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Steven @OHCATruth Sterling IL

Husband, father, son, knight, volunteer, parishoner, job creator, truth seeker, striving to be like the saints

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How many believe this? so many camps. 1. Those that believe he was never the pope, Benedict is pope 2. Those that… Have No Obligation to Follow Francis’ Green-Left Agenda - Cardinal Müller
Retweeted by Steven @BraveTheWorld @SteveSkojec Assume you are taking with potasium and magnesium. @SteveSkojec I only have 2 and neither look like yours. 1) council of trent 2) Baltimore IV @LifeSite Names please, otherwise false witnessing. @CatholicNewsSvc He is also a deceiver who manipulates even holy people to step into idolatry and non catholic doctrine. @AOC You are a mentally unstable person by your words. Check yourself into the nearest hospital for paranoia. @kratz_mason @LilaGraceRose @PayPal Love trumps hate
@amber_athey Where have all the cowboys gone? @Pontifex What do you need? @arochoju If this is truly accurate, there will be schism but the real church will no longer be in Rome. @kratz_mason @LilaGraceRose @PayPal Nope that is Gods @RobertHWoodman @hugdel @StefMNicholas Peace be with you. My buddy flies for them collecting samples. Lots of mon… @RobertHWoodman @hugdel @StefMNicholas There is no overwhelming evidence, there is only data, and there is more dat… @dcexaminer Defamation of character. @LilaGraceRose @PayPal All censorship should simply be based on morality. If it promotes the breaking of a command… @RobertHWoodman @hugdel @StefMNicholas There are hundreds of scientists who completely disagree that man made carbo… @jdflynn Seamless garment is not of the Catholic church. It is of a modernist who sexually attacked a McCarrick vic… @Earthjustice Dont give money to these leftists. @jdflynn Non sequitur. There are simply those that guard the deposit of faith, and those that adjust to the cultur… @DaveArmstrong58 While its noble to defend the papal office, papal infallibility has defined limits in catholic the…
Retweeted by Steven @ChristineNiles1 Complete misunderstanding of academic freedom. If a teacher can not pledge pius x obedience to th… @CarpeDonktum 1) religion back into schools. 10 commandments, prayer, sermon on the Mount. Start in grade school 2… @CauseofourJoy I gained 2, but then again, I dont have very many friends.... @FreckledLiberty My spelllin
@jdflynn Disagree, ask Cupich directly, does he think abortion is preeminent or not?Watch the full exchange here:
Retweeted by Steven @unumfund Only met 1 racist in 53 years. Sure doesn't seem like an epidemic to me. Feels more like a way to attem… @EMichaelJones1 @SteveSkojec Twitter is not a good forum, but I would like to see a debate. Bring the logos. I am…
Whats happening? This is the 3rd desecration around the world I've read of in last 24 hours.
Retweeted by StevenLiberalism is a Sin by Father Sarda. A must read. @ProtecttheFaith @TheCrushedBones @Telegraph Do our eyes and ears lie? Or is the rewriting of events and history a rampant leftist tactic? @BishopBarres I am definitely a sinner, but 1/3 of the bishops just voted to minimize the killing of the unborn, wh… @OneMadMomBlog @BishopStika He blocked me, because I kept calling out his Democratic talking points @ChristineNiles1 Cupich is a heretic. He needs to repent. @RichRaho What a moron. @theblaze Who? @RichRaho What total bullsh!t. From a homopredator. @stfutony Raised three children, remained married, travelled the world, grew in fidelity to Christ, promoted twice,… @CatholicNewsSvc What is wrong with this? We talk as if race is meaningful or illegal immigration is the same as l… @father_rmv Note one plays the male role as the other plays the female role. Could it be any more unnatural. What… @frjohnhollowell A portillos parking lot at dinner. @JasonKirklin1 You came just as we needed you. Thank you. What are your skills and where do you want to live? @MattWalshBlog Those were dog treats @RockfordDio we need to know how Bishop Malloy voted.
@Johnthemadmonk @USCCB @BishopDewane When Pope and bishops give up on proclaiming Christ, then they chatter like a…
Retweeted by Steven @CatholicNewsSvc I pray for his conversion @PadreAllen @PatriciaHeaton Unfortunately, there were a few comments. @PatriciaHeaton @PadreAllen Those that think it a shame why this was filmed and that poor bird was terrorized, comp… @KatiePrejean I am of the position that people leave the faith for two reasons. One they don't feel challenged. Peo… @CatholicNewsSvc @DetroitCatholic What no word about our Lord, Jesus Christ? The logos? Let me then finish what h… @tracesoffaith Take and eat @brianstelter @realDonaldTrump @seanspicer Wow, you are so on top of the news. Is this yet another conspiracy?The problem with trying to equalize is that you can usually only equalize downward. Most activities do not exist fo…
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@USCCB @CardinalBCupich My children were not and are not afraid to go to school. But I am afraid of the degradatio… @USCCB The bigest challenge is your faith and leadership. Culture is downstream from religion and piety is a reflection of its leaders. @dlongenecker1 Just wondering out loud, what is it when a group of people say antifa or the media, through intimida… @austinruse Are they planting a flag on a turd? @FromParish Sorry my wife insists we go to TLM. @JonahofNinevah @TheCrushedBones Many arguments can be ended by saying, "ok, let's start with you" @JamesMartinSJ Stop putting your twisted and deranged thoughts into our Lords mouth. Christ came to divide as he k… @ATschugguel Please come to the @RockfordDio , there is a remnant here that needs a boost. @JackPosobiec I don't think people are waking up, it is no different than everyday life, the left own the conversat… @frjohnhollowell Is it just me or is there a condescension in his letter to Christians? Kind of reminds me of that… contemplating. @TheBigKK5 @SteveSkojec @jenwendcincy My wife just recieved her certificate from the bishop for completing her mini…
@JZmirak @PadreAllen @MSill3 Clearly an act of racism. Assume next stop is rome? @TaylorRMarshall We stopped tithing 6 months ago. We are trying to figure out what to do. @RockfordDio Would like to know your thoughts on monsignor barrs article. Bishop is this an official position of t… @SteveSkojec Please note, there are 2 father Barrs in the rockford diocese. They could not be more different. @ahebrewcatholic Marty, the wierd thing is the pope doesnt want to reach out to you but rather insinuate that you a… @MassimoFaggioli The king of illogic. @HeartOfIceAndS1 @LifeSite non sequitur @JZmirak @EricRSammons 364 days @frjohnhollowell Are there any old Catholic Church members on twitter? It seems their schism was over papal infall… @LifeSite Leftism is so poisonous, it can literally obliterate morality. @SohrabAhmari @RorateCaeli Freedom of speech doesn't mean say whatever you want. Some things are immoral. His po… @CatholicNewsSvc Christ @HennessySTL @JZmirak Isn't it time to revisit papal infallibility? These quotes are not opinions related to non d… @PrisonPlanet Freedom of speech doesn't mean say whatever you want. Somethings are immoral. Your position is libe… @LuanneZurlo @JZmirak And we are weird for itEWTN’s Fr. Mitch Pacwa condemns Pachamama ‘worship’ at Amazon Synod
Retweeted by StevenBrilliant @DickDurbin You are an embarrassment , resign boomer. @realDaveReilly What happens in a Novus ordo church. In a tlm church, there would have been a blood bath.
@JamesMartinSJ Sspx @ReyannaRice @RichRaho Ask him what he meant then. @MaggieBeeBach @frfrankpavone Matthew 7:3 @holysmoke @canonlawyered @cnalive @ctrlamb Move along, move along... @ProtecttheFaith @MailOnline The pope could put this all to rest with two simple words....Fake News...yet he lets i… @frbmcgrath @MailOnline Coming to a country near you. @TheBabylonBee In the immortal words of Mr Morrisey.. "A dreaded sunny day So let's go where we're wanted And I mee… @PetiteNicoco How extreme right one must be to not do either all year? Unless watching Jane the virgin is considered porn.125,000 innocent unborn babies will be murdered by abortionists around the world today.
Retweeted by Steven @RichRaho Race-baiting @MaggieBeeBach @frfrankpavone Hate is not a feeling it is in actions like supporting abortion, persecuting those of… @MaggieBeeBach @frfrankpavone Point proven. Have a great day. And remember hate doesn't get you to heaven. @MaggieBeeBach @frfrankpavone Project much? @CNN How dare you.