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Watching some NA Valorant! @YinsuCollins Good job Bao Ber! Who's next? Stormzy?Haven’t been this nervous in a long time but your girl got to interview Faker today! 🥺 I never got the opportunity…
Retweeted by FNATIC BoasterI saw some people in twitch chat supporting us and watching our game despite it either being superrrrr early or sup… @dephhgg @GhostEsports Niceee Rory @nateschanker Weights keeping you grounded. Respect
@derkeps lolStraight to the gym.👊🏼 I’m happy with my performance today, although I forget how much officials can affect me. I w… @Alfajervl @FPX_Esports Adana Aim😎 @YinsuCollins This is like 3 years old lol. I look the same @Quickshot @FPX_Esports @Alfajervl @FearothVAL Love ya too @Marved6 <3This dude is coming to your bombsite... What do you do? @YinsuCollins @FPX_Esports @Alfajervl @FearothVAL Love ya too @FaynexVL @FPX_Esports @Alfajervl @FearothVAL Ohhhhh maybe it was my teriyaki salmon. @FaynexVL @FPX_Esports @Alfajervl @FearothVAL Uk teeth innit. I blame the lightingSTARTING OFF WITH A WIN!! 2-1 vs @FPX_Esports I really wanna go to LAN and win a trophy. Grind doesn’t stop!… day! #VCT Hoping we Breeze through and go 2-0. However, if we do get ourselves into a Bind, then I just hope…
@Sliggy_ @TeamLiquid Liquid won’t feel quite the same now bro👊🏼Except Split. Time to ban itEveryone coming in with different comps. This season is gonna be wild😂Now I HAVE to qualify!!🤩 @YinsuCollins ❤️❤️❤️
Ice-cold hardware for our ice-cold teams. Welcome @Chillblast as our official PC partner. Get your own Fnatic PC n…
Retweeted by FNATIC BoasterDropped 30 in scrims. Don’t think it’s ever happened before😂😂
@AnderzzTV Might as well give cypher an ulti too @charlieepickles @smooyacs Buff gamer @YinsuCollins @LaureBuliiV @KonkolMichal You mean business here @kyedae Feel bad for Tenz here. “You” stealing all his thunder @LaureBuliiV @YinsuCollins Amen
@eneriiiiiii CrispFnatic so smart signing 2 duelists @YinsuCollins Gains
@REALMizkif Deserved for employee of the month @FNATIC_JP I don’t know if he sings it correctly but he’s pretty cool
@proximaVL @YinsuCollins @FutbolistCo Stealing that one tyvm @lolesports Yinsu🥲 So happySuper super excited to be back hosting VALORANT in EMEA today. Only one spot left in the top 3 of this Game Change…
Retweeted by FNATIC Boaster @YinsuCollins Working hard as always!
Today was fun. Had some nutty rounds and shots. Felt good. Me like Valorant😊Went outside Watched the new #DoctorStrange, ugly cried Acquired Curry Life is good, hope y’all are having a nice…
Retweeted by FNATIC Boaster
@zetadivision Do you deliver to UK? I’ll buy a nice t shirt XDYou’d never see this comment under a male player’s post. Be better than this…
@YinsuCollins Premade is the best way to improve faster. He just jelly you're doing it right. Plus it's wayyyy more fun
@YinsuCollins Get your Diamond already
@ozzyxaxa @yayFPS No thanks lol @xerxity @yayFPS I know that, I just mean the most recent agents are getting juicy ultimates @yayFPS I just think Cypher needs a buff. You've got Fade with a crazy fun ulti, chamber with a broken marshal op s… @FearothVAL Why is his knob out? @YinsuCollins You're smashing it! @Vanityxz @Vanityxz @eggs_benkai I've booked my flight. Cya Yinsu
Is it me or is Fade's picture pixelated?
@gauravfr @seynaVAL @Sinan93869491 @a_acend @Dextyplays @TaleEvaa @Pokeniki2 @yVerseK @yangodoii @MysticSlasher_ you @VALORANTukn for the goodies! Boaster has stolen most of it for his neon cosplay 🤪
Retweeted by FNATIC BoasterFade is so tall😂 @gya9_ If I ever make a signature, I will buy you a new one xD
@ValorLeaks I don’t even know what agent I wanna lock in half the time @Vanityxz @derkeps today.First time Reyna. Dunno why I spent 2 years playing only Viper/KJ/Sova. I NOW KNOW WHY PEOPLE INSTA LOCK DUELISTS.
Retweeted by FNATIC Boaster @lazvell Now if you run, you can be Neon @CarlosR @BMWEsports Can I get a lift to the next event?
@wanndaniall tadaI don't lose those! Sova video out!!! Go watch for some Sova on Icebox shenanigans! #GetYourBoastees @lazvell That’s a lot of jett smokes
@derkeps @FNATIC @ValorantEsports When fnatic won a map
@FNS @LOUDgg 👑 @ShahZaMk @OpTic Need you at the next one @derkeps Glitchpop probsMasters Berlin: Optic gets the sole map ban v Gambit and loses 3-0 Masters Reykjavik 2022: Loud gets TWO map bans…
Retweeted by FNATIC BoasterAnother 3-0 Iceland final. Scripted… Congrats to Optic though!!! The ability to sweat it out through all the squea…’m waiting for a Loud team-flash to end this series @imyourfar_ Sentinels last year too! @Mahbubuwu @YinsuCollins I’d disown you. Get outta here with your racist and rude comments.There’s something about Iceland that turns NA players into monstersAfter careful consideration I’d like to inform everyone that I am… in fact… Asian. 😰 I hope that clears up any conf…
Retweeted by FNATIC Boaster
Phoenix on Breeze🔥🔥🔥2nd time Optic will be in the finals. Will they take it this time?😎どもありがとうございます Zeta ❤️ for giving us the greatest storyline in the game, for being entertaining & for showing the wor…
Retweeted by FNATIC BoasterOn the bright side , people won’t be talking about Japan losing their spot anymore. What a run @zetadivision!! @YinsuCollins Lol @highwata @YinsuCollins Looks great! @jasonsusantoo @eggs_benkai Get him away from that career destroyer right now! @Foxie_GG @Kam1esports Same thing, it was already decided for us like 7 days before our game. Why are you just chat… @Kam1esports Be better than that… come on bro @YinsuCollins @Vanityxz Vanity’s signature is the double arm lift, “What are you doing!?” @melanie_mhs @Foxie_GG @minijake_ @Mixwell @LOUDgg @derkeps Actually we didn’t even have a choice in the end. There… @minijake_ @Foxie_GG @Mixwell @LOUDgg It’s just uncalled for and unwanted in this space. We could block you but how…
@SugarZ3roVL SugarHERO @IAMXQ 🧠📈 @Mixwell @LOUDgg Definitely a scary team. Coach @minijake_ was bigging them up before they even qualified to the event too @lazvell @staxVLRT Stax big brainI put the shirt on to celebrate and I’ll keep it on now for the rest of the tournament😂 Don’t stop now! #ZETA_WIN you make a compilation of these 3 supporters celebrating @zetadivision? Every time the camera is on them I can'… @Cronus1xx @zetadivision IncorrectHappy to see @zetadivision bounce back here! I want the 3rd map to be a banger that never ends😂 #ZETAWIN_レベルインフィニティ #PRXWINIf I see I'm against Jinggg and F0rsaken... Actually, if I see I'm against anyone from PRX I'm just dodging that lobby😂 @callmetomorow @YiboFang1 @CarlosR @G2esports I ain’t cracked. It’s all good. Thanks teacher😊