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chaotic. really good at math. it is illegal to be mean to me. my dog's name is riley. $alexwy. @want2swim.

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@garlicbreadsIut aerie!!!!! it's made of recycled materials (βœΏβ— β€Ώβ— )crazy that now i have a private snap and you can see pics like this with no bikini ahahaha crazy dm me for detailsπŸ’˜ i guess i slept in today lolgood morning (βœΏβ— β€Ώβ— ) @SweetHoneyDrew no lolmade it home alive from my date
guy who dms you, pays you $500, then never speaks to you again
Retweeted by 😈 @NoJohnsJJ dm :) @cibenavidez89 dm :)just spent an hour shaking my ass in the shower for my private snap and you haven't dmed me about it yet??? what are you waiting forthe real hot take is that men hate astrology because women like it
Retweeted by 😈why do marvel movies need 3 hours to accomplish what the powerpuff girls did in 11 minutes
Retweeted by 😈 @weeniehutmenu i know exactly what you mean it was like "i wanna support you but i don't wanna see your asshole" LMAO ilysm though @viciouslysyd ok hear me out: instead of going on the date i fly to u and we hug @IAmKrishanPatel thank u i just try to avoid emotional vulnerability at all costs @thotobot101 that cat is now 35. feel old yet?going on a second date today. might cancel to stare at my ceiling all evening @IAmKrishanPatel you are so wholesome ily so muchdid u guys hear???? this girl made a private snap all u have to do is dm her for details😱😱😱
Retweeted by 😈can I have 5 followers I need permission to do this
Retweeted by 😈 @weeniehutmenu LMAOa man i haven't fucked invited me to ikea i'm very confused @weeniehutmenu only if u eat my ass @weeniehutmenu oh my bad i didn't even see that stuff happen but sexualizing random women is just as fucking annoying and counterproductive @weeniehutmenu yeah me bc i'm getting my ass ate @notchaselyons good luck chase lyons @br0gs_hub i love it :') u are pretty & nice but also love to see on tlπŸ’“i am not an empath❀️ i don't give a fuck about you @9ro9_wilson "How often during the past 6 months did you fail to do what was normally expected from you because of… @br0gs_hub hiiiiiiirobert pattinsonthis whole "pandemic" thing is getting oldit's january 15th and i am $1,052 over my monthly budget @TakeMeDownEeasy ?i don't tweetokay i'm done2050 is only 50 years away2016 was only last year2000 was 15 years ago2021 was 30 years ago @notchaselyons no i'm 20 years young @weeniehutmenu EXACTLY there is no need to body shame someone with horrible political views when you can simply mak… @weeniehutmenu not everyone(me) can say the same . @SneakytheSnake hiiii2020 was 11 years ago @weeniehutmenu not yet ❀️ @yooobroski but like. you can still contract it and spread iti am so sick of ppl thinking the covid vaccine means they're immune. talking about the shit they're gonna do once t… is not an ad. i want one of these so badly @person_talking hiiiiiii lol heyy i'm mocha joe ;;) @weeniehutmenu @sugarmo72850741 i'm sorry i'm allergic to coffee @weeniehutmenu ok girl drop ur cashapp and venmo then!!!πŸ’“πŸ’˜πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’–πŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’› oh wait u canadian ass mf @Bleu2Bleu hater!!!!!!!!!(i am real)haters will say i'm fakeπŸ—£πŸ—£πŸ—£πŸ—£so true
Retweeted by 😈 @parallelbark @PARTYFAV0RX so true bestie @weeniehutmenu @pastryarm no i mean the other alexs silly @weeniehutmenu @pastryarm holy shit i know 13 other alexs too i wonder what the overlap is like. dm me their last names pronto @weeniehutmenu @pastryarm πŸ’˜reddit is a dating app πŸ—£πŸ—£πŸ—£ @weeniehutmenu @pastryarm LMFAOOOO @SneakytheSnake nice"my hands are always pale" BECAUSE YOU ARE PALE??? weird asf for sexualizing that picture of aoc tying up her hair
Retweeted by 😈 @emilyonhere not enough. @thelousymedia "i'm not judging you for being lgbt or black, but jesus is❀️" πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ @shook_shan 20 just like u bestieYeah it’s rly pretty and big too πŸ₯° Any cute gay mutuals wanna see? πŸ’–
Retweeted by 😈also reminder i don't care if u dm me on ur main but if ur embarrassed just make a burner<3just in case u missed itπŸ˜‰ @DREAMAPOLOGlST fixed it
napping again. brbwhere my simps at i'm making a private snap dm me for details (βœΏβ— β€Ώβ— )actually if a girl does it it’s called mistressbating
Retweeted by 😈no good tweets today check back tomorrowwell @livvecchio be safe out there u crazy mfAnd now, an announcement from our CEO.
Retweeted by 😈if we are friends and you don't follow my alt please do i need #advice lol @want2swim @unrealizzztic hi this is not a joke i will leave in 10 minutes @9ro9_wilson i will block 1000 people for you right now @tiddievampire69 it's like, tell me something i don't know😹😹😹 and? @tsunami_mami420 it's for an apartment LOLi'm not kiddingand i'll bring this super cute dog want to let me move in with them for free i'll cook and clean @desukidesu aw i love this one"go to therapy" has become a weird dunk that kinda worries me because it assumes therapy is a thing that fixes peop…
Retweeted by 😈a thread of food dogs CANNOT EAT because ik a lot of you give your food to your dog lol
Retweeted by 😈 @livvecchio FIRE HAZZArd GIRL @desukidesu hiiii @Belitttttt that too LOL my 45 pound dog just wants kisses like i swear she's nicei gotta get riley on a diet fr fr do u guys think she can lose 25 lbs in a weeki understand when places don't allow ANY dogs, but not allowing bigger than medium dogs confuses me. like why can a… @lindawg_ SHE LOVES U SOOOOOOO MUCH