prac @MikeyyMC 1,1,6,3