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The International 2018 & 2019 Champions. 4 time Dota 2 Major Champions | @OGcsgo | @OGValorant | Business inquiries: | #DreamOG

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@Wapzkuss Tuesday 😫GIFF NEXT GAME 😰 @MeetYourMaker_7 @SteelSeries I know I'm sorry @SteelSeries Hint: what @SteelSeries has shipped today πŸŽ™οΈπŸ‘€ weakness: too strong🀷
@redditdota2 @OGDota2 Gjrkdlldxlxl @Taigadota @iNsan1a Nightmare fuel @SteelSeries Thanks guys πŸ™ @iNsan1a @OGesports Can’t wait to give you a drubbing you will not soon forget πŸ‘€ 🀣
Retweeted by OG:$$$ πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆβ€οΈ @iNsan1a @Taigadota See you next week @Rennn003 Bootcamping soon my friend we're just getting started @febdoto Hello I won you in official stop talkThey have successfully slain their first beast, but it's just the start of their journey. Get to know our gigacha… @AmmarAlassaf6 Tell themsome people need zis..
Retweeted by OG @T1 Miss you too babe @T1 Hey you πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° @inggarash "Hello I won you in official stop talk"Mood: @Taigadota @SteelSeries πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ₯° Let's gooo fully equipped Now @SteelSeries you know who needs a mic next.:MishaPrayge: (cut in two parts cuz webcam) morning 🌞
@putraferdinoo @jmrLuna @dota2misha Too busy tipping bro @dota2misha @Taigadota @bzmdota @Yuragii1 @dota2misha @AmmarAlassaf6 Thanks Papa Tommy we love u @jmrLuna @dota2misha πŸ€” @jmrLuna 😍😍😍🌻This debut gave me a lot of confidence but we will stay humble and cold minded. Time to reset and we have 7 days to…
Retweeted by OG @dota2misha We support no matter what, captain πŸ‘ Good job 🌻 @teamsecret 🀣🀣🀣 @LiquipediaDota @MaulerMordant 😍 @Fissan_P @redbullgaming @Taigadota very soon! πŸ˜‰ @Oakingaround @OG_BDN0tail Ofc my friend we joke around but this is their story @cyberRa11 @Taigadota Ofc my friend come join us πŸ‘The best place in the world. ❀️ 🌻 #DreamOG @teamsecret πŸ₯΄ @dota2misha You too captain Misha @Taigadota @teamsecret TOMMY GOD TOO STRONG PROUD TO HAVE YOU AS A 🌻🌱 @OG_BDN0tail @Ceb EZ CLAP BOSSmode : AMMAR THE F
Retweeted by OG @OG_BDN0tail @Taigadota @bzmdota @AmmarAlassaf6 @Yuragii1 @dota2misha LET'S GOOOOOO @Arapsann @Taigadota @bzmdota @AmmarAlassaf6 @Yuragii1 @dota2misha Mic breathing real reason i need a break
Retweeted by OGAmmar GIGACHAD @CLEMENTINATOR "this papi guy"oh oh @CLEMENTINATOR... 😳 @SteelSeries we need a new mic here xDGIGACHAD FAMILY @ramzyramses LMAOOOOAMMAR ITW28 - 0 - 22 across both games for @Yuragii1 today. Good start I'd say. #DreamOG @AvzOuroboros @AmmarAlassaf6 Thanks for the support my friend, hope you enjoyed the show! πŸ™ @teamsecret Please no 😭😭😭Going to bed now, sorry we have school tomorrow :) GGWP, @teamsecret! #DreamOG game: god that save doesn't stop is a serial killer'RE DOING IT DADDY @OG_BDN0tail πŸ₯Ί Is that you? 😳 @haileykb @redbullgaming @Taigadota POG @MaulerMordant @LiquipediaDota +1Papa Tommy already enjoying the gud stuff @redbullgaming 😌 cold killer @mho_34 Too busy tipping @OG_BDN0tail 2 IS LIVE, LET'S GO πŸ”΄ #DreamOG @teamsecret Razor carry 100% winrate in Div1, what year is this @LoKiOOm1 Very soon my bro, need visas for the 16yos firstMY BOYS Timber is legit guys βœ…THE AMMAR SHOW #DreamOG @teamsecret Promise I don't understand eitherWhat am I watching @redbullgaming Np broThat's our secret, we actually got Herald players @redbullgaming ok to OG DPC game in OG, 16 yo, solo lane against Puppey and Nisha πŸ₯΅ playing your first official circuit match and you face Sumail mid @LuckyAnggaaaaaa let's goooAMMAR_THE_F... did you actually put him in a cave 😳 IS TIME. A new era. The battle begins. πŸ”΄ #DreamOG @nkha928851 Thank you years old, playing for OG. If that's not a STONKS, I don't know what is. First stonks of the season, brought… new patch looks weird @bramastha14 same @Diggidydang you already know famTIC TAC