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Rockabilly Gentleman, StrayCats Drummer, Host of Rockabilly RaveUp in Little Steven’s Underground Garage SiriusXM Sundays 5:00 PST - Channel 21 - Los Angeles

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Turn up the volume! @officialslimjim is on the air w/ Kyle Elfrink 10-12a ET covering the latest #FantasyBaseball n…
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Yes! Those I love! 🍀⚾️SJP
@ChuckProphet @TheRyanHamilton @thejennievee Let’s have a good think on this. Getting a feeling we should ask for… @KnockoNolan @freddylockhart Although he was my fave, a Catfish flavored candy bar might not have gone down too, well. ☘️SJP 😺🥁🇺🇸
According to John Bolton’s new book, it takes almost 2 hours to do his hair and makeup every day.
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomWhen the smoke clears I fore see some shows & musical collaboration with this gang & some special guests. Let the b…
When the drummer from @TheStrayCats plays your cover of #TheJudds on his radio show, and Chuck Prophet is listening…
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomI love it when worlds collide! All made possible by @littlesteven_ug @SIRIUSXM CHANNEL 21 Best, SJP 🌎📻🧰😺🥁🇺🇸 The Mighty Hannibal, born on this day in 1939 in Atlanta, Georgia. Here he is performing “In the Midnig…
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomHappy 67th Birthday to actor-singer Don Most who was born on this day in 1953 in the #Flatbush section of…
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomJoining FootballDiehards & @SiriusXMFantasy 2nite @EricNMoody #ActionalbleFantasyIntel #ComeGetIt
Retweeted by Slim Jim Phantom @bec_susan @thejennievee Last night! Best, SJPYou & ⁦@thestraycats⁩ Right Now! Stay tuned for #RodneyBingeheimer Right Now! #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP ⁦@SIRIUSXM⁩ ⁦… & #EddieCochran Right Now! #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP ⁦@littlesteven_ug⁩ ⁦@SIRIUSXM⁩ CHANNEL 21 & @officialheadcat Right Now! ⁦@myMotorhead⁩ ⁦@thestraycats⁩ #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP ⁦@SIRIUSXM⁩ Channel 21 & #BuddyHolly #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP ⁦@littlesteven_ug⁩ ⁦@SIRIUSXM⁩ ⁦@littlesteven_ug⁩ CHANNEL 21 up soon! You & #BODIDDLEY #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP ⁦@SIRIUSXM⁩ ⁦@littlesteven_ug⁩ CHANNEL 21 & EttaJames Right Now! #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP ⁦@littlesteven_ug⁩ ⁦@SIRIUSXM⁩ CHANNEL 21 ⁦@SteveForbert⁩ YOU’RE UP RIGHT NOW! #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP ⁦@littlesteven_ug⁩ @SIRIUSXM⁩ CHANNEL 21 ⁦@ChuckProphet⁩ MY ROCKABILLY BUDDY, YOU’RE UP RIGHT NOW! #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP ⁦@littlesteven_ug⁩ ⁦@SIRIUSXM⁩ CHAN… ⁦@ScreaminNYC⁩ YOU’RE UP RIGHT NOW! #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP ⁦@littlesteven_ug⁩ ⁦@SIRIUSXM⁩ CHANNEL 21 @jeremyharlequin YOU’RE UP RIGHT! #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP @littlesteven_ug @SIRIUSXM CHANNEL 21 Best @officialslimjimRIGHT NOW! You & Little Miss 🧨 BRENDA LEE! #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP ⁦@littlesteven_ug⁩ ⁦@littlesteven_ug⁩ CHANNEL 21 ⁦@TheRyanHamilton⁩ YOU’RE UP NEXT! Best, SJP #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP ⁦@littlesteven_ug⁩ ⁦@SIRIUSXM⁩ Channel 21
If your Sunday needs a little bit more rock-n-roll we recommend you follow @officialslimjim's lead and tune in to…
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomBE COOL! TUNE IN! 5:00 PM PST TODAY ⁦@littlesteven_ug⁩ ⁦@SIRIUSXM⁩ CHANNEL 21 #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP ⁦@ElvisPresley⁩
Tune in to the SXM Fantasy Drive right now with @BaseballGuys & Kyle Elfrink! The fellas look at the early #MLB str…
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomGo get ‘em Pee Wee! I’ll watch it for the 75th time in honor of this cinematic historic moment. Your pal, SJP 🇺🇸😺🥁 @officialslimjim Slim Jim Phantom would love to sign a photo for you. Get yours DIRECTLY at
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomCanada Remembers. The 1981 Hunger Strikers continue to inspire generations across Canada to deliver Irish Unity. Li…
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomGo tell ‘em James! 🍀💚SJP ☘️, Cheatum & Howe. Best, SJP mean Thighman Templar? Best, SJP @MJMcKean FootballDiehards & @SiriusXMFantasy 2nite @cfrelund & @GridironSchol91 #Analytics #RiskvsReward #SuperflextTalk
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There has to be a way to connect. I get that the power companies are overwhelmed, but if you fix a neighborhood, m…
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomCatch @lindsay_rhodes and @caplannfl with Fantasy Dirt on @SiriusXMFantasy #TrainingCampsAreOn
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomName a more iconic duo. I’ll wait. @eodmofficial’s @thejennievee aka #sassymagazine’s Biggest #TheCure Fan contest-…
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomTime for @Michael_Fabiano and me to crank up Fantasy Dirt on @SiriusXMFantasy... NOW!
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomLIVE FROM "DETROIT!" @StevieVanZandt w/ co-host @DrewFromTV! To benefit @teachrock. Guests include @AliceCooper, Ma…
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The whole music infrastructure is facing bankruptsy.. roadies, PA companies, venues, promoters, bus rental, musos e…
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomRemembering Baden Powell, born on this day in 1937 in Rio de Janeiro. Here he is playing “Prelude in A Minor.”
Retweeted by Slim Jim Phantom“Honky Tonk Woman” The Rolling Stones. Best, SJP @EpiSchmidt You can get everything at Check it out! Best, SJPWe know! We’ve got three leagues going. Best, SJP🇺🇸⚾️😺🥁🦅🦅🦅
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomCongrats 🎉🎊 Dee! Good looking record. Go get ‘em buddy. Best, SJP @deesnider
Hey ⁦@m_millsey⁩ You made the ⁦@nytimes⁩ Sunday crossword puzzle! Alright!! Best, SJP’s go for hike @DrewFromTV Have you been cooped up a little too much with just @StratOMatic for company? Love, S… @kidrum13 Of course, I know him. He’s an old dear friend. SJP @kidrum13 Are you asking me whether or not I know him? Best, SJP @ItsGrahamParker Remind me to tell you the story of Hurricane Higgins promising to turn me into the best pool playe… stuff Alain! Best, SJP 😺🥁 snooker 🎱 with you @ronniewood & @officialKeef & @briansetzer59 backstage before @RollingStones went on in… Ernestine "Tiny" Davis, born on this day in 1909 in Memphis, Tennessee. Here she is in a clip from the…
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomGo get ‘em Ryan! Best always, SJP 🚌🇺🇸🎸“Let’s go dig some potatoes pardner” 🥔🤠 Best, SJP @thelovemaster wonder if these 🎯 dartsmen and/or their fans consider them athletes? Best, SJPSecond that. This git has been enriched by the creative output of others who are paid close to zilch for their wor…
Retweeted by Slim Jim Phantom.@TheRyanHamilton recently went on a road trip and captured his experience in a mini-documentary called 'Communique…
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomDarts 🎯 on television 📺 is one my earliest memories of culture shock in London in 1980. There was one particular Sc… took the words right out of my mouth
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomStevie Wonder’s version of “We Can Work It Out” Best, SJP me a copy. I’ll play 4 sure buddy! ❤️SJP! Ahoy! Best, SJP“Who Do You Love?” by Bo Diddley Best, SJP I remember! Special Q&A for episode #7 on I answer all the burning questions! BE…! I’m switching to Geico for my home & auto. Do you get a cut? Love you buddy, SJP 😺🥁🐀🇺🇸 @StephenEPearcy
Billy Cobham - “Spectrum” sent me running back to Ringo. Best, SJP 😺🥁
This is awesome! You should feel honored just to have gotten this call. I feel honored just to know you! Best, SJP… many of you have ridden Hank Williams, Jr. like a horse with one arm around Chuck Norris? I would guess not to…
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomHappy 39th Birthday🎂to my Rockabilly Brother in Perfect Rhythm & Groove. Massapequa’s finest! ⁦@TheLeeRocker⁩ Love,… buddy! Best, SJP all you have to do is day dream dream dream. Best, SJP Naná Vasconcelos, born on this day in 1944 in Recife, Brazil. Here he is playing a musical bow known as…
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomYou & ⁦@thestraycats⁩ Right Now! #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP ⁦@littlesteven_ug⁩ ⁦@SIRIUSXM⁩ CHANNEL 21 Best, SJP⁦@OfficialHeadcat⁩ coming up soon. ⁦@myMotorhead⁩ 😜🧰📻Best, SJP CATCHING MY DRIFT? The Killer knows! #ROCKABILLYRAVEUP ⁦@littlesteven_ug⁩ ⁦@SIRIUSXM⁩ CHANNEL 21 Best, SJP 😜 🥁😺…
All the new Questions on @Twitter are great ones. Will get to them on next podcast. Some did make the deadline for…
I’m up for some tambo & shakers. Best, SJP 😺🥁 legend Gaylord Perry talks about the spitball on Late Night with David Letterman (1983) #MLB #Baseball
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomOn this day in 1981, Kevin Lynch from Dungiven died on hunger strike in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh after 71 days.…
Retweeted by Slim Jim Phantomcc: @MDesbarres
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomNow you’re talking! @ItsGrahamParker Best, SJP’re almost at the required number of crewmen needed to set sail for the buried treasure prize pack. Just a few mo… Franklin. Best, SJP latest podcast is out now🎙️ This week I recall the last time I met with Hunger Striker Kieran Doherty Click on…
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomSpecial Q & A for episode #7 All the burning questions have been answered Buried treasure prize pack for a lucky🍀pa…
Good thing we were all in our late teens, right Alan?! Best, SJP @officialslimjim Slim Jim Phantom would love to sign a photo for you. Get yours DIRECTLY at
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomRemembering Rosinha de Valença, born on this day in 1941 in Rio de Janeiro. Here she is performing “Consolação” in…
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomPODCAST #7 - Q&A get ‘em Ryan! Best, SJP 😺🥁 tell ‘em James! Best, SJP 😺🥁🇺🇸☘️❤️@KnockoNolan IN! PLAY BALL! Thursdays #slimjimphantasy ⁦@SiriusXMFantasy⁩ 7:00 PST CHANNEL 210 Tips to fulfill your basebal… get ‘em Dhani! Best, SJP 😺🥁☘️"I was very aware of Ravi by the time I met him. It was probably 6 or 9 months or a year before I met him that I go…
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I love @officialslimjim
Retweeted by Slim Jim PhantomAw shucks ma’am! ❤️🤠🥁SJP drummers are all alike! Love you budddy, SJP 🥁❤️ love you Mikey @MDesbarres but I’ve known you for close to 40 years as have not, as yet, ever seen you in blue je…