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The International 2018 & 2019 Champions. 4 time Dota 2 Major Champions | OG CS:GO team @OGesportsCSGO #DreamOG Business inquiries:

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Retweeted by OG @TeamNigma Ready to show you our new Monkey Business moves! #DreamOG @OGesportsCSGO @virtuspro Oh we'll be there! #DreamOG changes everything, daily lives and esport along. Check our Online Activity news to when and where to ca…
Series is in the bag, OG.Seed takes their opening series against @cyblegacy 2-1. GG WP and thanks for the games!… fall and gg is called! #DreamOG the game settles in OG.Seed's favor, they're forcing a teamfight, removing three opponents and unlocking Roshan!…'s #StayHomeChallenge series against @cyblegacy is now even as second game is ours! Last game is live and y… like @cyblegacy have put all their eggs in one basket 😏 #DreamOG @Xibbe coming midlane to say hi and help @ChessieDota secure First Blood. #DreamOG game goes @cyblegacy's way. Game 2 is now live! 🇬🇧 🇷🇺 may be on April 1st but @MadaraDotA2's Spectre is no joke 😥 #DreamOG selfless actions from @Peksudota! Releasing Shadow Poison too early so @MadaraDotA2 can secure First Blood 🧐… starts their journey into the #StayHomeChallenge and they'll face @cyblegacy as their first opponent. Bo3… Dota with @SumaaaaiL and some Mordhau to follow 🤺⚔️
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Due to the #Covid19 situation we won't be able to have our full main squad out and about to play #ESLOne LA Online… OG stands for Outplaying Gamers2 🧐 GG boys! #DreamOG new ingame banner would @SumaaaaiL pick? 🤔 Check it here ⬇️ Take the lead and choose our ingame banner with… special thank you note to @drawndotes for bringing to life those awesome posters <3Simple gestures can do a lot in this #COVID19 situation we're all facing. Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue…
Our partner @secretlabchairs will be donating 50,000 masks to hospitals in the US. They're also increasing this nu… the 4 ingame banners you can vote for on our @Socios_Gaming poll, @TopsonDota prefers one in particular. W…
He empowered @Ceb's most clutch move during #TI8 and gave a voice to our legendary Grand Final. Happy birthdayyyyy… OG stands for Online Gamers it seems 🤠 GG to our @OGesportsCSGO boys! #DreamOG man who won 100% of the TI he's attended is now streaming. Check @TopsonDota's stream here:…
Our CS:GO squad is entering #ESLProLeague with a Bo3 series against @tyloogaming! Time to spam flowers to give the… @WePlayEsport for your invitation to WePlay! Pushka League! See you online starting April 23rd for this awe…
Bored at home? Time to rewatch your classics! Ever heard of Against The Odds? It's a pretty damn good documentary…'s streaming and when? Here's your answer! So be prepared for a @OG_BDN0tail stream pretty soon 🤓 #DreamOG @redbullgaming This Unfold video looks cool#StayHome Play #AnimalCrossing #DreamOG
2020 tune in
Retweeted by OG @OG_BDN0tail @Ceb @LyricalDota .@LyricalDota 🗣️ "I've got this wonderful duo some of the GOATs right next to me"…! WeSave! WeCast! @OG_BDN0tail & @Ceb are now live casting NoPing Esports vs Thunder Predator with… @OGesportsCSGO @ESLCS @tyloogaming Esport always finds a way #DreamOG your alarm! @OG_BDN0tail & @Ceb are casting WeSave! SA Finals tonight at 20:00 CET! @OG_BDN0tail, now @TopsonDota. Everyone is live it seems! What a day to #StayHome is now live with a stacked program. TI 8 Finals draft and game analysis 😱 You don't want to miss th…
No RNG. No Bash. Just a simple way to fight against #COVID19. Stay healthy! #DreamOG @Socios_Gaming @Socios_Gaming @OG_BDN0tail Want to make your voice heard? Take the lead and choose our ingame banner with the…'ve probably noticed we've changed our ingame banner for the WeSave! charity event. It's one out of the 4 you c…'s @Saksadota time! Our pos 4 player is now live! Watch and learn ganking the 7.25a way!…
@Peksudota Streaming some dota
Retweeted by OGLast week our Seed squad had an incredible run at #LOOTBETDS12. In case you've missed it here's a highlight video:…
Retweeted by OGJoin the flower leader on his stream, now live! #DreamOG @canihearawahoo @OG_BDN0tail 😍🌻
Last week our Seed squad had an incredible run at #LOOTBETDS12. In case you've missed it here's a highlight video:…
@TeamLiquid Thanks @WePlayEsport for having us at WeSave! Charity Event! You can still fight #Covid_19 by making a… we couldn't even the series against @TeamLiquid. GG WP to them and gl further! #DreamOG #WePlay2Save case you've missed it, we changed our ingame banners to match one offered in our @Socios_Gaming poll. What do y… game goes @TeamLiquid's way. Game 2 starting soon! #DreamOG #WePlay2Save like @SumaaaaiL has learned his fluking lessons 😏 #DreamOG #WeSave2Play but not rusty! @ceb secures First Blood. #DreamOG #WePlay2Save @TeamLiquid Looks like @Gorgc is casting the game with @TopsonDota 👀 🐵 #DreamOGOur WeSave! game against @TeamLiquid is now live Watch it here: 🇬🇧 🇷🇺… @Socios_Gaming 🐒🍌Don't go anywhere! Our WeSave! game against @TeamLiquid is starting in 30 minutes! Watch it here: 🇬🇧… 4:- Ceeeeeeeeeb With the Call of His Lifetime Words don't do our final option justice. For context see belo…
Retweeted by OGThis guy just can't stop making plays! @TopsonDota is live! #DreamOG
@wykrhm First Artifact. Then Gordon Freeman.We're entering @WePlayEsport WeSave! Charity Play tomorrow at 🕔 17:00 CET. We're facing @TeamLiquid so it's almost… Option 3: OG Flower Power The Source of OG's Power The OG Badge of Honour When it's spammed our opponents Cow…
Retweeted by OGIs @TopsonDota streaming and crushing his opponents on 7.25? YES! #DreamOG roster for @WePlayEsport WeSave! will be slightly different than our DPC Season one. Please welcome our very s…
It's basic hygiene, but now more than ever due to the #COVID19 situation #DreamOG 2 - Monkey Business Pay homage to the roots of @OGesports. This banner will act as a warning to the opposi…
Retweeted by OGOur back to back TI winner @Ceb is now streaming. Watch it here: #DreamOG what friends, @TopsonDota just went live 👀
Freshly back from LA and already back online! OG.Seed is currently playing against Chicken Fighters in GGBET Champi… up very soon for some @OGesports dotes to fight confinement ☺️
Retweeted by OGThe polls are open! Option 1- Back2Back TI Winners - No other team in the history of DOTA 2 has earned the right to…
Retweeted by OGBeing a top player, how to handle it and retiring from pro Dota 2. Our interview with @iamJERAX is now live! Watch…
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@MNTdota 🤫Earth Spirit buffed in 7.25. We see what you're doing there @IceFrog but @iamJERAX announced he retired :( #DreamOGSo you mean we can play pro Dota 2 from home, being goofy and all of that for a good cause? Of course we joined We… a top player, how to handle it and retiring from pro Dota 2. Our interview with @iamJERAX is now live! Watch… #DreamOG
What about a 14-minute long interview with @iamjerax? Soon on our Youtube channel! #DreamOG
.@FNATIC were the strongest team today, GGWP to them. We're still extremely proud of this amazing OG Seed team, th…'s fissures 😍 game left to turn it all. Come give the Seeds your support : 🇬🇧 🇷🇺… takes game 1. Series resumes after a short break, game 2 coming soon.👀 Tune in : 🇬🇧… FINALS GAME 1 BABY ! Let's go ! 🇬🇧 🇷🇺 #DreamOG😍 #DreamOG'RE GOING TO THE #LOOTBETDS12 GRAND FINALS !🌻🌻🌻 We're SO PROUD of our Seeds, look at how they've grown... Also… gets his rapier back !👀 we allowed a Kage Bunshin No Jutsu joke when @MadaraDotA2 plays PL ? Asking for a friend🤔) 2 is OURS ! The Seeds are not done yet ! #DreamOG SLAMMA JAMMA ! #DreamOG with the bait !🤩 takes game 1. But we're not done yet. The bigger the challenge, the more motivated we get.🌱…, the Seeds are fighting for a spot in the #LOOTBETDS12 grand finals in a very awaited revenge rematch against… move on to the lower bracket finals with a 2-0 win to end the day ! 💪 GGs to @TeamLiquid, always a pleasure to… GOD #DreamOG power of flowers and friendship ! @Xibbe saves the day 🥰 #DreamOG take game one against @TeamLiquid ! 👀 Game 2 coming soon, stay tuned ! according to @MadaraDotA2's plan. 🙃 #DreamOG
Next up is our series against @TeamLiquid ! Watch here : 🇬🇧 🇷🇺