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Award Winning Cartoonist - Heart of the City / Archival Quality • Comics Editor • Educator • She/Her • Bi • Black • Rep- Anjali Singh

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@JennRavenna So soft!! @DaveScheidt @OhHeyDJ I assume both of your lives have improved exponentially since this meeting.When Dave and DJ met in person at the Last Con Ever C2E2 2020 🙏🏾💖 @mattketring Impressive @foxski90 OMG yeah, button downs are a staple in the steenz closet haha @dumplingowl Thank you!!I wore red every day this week! #drawingwhileblack I’m Iris, a digital hobby artist and aspiring webcomic creator. Original character creation a…
Retweeted by Vitamin Steenz @SageCoffey It's along the same lines as surfbort! @RonDanChan Oh man I didn't think of that either!!!I asked because it was said in conversation while husband Keya talked about how he helped a hornt old man find smut… @lokified Ooohhh that could be it too! @TheCalicoDavis Yeah! That's what I thought too!Did "hornt" come from AAVE like "HORNTY" and "GOOD MORNTING", or is it typo-focused because T is next to Y on the k…,378 days till we meet the Vulcans. #StarTrek
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@NotLasers Saying that they're not parallel is so helpful with visualization instead of saying to someone that it's not the same. Its true! @lukelovescomics And if they can't find them, find someone who can. Folks just out here hiring their white friends… @Prince_ALawal Yyeess!! @FujuRap Two games!!Pokemon Diamond and Pearl was my first pokemon that I played in its entirety so I'm REALLY excited for the remake.… WORLD ISN’T READY FOR YOU QUEEN BUT I AM!!! I THINK THE CHIBI DESIGN IS CUTE!!!!!! 😤😭💕
Retweeted by Vitamin SteenzHi #drawingwhileblack! I'm Gus, an illustrator from Brazil! I draw a lot of greenery, cuddly cats, and sometimes ac…
Retweeted by Vitamin Steenz @BComeau66 You got this!!Good morning, yek peyna! I'm Breena Nuñez and I'm a non binary AfroSalviGuate cartoonist, illustrator, player of fl…
Retweeted by Vitamin Steenz @juliaereck The passive aggressive liberals respond to that, I hear. @SamuelSattin Oh I've gotten my second one, I'm talking about the third one. @GraceGFreud @SarahSquirm This is such a good shirt. Do you have a link where I could possibly maybe pick it up too??? 👀.@POTUS @VP heeeeyyyy just following up on the stimulus checks that were were supposed to get. Do you have an ETA o…’re supposed to give Biden and Harris 100 days, but 30 says in, they’re dropping bombs and doing air strikes, whi…
Retweeted by Vitamin Steenz @oheysteenz is here showing out her art skills! Helly talented and bubbly personality We stan Black Women 'round t…
Retweeted by Vitamin SteenzHappening right now! Black nerds Expo is this weekend and we're kicking it off with a panel from me about tools, pr… @shawnrpryor I'm gonna be so ripped dudeAt the end of my street are like twelve warehouses and metalsmithing plants so I keep standing up and sitting back…'s how I get bi 🥴
Retweeted by Vitamin Steenz @SamuelSattin Especially with socks. They were my go to in collegeThis thread has gotten away from me, but I'd like to end it with my firm stance that Crocs are great shoes.The most cursed I've found are the ones of Vanessa from Bee Movie in slightly differing poses giving me the feeling… I spent all day yesterday and some of today thinking about and discussing with anyone who would listen about c…'s a tricky dance to write about identity. And when you don't have black writers on staff for the entirety of the… while it's important to include that sort of storytelling, it can't be SO often because that's not reality. Sur… is a great discussion about media and how microagressions happen. It also reminds me that one of my least favo… @LaurenWalshArt Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad we've become closer pals in the last year![RTs are appeicated] #drawingwhileblack is coming back this Weekend to celebrate the last few days of…
Retweeted by Vitamin Steenz @definitelyvita @NikDraperIvey @chryslus @kharyrandolph Aaahh this is so cool!!I love talking about horror films ESPECIALLY found footage, so this discussion on HOST (2020) was really fun!! Than… additions to my Vampire The Masquerade character aka Columbo the Vampire
@KevBobbitt Thank goodness lol.Anyone else grow up thinking her mom was just animated Tisha Campbell??? Because it's Tisha. Look at her. @coleman_engle Whoa, what a varied collection! @coleman_engle These are beautiful! @geniusbeee Yeah I'ma need that.four seasons with kim dahyun
Retweeted by Vitamin Steenz @GailSimone You stumped me with this one! I can't find a single difference!I think Tishaura has the best immediate plan specifically with closing the workhouse. But I would have liked to see… Necromancer AND a Gardener 💀🌼
Retweeted by Vitamin SteenzShout out to @Britterson for contributing TWO designs to our debut washi tape collection which are both absolutely…
Retweeted by Vitamin Steenz @cxorlando He acted his whole ass off.My 101 yr old grandma lost access to her home care (one of the workers got COVID & now no agency will send someone…
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If you missed my pitching presentation at the Black Card Gala, you have another opportunity to hear it at the Black…, Parents: My 16-page Writing Program is free and ready to download for your students. All of my writing tr…
Retweeted by Vitamin SteenzDoctors who do this should be sued. With urgency and frequency. That’s all they understand. Being bullied by lawyer…
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Retweeted by Vitamin Steenz @IAmCeleste1 YES IT DOES lot of y’all don’t like how 4C hair looks NATURALLY. That’s why you’re always pushing for people to drench their…
Retweeted by Vitamin Steenz @umbersupreme Yes!!It took me a minute to get into Bicycle, but I think the MV made it better! Chung ha at it again with these intense music videos!The full illustrations I did for @googlechrome for #BlackHistoryMonth !
Retweeted by Vitamin SteenzThis is my ASMR down in 3... 2... 1... #DaftPunk
Retweeted by Vitamin Steenz @KeezyBees For real though thumbs are HARD WORKme when i have to do thumbnails
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Black actors and actresses never having to apologize for working with Woody Allen
Retweeted by Vitamin Steenzthe way you’ve made it this far proves that you’re so strong and you can get through everything one step at a time
Retweeted by Vitamin Steenz @ONeillJones These are so good!!!! @nolapfau I struggle a lot with this one so I appreciate the helpmy debut novel HONEY GIRL is out now!!! abt lesbians getting married in vegas, coming of age in your 20s, and findi…
Retweeted by Vitamin Steenz @SamMaggs WAIT NOJust found out my great great grandfather was mixed so now that I'm 3% white it's time to act up. I'll see you at Dave & Busters. @OhMyMithrandir JaMiE?????? Come on nowThe way daft punk flipped the sample for one more time is still so crazy to me
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Retweeted by Vitamin SteenzNow we can take over.
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Today we’re celebrating the legacy of comic book & animation writer Dwayne McDuffie. Learn about his incredible sto…
Retweeted by Vitamin SteenzMan, social media is mad depressing today. Like it always is, but for some reason today is just one of those "I don… you daft punk for giving us amazing music and for helping me find my calling in life. your music will never…
Retweeted by Vitamin Steenz.@nilaffle has been passionate about illustrator schedules & bringing awareness to how they can fall short. Illustr…
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Retweeted by Vitamin SteenzFeeling this HARD!! 😭💕
Retweeted by Vitamin Steenz『 happy 909 day! 』 #daftpunk
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Retweeted by Vitamin SteenzI am full on heartbroken about Daft Punk. A constant in my life for as long as I can remember. Thinking of them. @geniusbeee I feel like you and I would have a lot of fun getting toasted together
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he really said “my selfie is not good” all men do is lie
Retweeted by Vitamin SteenzArtists, use those references, use those 3D models and boxes, use all of those grid generators built into your soft…
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