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@Isabbcamargo Oh I’m Brazilian too it’s just wrote it in English because most of my followers are Americans I rea… 5 is on on SyFy's website now! I got to do the rough animation for a lot of these animated camera move sho…
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QF#NewProfilePic tbh this pic of child me fits way better for the spooky month have no idea which one do you guys think? a pedophile tried to justify doing shit by saying he is “LGBQ” and people are clowning him Good“LGBQ” is trending ......people forgot the T or something ? @Struggler2Dark Actually that’s where I get most clout and compliments but some dudes don’t give a fuck and say whatever they wantOK REDDIT THE DRAWING IS CRAP IM SORRY @CyberpunkGame @chenteboy01 @PoorlyAgedStuff prob not the first one to tag you butOh ! That's a Baseball ! [Color]
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QFIM SO FUCKING DONE @RipleyVoira I don’t like it because it’s not fucking dragon ball I hate it The plot is stupid and not in a cute… @RipleyVoira @Struggler2Dark >heroes I legit hate heroes more than anything in this franchiseThis drawing changed quiete a bit since it’s #sketch to its final version DRAWING! Samus Returns to play some Samus Returns #metroid #samusaran #nintendo #SuperSmashBrosUltimate for me
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QFListen, Marvel, I need Oscar Isaac to read these panels as Moon Knight it will make my life
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QF @BoyBingy”what a beautiful night for a werewolf to come out” Luigi:”I’m gay”♥ #undertale ♥ HALLOWEEN!
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QFNo doubt in my mind Slayer illustration I recently submitted to @/terrortimezine on Insta 🔪🎃🕸👁👁
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QF @BoyBingy My mistake 24**Google can 1/4 of a sandwich and an ice cream sustain a fully grown human body for 20 hours ? Send tweetWell it’s done but imma sleep and post it tomorrow with some fixes My digital art doesn’t look but if you look up… Myers doodle.
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QF @BrolyTrash All I care is Jet Jaguar The world needs more Jet Jaguarroommates 😇😈
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QF @conspiraboomers Lazy conspiracy boomer @Daboyui This gonna sound weird but my dog does the opposite.....and my grandma dog too talking about where bowsers cloaca would be on my timeline
@Markx491 I would agree with you if it was around sister location/pizzaria simulator you were talking about but now… remember when I left the theater with some friends after watching Mad Max Fury Road and joking that the FNAF movi… already got as many likes as a regular drawing of mine drawin is gonn have boobies (sketch btw its gonna look better finished.....I hope) @Sabo_Black It’s keeps me away from my thoughts for hours while not being as energy consuming as consuming any art @Struggler2Dark We only getting food once per month no shit man @Rumaaki I didn’t do it bcs I thought it was cheating but IDC anymore I made the 3D model I get to trace it comfort Character / film / celebrity Won’t pick an album because there isn’t one I listen to random music lol…“Do you know how much power I'd have to give up to be president? “ Holy shit Justice League Lex Luther absolutely… @Struggler2Dark But I will say that the horror movies that are popular and SELL like crazy are the ones with really… @Struggler2Dark Mfs need to watch more recent movie lmao we have a shit ton of meaningful non jumpscared filled mov… new friends is so easy!🌷💫🌼
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QFPeak peak peak peak peak peak peak peak peak character in DB is the type that posts NSFW stuff in the general chat ?Unorganized hell @Sabo_Black Bro that’s a big leap that that I still don’t know if want to or am ready for @Sabo_Black He******* start making the backgrounds in 3D and tracin them IDC @Sabo_Black I CHECKED HIS TWITTER OH GOD HE WORKS DIRECTLY WITH KIDS PLEASE NODo you think a depressed person could make 30% of their room in 3D under two hours? Yes, yes she can @Sabo_Black W H A T NAH MAN PLEASE SAY SIKE
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QF @Telepeturtle “But Muh titi-“ SUSH dog go brrrrrhey how ya doin buddy
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QF @Telepeturtle This is the best one no doubtSpent one hour playing 7 different games because I couldn’t decide what to play Spent 1 hour starting and stoping…'ve come to bring you good news. The rules of Twitter's child exploitation policy has changed. "Promoting or norma…
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Retweeted by Theo 🎃QF33 year old rapes 15 year old kid and only gets a week in jail look at the photo they used the creepy teacher epi…
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@Sabo_Black I knowHalloween Candy man That’s it @Sabo_Black Why the fuck your ass putting this Garbo on my timeline was alright Hereditary felt more complet and rewarding as a movie tbh @BoyBingy I wasn’t there @BoyBingy You never mentioned @werupz
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QF @werupz Congrats, names josh i draw anime oc's, also am a commission artist, and i do fanart!
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QF @werupz Heya! Congrats on the milestone and thank you for the thread 😊 I'm Lizzie, I'm a full-time student and ho…
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QFTo start! hi my name is Wero, im a freelance illustrator from Chile, and here some of my artworks =D
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QFARTIST SUPPORT Happy sunday! I just hit 1.1K followers so lets do Artshare time! RULES 👹👹👹 Introduce yourself an…
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QFWatching midsommarAll of them don’t eat cereals they are all garbage 🗿 don’t like the idea of the characters being stronger than beerus alreadyWhat happens when you prioritize consistency over clarity.
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QFWhat-if battle of my fav strong girls Art requested from @LuuMajin #HildaTheSeries #InfinityTrain
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QF @Sabo_Black I have no idea I just use WhatsApp editorWent looking for memes and holy shit people have nothing better to do
Here's a little breakdown of the @trigger_inc Brand New Animal ED runcycle! Hardest runcycle I've ever animated bu…
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QF @OutlawDreamz @Struggler2Dark HxH fans be like “YOOOOOOO THIS PAGE HAS SO MUCH DRIP 💀 💀” I did Horror story boards what about it
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QF @barkertheteen16 @Struggler2Dark The world of Halloween 5 and 6 actually followed up on the ending of 4 @Struggler2Dark So you are saying it’s good while also doing it’s own thing ? Holy shit Halloween take notes Mayb…’ll pick a positive moment of mine and a negative Positive was captain America picking up Thor’s hammer IDC abou… Jason Voorhees!AU where he becomes a camp counselor to make sure no kids ever drown on his watch. 🛶🏊‍♂️🏕️
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QF @Struggler2Dark Ash is a bit flanderized but it’s a fun watch @Struggler2Dark Only watched the ring and Halloween IDGAF about anything else @Struggler2Dark Ah yes the “GOAT Raimi trilogy” I hear so much about Have you seen the series ?Its also pretty goodHaven't drawn anything in a while, so here. Have this random doodle where 11th century AU Nagatoro annoys the ever…
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QF @Struggler2Dark Jack be like @Lady_Zeon I only really gave two Moro is kinda bland and it feels stretched (maybe bcs I’m reading as they come out)I swear you people announce her birthday like this @Sabo_Black Mother fuckers announce her birthday like this I swear @joystick_jay She IS Goku absolute peak But man when they try to continue this franchise without her it won’t be the same @RblastisMe Thank you !! nice #Metroid #Samus Aran traditional art by Reyhan Yil @Reyhans_Art (2020) #メトロイド @MetroidDatabase #Nintendo
Retweeted by Theo 🎃QFEvery Fucking Birthday My heart can’t take the idea of her dying man @Struggler2Dark I’ve seen mother fuckers try to justify sexual abuse in real life with that shit “It’s okay for me…