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The American University of Kurdistan is a not-for-profit​ higher learning institution​ set to become a leading center of academic excellence and a research hub.

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AUK is hiring a Kurdish Studies Lecturer. Visit the link below for more information and be part of our academic tea… you are multilingual, have a Bachelor’s degree and are looking for an exciting job at AUK, visit the link below…
AUK is looking for an Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering. Click the link below for more information!…
Happy New Year! AUK wishes everyone a good start to the new year, with new resolutions, new experiences, and wisdom…
Merry Christmas! The American University of Kurdistan wishes joy and peaceful holidays to everyone. جەژنا کرسمسێ پ…
Congratulations to all our Ezidi students, staff and community across the world on the occasion of Cejna Rojiyên Êz…
Highlights of yesterday's Flag Raising Ceremony at AUK #alarengîn #kurdistanflagday #dec17th دیمەنێن دوهی یێن رێورە…
Kurdistan Flag Day. Why it is annually celebrated on December 17th. تو دزانی بۆچی هەڤدەی مەها دوازدە وەک رۆژا ئالای… Kurdistan Flag Day to all. A symbol of resistance, peace and coexistence. May it rise and shine forever.…
Take the Path to Excellence and apply now at The American University of Kurdistan باشترین رێیا سەرکەفتنێ هەلبژێرە و…
‌H.E. Mr. Prime Minister @masrour_barzani at AUK's MEPS Forum, "ISIS is not defeated"
H.E. Mr. Prime Minister at AUK's #meps19
ئەڤرۆ رۆژا جیهانی یا نەهێلانا توندوتیژییا دژی ژنانە. ژن ژ توندوتیژییێ رزگار نابیت، گەر ئەم وەک جڤاک ل دژ رانەوەستین… is not a women's problem. As a society, we have to say No to violence against women. #IDEVAW2019 #auk
H.E. @kouchner & Amb. @PeterWGalbrath at #meps19 @IKRPresident, H.E. @masrour_barzani & H.E. @MalaBakhtiar at #meps19 @FalihAlfayyadh & H.E. Rebar Ahmed Khalid at #meps19 and well organised #MEPS19 forum @OfficialAuk #Kurdistan #Dohuk
Retweeted by AUK OfficialDr Kenneth Pollock from the American Enterprise Institute talks to #Rudaw on U.S. withdrawal in northern #Syria, "O…
Retweeted by AUK OfficialStar-studded line up of speakers continuing the discussion from our workshop at #meps19. A huge thanks to…
Retweeted by AUK OfficialImpressive performance & frank talk by #KRG PM ⁦@masrour_barzani⁩ @ #MEPS19. Astute awareness of problems KRG needs…
Retweeted by AUK OfficialHighlights from my speech at the Middle East Peace and Security Forum, held at the American University of Kurdistan…
Retweeted by AUK OfficialWe participated in the Middle East Peace & Security Forum at @OfficialAuk. The current security situation of #Iraq
Retweeted by AUK OfficialPleased to outline this government’s vision for a stronger Kurdistan at #meps19. From fighting corruption to improv…
Retweeted by AUK OfficialPM @masrour_barzani : A stronger @Kurdistan means better security, better economy and political stability. We’re lo…
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@honarissa of The American University of Kurdistan is now on stage to give his closing remarks on #meps19Clarisse Pasztory at #MEPS19 'Kurdistan Region in the only place in the world, where everyone can come to and meet & is also safe'Clarisse Pasztory at #MEPS19 'Kurdistan Region shows the world how to deal with both The U.S. and Iran' @dkhalifa at #meps19 'Russia's attempt to fill the vacuum The U.S. has left behind in Syria, is going fail' @hasanahmadian at #meps19 'The U.S.' obsession of blaming Iran for all the problems in The Middle East has lead The… @David_Pollock_ at #meps19 'A new president for The U.S. will not change its policy in MENA elementarily. The U.S.'… @dassakaye at #meps19 'Climate Change will add a new note to migration in the Middle East and affect globally'#meps19 final panel discussion for today "The U.S. & Europe in the MENA: What role & what future?" including… KRG's agenda 💬 At the Middle East Peace and Security Forum Prime Minister @masrour_barzani spoke about the com…
Retweeted by AUK OfficialAmb. Ramon Blecua at #meps19 'Russia has not taken The U.S.' place as the greatest world power. The U.S. is still c… @ProfessorKaren at #meps19 'Iraq & Iran is going to be left behind. The energy market has changed. Sticking just to… @IKRPresident Nechirvan Barzani participated in the #MEPS19 at the American University of Kurdistan in D…
Retweeted by AUK Official @RobinsonL100 at #meps19 '1.6 million Iraqis are still displaced. Half of them are in The Kurdistan Region and most… @GalipDalay at #meps19 'The Uprising did not succeed in Syria, because the Syrian opposition became militarized'Amb. Ramon Blecua at #meps19 'Iraqis do not only protest for jobs, they want governmental jobs. That is not what th… Up: MEPS' Panel Number Four "Conflict Mitigation & Governance - Securing The Peace" With @RobinsonL100 @masrour_barzani at #meps19 'Kurdistan Region wants good relations with its neighbors and peace & stability for the region' @masrour_barzani at #meps19 'Fighting corruption needs equal opportunities for all and providing rights to everyone'#meps19 @masrour_barzani at #meps19 'The Kurdistan Region has proved to be a land of peace & coexistence' @masrour_barzani at #meps19 'People of Iraq do not take their Iraqi Citizenship before their ethnicity or religion' @masrour_barzani at #meps19 'The U.S. liberated Iraq, but did not consider the reality of this country and the dema… @masrour_barzani at #meps19 'The Iraqi Government is now being held responsible for collected problems of the last decade' @masrour_barzani @meps19 'Demolishing extremist ideology by giving people their rights takes much longer that military operations' @masrour_barzani at #meps19 'Political, econimic and security issues lead to the rise of extremism' @masrour_barzani at #meps 'ISIS has lost its territory but its ideology is not defeated'Now Happening! Special Conversation with H.E Prime Minister @masrour_barzani #meps19Up Next at #meps19: A special Conversation with H.E. @masrour_barzani and panel chair @RanjAlaaldin @mashabani at #meps19 'Without the Peshmerga we wouldn't be sitting here. That has to be appreciated'Dr. Mohammed Radhi at #meps 'Iraq has to have full control on its territory to try become a mediator for the region'Dr. Ken Pollack at #meps19 'America has no interest in attacking Iran or its Iran's interests within Iraq'Dr. Irina Zvyagelskaya at #meps19 'Iraq can not have positive influence on its neighbors as long as it is in-stable itself' @mashabani at #meps19 'Iraq is not only a battleground of Iran and The U.S. The very first negotiations of Iran and… Up: Panel 2 on Iraq's Future with @MohammedARadhi @mashabani Dr. Dakota Wood, Dr. Ken Pollack, Dr. Osman Sert… @IKRPresident at #meps19 'The protests have changed the face of Iraq and clearly voiced their resentment. That has… Ahmed at #meps19 'KRG does not want Iraq's fall, We want to help in changing Iraq towards more democracy' @MalaBakhtiar at #meps19 'Iraq need radical change. Iraq needs a modern structure' @FalihAlfayyadh at #meps19 'Iraqi protests have no vision, no aim. It is not a revolution'H.E. Rebar Ahmed, Minister of Interior, KRG at #meps19 'We believe in cooperation with Baghdad. We have to work on… Day Two, Panel 1 Erbil-Baghdad relations Bashir al-Haddad at #meps19 'Corruption in Iraq has become systematic' @MalaBakhtiar at #meps 'There is no alternative to the constitution for solving Erbil & Baghdad's problematic issues'Next up: 1st Panel Discussion of Day Two 'Erbil & Baghdad: Moving Forward' with @MalaBakhtiar @FalihAlfayyadh & Ba… @IKRPresident at #meps19 'The region is tired of wars & conflicts, it is time for peaceful solutions. It is ti… Next is H.E. @IKRPresident with a keynote speechDr. Nazar Numan, Provost of the AUK is starting Day Two #meps19 with his welcoming remarksMinutes left to Day Two of AUK's #meps19 With high-ranked regional & international guests, attendees and panelists
رۆژا یەکێ ژ دیدارا #meps19 ب هەژمارەکا وۆرکشۆپێن بەرهەمدار بدوماهی هات. سوبە، رۆژا دویێ دێ 5 پانەلان ل دۆر پەیوەندی… Day 1 of #meps19 with productive workshops and hopefully fruitful outcome. Day 2 will include 5 panel discuss…' Workshops have started. Divided into 4 groups, our high-ranked attendees are discussing Conflict Resolution,… Foreign Minister of France H.E. @kouchner at #meps19 'The Kurdistan Region and its people's desire for conti… @qubadjt at #meps19 'Bad governance and security issues are directly linked together'H.E. @qubadjt at #meps19 'It's our all duty to take action against corruption'MEPS' first panel discussion "The Nexus Between Good Governance & Regional Peace" is of the highest caliber, includ… left to AUK's first-ever Middle East Peace & Security (MEPS) Forum. #meps19
Special about AUK's MEPS Forum is the opportunity to lively interact by using #meps19 and take part in a number of…
AUK is announcing its much-anticipated conference, The Middle East Peace & Security (MEPS) Forum, under the motto “…
#AUKHalloween2019 a spooky Halloween Party in AUK! #AUKHalloween2019
کونسوڵی گشتی جەیمس چاوی بە د. جۆن مێنیز سەرۆکی زانکۆی ئەمریکی کوردستان-دهۆک و پۆلێک لە خوێندکارانی زانکۆکە کەوت. گف…
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Admissions for 2019-2020 acadmic year is still open, choose your major and start your path to excellence now! Fill… were pleased to receive Ms. Barbara Wolf, the German Consul General to Erbil for a meeting with President Menzie…
@DrFadloKhuri, President @AUB_Lebanon and our member of the Board of Trustees addressing AUK's first graduating cla…
Photos from AUK’s first-ever graduation ceremony, an event attended by multiple dignitaries who congratulated the n… Matthew Tueller and Consul General Steve Fagin joined IKR President Nechirvan #Barzani and KRG PM Masrou…
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As I looked out at this beautiful campus today — and at @OfficialAuk’s first graduates — it was clear to me that so…
Retweeted by AUK Official#AUK chairman @masrour_barzani, am very proud to be a graduate of an American university my self,graduating in 1997… #Tueller, We can all learn something from the people of duhok; during one of the worst times in the regi… @IKRPresident, It is true that Kurdistan now is not the Kurdistan from 15 years ago, but it is still not on par… @IKRPresident, I hope that the American university of Kurdistan, as well as all the other Universities of Kurd… President, H.E Nechirvan Barzani @IKRPresident joins the stage to give his speech. #YourPathToExcellence #AUKclassOF2019His Excellency @masrour_barzani, education is my priority. I want to ensure that anyone from any background has the… Provost invites our chairman of board of trustees @masrour_barzani to the stage to give his speech.…