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Carl @OGRealCarl Carl, GA

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@rickyberwick Jack black always brings it. He’s good in anything he’s in @selmacashmoney @selmacashmoney Where mokey @rickyberwick He’ll kill it, he always does 🙏 @tyrone987 @qwetzel2 @titomongomed2 :( @imane A good one @ClassifyAlt People who don’t start drama and just do their own thing > @matthwatson Ain’t no fuckin way, is that my boy lUigi @g5briela When I listen to youngboy I get the sudden urge to go outside and start beating the shit out of pigeons @KittenElise Hell yea
@Class @TedNivison You shit in the urinal, I shit in my pants. We’re not the same. @comfypari My name is catgirl developmentMeow @comfypari Holy guacamole! @selmacashmoney Silly selma, you can’t ratio me I’m too sexy @McDonalds What is this @selmacashmoney I’m his mom. Sorry selma. @McDonalds Can I get uhhhhh borgir @MrTLexify I’ll make an appearance. @rickyberwick RICKT BEEWICK HOMOPHOBIC CONFIRMED @rickyberwick What if we were gay together @Viperous Can’t believe I Thought she was the one 😞 @buckethat___ ily @JhbTeam @Class Dinner with Margot. Just to breathe the same air as her would be a privilege @Viperous @Class HUUUUUUUUUGE L @Class Margot Robbie any day. She’s literally the perfect woman @comfypari I can’t sleep pari @saratomato WHAT @KaleiRenay @Class @LilNasX @macaiyla Fr 😭😭 @WhoDontai Ain’t no way
@g5briela These nuts @LilNasX I see no lies @ClassifyAlt False @MiaMalkova @MrAustinShow I’m british @MrAustinShow Thanks bro :) @starshotsz Hello @neekolul I see no lie @matthwatson He looks old @matthwatson AWOOOOGA @raptvcom Shit… @vylerria @whostamina @nopeifyaltalt Can I watch @selmacashmoney @PrestigeIsKey The spawns are god awful though @PrestigeIsKey Hated it at first but it grew on me @CosmonautMarcus This is gonna be so fucking dumb but I’m excited @TTfue Get a job + ratioretweet...
Retweeted by Carl @JustaMinx Why @angusXO 🙏 @CorinnaKopf Yo @pupb0icarti You have boobs and thoughts @notcrypticno @KittenElise Holy shit the finesse @heyimbee Booba @pupb0icarti No boobs just thoughts @LilNasX DROP THE SONG W SKI @ddofinternet They gotta be worth a lot @paricyte You can be my maid for an hour @miqeyy Of course @miqeyy Depends who it is 😮‍💨 @paricyte How muchFrom now on I am CHOOSING to not have sex. This is my CHOICE. Sorry girls, you lost a real one today. @Logic301 @damianlhudson I like you Bobby @RRevine @KaleiRenay Fr 🙏Wtf nasa @nopeifyaltalt @twomad Where did you come from @Censor Bro what did I just watch oh my Lord @imane Clearly you’re just hacking 🙄🙄🙄 @Lucklo3 Of course, I hope you have a great day :)
@Lucklo3 Happy birthday 🥳 @GFuelEnergy WHO CARES @Class @thenoelmiller VOUCH @tedniv Hell’s steaming anus @Bonnie173869 @LilNasX Oh @LilNasX PLEASE TELL ME YOU WILL RELEASE THE VERSION W SKI ON#askMONTERO @LilNasX will you be making a song with kid cudi in the future?? 😳 @SMii7Y Real? @RipTiidesHyper Shut the fuck up @angusXO Fr. I can’t even walk around naked anymore 😒 @PhilipShoebuck2 @comfypari Mf called Philip @JediNabber I’m so excitedPaparazzi should be illegal. I genuinely feel bad for famous people that have people camping outside their houses t… @LilNasX If you like being naked so much how about you send me some pics @catb0icarti @LilNasX What about life after Salem @Twitter Why don’t you follow me Twitter @comfypari Idk about adhd but I know that I can’t concentrate, it takes me a long to time to do anything because I… @ihyviper No we can vibe on stream in peace 🙏🙏 @dixiedamelio Sure @rickyberwick @imane I did what I had to. @jschlatt @MrBeast What is happening @selmacashmoney What the hellma @Viperous They’re not her tho 😞 @vipersaurousrex Now look at you, thriving 🙏 @Viperous Music and overthinking wby @twomad I can’t read Russian