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Ofoli @ofoli_kwei Accra, Ghana

Africa | Basketball | Photography

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@jabdulai Accra will survive... with wounds to show for it. @jabdulai Right!! I'm in 😂
@_dey___ The kick be nasty pass. @readJerome Lol. Go bed. @readJerome See, I taya. @SwishMahn @CoachFeranmi Always. @aisscream
@NanaBenyinnn You dey lie sef! @dadaeli_ @annertey_ Ogya 🔥 @dadaeli_ @annertey_ Eli, Annertey Thompson-Abbey eba na yoo yɛ Gbalɔi awé. Atsɛɔ lɛ Monica. Just for your listening pleasure. @NanaBenyinnn Préman life, e no good. @dadaeli_ Agbooo dɔŋ! @aisscream You’re not coming to this Accra oAmerican Man dey fi make I dey miss Montana so much. @aisscream Aye! Roadside. @aisscream Yes plixx @aisscream Eeii God, I see what you’re doing for others. @bvbygod Lmao. Everyday. @bvbygod Make your throat rest small ooooo. Ebei!No woman on your panel for a discussion on sexual harassment? Maybe the real problem is really poor journalism.
Retweeted by OfoliScience! Also dey remind me of the guy man also known as Michele Ferrari... @GanyobiGH @wanlov Boff. @wanlov Pure idiot. @FlashLamptey You for find am. HahaLet's make history! 💪 📺 Watch live: #INEOS159
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The music dey kai me of some old crossover then dunks mix you get from way back. @FlashLamptey, we no wan any gentrification. We like our Gbawe like that. @sa_dykk 😂😂😂😂 @datJakeMorrison 😂😂😂 @_KingJane Wow @_KingJane Eeii. He dey marry? How? Why?I no go shock if she be my neighbor. to work with a person that doesn’t get it <<<< @sa_dykk @kwahmi @annertey_ You literally dey see e face for the logo inside.I no figure out how I go make my current work schedule make sense, but I dey here dey get ideas wey e go add more work. Lmao. @ewelery @OfoeAmegavie LolSenior, your Friday wine all dey on me today. weather really no dey fi make up e mind today. @Bebelino You’re old old....for Monica @OfoeAmegavie @annertey_ Ghana Bar for get this intel.In that order, because man dey like roam. Sneakers Devices @annertey_ Lmaooooo @annertey_ She no dey wear size 46 though. @kwahmi @annertey_ She for tension am. Monica dey Gbawe dey feel Annertey. Your man just dey do muaa things.
@NanaSirOsei @OfoeAmegavie @annertey_ Me too I go make Ameri call e land guards for the hills e back. E be there yo… @NanaSirOsei @OfoeAmegavie @annertey_ Naasei, wo yɛ nam a, nanka wo yɛ welé wɔ light-soup ase. @OfoeAmegavie @annertey_ I still ko secure my plot for there. At least I for secure before the water go swallow the island. @OfoeAmegavie @annertey_ Crocodile island sané 😂😂😂 @OfoeAmegavie @annertey_ Year of onyɛ hiɛ fɛɛflɛ. That be if you be extra broke....always excited to meet me*My sisters are always excited to me. Nothing beats that chale.Simply put, year of onyɛ. Fuck Ghana! @nii_mants3 Lol. I swear! @CoachFeranmi StockX @CoachFeranmi Good luck, cos right now e pass 3K sef make people dey offer 4K. @CoachFeranmi You get $2000? @EDWVN True mome. Thi shoe get more layers. E dey allow for unnecessary extra-ness for colors.La sané 🔥 @EDWVN You this guy. How you hate the 97s?The season continues. #LetsPlay #DSL
Retweeted by OfoliLmao @MsAnarfi @anguahA Same. @blino_gh @_dey___ Make she come dilute the market. Me sef like I no go do.
Retweeted by OfoliYou ankasa know say you no be my mate. Monica dey wedge you.! @koolboblove I met E and got my @FullCourt21NYC shirt. I love it! Thanks man. @CoachFeranmi @_NiiMantse Bully ball but them go miss the free-throws.😂 and you wonder why bbc had to come and make the news
Retweeted by Ofoli @MutomboDaPoet I deyPerson wey e get more tooli pass e hair. @wanlov @MutomboDaPoet LOL. Tombo no get size for Ghana here. @MutomboDaPoet you spread me keep waa. I dey East Legon side oEbony meat-pie! @annertey_ @Treez_nvm I dey town now I reach norr I go gbele show them.Consent
Retweeted by Ofoli @MutomboDaPoet @annertey_ You dier relax. I go get am briefly. @niiroddy I dey use Twitter long time. IG e own be horrible.People like the idea of beautiful space, people like it to exist for selfish reasons. If Azizanya and Kewunor chang…
Retweeted by OfoliYuck @OfoeAmegavie 😂😂😂 @briethewave alive paa @blino_gh @GanyobiGH The light soup type. @XVILLY @annertey_ @Ayigbegirl I think she is asking about if it has truly been sold..The Sea Took the Lands at Ada – And Then, the Corporations Came. our leaders are goats. @Ms_aDu @annertey_ Madness o madness. @annertey_ Them no sell a whole community plus waterfront for Ada? @annertey_ I just see. I no really shock though.Lmao! @nii_mants3 @annertey_ @ttaaggooee I cool down be that @annertey_ @nii_mants3 @ttaaggooee The only thing you dey through be say your maff die @annertey_ @ttaaggooee @nii_mants3 Bo nɛ!All this paapaan, you guys go win 24 games.