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CHICKEN LICKEN DID THAT AND MORE!🔥 @kennedythal My family supplies and fits aluminium & PVC ceilings if that’s what you’re looking for.IS THIS THE CONTENT YOU’VE BEEN DYINGGG FOR??! #FacetimeBabe💄🥂 As discussed on CAN WE TALK: THE PODCAST 👀☕️ // Tik… have a sudden sharrrrrp craving for waakye. Surely this is an addiction? 😩Hi my name is Bryann, I’m a singer/songwriter and I made a pop song about consent. Please share, retweet and also l…
@fauxdenzel CACKLINGGGGGGGGGGGGG! 😭💀🤣😂 @Roselyn_Ashkar Tenkssss yewww! 💙 See I took that on my IG Story but now I'm definitely posting it on the feed 'ca… @jadoremarii It has remained a staple in every phone I've owned!Ya'll are far too concerned with Will and Jada. It's scary how badly ya'll are determined to judge her. SURELY you… @kuvie_ I’ll hold you to that! 🍻THEE READING LIST THIS WEEK! 👀☕️ @i_D explores ‘Nolly Babes’ - the Nollywood fashion archive account you need to k… @snugglestream Clearly you are ‘cause woah! 😍🤩 @OneRathedi If you want to stay home STAY HOME and leave us out of it pls. @ArthurFTdub @OfficialBeeRay So that really is me ALL THE TIME?! 💀 @ArthurFTdub @OfficialBeeRay Give me 3 days heads up. If I agree, check in again the morning of. Then after I try c… @Bla_Kay THAT PART! 😂😂😂 @ArthurFTdub @OfficialBeeRay Don’t be fooled! I only leave my house when summoned and then forced. But I’m available! @D41XY But that’s when they’re “allegedly” opening the borders. 😔If I come back to GH, where will I get Savanna? Who will braai and day drink with me? 🤔 car wash. 🍻 to figure out YOUR BRAND, @NSG’s🔥 debut, #SugarRushOnNetflix + more! CAN WE TALK: THE PODCAST OUT NOW via… really love sharing music.
Retweeted by PODCAST LINK IN BIO!Saturday’s Are For Kwame! 👀☕️ Fashionably late but we inchea, outchea! CAN WE TALK: THE PODCAST OUT NOW via…
This song has grown on me. 💙 Sounds like something off her Sugarcane EP. Hoping the visuals will connect the artwo…, the podcast dey come. 👀☕️ I'm in a private listening session that I want to discuss on the show. Bare with me.Fave from the @HarmattanRain listening sesh! 🥳 first video is outtt !! Clearly SOMEONE didn’t like my introduction but we move regardless. Follow me on IG Zema…
Retweeted by PODCAST LINK IN BIO! I make plans ahead of time.🙈 #FaceTimeBabe 💄💋🥂 is so much sweeter when you live with transparency and teach people how to treat you. Saying no, so you’re in… @Tweetsbygldn Apologise for what? They were separated. 🤔
@stingg_ And the only available dates are in AUGUST! 🤯Jesu! See you inside de distin!WOZA FRIDAYYYYYY! (but indoors) 🥳 B’DAY KING @KiraniAYAT! 🥳 One of the most talented, dedicated and nicest people I’ve met! May blessings conti… — EP OTW
Retweeted by PODCAST LINK IN BIO!So basically COVID & The Lockdowns intend to take the WHOLE of 2020? M’am pls! Warris dis? HANG. IT. UP! 😒 @Kantamanto_ Lmaoooooo. Sark Hive is maddddd! 😂 Happy b’day to your father/king! 🥳💙2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV 🙏🏾 much new music for me to keep up with. 😔Catching up on my shady podcasts seems to be my new thing after midnight. @S_tage This is a safe space. Let’s hear it. 👀 (read: don’t fxck it up!)
Is Instagram aware that we'd like to add links to our feed posts? Instead they give us pinned comments. Ah. Stop ma… @AgnesNtow AGNESSSSSS!!!!!! Dhdhdgndhdydpoxtsf! 💀If you’re a freelance journalist who wants to write for us, here is a helpful guide.
Retweeted by PODCAST LINK IN BIO!I think I’ve found HAPPINESS.... 👀☕️ (+ click here to find it too!👇🏾) SCloud🟠 ApplePod🟣… Profile Pic, Who Dis? 😎, processing and responding appropriately (or not at all) is a necessary life skill
Retweeted by PODCAST LINK IN BIO! @swayekidd Hmmmm. COVID has really pumped the breaks on a lot of Ghanaian music getting the traction it deserves. B…
2020“Whatever you believe in involves sacrifice” - Joey Chase
Retweeted by PODCAST LINK IN BIO!Am I missing something right now? What’s in retrograde, because lately the girls around me is FIGHTING. 🤔FOR US, BY US! AFRICA: OUR STORIES ✊🏾 Curated by ME for @a2omag 🌍// LINKOP!👇🏾
I can’t stand people who feel insulted simply because you don’t agree with them or you attempt to discuss how their… don’t get brownie points for being polite or respectful. 😒THEE READING LIST THIS WEEK! 👀☕️ @BritishVogue profiles Ghanaian stylist and designer @kelvincentgh handpicked by…! This year I decided to start creating content! I would love you guys’ support ! Follow me on IG Zemariii ! I…
@kingnnamdi_ I KNOW. 😁CAN WE TALK: THE PODCAST 👀☕️ Beyoncé Is King, Ajé, Kabza The King of Amapiano, Hushpuppi and more! OUT NOW via… have neverrrrr drank like I did yesterday. Jesu! 😫 Happy b’day @OneRathedi 🥳
@RatedXXXV Listen....even my family is LIVING for it! @MsNaa and @officialKWAME team up again on #OnFye podcast powered by @GoldCoastReport
#SaturdaysAreForKwame 👀☕️ You know what we came to do. New #CanWeTalk The Podcast OUT NOW via @AccraWeDeyRadio! @Tweetsbygldn WHAT IS THIS VIDOOO?! Send it! 😭💀🤣 @IvyEnyonam_ Your somebody, can they fight? 🤔😍 @effthedj @iamElikem Tasteeeeeeeee! 👏🏾🔥🤸🏾‍♂️👅 @sawngbyrd28 Oh wow! Happy birthday sweetheart! 🥳 (we've been in these shitty tweet streets for a MIN!) May you an… knows why I procrastinate when I actually love what I do and am so happy when I'm in the zone, headphones on and working.
NOBODY IS DOING IT LIKE MY FAVE! 😭 only DMs I get be memes 😔 @KojoIbadin @BruceyJ_ That damn song matures sooo well with time. Whew! 😭 He was IN his bag! @Vanessa_Gyan Those pants! That colour! 🤩It's time African Creatives learn to monetize their content. TikTok vs. Triller vs. Monetization and The True Sta…
Retweeted by PODCAST LINK IN BIO! @BukiBuddafly PULL UP DI TUNNNNNNEEEEEE! 🤸🏾‍♂️🥳🔥I’M SOOOOOOO HYPEEEE!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 @addjmusic is playing LIVE on @TheRealYaronaFM RIGHT NOW!!!! “He’s the best guest DJ… EXCITED FOR THIS!!! 😁🥳🤸🏾‍♂️ One of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE Ghanaian DJ’s @addjmusic is doing a guest mix on… favourites are as follows:🗣Then the signal spoilt in two! 🗣The sounds created stars like me and you! 🗣Before there was love, there was silenc… yet pleasantly exceeded my expectations! @SuperJazzClub @EDWVN @Henrika_Amoafo @tronomie @narahmusic 👏🏾😁🔥 LASSSTTT!!! 😂😭💀 When I tell you @MsNaa and I TOGETHER are a MESS! 🔥🔥 B’day to one of my faves! 🥳 @EDWVN Your taste, creativity and sensitivity are my favourite things about you!… you liked ‘Fracture’ by BIG DRAGON you’ll probably like this @DJ_TUNEZ featuring @EFYA_Nokturnal. 🐉🐉🐉🔥🔥🔥
@dreamcatchersDA @ArianaGrande @ladygaga Missed call plz!THEE READING LIST THIS WEEK! 👀☕️ @10and5 5 essential tips on how freelancers can create opportunities during COVID…🍸🍹🥃🍷 🎶🎶" 5 Fingers" 🎶🎶 🎧🎤 @officialKWAME x @ShoMadjozi 🎤🎧 #YLounge w/ @DjKessGh
Retweeted by PODCAST LINK IN BIO!WELL AT LAST @Henrika_Amoafo 👏🏾👏🏾 @ItsRoms Which languages? English, Bawdy and Enjoyment? 🤔 @thekingkiid I think she has deactivated. 🥺
At what point in life does it happen that you’re drinking but you can feel a hangover on the way? 😔 @ArthurFTdub It wasn’t me! My phone was hacked! 😔💀Did we ever discuss @tanojackson work on @BiQomusic MAFE WO video???!! ever go through some of your nasty conversations like: speaking so confidently for people you don't know in regards to situations you aren't a part of.
Retweeted by PODCAST LINK IN BIO! @zubaidah_x Allegedly, the streets say Margot Robbie! 😉🗣PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT @addjmusic // 📲LINKOP: