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@LukasAdam_ Two stellar rewards! ⭐⭐ Congrats, Lukas! 👏👏 Did you add these players to your squad? #PlayingIsBelieving @alukoolumide6 Looks very tough! 💪 Are you winning all your matches with them this week? #PlayingIsBelieving @AamarAtk Congrats, Aakash! 😀 Not too much longer to wait! #PlayingIsBelieving @EMMYSCKI We can't wait to show you what's to come, Emmyscki! 🥰 #PESMobile @LuisLozanoVera1 ¡Felicitaciones por la leyenda, Luis! 🤩 Esperamos que sigan los logros y consigas fortalecer tu eq…… do we need to say more? 😎 Get your @juventusfc eFootball #PES2021 SEASON UPDATE Club Edition here:… @muhammad_aysar And we can see why! 😍 Thanks for sharing, Mamas! #eFootballPES2020 @mivanmaulana @marcoasensio10 A stunning shot on target! 😍 Well done, Muhammad! 👏 @CapitalG5000 We're glad to hear that you are having fun so far, Capital! 😊👍 Thank for sharing your experiences wit…
@PesCaptain Two fantastic legends! Congrats on signing them! 👏👏 Are you using them on your team already?… @FootballKickass Very nice additions! Congrats!!! 👏👏 Let us know how they work out as your new CBs! #PlayingIsBelieving @Sourasis_007 Awesome team! 👍 Are there any other legends that you hope to add to it? #PlayingIsBelieving @LukaszNews A super awesome squad, LukaszNews! 🤩👍 How are they doing in your matches today? #PlayingIsBelieving @SubhajitGuhaRo3 We're happy for you, Subhajit! 😁Congrats on finally signing your favorite legend! How has your tea… @Everyone_heart We're sorry you have a problem lading the game. If you are still getting this error, you can contac… is your Club! #MiaSanMia 🔴⚪ Get the official FC Bayern Club Edition of eFootball #PES2021 SEASON UPDATE he…🎮 Matchday est arrivé sur eFootball #PES2021! Choisis ton club & participe au Matchday mode maintenant ET ajoute q…
Retweeted by eFootball PESIt's time! 🔥 From 3pm, take part in this weeks Matchday event with @ManUtd PLUS, take full advantage of their Club…
@Ewen_Kapa He looks great on there, Ewen!! 🤩 Let us know if you add any other awesome players to your squad! @Abdoula65594661 #eFootballPES2021Mobile is coming in October! You can find out more info here: @EdHotsmiler Thanks, Ed!! 😁 We're so happy you are enjoying it! How is your #myClub team coming along?… @_bamin A super squad, Bamin! 🤩👍 How did they do in your last match with them? #PlayingIsBelieving @adenaury Super cool squad you have there, Emir! 😎👍 Do you hope to add any other players to it? @Abir_dey_ That's so awesome, Abir! Congrats on adding them!! 👏👏 Do you enjoy using both of them on your team? #eFootballPES2020Mobile @AdeteyePhillip @Konami Awesome team! Wonderful lineup! 👍👍 Are there any other players you would you like to add to… @Ewen_Kapa Congrats, Ewen! Very cool signing! 😎 Did you add this awesome legend to your squad yet? #PlayingIsBelieving @ksubham1999 That's great! Congrats, Subham! 🙌 Have you added him to your team yet? #PlayingIsBelieving @FCBDTX Thanks for your feedback, Ryan! 😁 Which mode have you been enjoying the most so far? #eFootballPES2021 @Druminatti_ Hello, Nketiah. We are sorry you are having this crashing problem with your game. Please reach out to… @LuisLozanoVera1 ¡Excelente, Luis! 🤩 Esperamos que disfrutes de unos increíbles partidos. ¡Saludos!One of the best Left Back's in the world is a PES Ambassador… Hi @AlphonsoDavies 👋 Order your @FCBayern eFootball…
@rotich_rui Congrats on building the team, darknet! Looks perfect! 🤩 How are they doing in your matches this weekend? #PlayingIsBelieving @petrutzinho Wonderful, Petrutzinho! 😍 Keep those awesome replays coming! #PlayingIsBelieving @baikuniJR Congrats on signing them, Boy! 👏 How has your team been doing with them in your lineup? #PlayingIsBelieving @theeKevinOHagan Both look awesome, Chef Kev! 🤩 How are they doing in your matches this week? #eFootballPES2021 @TheDiamondStar1 Thanks for your feedback! We can discuss your comments with our PES game team. Cheers! @a_somoy @Pirlo_official Very cool, Somoy! 😎 Congrats! What does your team look like now? #PlayingIsBelieving @Ram_1803 Your team looks awesome, Sanjay! 😁 Which guys have been your standout players so far? #PlayingIsBelieving @darielb14 Hola Damian, por favor, envia tu reporte a nuestro equipo de soporte. 👉 @TriStarsGames ¡A seguir con los logros, Tristars! 🙌 Que tengas un finde a puro #eFootballPES2021. 👏 #PlayingIsBelieving
@CHINMAY31813308 Congrats, Chinmay! 👏👏Who's next on your list? 😄 @Efrin_Lie17 Congrats, Efrin!! 👏👏 Have you had a chance to play with him yet? #eFootballPES2021 @a_somoy @Torres A marvelous signing! Congrats, Somoy! 😁 What does your team look like now? #PlayingIsBelievingLooking good as a PES Ambassador, @MarcusRashford 😎✨ Get your eFootball #PES2021 SEASON UPDATE @ManUtd Club Editio…
@alexandergrtt An awesome team of Legends, Zeus! 👍 Do you hope to add anybody else to your club? #PlayingIsBelieving @petrutzinho That's great, Petrutzinho ! Congrats on signing him! 👏👏 Let us know if you pick up Puyol! #PlayingIsBelieving @a13Lee Awesome squad, Hambali ! 👍 Lots of great players! What was the best match you've played with them today? #PlayingIsBelieving
@rizsur Looking amazing, Rizki! Keep us updated on your progress. 💪 @a13Lee These are great spins, Hambali - congrats! How's your squad looking now? 😀 @lunatic_Ghimire Awesome! Congrats on getting him! 🙌 Is your squad doing better with him in the lineup? #PlayingIsBelieving @FirredrakeYT ¡Felicitaciones por las leyendas, Firredrake! 🙌 Gracias por compartir tu foto con nosotros. @AngelRubianoOC ¡Felicitaciones, Ángel! 😍 No te olvides de contarnos qué te ha parecido el juego. @PolicarpoAlexis @PESCommunityit @PESlatam @KONAMI_ES @we_konami @PES_Brasil ¡Increíble ese equipo, Alexis! 😍 ¿Tienes algún favorito? @AKAY10_AMAN @FCBarcelona A wonderful collection of players! ❤️ Who is your all-time favourite, Akay? 🤩 #eFootballPES2020 @AleBernalPress @OfficialVieira @Adam_Bhatti @robbyearon That shot was out of this world, Alejandro! 🌠 You can really feel the adrenaline! ⚡ @spelvarlden What a spin! Any other player you'd like to get? 🔥
@petrutzinho @ManUtd Awesome, Petrutzinho! We're haooy to hear he is doing well for you! 😁 Let us know if you get a… @wima1691 We are sorry you are having this problem, Wima. Please reach out to our support team about your issue her… @otessss Very cool signing, Seto! Congrats! 😎👍 Now that you have this icon, how has your team been performing? #PlayingIsBelieving @Hasnainnibyan1 Congratulations, Hasnainnibyan!! 👏👏 What does your squad look like now? #PlayingIsBelieving @SM_Greenwood Awesome, Steve! We can't wait to hear what you think of it! 😁 #eFootballPES2021 #PlayingIsBelieving @Cris7887 Davvero un buon giorno, Cristiano! 🤩 Congratulazioni! @TriStarsGames ¡Excelente adición al equipo, Tristar! 🙌 ¿Tienes algún jugador favorito? @Joselu95HD ¡Felicitaciones, Joselu! 🤩 ¿Quién te gustaría que sea el próximo en sumarse al equipo?Get your hands on eFootball #PES2021 SEASON UPDATE on PS4, Xbox One or PC (Steam) now! 🎮🖥 Get yours now:…
@Tigitaka020 A wonderful CB to pick up, Tigitaka! 😃 Do you enjoy using him on your team? #eFootballPES2021 @AamarAtk A great legend to pick up! Congrats, Aakash! 😄 Has he been doing well on your team? #PlayingIsBelieving @PesCaptain Congrats on signing these two! 👏👏 How has your team been doing with them in the lineup? #eFootballPES2021 #PlayingIsBelieving @theprofPes20 Awesome! Thanks for sharing! 😄 Let us know if you make any new squads! #PlayingIsBelieving @aris_karismaa Thanks for sharing your legend squad, Aris! Looks awesome! 🤩 How are they doing in your matches this… @KrisnaYovi1 Congrats on picking up this amazing legend, KrisnaYovi! 👏👏 Has he been a good addition to your team so… @Amal_mcp @Carles5puyol @3gerardpique @mterstegen1 @andresiniesta8 @JordiAlba @DaniAlvesD2 @5sergiob @neymarjr That… @Pullover140sup1 Looks like a very fun club you've put together! 😁👍 How did they do in your matches over the weeken… @keyno_keynz No news on updates yet, but please keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for any announcements! Thanks! @vanseashore Very cool, Kelvin! 😎👍 Congrats on getting him for your squad! What does your team look like now? #eFootballPES2021 @DS_PES_Official An exciting way to start off the week! 🤩 Nice one, DS! ⭐ @AleBernalPress @robbyearon @Adam_Bhatti Thanks for your interest, Alejandro! You can check out our latest career o… @salman007__ @hazardeden10 @433 @brfootball Absolutely fantastic to hear! Congratulations, Salman! 🥳🎉 @KINGOFPES21 Thanks so much for sharing, King! We are so happy to hear that you have been enjoying…’s #MATCHDAY in eFootball #PES2021 and this week, its all about the Gunners! 🙌⚽ Head in-game to add some of…
@TriStarsGames ¡Eso es lo que nos encanta escuchar! 🤩 A seguir disfrutando. ¡Saludos! @Gladius41158700 A top notch legend! Congrats, Junior! 👏👏 Is he doing well on your squad? #PlayingIsBelieving @ZEUSPES Awesome legends squad! Wonderful lineup! 👍👍 What was the best match you played with them today? #PlayingIsBelieving @ZEUSPES Looks like an incredible team! 🤩👍 Are they doing well in your matches this weekend? #PlayingIsBelieving @Johninhobpser Congrats, Johninho123! 👏👏 Keep us updated on any more milestones you achieve in #eFootballPES2021!! #PlayingIsBelieving @fearlessfeather Hi, y! #eFootballPES2021 is designed as a standalone experience, and can be played without owning #eFootballPES2020. @MusingSage Awesome legendary squad, AMIT! 👍👍 Lots of fantastic legends! What was the best match you've played with… @kaansince1907 Thank you for your suggestions, Kaan. We will discuss your feedback with our PES game team. Cheers! @notdownsuji Your legends squad looks awesome! 🤩 How are they doing in your matches this week? #PlayingIsBelieving
@JBIN112 Amazing, Jobin! Keep us updated on your progress. 💪 @SH_Imon Amazing squad, SH_Imon! Thanks for sharing. 🔥 @ChrisGalak Congrats, Chris! Who's next on your list? 😀 @alejandroferrer ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Alejandro! 🎂 ¡Qué pases un día a puro fútbol! 👏⚽ @dhimas_aveiro Very good!! 🤩 Thanks for sharing your squad with us, Dhimas! 😁 How have they been doing in your matc… @MrTG_Tweets @Aubameyang7 @DavidLuiz_4 @Arsenal Two awesome black ball players!! Congrats, Trevor! 👏👏 Did you add t… @JuveCristiano Beautiful goal!! 😍 Thanks for sharing! 👍 We hope to see some more wonderful replays from you soon! #PlayingIsBelieving @rozysays_ Sorry you are having an issue with your myClub, nabi! Please reach out to our support team about this. T… @Vinson11Giggsy Congratulations, Vinson! 👏👏 Do you enjoy using him on your squad? #eFootballPES2021 @FootballKickass Very cool! Your team is looking great so far! 😎👍 What players do you hope to add to your defense? 🤔 #PlayingIsBelieving @JBIN112 Congrats on getting them, JOBIN!! 👏👏 Did you put them all on your team? #PlayingIsBelieving