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Hey everyone check out my Butterfree gijinka
Retweeted by m a rThank you for the stream. Apologies for the abrupt ending, lesson well learned and I’ll not longer be allowing rand… rat head hello
Retweeted by m a r @notadamc_ LMAOOOOO
@influenzaaaa ☺️☺️💖💖curly rat head hello @EmwunGarand can’t stand you 🤣180k new covid cases in 48 hrs
Retweeted by m a r @dvnRoze Thank you!!!💛 @bijjaii thank you my darling ☺️💞 @vioIettmist she really do NOT 💯 @triinoh Hehe they came out so good!!🤩Paying for transcripts bothers me. Bitch i already paid for school. Print that damn paper out
Retweeted by m a rLA has just made it illegal to be homeless. Which means that if you fall deep enough into poverty you'll be locked…
Retweeted by m a r @itsjazys 😚you already shknoww🤗💜 @skyy_fps Hehehe very much sowait, kind of obsessed with my natural curls…they’ve been doing it for me latelyCEO of ghosting people when my mental health is fucked up
Retweeted by m a ri think love is so scary like when you really really love someone
Retweeted by m a rIncredible fucking stream, 10 games and didn’t derank ONCE I’m screaming. The vibes we IMMACULATE!!! LOVE YOU SO MU…
@dvnRoze 😩idek at this point bro @bijjaii @ChosenJewelz Thank you bbygurl @bijjaii Kith kith queen @bijjaii YOU ARE SOOOO HOTTTHelp!! Where do you guys order your body jewelry from? Pls don’t say body candy🙁 #replytweetIf you, like me, are NOT getting the proper notifications for twitch streamers anymore, TURN THIS OFF IN YOUR TWITC…
Retweeted by m a rPurposely ignoring hints so they speak up like an adult >>>>>>>>>>>
Retweeted by m a ri’ll remove you off everything and forget you exist, don’t play with me😂
Retweeted by m a r @yankerz187 @PlayVALORANT And what about itttttttAs a streamer, it’s goals to be able to play whatever you want, and still maintain strong viewership. I’ve been on…
Retweeted by m a rmay I please have elderflame knife in my store please please please I will give kith @PlayVALORANT rolling loud to walking dead in a matter of hours
Retweeted by m a r @EmwunGarand You know what, a lot of people…but they do not deserve the timeyou can’t talk shit about someone behind their back, attempt to justify its not shit talking, and THEN act like you… you ever feel like
Retweeted by m a r“ r u okay “ no I miss my favorite person
Retweeted by m a rimagine sliding into my dms saying ure radiant,, like mf there r 500 of u what makes u special??
Retweeted by m a rme @triinoh @Crillbo Sweetest soul 💖THANK YOU @Crillbo & @oheymaria for the raids tonight! We also hit 400 FOLLOWERS on stream so I just wanted to say…
Retweeted by m a rThanks for stream 💞💛👀I’m tide of dis gwandpa
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I’m tide of dis gwandpa
Retweeted by m a rI really just think about life and start laughing because what is this
Retweeted by m a rmornin
Retweeted by m a ra reminder: if you're working on something and are starting to get frustrated, stop. immediately. you're not going…
Retweeted by m a r @EasyETX WOOOOOO @riceballinnn honestly sameis this y he hates me😭
Retweeted by m a rThis shouldn't be this funny to me
Retweeted by m a rnot to shake the table, but i am vaccinated and continuing to wear my mask on purpose and i actually do not need pe…
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Retweeted by m a rblocking people isn’t enough I want to banish them into the shadow realm
Retweeted by m a r @iwwyy so beautifulgames were UGLY, but stream was amazing 🥰❤️ thank you to everyone that showed up!!callada se ve más bonita😉
It ain’t Friday yet???
Retweeted by m a r @H4NSSEN Right, my fault og. @H4NSSEN ha ha yeah really good ideaat least my hair looks good today @BetterThanChris Happy birthday! Ily💞💛💖this is the perfect friendship dynamic (they both have adhd)
Retweeted by m a rNever do revenge. Level up your life & revoke your access
Retweeted by m a rFinally a good Valorant night, thank goodness🙏🏻💛 thanks for the stream! You guys fill me heart hehementally exhausted but we move
It’s fucked up cause no matter what happens in life you have no choice but to pick up the pieces and keep going.
Retweeted by m a rhow come dog yawns aren’t contagious?only around when it’s convenient for you, I’m sleepmaturing is realizing snapchat is useless
Retweeted by m a rreminder:
Retweeted by m a rshe's proud of u :-)
Retweeted by m a rnot doing it todayI don’t chase friendships or any kind of relationships
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Retweeted by m a rwait, this. @TheAdamMasala Ty🥺don’t date me unless you want to be constantly amazed by the amount of movies and shows i’ve just never seen
Retweeted by m a rNo stream, spending time with family tonight before the week kicks off! Love you
I am happy, everything I am manifesting for myself is on its way. 🤍 @vioIettmist You rock 🥰Twitter is NOT a dating app . She does NOT want you .
Retweeted by m a r @princessreaaaa You are perf! @Lorenzo_Miv Hahahahaha I’m cackling why are you this funny @vioIettmist thank u bby @dvnRoze exactly my pointYou know when you know not sure why to know how now?
Retweeted by m a r @itsgoyamama so proud of you!!!🥰Twitter be too horny sometimes like please do something …touch yourself satisfy yourself whatever YOU need to NOT @L00cha 🤣🤣🤣 @itsjazys no YOU😡 @itsjazys Purrrr😤now that’s my bestie doing hot girl shit
Retweeted by m a r @itsjazys Kith🥵💕 @Juan_seabear Thank you🥺❤️I should ace more often if kisses just get handed out like that!!! 😏💛 @EmwunGarand Ily